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Part 46: FS NOD 02: Seeds of Destruction

FS NOD 02: Seeds of Destruction
Seeds of Destruction

With CABAL back online, the Brotherhood is one step further along to recovering its footing before it can truly strike at GDI. To that end, NOD will use one of CABAL's new experiments to distract them while our own forces can gather themselves for the coming campaign.


Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Remain hidden from the GDI while luring Tiberium life forms with drugged civilians to cleanse the area.

Briefing: The first step in our Tiberium evolution requires the fertilization of the land with new indigenous life forms. We will use this new life to educate those who wish to interfere with its progress. Locate and repair the bridge leading to the Genesis Pit before using the Toxin Soldiers to "persuade" the nearby civilians to aid us in our cause. DATA LINK CLOSED.

Author's note: I actually really enjoy this mission, and especially so after having playing the GDI version. Simple, elegant, efficient.

Name: Anton Slavik
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Faction Leader within the Brotherhood of NOD [The Black Hand of NOD]
Voiced/Played by: Frank Zagarino

Rescued from certain death by Oxanna and a handful of trusted troops, he immediately murders the traitor responsible upon return to his command vehicle. Along with CABAL, he sets out to defend his holding(s) in Egypt from Hassan's forces. Kills Hassan the Betrayer. Is forced to bail out Vega at the behest of Kane, if only because the ship he was flying contains the Tacitus. Is captured alongside Oxanna by GDI forces lead by Commander McNeil. Lives for Kane; Dies for Kane. Captured and converted Commander McNeil's brother, Jake. Survived the 2nd Tiberium War and currently the leader of the Black Hand of NOD. Vying for power against other NOD sub-factions in a bid to become its leader.