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Part 16: Update 01m

Update 01m:

Multiplayer Practice Mode: YouTube DailyMotion

Havoc saved the world and is on vacation, so the focus of the game must shift to those who aren't Havoc. Soon, we will be the stars! And possibly asteroids. Yes, it is multiplayer, that magical part of Renegade where you can have fun with your friends, with random jerks, and with vehicles. However, multiplayer is a very different animal than the single-player campaign, so a proper introduction is needed. Multiplayer Practice Mode is that introduction.

Our single-player adventures taught us most of what we need to know about how units in multiplayer work. However, building functions are different and that couldn't be fully explained in the video. So:

Power Plant: In single-player, the power plant provides power to Obelisks of Light. In multiplayer, they still provide power to Obelisks and GDI's Advanced Guard Tower. If the power plant is disabled, all units double in price and refinery income is halved. Obelisks and advanced towers shut down, though turrets and guard towers do not.

Barracks/Hand of Nod: Allows for purchase of advanced (officers, etc.) and named infantry. Also houses the beacon platform if the map has those enabled. If the barracks/Hand is disabled, you're stuck with basic (free) infantry. That's autorifle, shotgun, engineer, and flame/grenade infantry.

Weapons Factory/Airstrip: Produces vehicles. If the harvester is destroyed, the factory will automatically replace it. If disabled, no vehicles can be produced.

Refinery: Gives money. If disabled, players have to survive on the money they earn by killing enemies.

Repair Pad: A multiplayer-only structure that doesn't appear in practice mode. It repairs vehicles sitting on it. Disabling it means it can't fix vehicles any more.