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Part 59: PSX Missions 03 + PSX Map Dissection 01

PSX - GDI Mission 03
PSX - GDI Mission 03


Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Destroy all NOD forces in the area.

Briefing: Money is tight in this mission. Take over the Nod base to the west and use its resources. Then destroy the main Nod base to the south. Be sure all Nod forces are destroyed.

Author's note: After a hard start in this mission, if you can keep your tanks alive, it should be easy to finish.



PSX Missions "Special Operations"

They called these the Special Operations, as opposed to the Covert Operations.

PSX GDI Mission 01 scg30ea


PSX GDI Mission 02 scg31ea

The only map of the 3 GDI missions that I feel they used properly. Oh, and not only was I right about the construction yard but the AI also gets a nuke!

PSX GDI Mission 03 scg32ea

I... really don't like the look of this map. You basically end up ignoring the entire mid and top right, as well as the bottom and top left having nothing of value. At least the AI gets crap Tiberium fields?