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Part 69: A brief look at the rules.ini file

But... but the rules[.ini]!

The rules is literally just a text file, which allows it to be highly modable, and also simple for players to understand. Every special rule or text is given a spot in the text file, usually based on what section it affects directly, so building properties are at the building section, etc.

Going through each line for Tanya, we have the following:

[PREREQUISITE]: What building(s) must be owned by the player

[PRIMARY/SECONDARY]: What weapon(s) the unit has. In this case, Tanya carries 2 Colt .45s.

[STRENGTH]: How much health this unit has.

[ARMOR]: What type of armor it has.

[TECH LEVEL]: Some units are created at a building like the barracks, but require a later building in order to create, this mechanic is referred to as the Tech Level. (See: Mammoth Tanks created in War Factory in Tiberian Dawn)

[SIGHT]: How far a unit can see.

[SPEED]: How fast a unit moves.

[OWNER]: Who can build this unit (This usually refers to multiplayer)

[COST]: Its cost in credits to build/train.

[POINTS]: Point value for scoring purposes.

[INFILTRATE]: Can this unit enter buildings?

[C4]: Does it use C4 when entering a building?

[DOUBLEOWNED]: A multiplayer property, the only other unit with this is the Rocket Soldier.