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Part 11: Turn 21, Turn 22

Turn 21: April 1st, 1915

Fun note, National Morale is crazy high now after the patch. No idea what this is about and again, I'll leave it up to you guys if you wanna scrap this campaign or see it to the end. Things are going so well that we can push through. A nation will still give up if it loses everything.


Still saving production for refitting and upgrading but we have a new Admiral! Scheer adds 2 to defense and for our battleship fleet, this will be a great boon against the Grand Fleet eventually.


All of our future upgrades are geared for the offensive. This will be helpful against Russia mostly.


Italy is still creeping towards war. If all National Morale got bumped we can be sure they will be confident enough to join in the war even if it is against their best interests.


Manpower modifiers and economic efficiency stats haven't been changed.

Eastern Front

Army Group North moves in. The two reserves destroy a nearly broken corps of Russians as the three main armies repair and position. Once Kovno is cut off, it will be much easier to take.

Our destroyers make the British Submarine group pay and over half of their strength is now gone. If they stay in our waters and don't hide, they will surely be destroyed.

Army Group Center goes all in against Warsaw. 4 armies supported by a reserve corps attack the city and only manage to kill off just over a corps. The relentless attack does start to shatter the morale of the defenders and in two weeks the city should be ours.

Though weakened, 3rd Eastern hits an armored train and forces it back but after losing a division the generals are afraid to push out of their trenches. This flank should be secured for now though.

Army Group South refits two units and holds position for now. Intel believes that to make progress here that an artillery battery will need to be transferred from the Serbian front now that it is all but decided.

Serbian Front

The artillery moves to Nils and will be moved by train next turn. It will have very low efficiency, but as long as the batteries are protected they may turn the tide in the east.

Von Hotzendorf and 5th Army destroy the last of the British garrison and a Serbian Army while 2nd and 3rd, with support from the Temeschburg Reserve nearly kill off a Serbian corps. Cetinje is a fortress town but even so, they can only hold out so long. Most of the Austrians will then be shipped to Italy in preparation for an invasion.

Ottoman Front

The Caucasus are the one stop shop for horrible intelligence officers. Two divisions fall but not how we were expecting it to go. Efficiency keeps dropping for Russia but this is getting ridiculous.

The Gallipoli and Damascus forces hit the British Army as it tries to flee behind friendly lines. The Aqaba cavalry starts consolidating the pocket by attacking the larger force. There are plenty of fresh men and supplies shipped to the front but we are tired and the Gaza force is still wrecked by the last month of battle.

Western Front

The forts are very close to breaking now as their morale continues to plummet.

At the possible expense of Second Army, we destroy two British forces. A French corps is routed and pushed back as well.

The brave men of 7th Army, though down a full corps, hold the French in place while other units recover and move into position.

Allied Response

The British submarines run and one corps loses two regiments attacking us. Kovno receives no extra support.

Army Group South is attacked in the same linchpin and the Russian cavalry eventually flees.

2nd Army actually kills some British divisions before getting mauled. This area is so weak and tired but we can't give up the momentum.

The French are on to 7th Army and run.

The Gallipoli Force is shelled and hit hard and retreat with only a crippled corps left. Another full British army has shown up. The Aqaba pocket also shifts towards our underbelly. I tried to get cute here but this will require a full retreat.

Turn 22: April 15, 1915

Bombers (that we don't have yet) are upgraded. I am still saving production up so this could be an option depending on the coming naval battle.

Hey look national morale unglitched itself this turn. Yay patching during a game (I had to for PBEM guys, sorry). Who the fuck knows when the allied countries will surrender now.

Eastern Front

AGN surrounds Kovno and repairs, getting ready to start wearing the fort down. I don't like assaulting forts with top notch troops but I can't leave anything so close to Koenigsberg unguarded.

The High Seas Fleet goes into harbor to upgrade and prepare.

This was costly as hell but Warsaw is ours. A great production and morale boost for us, while Russia loses morale and production. AGC will spend next turn refitting and then move on to the next objective.

AGS refits and waits as the much needed artillery is deployed. In two weeks it will be unpacked and ready to rip Russians into shreds.

Serbian Front

Tiriana is ours and we start attacking Fortress Cetinje with our forces. Our smart and not at all stuck-up generals are confident we can destroy Serbia before Italy jumps in.

Ottoman Front

Our reserves are going to try and take one for the team while we pull back into a line and repair. This should put us out of artillery range... at least for now. We refit and pray that the British can't shatter this line before it is consolidated. The Aqaba Cavalry and men commanded by Izzet Pasha destroy most of the pocketed British. They will add some serious beef to the line once we finish this pocket.

Western Front

The Line Corps repair and keep working on the forts.

We can't take that army but we can outrun it. It is surrounded with von Hindenburg acting as a blocking force. Refits and repairs are made and we push towards the far French border.

A repaired and much more rested force keeps moving on Marseille. That French army will be annoying but we can take them with our current forces.

Allied Response

Russia, expecting the arrival of our artillery seeks to split AGS once again. We will make them pay for daring to have hope next turn.

Unlike the strength moving to block AGS, AGN gets on meager corps to oppose it. Kovno should fall in two or three turns without any serious attempts to break the siege.

RIP little corps. They take three for the team and next turn they are getting shelled and ganged again. It will be enough to refit the larger part of our forces and dig in though so it is a worthwhile sacrifice.

Last, but certainly not least, this happens:

Surrender! The first one actually! Here is how surrender works if you accept it. France exits the war and bumps any allied troops back into their pool. We hold and keep any land we held when surrender hits and won't get into another war unless we declare it. This nets us a good amount of French production and frees up a large amount of our forces. The BEF will be back in Britain but we only need to refit and wait for the Grand Fleet to sink and then Operation Sea Lion is on.