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Part 62: Soviets - Don't Drink The Water!

Don't Drink The Water!
Don't Drink The Water!

Popular support for Comrade Stalin appears to be waning in certain locations, with even an entire province displaying signs of unrest. While we prepare to subdue such blatant disregard for Stalin and the Soviet people, a task force has been sent to destroy a facility producing a new Allied weapon. All we know is that it is Chrono-based, and that is more than enough reason to destroy it!

[This space left intentionally blank.]

Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Find a way to transport your MCV to the large island, assault the enemy base, capture the research facility, and wipe out all Allied forces on the map.

Briefing: The Allies are developing a new Chrono-based weapon at a nearby facility. Crushing them would be a simple matter, but they are well defended, and all our attempts at assault have met with defeat. Time for a new approach. Capture the Chronosphere, and use it to send an MCV to the large island. Once there, capture the research facility, and destroy the base. Use the supply truck to poison the water supply via the waterfalls above the town. With the base dead, it will be easy to capture the Chronosphere.

Author's note: One of my favorite openers to a mission, with a great set of triggers that remain memorable to me decades later. Slightly marred by the bad economy you're set up with.

Name: Gen. Topolov
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: General in the Soviet Forces
Voiced/Played by: Alan Charof

General Topolov wastes no time in detailing the Allied plans and what he expects of you. Also hates the Allied horonosfiere. Probably drunk on a regular basis, while on duty. Drinks heavily to dull the pain of being a war criminal.