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Part 37: FS GDI 02: Party Crashers

FS GDI 02: Party Crashers
Party Crashers

With GDI forces still recuperating from the disarray of their command structure, and the loss of Commander McNeil, their forces are stressed even further by the renewed attacks of Tiberium-based lifeforms around the world. One such area, Colony 3, is hard pressed with defending such a large area. It is up to you, Commander, to organize the troops and evacuate the civilians before the area is overrun.


Colony 3, found in the REDACTED sector.

Location: Colony 3, REDACTED
Objective: Protect and Evacuate all civilians in the area.

Briefing: We have lost communication with a small civilian settlement nearby. Incoming messages from our remote base indicate an attack from unidentified life forms. Investigate these sightings and protect the civilians at all costs. Escort as
many civilians as possible to the pickup zone for immediate evacuation. END TRANSMISSION.

Author's note: Another easy mission to get players used to the evolving nature of Tiberium and its effects on the world. World-building wise, I like this mission but it does drag on a little.