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Part 33: GDI Map Dissection 01

GDI Map Dissection #01

We've seen a ton of different triggers already, so I'll just cut those out unless I find anything really interesting.

GDI Mission 01 scg01ea

Its interesting that they built the map for Missions 01 and 02.

GDI Mission 02 scg02ea

Buildings are placed. I always found it weird that the construction yard isn't there, presumably because its destroyed before the mission starts.

GDI Mission 03 scg03ea

Scouting works to the advantage of the player, as it kills two different triggers that send units to attack the player's base.

Oh and this mission is fairly unique in having a specifically named "loss" cutscene.

GDI Mission 04wa scg04wa

The GDI campaign gets its first mission choice here. Picking the top left option nets you the mission I played. Taking the northern route (towards a dead end) spawns a NOD chopper. Losing 8 units gets you the reinforcements in the bottom left.

GDI Mission 04wb scg04wb

Picking the middle option nets you a non-nuclear retrieval mission AND a new cutscene

The first two buildings in the village being destroyed give the player more reinforcements. If the player enters the village, it kills a trigger that... isn't used. The only trigger for losing is if the Church is destroyed.

GDI Mission 04 scg04ea

The second nuclear component mission, same plot as the one I played, but a different map.

There's 2 reinforcement teamtypes, but only one has a trigger for it to spawn.

The most divergent point in the GDI campaign (so far/ever?) is based on your selection for Mission 04. If you pick Poland, you will have the option of the two missions in Germany. If you pick Belarus, you get two missions in the Ukraine.

GDI Mission 05ea scg05ea (scg05wa uses the exact same map)

I played this one!

GDI Mission 05eb scg05eb

An interesting map, but the SAM site placement here is even worse!

GDI Mission 05wb scg05wb

This is an absolutely ugly map for Tiberium.