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Part 9: GDI 09: Destroy Vega's Base

GDI 09: Destroy Vega's Base
Destroy Vega's Base

With no time to lose, GDI forces arrive in the area of Vega's base. McNeil's orders are to capture Vega, alive, and his pyramid, in order to obtain as much information on the inner workings of NOD as possible.

Hard to tell exactly where this would be, especially since there's an island on the map. Its more likely to take place near/on the Isla Zacate Grande, to the Southwest.

Location: In the area of Danli, Honduras
Objective: Destroy Vega's Base

Briefing: Vega's base of operations is in this area. It is heavily guarded by SAM sites, and a secondary outpost provides reinforcements. Destroy all NOD forces in the area, but capture Vega's Pyramid intact - there is information there that we can use. You will have only limited troops until the SAM sites are neutralized one way or another.

Author's note: So because I didn't kill the regulators specifically, I didn't knock out the power to the SAM sites. Oops. Well, at least I get to show it off. Oh, and the timer would have been 20 minutes, with the reinforcements arriving immediately.


COST: 75
PURPOSE: Subterranean defense and speed boost

Pavement is designed to protect your base from burrowing units as well as prevent heavy weapons fire and explosions from making craters in your base. In addition, units on Pavement will move faster compared to normal terrain.

Author's Note: Your main way to prevent NOD from suddenly infiltrating your base. Sadly, it cannot be applied to a sloped surface, or over roads.

Concrete Wall
ARMOR: Light
COST: 50
PURPOSE: Perimeter Defense

A robust defensive structure. Concrete Walls are effective at stopping both infantry and vehicles. Only certain units can shoot over these defensive walls.

Author's Note: Protects your base by creating a solid wall that must be destroyed in order to pass with surface units. Can be built in 5-piece sections.

EM Pulse Cannon
ARMOR: Heavy
COST: 1000
PURPOSE: Electromagnetic disabling weapon

The EMP Cannon can fire a high powered blast of Electromagnetic energy that renders any mechanised vehicles inoperative for a short period. Any vehicle or structure caught in the blast is disabled until the effect wears off.

Author's Note: Shoots a large EMP ball that disables all vehicles within a radius, and incredibly useful on defense, as well as offense. Does not have a very large range, which differs from the blast area of the EM Pulse.

Service Depot
ARMOR: Light
COST: 1200
PURPOSE: Repairs vehicles

Used to repair vehicles and aircraft. A vehicle or aircraft can land on this structure and if enough credits are available, the unit will be fully repaired. Units can be queued onto the pad by bandbox selecting all the units and targeting the repair pad.

Author's Note: The sole location to repair vehicles for GDI. The depot saves on a lot of money, where it repairs a unit for 20% of its total cost.

Amphibious APC
ARMOR: Heavy

The Amphibious APC is a heavily armoured unit that can carry up to five infantry units. Capable of ferrying units over land and sea, the amphibious APC is a valuable asset to GDI’s forces. To load the APC, select the infantry soldier(s) you wish to
load and highlight the APC. A blue "enter" cursor will appear. Left clicking will load the units into the APC. To make the units exit the APC, select it and click on it again when the "deploy" cursor appears. Note that an APC cannot be unloaded while in

Author's Note: A very interesting unit, where I always have issues using it to its fullest capacity. Regardless, the ability to cross water obstacles is a plus versus anyone not expecting it. It does lack any attack, and its sole advantage only truly shines on a map with water.

Mobile Sensor Array
ARMOR: Heavy

The Mobile Sensor Array (MSA) is a vehicle equipped with a state-of-the-art sensor package that can detect the presence of enemy units even if they are cloaked or burrowing underground. Detected units will not be "uncloaked" but will be displayed on radar and the tactical view, allowing a commander to take the necessary measures to destroy the hidden unit(s).

Author's Note: Super useful against NOD players, and your main method for preparing to defend versus burrowed and cloaked units. Otherwise... hard pass. They are also rather vulnerable, so ensure they are protected.

Jump Jet Infantry
RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: Jump Jet Cannon

The airborne divisions of GDI’s infantry, Jump Jet soldiers are able to perform surgical hits on targets normally inaccessible to standard infantry. Armed with a Vulcan cannon, these flying soldiers can provide an anti-air defence as well as quick air-to-ground attacks on poorly defended targets.

Author's Note: I'm very divided on this unit. On the one hand, they can fly, which offers a lot of protection, but they have issues targeting moving units, auto-land whenever they destroy their target, requiring a massive amount of micro-management, and only get powerful in large groups... which are still very vulnerable to units that can shoot them.