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Part 18: Update 01tsr

Update 01tsr:

Skirmish (Practice Mode): YouTube DailyMotion

In this update I take a romp through the skirmish mode for Tiberian Sun Reborn, showing off a selection of units from both sides. But what is Tiberian Sun Reborn? It's a stand-alone Renegade mod that recreates the units and basic structures of Tiberian Sun. The game is also incredibly atmospheric; I think they pretty much nailed the look of Sun. They included the soundtrack, too, which is neat (and got this video flagged for third-party content )

Hey, you know what? I've spent too much time talking about this when you can see it for yourself. If you want to enjoy more TSR after watching this video, get the Bluehell launcher at From the launcher, you can install TSR and then play on one of the four public servers.