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Part 41: FS GDI 06: Escape from CABAL

FS GDI 06: Escape from CABAL
Escape from CABAL

The rogue AI CABAL has taken the completed Tacitus and is threatening Dr. Boudreau and her team. We must save Dr. Boudreau and destroy CABAL at all costs!

None stated in briefing.

Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Evacuate Dr. Boudreau and Destroy CABAL's forces in the area.

Briefing: CABAL has betrayed us all. GDI and perhaps the Earth itself are doomed unless we can fall back and regroup in time to send for help. The first priority is to deliver Dr. Boudreau to the nearby GDI outpost for immediate evacuation. Once safe, she will call for additional reinforcements. END TRANSMISSION.

Author's note: A tough mission, but I honestly enjoyed it compared to the more lengthy "core capture" mission seen not to long ago.

Name: Lieutenant-General Cortez
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: GDI Commander
Voiced/Played by: Efrain Figueroa

De Facto leader following GDI's inability to maintain contact with the USS Philadelphia. Appears to be on a first-name basis with Dr. Boudreau. Thought that leaving all of CABAL's cyborgs alive was a good idea.

Name: Dr. Boudreau
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: GDI Scientist
Voiced/Played by: Linnea Pyne

Head Scientist within GDI, she heads the recovery and translation efforts of the Tacitus. Appears to be on a first-name basis with LGen Cortez. Fell for the oldest trick in the book.

Aliases: None
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Sentient Artificial Intelligence
Voiced/Played by: Milton James

Artificial Intelligence developed by the Brotherhood of NOD using GDI's EVA as a starting point after NOD managed to "capture" GDI's AI in the first Tiberium War. After the partial dissolution of the Brotherhood following the end of the Tiberian Sun campaign, CABAL gained further sentience and began his own quest for world domination. Using his superior intellect, he easily tricked GDI into helping him assemble the Tacitus.