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Part 24: GDI Mission 07

GDI Mission 07
GDI Mission 07

Population: 10,400,000
Geographic Area: 30,449 Square Miles
Capital: Prague
Government: Republic
Gross Domestic Product: $120 Billion
Point of Conflict: Ostrava
Military Power: National Guard

Author's note: No change is made to Czech Republic's information since the last mission.

Carter is a little miffed that we blew up the comms center. Apparently, the real target was the airstrip... or the Nod base in its entirety?

Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic
Objective: Wipe out the Nod base in the area.

Briefing: Previous mission objective not complete. Airfield was to be targeted. New objective: Build up a base and Destroy remaining Nod structures and units. Reinforcements will be provided.

Author's note: The map is the same as the last, but the devs throw a curveball by starting you slightly to the left of the left edge of the last map.

Name: Commander Carter
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Commander within the Global Defense Initiative
Voiced/Played by: Bill Collins

Its unknown if Commander Carter is of an equal rank as the GDI Commander, nor if he's Navy, Army, or something else. Regardless, he and the GDI Commander have worked together on numerous occasions, to good effect. Is believed to be the originator of the "the naughties" [Sometimes said "Noddies"] term.

Author's note: Carter mentions Tiberium poisoning, which seems odd. He's also annoyed at us for only taking out the building, losing a chinook helicopter, and a highly-trained special forces commando. Maybe you should invest in better comms infrastructure, you jerk!