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Part 38: FS GDI 03: Quell the Civilian Riot

FS GDI 03: Quell the Civilian Riot
Quell the Civilian Riot

Tratos is dead, and with it so goes the delicate balance of peace struck between the Forgotten and the regular civilian population. Tensions have flared up, and both groups have armed themselves, and the nearby GDI outpost is ill-equipped to deal with such an insurrection. Command has authorized the deployment of riot squads. Use them to pacify the uprising and stop any bloodshed before it occurs!


Colony 3, found in the REDACTED sector.

Location: Colony 3, REDACTED
Objective: Peacefully neutralize the riot leaders in the area.

Briefing: The death of Tratos has caused open revolt among the mutant population. They believe the local food and water supplies have been poisoned and are attacking the local supply depot. This has aggravated civilian tensions in the area causing armed conflict between the two factions. Deploy your squad and quell the rioting. Prevent casualties and damage on BOTH sides of the conflict. To this end we have equipped your infantry with non-lethal weaponry. In addition, you must prevent the destruction of the depot as it supplies all of the relocated civilians and mutants in the area. END TRANSMISSION.

Author's note: An interesting map, but definitely one that feels like it had way more potential than what it delivered.


EM Pulse Tank
RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Light

The Mobile Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon is a new addition to the GDI arsenal. This lightly armoured unit now allows us to take down small groups of vehicles in a quick radial blast.

Author's Note: I rarely use them, if only because I feel like they die too quickly for their investment to be worth it. To make matters worse, their pulse is indiscriminate, so avoid bringing any other mechanical units!