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Part 2: Chokes McGee - Apple Willie

Let's Play Apple Willie!

Apr. 1990, Vol. 8, No. 4


Notorious mobster "Little" Apple Willie is left empty-handed on this, the day of the Godfather's daughter's wedding. To avoid having a hit put on him, he must come up with a gift, so he dons his purple zoot suit and sets out onto the mean streets of Chicago.

Luckily, God has pity on him and transports him to the garden of Eden, where he can collect Apples of Knowledge to placate the mafia princess. To save the day, he'll have to dodge unhealthy looking birds, the evil Serpent that tempted mankind, and his own crippling inadequacies as a human being.


(No, that's not a video hang at the start. It's some guy's homebrewed solution to C64 graphical processing.)

The Good

The graphics on this are pretty damn phenominal for a dinky little game. I mean, it uses parallax scrolling. There are commercial C64 games that didn't do that.

The control and sound is pretty crisp, too---at least by C64 standards. This is one of those things you could play for like ten minutes and not even realize how much time you've spent on it.

The Bad

I hesitate to even call this a game. Jump thing, duck thing, get apple. Repeat until dead. I mean, it's free and all, but god damn. Push the button a little bit.

The Weird

Before you die, please make sure to give your crack-withered organs to someone else. I'm sure nothing could go wrong with this plan.

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The Verdict

This "game" was written more as a technical demo, and it shows. It looks pretty and will amuse you for all of two minutes before you realize you spent four days of your life typing it in and collapse weeping to the floor.