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Part 48: FS NOD 04: Mutant Extermination

FS NOD 04: Mutant Extermination
Mutant Extermination

NOD's inner circle continues to bicker and argue over who should lead the fractured of the Brotherhood. As accusation are placed, CABAL reveals himself as the mastermind behind several of NOD's latest actions against both the GDI and the Forgotten. As communications break down due to a supposed Ion Storm, CABAL informs us that he wishes to recover the Tacitus. Attack the mutants, destroy them, and recover his prized possession.


Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Destroy all Mutant forces and recover the Tacitus

Briefing: The mutant vermin have once again made themselves known to us. They have stolen the Tacitus that I...we have worked so hard to obtain. If Kane's vision is to be fulfilled, we must find the mutant encampment and recover the Tacitus. Once it is safely removed, terminate any mutants who decide to remain in the area. Perhaps this will teach them not to interfere with us ever again. DATA LINK CLOSED.

Author's note: I love this map for the subtle options you have in attacking the enemy, and the only negative has to be the mission critical unit switching sides when discovered, which screws over an unknowing player.

Aliases: None
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Sentient Artificial Intelligence
Voiced/Played by: Milton James

Artificial Intelligence developed by the Brotherhood of NOD using GDI's EVA as a starting point after NOD managed to "capture" GDI's AI in the first Tiberium War. After the partial dissolution of the Brotherhood following the end of the Tiberian Sun campaign, CABAL gained further sentience and began his own quest for world domination. Displays autonomy and reveals that he was the one who ordered the recovery of the Tacitus, and the execution of Tratos.

Name: Anton Slavik
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Faction Leader within the Brotherhood of NOD [The Black Hand of NOD]
Voiced/Played by: Frank Zagarino

Rescued from certain death by Oxanna and a handful of trusted troops, he immediately murders the traitor responsible upon return to his command vehicle. Along with CABAL, he sets out to defend his holding(s) in Egypt from Hassan's forces. Kills Hassan the Betrayer. Is forced to bail out Vega at the behest of Kane, if only because the ship he was flying contains the Tacitus. Is captured alongside Oxanna by GDI forces lead by Commander McNeil. Lives for Kane; Dies for Kane. Captured and converted Commander McNeil's brother, Jake. Survived the 2nd Tiberium War and currently the leader of the Black Hand of NOD. Vying for power against other NOD sub-factions in a bid to become its leader.