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Command & Conquer Renegade

by ArchWizard

Part 5

I feel pretty good about how I did in this mission. 26 minutes, all objectives complete, no deaths, no reloads, and I didn't get too lost.

Update 05:

Intro: YouTube DailyMotion
Mission: YouTube DailyMotion
Outro/Mission 6 Intro: YouTube DailyMotion

Havoc escaped the volcano but he's not home free. The submarine he hid in took him to a Nod freighter and now he needs to escape. This level is notorious for having a confusing layout, but I did three pre-runs before I even posted the thread so I had a good idea of where to go. That didn't stop me from taking the long way around to the last keycard. This is also the first mission in which Black Hand soldiers appear in substantial numbers. They're well-armored and can carry advanced weapons such as sniper rifles and shotguns. Sniper Black Hand will kill you in one hit if you stand around and let them line up a headshot.

Fun fact: The first mate and captain get their own entries in the database.

"Having little interest in combat, First Mate Gilligan has been working his career toward naval operations in an attempt to avoid ground conflict situations."

"Captain Stubing has been a strong supporter of the Brotherhood since being rescued from his crash on a desolate island, a stressful situation that was originally intended to be a simple three-hour tour."