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Part 46: NOD - The Tiberium Strain + Covert Ops Map Dissection 03

Covert Operations - The Tiberium Strain
Covert Ops - The Tiberium Strain


Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Use your limited force to wipe out the civilian and GDI forces in the area, but leave any and all structures standing.

Briefing: A nearby GDI base is conducting further ion research. In doing so, they use a large number of chemicals, located in their bio centers. Destroy all the bio centers, and "contaminate" all units and civilians. Leave all the other structures intact, so that it looks like an accident.

Author's note: I really like this map, aside from the medium tanks, as they are clearly a mis-match against the player's unit composition.



Covert Ops Map Dissection #03

Bad Neighborhood scb20ea

A pretty standard map, although with some poor Tiberium field placement.

There's at least three groups of civilians with movement patterns, except only two move towards the player's base.

The AI gets more orcas by trigger, and there's an Ion cannon strike every 200 time units.

Deceit scb21ea

A nice map, with plenty of flavour pieces spread around the map.

That Humvee that was shooting and being shot at?

Its actually a civilian/neutral vehicle. They didn't change the unit's color though.

Eviction Notice scb30ea

A little too convoluted with paths and canyons in the bottom left portion of the map, but otherwise, its pretty okay.

I think "MAMMY1" is supposed to be the nearest Mammoth tank to the "SEEK" trigger seen below, and on the map.

Destroying the Church and the three nearest buildings triggers Owie and destroying the oil derricks (or whatever they are called) triggers Owie 2.

The Tiberium Strain scb31ea

I really like this map, although it could use maybe one more flame tank or group of chem warriors.

An easy mission for teamtypes and attacks. Simple and easy.

Only the civilians and laboratories have the "RNDX" win condition attached to them. All the GDI units are set to attack/hunt after 65 units are killed.