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Part 7: Nod Mission 07

NOD Mission 07
NOD Mission 07

Population: 3,029,000
Expendability: 65%
Capital: Bangui
Government: Republic
Govt Corruptability: 41%
Net Worth: $1.3 Billion
Point of Conflict: Bangassou
Military Strength: Laughable
Military Resistance: 49%

Sneak into (another) GDI base, steal an ORCA attack helicopter, and use it to attack a nearby neutral village. The Brotherhood of Nod will then be able to use this for propaganda purposes.

Location: Bangassou, Central African Republic
Objective: Steal an ORCA attack helicopter and use it to destroy a nearby village.

Briefing: GDI has left themselves open to the deadliest weapon of all, information. Our spies tell us the GDI base in your area contains an advanced attack helicopter, the Orca. Steal this weapon, then fly to the nearby village and destroy it. The attack will be blamed on GDI.

Author's note: Seth gets a little smug with us today. He sees this mission as a slight against the Commander, and, as such, is still confident of his position in the hierarchy of NOD.

Name: Seth
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Right Hand of Kane(?)
Voiced/Played by: Eric Gooch

The so-called Right Hand of Kane, Seth is the liaison between low-ranking members and Kane. He has sent the Commander out on numerous missions, at the behest of Kane, and seemingly uses him to further increase his status in the Brotherhood of Nod. It appears that not all has gone according to plan, however, and now sees the Commander as a possible threat to his ambitions.