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Part 42: GDI - Blindsided + Covert Ops Map Dissection 02

Covert Operations - Blindsided
Covert Ops - Blindsided


Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Eliminate a nearby Nod outpost in order to receive some reinforcements, then assault a nearby Nod base before attacking Nod forces on the northern side of the river.

Briefing: Your mission: Use your commando to establish control on our side of the river. We will send some help when all SAM sites are taken out. Then send your forces across the river and attack Nod from the rear. Destroy them all. They won't be surprised for long, so act quickly.

Author's note: The final mission for the GDI side of the Covert Operations. I apparently did this the hard way, compared to the FAQ i read after the fact.



Covert Ops Map Dissection #02

Elemental Imperative scg38ea

Nice small map, not much to say.

There's a bunch of triggers to send units on the attack, but most groups can be easily dispatched.

The civilian that "helps" you out when you save his wife? Doesn't look like he does anything...

Ground Zero scg40ea

Oh hey! A hidden Temple of Nod.

Reinforcements are limited...

And killing certain units is required for them. The flame tanks are scripted to attack the Nuked village, oh and the Stealth Tank is scripted to attack anything near the helicopter.

Twist of Fate scg41ea

I wonder if it would be possible to survive starting your base up north, or maybe between all 3 bases?

The AI gets two different types of air strikes, and two nuke events.

Oh, and "ARNIE" is a Commando that gets air transported slightly west of the Orcas.

Trigger "YYYY" doesn't exist. Destroying the main construction yard in the south-west causes a nuke to launch. Destroying the construction yard in the center causes the 4 A-10 airstrike.

Blindsided scg50ea

According to the FAQ, its easier to simply avoid the middle of the map, especially if you use the airstrike on both construction yards, and then transport units on the left edge of the map. This way, you will only encounter 1 SAM site.

That... that's a lot of teams.

Don't go into the middle base and you don't trigger the production.