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Part 14: GDI 14: Mine the Power Grid

GDI 14: Mine the Power Grid
Mine the Power Grid

Ghost Stalker and McNeil board a NOD train to a nearby power grid, with the objective of knocking out the power supplying the main NOD base in the area.

Presumably this "secret" mission is near the previous one, and thus is being counted as being in the same general area of Denmark.

Location: South of Viborg, Denmark
Objective: Destroy the NOD power plants in the area.

Briefing: If the upcoming GDI attack on the missile sites is to succeed, C4 must be planted at all six power stations. The power grid is well protected, but the train should carry the demolition team and the mutants through the gates and past the guards. If NOD forces discover the demolition team and sound the alert, take out the power plants by any means available.

Author's note: A nice breather episode to break things up. I never explored the map, but its a cool set up and easy mission with goodies to play with.

Name: Commander Michael McNeil
Aliases: Mack
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: GDI Commander
Voiced/Played by: Michael Biehn

Commander McNeil was personally requested for by General Solomon, and was briefed of Kane's return by the same. Initially skeptical of the return of Kane, he immediately set out to destroy NOD forces attacking Phoenix Base. Helped capture and secure an alien ship that had crash landed near Texas. He loves to win. Has little compassion for the Forgotten. Attempted to capture Vega alive, but his foiled by a nuclear weapon launched by Kane. His brother was murdered by Kane's forces. Knows how to throw a C4 party.

Name: Unknown
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: The Forgotten
Occupation: Commando
Voiced/Played by: Nils Allen Stewart

This guy isn't Ghost Stalker, sadly, but he's cool and I love him all the same. I think this is the only time you see him too...