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Part 8: GDI 08: Destroy Vega's Dams

GDI 08: Destroy Vega's Dams
Destroy Vega's Dams

After rescuing Tratos, he was kept under medical surveillance, having been weakened by NOD experiments conducting at the medical facility. An argument breaks out between Umagon and McNeil, but it is quickly broken up when Tratos begins to experience a vision.

It looks like it takes place West-South-West of Veracruz, in the vicinity of San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec.

Location: San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico
Objective: Destroy Vega's Dams

Briefing: The hydroelectric dams in this area provide Vega's island fortress with almost limitless power. Destroying the dams will seriously cripple Vega's perimeter defenses and allow GDI to bring more weapons to bear against Vega's base. The dams are heavily fortified, so attacking them directly is not the best option. Surveillance indicates the key to destroying the dams lies in the destruction of two regulator stations. Without them, the dams' generators will overload and the dams will self destruct.

Author's note: So the real way to beat this mission is destroying the governors, and having the dams self-destruct. If you don't, you miss out on the bonus for the next map. No, it doesn't make sense; its probably an oversight.

Name: Tratos
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: The Forgotten
Occupation: Leader of the Forgotten
Voiced/Played by: Christopher Winfield

Leader of the Forgotten, he has visions of the future, called Pentosi.

Name: Commander Michael McNeil
Aliases: Mack
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: GDI Commander
Voiced/Played by: Michael Biehn

Commander McNeil was personally requested for by General Solomon, and was briefed of Kane's return by the same. Initially skeptical of the return of Kane, he immediately set out to destroy NOD forces attacking Phoenix Base. Helped capture and secure an alien ship that had crash landed near Texas. He loves to win. Has little compassion for the Forgotten.

Name: Umagon
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: The Forgotten
Occupation: Unknown
Voiced/Played by: Christine Steel

An apparent stowaway on the alien UFO, Umagon met face-to-face with Commander McNeil. Little is known about her, officially or otherwise.

Name: General Solomon
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Supreme Commander of GDI
Voiced/Played by: James Earl Jones

The Supreme Commander of GDI, he oversees GDIs actions from the GDI Space Station Philadelphia. Gen. Solomon was taken aback by the return of Kane, but quickly called for one of his more promising commanders, Michael McNeil. Tasks Com. McNeil with destroying the NOD forces responsible for the attack on Phoenix Base.

Name: 1st Lt. Chandra
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Kodiak Co-pilot and 2IC
Voiced/Played by: Kris Iyer

Friend and second-in-command to Com. McNeil, he serves as the Kodiak's co-pilot.

Name: Brink
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Kodiak Pilot
Voiced/Played by: Athena Massey

The Kodiak's pilot.

RANGE: Short

Among the chaos of battle, the Medic is solely responsible for treating the injured and getting downed soldiers back in the fight. Left on his own, the medic will automatically heal any nearby friendly soldiers. Medics can also be targeted to treat a specific soldier.

Author's Note: The medic can only heal units, and is vulnerable to Tiberium. Despite these shortcomings, their ability to heal any friendly infantry makes them invaluable when kept out of harms way.

How you should finish this level
How you should finish this level