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by Jobbo_Fett

Part 22: GDI Mission 05

GDI Mission 05
GDI Mission 05

Population: 80,387,000
Geographic Area: 137,838 Square Miles
Capital: Berlin
Government: Federal Republic
Gross Domestic Product: $1,131 Billion
Point of Conflict: Hanover
Military Power: National Power

Sheppard looks bored out of his mind, and is sitting in as the punching bag for a media event. Meanwhile, GDI funding cuts almost cripple communications between GDI forces. EVA, whoever or whatever she is, gives us our mission for today.

Location: Hanover, Germany
Objective: Take control of a nearby GDI base, and use it to destroy Nod forces in the local area.

Briefing: A GDI field base is under attack. They have fended off one attack but will not survive another. Move to the base, repair the structures and then launch a strike force to destroy the Nod base in the area. Destroy all Nod units and structures.

Author's note: I'll be honest, I confused this map with a later one because they are quite similar.

Name: EVA(?)
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Computer(?)
Voiced/Played by: Kia Huntzinger

Author's note: Don't quite know who or what EVA is right now, but its clear that she/it is GDI affiliated.

COST: 800
From its single barrel, the Medium Tank fires armor-piercing shells. It is faster, heavier and more destructive than Nod’s Light Tank. This is one of the best all around vehicles in the game. It is effective against both vehicles and structures, but can be taken down by groups of infantry or aerial units.

Author's note: Other than being vulnerable to certain infantry (or the micromanaged kind) and choppers/a10s, this is great bang for your buck and should be your go-to vehicle of choice... until Mammoth tanks show up, of course .