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Part 22: NOD 04: Destroy Hassan's Temple

NOD 04: Destroy Hassan's Temple
Destroy Hassan's Temple

Now that preparations have been completed, it is time to finally rid the Brotherhood of its false idol in Hassan. He is holed up in his Pyramid on the Northern side of the Sinai Peninsula, and it is your job to capture him so that he may face trial.

I have no idea.

Location: Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Objective: Locate and Destroy Hassan's Temple

Briefing: The Infidel, Hassan, has been tracked to this region of Cairo. Build a base and eliminate this would-be pharaoh, the pretender to Kane's throne.

Author's note: Another stepping stone towards more complex missions, this level finally unlocks the Tick Tank, AKA the main NOD combat vehicle.


Tick Tank
RANGE: Medium
ARMOR: Light (Medium when Burrowed)
WEAPON: 90mm Cannon

This light battle tank has the ability to burrow itself into the ground to increase its defences and perform mobile battery defence. When burrowed, only the turret and a small part of the unit remains above ground.
To burrow the tick tank, select it, then left-click on it. The unit will burrow down into the ground and become immobile. To move the unit again, select it, then left-click on it again. Once the tank has dug out from the ground, it can be moved again.

Author's Note: I never truly liked the Tick Tank, its main drawback being that it needs to burrow to be completely effective, but sacrifices all of its mobility to do so. A long deployment time does not help with this.

Author's Note: The NOD Radar is functionally similar to the GDI entry, and thus will not receive its own entry.