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by Jobbo_Fett

Part 1: GDI 01: Reinforce Phoenix Base

GDI 01: Reinforce Phoenix Base
Reinforce Phoenix Base

The year is 2030, and much has changed. GDI have become the De Facto global defenders against the Brotherhood of NOD's aggression, and have created an orbiting space station called the GDI SS Philadelphia. The Brotherhood, for their part, have mostly kept to themselves, due in large part to the loss of their leader, Kane. Once believed to have been reduced to ash, or simply buried alive (accounts differ); GDI never found the body. The Brotherhood of NOD was also kept in the dark by the Messiah, and it splintered into numerous factions all doing their best to follow the last wishes of their leader. Coupled with the fact that Tiberium has been growing, or expanding, at an alarming rate, GDI is forced to split its forces between protecting the people of Earth, and fighting the fragmented remains of NOD.

Southwest Sector 9, not shown in-game.

Location: Southwest Sector 9, Unknown
Objective: Build a Tiberium Refinery, build a barracks, and destroy all NOD forces in the area.


Emergency transmissions from GDI forces in this region indicate that Phoenix Base is under attack from NOD troops. It is imperative that the base be restored by building a Tiberium Refinery and a Barracks. Once the base is functional, all NOD forces in the area must be destroyed.

Author's note: A fantastic little intro mission that shows off a few new developments, as well as the various triggers and new toys to play with, or fight against.

Name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: SS Philadelphia Technician
Voiced/Played by: Jeffery Castillo

The only other person in the room as Kane tapped into GDI communications and spoke with General Solomon.

Name: General Solomon
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Supreme Commander of GDI
Voiced/Played by: James Earl Jones

The Supreme Commander of GDI, he oversees GDIs actions from the GDI Space Station Philadelphia. Gen. Solomon was taken aback by the return of Kane, but quickly called for one of his more promising commanders, Michael McNeil.

Name: Lt. Com. Peter Tao
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: GDI Lieutenant Commander
Voiced/Played by: Bayani Ison

Lt. Com. Tao is seen under attack and calling the SS Philadelphia prior to the first assignment for the Commander.

Name: Kane
Aliases: Caine, Jacob; al-Quayym, Amir
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Leader of the Brotherhood of NOD
Voiced/Played by: Joseph David Kucan

First seen since his so-called demise, Kane hacks into the SS Philadelphia's communications and taunts GDI's General Solomon.

Name: 1st Lt. Chandra
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Kodiak Co-pilot and 2IC
Voiced/Played by: Kris Iyer

Friend and second-in-command to Com. McNeil, he serves as the Kodiak's co-pilot.

Name: Commander Michael McNeil
Aliases: Mack
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: GDI Commander
Voiced/Played by: Michael Biehn

Commander McNeil was personally requested for by General Solomon, and was briefed of Kane's return by the same. Initially skeptical of the return of Kane, he immediately set out to destroy NOD forces attacking Phoenix Base.

Name: Brink
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Kodiak Pilot
Voiced/Played by: Athena Massey

The Kodiak's pilot.

Light Infantry
RANGE: Short
WEAPON: M16 Mk. II Pulse Rifle

The Light Infantry are the mainstay of the GDI and Brotherhood troops. Armed with an M16 Mk. II pulse rifle, they deliver light damage to most targets. Although slow, infantry are capable of movement over varied terrain types with little loss in speed. They are also able to pass through certain terrain or hazards that are inaccessible or damaging to vehicles.

Author's Note: Your generic infantry, their low cost and power in massed numbers might sound nice, but they are one of the most vulnerable units in combat. Use cautiously.

RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: Assault Cannon

The Powered Assault Armour or "Wolverine" is a small, eight to nine foot bipedal unit that is piloted by a single soldier. Fast and agile, these lightly armoured suits excel at suppression fire and in light skirmishes. Handling large groups of enemy infantry is no problem for a squad of these troopers.

Author's Note: Hard to use against anything but soft targets. I find they trade unevenly except against a select few units, due to NODs anti-vehicle strengths.

ARMOR: Heavy

Critical to the financial success of both sides, the Harvester is the only unit capable of collecting Tiberium for refinement. Harvesters will automatically begin to collect Tiberium if a patch is nearby. The Harvester can be ordered to a specific location to harvest by selecting it and targeting the new area. The Harvester will automatically avoid threat areas and will inform you when it cannot enter an area because of nearby threats. Tiberium Harvesters will not enter a hostile area unless specifically ordered.

Author's Note: They harvest Tiberium. They now explode when destroyed with a Tiberium cargo, so don't get too close when they are in the red.

Construction Yard
ARMOR: Heavy
PURPOSE: Produces Structures

The Construction Yard is where all life begins. It allows the player to build other structures, so defending it should be a top priority of any successful commander. In some missions, the player starts with an MCV, which can be deployed into a Construction Yard. In other missions, the Construction Yard has already been placed.

Author's Note: It produces other buildings, keep this alive at all costs.

GDI Power Plant
ARMOR: Light
COST: 300
PURPOSE: Produces Power

Power plants provide power for base structures and are critical to keeping base defences online. GDI power plants are upgradable via add-on Power Turbines. There are two empty upgrade pads for add-on Power Turbines per power plant. Each will increase the power output of the structure by 50% over a non-upgraded power plant.

Author's Note: GDI has a series of modular buildings, this being one of them. It allows GDI to spread or focus their power providing structures.

ARMOR: Heavy
COST: 2000
PURPOSE: Converts Tiberium Into Funds

The refinery converts the Harvester loads of Tiberium into credits for the player. It also stores a certain amount of Tiberium. Once a refinery is full, silos must be created in order to store excess Tiberium. If there is no available storage capacity at a refinery or silos, excess Tiberium will be lost.

Author's Note: Like the harvester, it will explode and damage nearby units/buildings based on how "full" it is.

ARMOR: Light
COST: 300
PURPOSE: Trains Infantry

The Barracks allow infantry units to be trained. It is also a prerequisite for base defensive structures.

Author's Note: It produces infantry, you should think about building one.

GDI Radar
ARMOR: Light
COST: 1000
PURPOSE: Provides Minimap

A Radar Installation allows commanders to view the battlefield and the relative locations of friendly and enemy units. In order for the radar view to remain active, the Radar Installation must be constantly powered.

Author's Note: If you're looking to go to a higher tech level, you'll need this if you want anything better than some ground units.

Component Tower
ARMOR: Light
COST: 200
PURPOSE: Modular Defensive Structure

Based on a modular construction principle, the Component Tower serves as the basis for all GDI base defences. Component Towers can be built as individual structures or as part of a wall. One of three weapons can be mounted on a Component Tower: a Vulcan cannon, RPG launcher, or SAM launcher.

Author's Note: I love the concept of this defensive structure.

Vulcan Add-On
ARMOR: Light
COST: 150
PURPOSE: Light Ground Defense

The Vulcan Cannon Component consists of two mini-guns firing 50mm projectiles at high speed. The cannon is primarily
intended for use against infantry but it can be used less effectively against vehicles.

Author's Note: The light defense option for the component tower, it excels against light units.

Light Tower
ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Perimeter Illumination

Author's Note: You can't actually build these, and are usually used more for story purposes than anything else.