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Part 3

Update 03: Armored Assault

Intro Movie: YouTube DailyMotion
Mission: YouTube DailyMotion Part 1 DailyMotion Part 2
Outro/Mission 4 Intro: YouTube DailyMotion

Some scientists just got kidnapped! This is the mission that kicks off Renegade's plot proper, so no more messing around in Nostalgia Land. Note that this mission doesn't have a proper outro movie. We've reached the point in the game where missions are logically connected enough for one mission's outro to be the following mission's intro, so go watch the mission 4 intro up there.

Here are the three scientists: Ignatio Mobius, Sydney Mobius, and Elena Petrova. Ignatio is in Tiberium Dawn as GDI's Tiberium expert and as a unit you need to rescue on occasion. Sydney and Petrova are not in Tiberium Dawn, as far as I know. Ignatio's schtick is that he's an absent-minded genius who thinks Tiberium is interesting as heck. It takes him a while to realize that it's going to kill us all. Sydney and Petrova are supposed to be near-equals to Ignatio but you'd think such important geniuses would get name-checked outside of Renegade.

Here's Ignatio Mobius as he appears in a Tiberium Dawn cutscene. Holy crap, look at that goony fucker. No wonder they drastically overhauled his appearance for Renegade. While they were at it, they got Odo to be his voice actor. Not a bad outcome for a makeover, really. I wouldn't mind having Mr. House as my voice actor.

Here are the Black Hand officers who captured our science pals. Gideon Raveshaw (center) is the guy who founded the Black Hand. On the left is Carlos Mendoza, a former Colombian separatist who's now a henchman for Raveshaw. On the right is Sakura Obata, a former Yakuza (maybe), then a GDI commando and Havoc's girlfriend, and now she's yet another henchman. The Black Hand itself is essentially Nod's elite forces and inquisitors. They're never referenced by name in Tiberium Dawn but the final GDI mission does mention Kane's "crack militia." The Black Hand definitely exists in Tiberian Sun: It's one of the factions that formed after Kane's "death" at the end of Dawn. If you play Sun's Nod campaign, you're playing as a Black Hand officer under Nod protagonist Anton Slavik.