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Part 35: GDI Map Dissection 03

GDI Map Dissection #03

GDI Mission 11 scg11ea

We saw how the start can be pretty dumb for this map, and I feel sorry for anyone who deployed their base on the left... well, only a little. You could probably zone out the AI really quickly with sandbags and then play to your heart's content.

GDI Mission 12A scg12ea

The mission where we have to kill all the SAM sites for Dr. Mobius' extraction.

GDI Mission 12B scg12eb

This map is almost a simple mirror of the A version, but it also lacks the village, making it look much more bland than the variant.

GDI Mission 13 scg13ea

While the world map shows 2 options, both lead to this map.

GDI Mission 14 scg14ea

Small, simple, sweet.

GDI Mission 15A scg15ea

Purely from the point of inspecting a map without playing it, this looks like the friendliest for the player. Set up at Waypoint 5 and you can easily set up some bottlenecks. A little weird to see the placement of silos the devs have for the AI.

GDI Mission 15B scg15eb

This one seems like a pain, but I like that the AI has complete control and you have to wrestle that away from it. That super close Obelisk behind a cliff and trees is nasty though. Probably the best in terms of how little the AI gets in Tiberium fields.

GDI Mission 15C scg15ec

The one I played on, and the most annoying of the maps to attack through. The bridge and river are both awful to attack through, but at least there's no Obelisk watching the bridge. Only this variant has an Obelisk of Light guarding the "spare" construction yard.

In all versions of Mission 15, the AI gets a nuke over time and a nuke when the Temple is attacked.