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Part 4: GDI 04: Recover the Crash Site

GDI 04: Recover the Crash Site
Recover the Crash Site

With the NOD supply base destroyed, McNeil and his forces quickly mounted a rescue attempt towards the UFO crash site for the GDI forces already there. Meanwhile, a separate group is enroute to infiltrate the NOD base via a captured train in order to cause chaos behind enemy lines and disrupt local enemy forces from being able to put up an effective defense.

The crash site appears to be just south-west of Lubbock, Texas

Location: South-west of Lubbock, Texas, USA
Objective: Recover the crash site and capture tech NOD tech center.

Briefing: GDI forces in this sector have found something unusual and large that crashed nearby. Nod has taken an intense interest in whatever it is, so naturally we are interested as well. Locate the object from the reports and capture any Nod Technology Centers in the area that might have uncovered clues as to the identity of the object.

Author's note: A cool, yet unexpected intro. As far as I know, there is absolutely no way to save those guys, other than simply going straight to this level. Oh, and we get one of the best units in the game, I will not be convinced otherwise!


ARMOR: Heavy
WEAPON: 120mm Cannon

The Medium Battle Mechanised Walker, or "Titan", is GDI’s all-purpose assault and defence unit. Standing 25 feet tall and packing a 120mm cannon, the Titan is a force to be reckoned with. Its long range makes it an ideal unit for use in base assaults, as it can pummel defences without fear of retaliation.

Author's Note: This is the GDI unit for me, because I always massed the hell out of Titans. Decent cost, good range, good damage, it excels against vehicles and buildings. My favorite unit.