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Part 9: ManxomeBromide - Richtofen's Revenge

Let's Play Richtofen's Revenge!
One of the "Previously Unpublished" games in Compute!'s First Book of C64 Games

The Plot

The dreaded ace Baron von Richtofen has been spotted! We'll have to deploy our vast fleet of attack planes and balloons to defeat h...

... wait, sorry, I was holding this cue card upside-down. It is in fact the Red Baron who has shown up with a fleet, and our plan is to send one plane against that fleet.

I see nothing wrong with this plan.

The Game

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I do a normal run at start, beginning at level 1 and grinding my way up until I get bored enough to get careless. Then I crank the starting level up to level 30. It... doesn't end well.

The Good

The bad

The weird

The Verdict

This was published in 1983 and I'm pretty comfortable calling it commercial-quality for the time. It might not be to Lode Runner levels of polish but I sure played more of this than Manic Miner.