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Part 19: Update 01apb

Update 01apb:

Multiplayer Practice - Allied Forces: YouTube DailyMotion

A Path Beyond is a Renegade mod that takes us into Command & Conquer: Red Alert, a terrifying world in which the Holocaust never happened.

Hold on: I have just been informed that this is the worst possible way to describe Red Alert.

In 1946, a German scientist (possibly Albert Einstein) travels back through time and eliminates Hitler, preventing his rise to power. However, the massive drain of men and resources that happened to the Soviet Union during World War II has now, well, not happened, and Joseph Stalin is free to drown Europe in a sea of Reds and red. The free countries of Europe form the Allies and use their superior technology to fight back against the massive Soviet armies. A Path Beyond lets you see the world of Red Alert through the eyes of a single unit.

As with Tiberian Sun: Reborn, APB can be downloaded via the BlueHell launcher at