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Part 10

Update 10:

Intro: YouTube DailyMotion
Mission: YouTube DailyMotion

Havoc defeated Raveshaw and freed Dr. Mobius but now the lab is exploding. I don't get science sometimes.

I chumped out on the Stealth Black Hand info last time, so here's the database entry for them:

"The stealth capability of Black Hand Stealth Soldiers enables them to appear when you least expect it, so keep your back to the wall and use your environment to illuminate their positions."

The final mutant type:

"Immune to Tiberium and capable of advanced target recognition and tactical thought processes, Templars are superior versions of project Re-Genesis experimentation."

I said in the last update that these guys don't appear until the final mission. Nope, turns out they show up here, too. In my defense, there is a lot of shit going on when you fight them, so it's easy to forget about them.

The Mobius Suit has its own entry:

"Dr. Ignatio Mobius originally developed the Mobius Suit to handle dangerous Tiberium experiments. Since then, his daughter Sydney has outfitted the machine with assault gear."

The database has a little blurb about Sydney actually wanting to weaponize Tiberium. I'm surprised she's not the turncoat villain.