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by ArchWizard

Part 6

This is the first episode that shows the ranking screen at the end of the mission. Think of it as a little something extra.

Update 06:

Intro: YouTube DailyMotion
Mission: YouTube DailyMotion
Outro: YouTube DailyMotion

Havoc got dumped into a European village and has to round up the Dead Six! Do you know what Tiberium Dawn didn't have? Urban warfare. Maybe that was for the best.

The Dead Six that we meet all have Renédex entries, so let's check those out.

Hotwire: "Shai Aviv is a tough-as-nails commando and a woman of few words. She came to GDI from the MOSSAD, where she served with distinction."

Hotwire uses a repair gun. That's not even a real weapon!

Gunner: "Nigel Grant was born on the wrong side of London. Nigel was seconded to GDI through the British SBS (Special Boat Services), the British equivalent of the American Navy SEALS."

Gunner uses a rocket launcher. In multiplayer, he fires it more quickly than rocket soldiers do.

Deadeye: "Originally from Scotland, Dariel MacInnis was involved with the Special Air Service before joining GDI. He is a top marksman, with a nearly flawless strike record from 200 meters and beyond."

Deadeye uses a sniper rifle. In multiplayer, he isn't redundant with Havoc because Havoc uses a ramjet rifle that isn't obtainable in single player.

Patch: "Born in Berlin, Erich Wulfe found himself street-wise at an early age. He came to the attention of GDI as a member of the GS9, a German paramilitary/counter-terrorist organization."

Patch uses a grenade launcher. In multiplayer, playing as a grenadier doesn't cost anything so he uses a gun that fires Tiberium flechettes. It doesn't make thematic sense to me but I guess someone has to use the flechette gun.