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Part 15: NOD Map Dissection 02

Nod Map Dissection #02

Nod Mission 04A scb04ea

Again, a very different map awaits the player if they chose the first path. In this mission, the player must destroy the neutral village AND kill the civilians. (In 4B, the player must kill the neutral civilians affiliated with GDI, while keeping the NOD affiliated civilians alive.)

If I'm reading the teamtypes and triggers properly, it seems that GDI is given some APCs and they eventually make their way to the GDI base in the top right.

Nod Mission 06A scb06ea

A split force unlike the map I played, plenty of high ground locations that could shoot down at unsuspecting Nod troops.

Killing the civilians and/or destroying the civ buildings triggers GDI reinforcements. In particular, attacking the church apparently brings in an A-10!

Nod Mission 06B scb06eb

I know I played 06B but this gives an idea on how different each map can be.

Killing civilians is fine here, but attacking GDI buildings is a big no-no!

Nod Mission 06C scb06ec

I feel like this would be the easiest/simplest to do, but maybe I'm underestimating the main group in front of the bridge. Also that trap on the left path out of the enemy base is dumb...

Wait why the hell do I have engineers?

Maybe B was the right choice...