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Commander Keen 1-4 and Keen Dreams

by raocow

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Original Thread: Commander Keen - My first time playing an old classic



Hey there everyone!

So, Commander Keen. I could link you/paste stuff from the Wikipedia entry on this series but if you're here you either already know about the series, or you're like me and going into this blind, so we know pretty much the exact same information regardless. So there!

Commander Keen is this super classic series for a lot of people, although it went completely outside of my radar for most of my life. I was raised a Nintendo boy, you see, and I didn't have regular access to a computer until my teens, let alone games. But this series I learned is a big thing! An important classic, essentially DOS's version of Mario or Sonic!

So I figured, you know, might as well give it a spin.

Yet, you have to admit, it's pretty rare that someone can experience a classic series while being old enough to appreciate it, and people have asked me to play this game for the internet a few times, curious to see my approach to it and stuff. I don't know. This whole intro barely makes sense.

Yup, we'll be doing all six games plus the 'lost episode', so, yeah!

I'm aiming for either three stages or 10 minutes a video, whichever comes first.

To the videos!

NOTE: although all my recording tests went awesome the game and music volume is super low in this first video! Hooray!

Marooned On Mars

Act 1- vs Scary Clam Guy and a ClownDailymotion
Act 0 BONUS- vs a lot of textDailymotion
Act 2- vs furnaces and greaseDailymotion
Act 3 -vs friction(lack of)Dailymotion
Act 4 -vs fire and surprisesDailymotion
Act 5 -vs everything everDailymotion
Act 6 -vs animal crueltyDailymotion

The Earth Explodes

Act 1- vs confusion?Dailymotion
Act 2 -vs a leverDailymotion
Act 3 -vs lots of flea guys. lots.Dailymotion
Act 4 -vs clumsinessDailymotion
Act 5 -vs learningDailymotion
Act 6 -vs navigationDailymotion
Act 7- vs my budding frustrationVimeo
Act 8 -vs level designDailymotion
Bonus in FailureDailymotion
Act 9 -vs panicDailymotion

Keen Must Die!

Act 1 - vs Geneva and decencyDailymotion
Act 2 - vs perceived peer-pressure! Also guest-starring Uncle ScarfyDailymotion
Act 3 - vs evil fence polesDailymotion
Act 4... kinda?Dailymotion
Act 4 - vs lasers and barrelsDailymotion
The TrainwreckingDailymotion
Act 5 - vs physicsDailymotion
Act 6 - vs confidenceDailymotion
Act 7 - vs... nothing, really.Dailymotion
Act 8 - vs poetryDailymotion

Keen Dreams

Act 1 - vs human decencyDailymotion
Act 1... again! - vs progressDailymotion
Act 3 - vs my own confusionDailymotion
Act 4 - vs DosBoxDailymotion
Act 6 (no 5 for no reason) - vs things that are greenDailymotion
Act 7 - vs a stone textureDailymotion
Act 8 - vs a big guyDailymotion

Secret of the Oracle

Act 1 - vs new gameplay mechanicsDailymotionViddler
Act 2 - vs stones and shovelsDailymotionViddler
Act 3 - vs myselfDailymotionNone
Act 4 - vs the demoDailymotionViddler
Act 5 - vs indecisionDailymotionNone
Act 6 - vs a ton of batsDailymotionNone
Failure - vs god freakin' mazesDailymotionNone
Act 7 - vs tar and fireGoogleViddler
Act 8 - vs waterDailymotionGameVee
Act 9 - vs editingDailymotionGameVee
Act 10 - vs patienceDailymotionGameVee
Act 11 - vs a thingGoogleGameVee
Act 12 - vs the endingDailymotionGameVee
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