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Part 24: NOD 06: Eviction Notice

NOD 06: Eviction Notice
Eviction Notice

Kane lives, and the secrets that were once in the Brotherhood's grasp must be re-captured from the ignorant GDI forces. Failure is not an option, and GDI must not be permitted to learn the secrets of Tiberium!

I get that they mention Sarajevo in the briefing, but the map icon is definitely to the West of it.

Location: (West of) Sarajevo, Bosnia
Objective: Locate the Temple of NOD and destroy the GDI forces in the area.

Briefing: GDI has secured the Holy Ground the temple rests on. Your objective is simple, locate it and remove the GDI incursion. They are not expecting any Nod forces, so the element of surprise is yours. The temple and its knowledge must remain intact. One vision, One purpose!

Author's note: A map that tricks you into a bad setup if you immediately deploy your MCV at the beginning. It has a few cute little things in it that are interesting.


RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: Vulcan cannon

Cyborg infantry are the result of recent Nod experiments in melding Tiberium mutated humans with machines. They are armed with heavy body armour and a high-power pulse rifle.

Author's Note: Slow, and lacking punch versus most units and buildings, they redeem themselves by being great escorts for Harvesters, healing in Tiberium, and not being crushable. Once they lose their legs, their speed drops even further, and the legs cannot be replaced. I rarely build them.