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Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars

by Psycho Knight

Part 1: I've been searching for a man, all across Japan

Update I: I’ve been searching for a man, all across Japan
Song Reference: Butterfly – Aqua

I’ll be skipping over the opening cutscene. There’s a mini update I have in mind where I will discuss the weirdness involved with it, among other things that will be noticed in this update. For the time being, let’s just focus on the mountain of exposition and world setting that is about to happen.

Just after selecting to start a new game, we’re asked to customize our protagonist a little. Leaving the naming of the protagonist up to the thread would be ill advised, so I’ll leave it as the default: Itsuki Yuge. We can also choose his birthday and blood type, although this doesn’t have any impact on gameplay as far as I know.

His birthday will be the start date of the LP (it’s November 8th where I am), and I change his blood type to O for no particular reason. I’m not familiar with the implications of our protagonist having O type blood. I know it’s a Japanese thing, but I don’t care enough about divination or whatever it is to bother researching the details.

Also, the English release of this game has the Japanese swimsuit DLC pack included, which is nice, I guess? I suppose it beats having to pay for it for the people that care about that.

No, we’re not using this option. It looks stupid and out of place. It also removes nearly all of the design elements of the maidens.

???: Mahiru Konatsuki. The girl I grew up with, and my childhood friend.

???: She gets high marks in academics and sports. She’s always taking care of others. She’s what you’d call the “popular girl” at school. Three years ago, my parents died in an accident…

Really checking off those protagonist boxes, aren’t you Conception?

???: Now I live with her family at their house.

Getting flashbacks to Narika’s route in Conception II here. Maybe we should just pretend like we never got the text.

Never mind, we’re throwing caution to the wind.

~School Roof~

Thank you for coming…

This is Conception Plus Mahiru. Why do I specify it like that? Well, in the process of remastering this game from the PSP version, the developers decided that Mahiru needed an attitude adjustment. I won’t derail the update with it right now, since we only just started. I’ll discuss it in more detail in the mini update. It’s… strange.

Sorry for calling you out here even though we’re in the middle of exams.

It’s fine. Even if I went back, I wouldn’t have anything to do besides studying.

Also, that was Itsuki talking earlier. No idea why they kept it a mystery, since it’s obvious who it is.

Then again, I didn’t do so good on the English exam today.

That’s your fault for playing games instead of studying.

Anyway, it’s rare for us to meet at school like this.

Yeah… There’s actually something I wanted to talk to you about.

You invited me to the roof, don’t tell me you’re asking me on a date.

No way… You play too many games…

Hey, it could happen. There has to be some basis for the idea. Besides, we used to play those games together all the time.

That was… a long time ago. We have to prepare for college exams next year… so there’s no time for that.

Oh, right… entrance exams… That’s… So, what was that stuff you wanted to talk about!? Something you don’t want your mother to hear?

Yeah… Not really…

We occasionally get the option to choose what Itsuki will say. It doesn’t change much except for a line or two of dialog, at least in main story scenes. Bonding scenes will be different. I’ll make sure to point out any particularly amusing choices.

I see… So what did you do?

Nothing really, but…

Well which is it? Did something happen or not?


Itsuki, please listen carefully.

I’m suddenly not feeling so great about this.

… I…


I’m going to have a baby.

While “Is it… mine?” is tempting, it’s also pretty stupid to say considering the detail a character will blurt out a little later. I don’t intend for LP Itsuki to hit that level of idiot.

…You’re messing with me, right?

Why would I joke about that? Itsuki, I’m sure you want nothing to do with this. You probably just want to go home, eat chips, and play video games.

That sounds really good right now, actually.

Right, that was probably the wrong thing to say. Sorry, I guess I still don’t believe it.

They say fact is stranger than fiction… But anyone would be surprised if they heard something like this.

A-Anyway, maybe we should go talk about this inside. It’s cold out here.


Well, cold weather can’t be good for the baby, right? Isn’t that a thing?


Uhhh…. Guys? I think reality is collapsing behind you.

Shit, is it an earthquake?!

Itsuki, look up!

Wh-What the hell is that?!

*Both Mahiru and Itsuki get sucked up into the crazy sky hole*

…So that happened. Oh well, better add this spot to my map of Tokyo. Need to know where all the dimensional rifts are so I don’t accidentally stumble into one. I’m going overseas to study next year and that shit costs serious money. I don’t have time to be farting around in the Feudal Era or Soul Society or Cephiro or the Digi World or wherever the hell our protagonists are about to wind up.


Oh god, where are we? What happened?


You doing alright?

Yeah, I’m fine… It doesn’t hurt anywhere.

Good to hear.

I thought we were at school… Where are we now?

Beats me.

This is a creepy place. I don’t want to stay here…

I dunno, I think it looks kind of cool. It’s like an old school RPG dungeon.


Okay, okay. I was just trying to make it less spooky. Come on, it looks like there’s an exit over there.

Alright, we have control now. Not for very long mind you, but we do. Standard camera controls are in play. You could rotate the camera with L and R, but the right stick just gives you complete control so why would you bother with the shoulder buttons?

Also, Itsuki has a goofy run cycle and stance. Why are you superhero posturing, Itsuki? There’s nothing in here.

Anyway, there’s only one door out of this place, so run up to it and hit X or A or whatever your confirm button happens to be.

Should we stop for a bit?

After running through a small hallway, the next scene triggers.

I’ll be all right… We barely walked at all. But thanks for looking out for me.

No problem. I’m trying to support this whole pregnant thing any way I can.

Itsuki, listen to me. You may not believe this either, but…

Wait, what? Mahiru, if you don’t have a boyfriend then how the hell can you be pregnant?

But I’ve been feeling strange since about three weeks ago… I checked online and found my symptoms are signs of being pregnant.

Ah, Dr. WebMD. The world’s most trustworthy medical professional.

Those symptoms could point to a lot of different things though.

I thought the same at first. Like, maybe I was just imagining it. But I took one of those pregnancy tests and it came back positive… That must mean I’m pregnant, right?

Well, those things can be wrong, can’t they? Did you talk to an actual doctor about it?

Not yet… I was too scared to…

What if I went with you? Think that would help?


Great. Then let’s find our way out of here and head to a clinic. I’m sure this is all just a big mistake.

Say, Itsuki…

What’s up?

Let’s go back together… then we can play games again.

Now you’re speaking my language. This place really has me in the mood to check out this new-


Hey, you’re the one that suggested it.


Oh, you’re still feeling sick. Do you need to throw up? Mahiru?

That doesn’t look fun.

Did… Did a monster just pop out of your mouth?!

*The buff monster man charges Itsuki*

Guh! (Shit, that hurt! It’s going to kill me!)

*Then, a flash of light*

Wait, where did this sword come from?!

The game throws us into a battle and wants us to attack the monster. I’m not going to spend time explaining this, because your only option is to do what the game says. We kill it and move on.

That… was… AWESOME! I killed a monster! Hey, Mahiru, did you see?!


Right, sorry. Not the time. Come on, I think the exit is over there!


This has to be a bad dream…

Uhh, Mahiru? I think you’ve got something on your face.

Ah… Wait, there’s something on your hand too..

Haha, we’ve got the same thing. We’re like a couple now.

You’re in a weirdly good mood all of a sudden.

You think so? Compared to being mysteriously pregnant, this is nothing…

???: Nar! There they are! Nar! Narcisstes!

That stuffed animal is floating and talking…

It also has handcuffs on it. What’s the deal with that?

Wait, I think I know what this is… It has to be a drone that uses AI or something.

I’m Mana. Isn’t that a nice name? Once you hear it, you’ll never forget it. That’s the kinda name it is.

There will be other reasons for us remembering Mana’s name. None of them are good. Mana sucks. I hate cutesy mascot characters. It also just now occurs to me that Conception II never had one. I’m going to miss that aspect of Conception II.

Wow, not only can you talk, you can carry on a conversation? Modern figurines have really advanced from what I remember… I feel like the future has left me in the dust.

What is this “figurine” you’re talkin’ about? I don’t know that word.

Um… In short, it’s a toy for adults. Isn’t that right, Itsuki?

I really don’t think you should phrase it like that.

What? Are you calling me a plaything?!

I guess that’s not quite right, huh.

So, what’s your name?

H-Huh? M-Me? I’m… Mahiru Konatsuki.

*sniff, sniff*… I can tell you’re a virgin. You smell like a green banana!

This is just a taste of what Mana is like. I’ve seen people online say that it gets worse, so look forward to that I suppose.

What?! This toy is so rude!

Also it can smell. I don’t think that’s something you can program.

And you, what’s your name?

Screw you, Mana.

I am not telling you that.


You’re shady as hell.

Sh-Shady? But I’m soooo cute. How dare you call me shady!

You can be cute but still shady… And anyway, you’re not that cute to begin with.


But, I know there’s a lot of people out there who are into that ugly-cute thing.

*And then this dude shows up to mercifully interrupt this conversation*

That’s right, Nar. He’s the God’s Gift this time around. Look, he has the Star Brand.

It seems that way.

I dunno why there are two of ‘em though.

Two God’s Gifts… Interesting.

Um, who are you? And where are we?

Also, what’s this stuff about God giving gifts?

Excuse me. I apologize for the late introduction. My name is Narcisstes. I am the palace scholar of the Kingdom of Granvania.

Where is Granvania? Is that like Transylvania?

It’s a world in a dimension different from yours. The God’s Gifts who have come to this world have called it a “Fantasy World.”

Fantasy World? Are we legendary heroes!? Is what I think happening, actually happening!?

Let’s save the details for later. How about I guide ‘em away?

Yes, please do. It’s dangerous to remain out here. There are some hungry, wild animals around these parts.

Hold on. Where are you taking us?

To the castle. I would like for you to meet our king.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Let’s do that!

*And then a magic symbol appears on screen and everyone is whisked away to…*

AngelMarker Labs! I mean, Granvania! Or maybe Venice! Hell if I know.

This is our “Star Energy.” Your kind would probably call it magic.

Is this place-

It’s the castle town of the kingdom.

Um… Will we get sent back to our world after we meet the king?

Yes, but just as I said earlier, only if you accept our king’s suggestion. Please look ahead.

Kinda sounds like we’re being blackmailed here, but whatever. We’re in generic fantasy land. We can roll with it.

Correction, generic fantasy land with a touch of future tech.

That is National Star God Academy, the pride and joy of Granvania. The people of Granvania come to this academy to learn the ways of this world.

I’ve seen this place in a movie before. You study magic here, right?

The students learn to control the Star Energy they all hold within themselves. It’s on the way, so let’s take a look around the academy.

Why don’t we just teleport there? You did it a minute ago. You can’t just bust out magic teleportation and then not bother using it for everything. I know I sure as hell would if I had it.

It’s a lot bigger up close. Do you really get this many students?

The academy is an all-in-one educational institution. There are also many other facilities, like a church and a hospital.

Oh, looks like the Star Maidens are gathering.

Shit, they can smell protagonist.

Like a pack of sharks. Just look at them.

Star… Maidens?

They’re all young and bubbly. Doesn’t that get you excited, Itsuki?

Uhh, I guess so. What does that have to do with being that God’s Gift thing? Doesn’t the hero usually go explore dungeons and kill monsters and all of that cool stuff? Are they going to be our party members or something?

I’ll introduce you to the Star Maidens later. Let’s go to the castle.

Check this dude out. Pretty fancy dudes. Kind of wish I had a tie like that. Also that shirt. And the coat. I like the whole ensemble, really.

Your Majesty, I have brought them.

I welcome you. I am the king of Granvania, Shangri-La.

That’s the name you’re going with? The mythical promised land supposedly located in the Kunlan Mountains in China? That’s silly, Conception.

I am sure you two are surprised, for what happened was quite sudden. However, please listen to what I have to say.

What do you mean? Just send us back to our world already.

Slow down, Mahiru. Let’s hear him out.

Very well. I shall be direct then. This world is in danger. We need you two to save us.

That’s so sudden… You can’t just tell us that out of nowhere!

I’m okay with it, personally. This sounds awesome.

Of course… Narcisstes, explain to them so they may understand.

Allow me to give you more insight into our world.

Sora is a world which hosts a civilization developed by science. Our world, on the other hand, is built around Star Energy. I’m sure you remember, but Star Energy is what your kind would consider magic.

Yeah, yeah. Our world is all about technology and yours is about magic. It’s not a difficult concept. Keep it moving Narc. We have a lot of intro shit to get through.

Now, make sure you pay attention. This is where it gets important.

*And then the game agrees with my viewpoint by skipping over all of Narc’s exposition*

So basically… There are a bunch of monsters called Impurities in the Stardust Labyrinths… And the protection offered by the 12 Star Offerings there is about to fade… The Impurities are overflowing, bringing about chaos in this world.

Thank you, official Itsuki. I’m sure Narc’s version of that exposition was like 10 minutes long.

But that won’t happen. You see, each time a Star Offering loses its powers… a gift from the Star God appears in this world to save us.

And that’s supposed to be us?

Do you see it all coming together now? Yes, you two are the chosen gifts from the Star God. In this world, every 10 years… a God’s Gift with the Star Brand of the depowered Star Offering appears. They come from the Gate of Light connecting this world to Sora. God’s Gifts have a duty to purge Impurities and bring balance to the labyrinths. Thus, we need you to fulfill that duty. It must be done.

Man, Star God is an asshole in this game. I mean, he was kind of a dick in Conception II, I guess. Sort of had the drunken idea to bestow his power on a bunch of teenagers and then make them dry hump each other in order to summon the spirit warrior kids. Still though, Conception II Star God didn’t go barging into a different world and kidnapping people to force them to save Granvania every 10 years. Is the god of our world cool with that?

The fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

In other words, Itsuki and I…

As expected of the Virgo Star Maiden. You learn quickly.

But… we’re just students. We wouldn’t know what to do… How are we supposed to save the world…?

I’m kind of pumped for this myself, but I’ll be honest, Mahiru has a point. I’ve played a lot of games about being a hero, but it’s not like either of us—


*And then Mahiru hits the floor for an unexpected nap*


Reone! Is Reone here?

Take the girl to the medical office.

Is she going to be okay?!

She’ll be fine. She’s probably just a little tired. Ah! This Star Brand! Is she the Virgo Star Maiden?

Yes… There are too many unknowns this time around. Itsuki, you should rest too. Reone, can you take him with you? Itsuki, not to worry, Reone is the palace physician.

As long as someone here knows what they’re doing. I’ll carry her over, just lead the way.

Thank you. You know, you’re quite handsome when I look at you up close…

Uhh… th-thank you? Where did that come from?

Pump the brakes, Reone. Jesus, a girl just collapsed on the floor and needs medical attention. You’ll get your chance to hit on the designated protagonist later.

Itsuki, I ask of you to save this world. You may return to yours after.

That’s not really a request, you know. It’s more like an ultimatum.

Let’s head to the medical office now.

~Star God Academy Clinic~

As well as I could considering what happened to Mahiru. I’m sort of excited for this world saving adventure, but it’s really stressing Mahiru out. We really need to get back to our world, for her sake.

After you fulfill your duty, the Gate of Light will appear. You can both return to your world then. I’m sure you still need some time to process what we’ve told you. But you two are, without a doubt, God’s Gifts. The Star Brands on your bodies prove that.

Yeah… what is that brand thing exactly?

That is proof you are a God’s Gift. Her mark is of Virgo. God’s Gifts have the Star Brand of the Star Offering whose power has been lost.

And one of those dies every 10 years, right? So we just need to restore the Virgo Star Offering and then we’re done?

…Excuse me?

Don’t make a woman repeat herself. I’m telling you to take your clothes off.

Could you maybe not say it like that?

Oho… How else would I say it?

Maybe like a doctor would? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to be?

You need to learn how to talk to older women… young man.

Oh please, what are you, 20? I’m betting 21 at the absolute oldest. Don’t go pulling that maturity crap on people who are maybe 2 years younger than you.

I’ll teach you that with a little one-on-one…

Whoa! Hey! Watch the hands!

*Reone then proceeds to jump Itsuki and strip him to the skivvies*

Whew… I let you keep your underwear on, so you better be thankful.

Right. Why exactly am I almost naked?

Speaking of, I wonder if that’s a particular brand? I can’t quite read the text. I think it’s in Japanese, but it might also just be jibberish lettering.

My body? What about my—What the hell…

All 12 of the constellations have their Star Brands on your body. It wasn’t just one Star Offering that lost its powers… All 12 have.

That’s probably bad.

Do you understand what that means? Impurities not absorbed by the Star Offerings will increase twelvefold. And if they break out of the labyrinths, this world will end. That’s why we need your help.

But what do you expect me to do? Is there a boss monster or something I have to go and fight? Or some kind of magic crystal I need to find?

Does that mean you’ll accept?

Doesn’t seem like I have a choice. Although even if I did, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit excited about being a hero. Anyway, back to the problem. What exactly am I supposed to do?

You must exchange the powerless Star Offerings in the labyrinths with new ones. That is the duty of God’s Gift.

Oh, hey Mahiru.

Whoa! Mahiru! When did you wake up?

I’ve been awake since you started taking your clothes off… But I didn’t want to interfere, so I pretended to stay asleep.

I didn’t really have a choice, you know. You saw what she did.

Haha… You’re a funny one.

If you ask me… that’s too unreasonable.

Even if it is, you have no other way of returning to your world.

Wait, I thought she was a God’s Gift too, just like me. She’s doing something else?

What’s that?

I’ll explain some other time. Just rest up for now.

I have to agree with her on that. I think you still need some rest.

…All right.

*And Mahiru wanders off to continue resting*

As she said, there are monsters dwelling in the Stardust Labyrinths. Deep inside are the Impurity Gods. Unless you defeat the Impurity Gods, you cannot place the new Star Offerings.

What’s an Impurity God?

That’s what becomes of a Star Offering when it loses its powers. It begins fusing with the Impurities deep in its labyrinth… and it quickly becomes a powerful monster called an Impurity God.

So this is different than how it worked in Conception II. In that game, the boss monsters were something of an energy source for the labyrinths. They formed when a massive amount of Dusk energy pooled together. The heroes seal them in Matryoshka dolls in order to cut off the energy supply, which stops the monsters from continually respawning.

In this game it seems that Dusk/Impurities just naturally flow into the labyrinths and are sucked up by the Star Offerings. When the Star Offering finally hits its limit, the amassed energy causes it to turn into a boss monster. Then I guess a God’s Gift goes in, kills it, and the energy just vanishes? Or does the new Star Offering suck up the energy of the old corrupted Star Offering? Both of those explanations raise some questions/issues. Wonder if we’ll ever find out the answers?

You guys can fight them though, right? I mean, you’ve got magic and stuff.

Unfortunately, no.

We can’t even hurt one. Our long history proves that.

Wait, you guys can’t even scratch it?! Then there’s no way I can kill it! I don’t even have cool magic… that I know of.

No, you are God’s Gift. You are the warrior who will save this world. And you’re not alone. You have many allies on your side. You’ll need the power of the Star Maidens to fulfill your duty. Now, come with me, Itsuki. I’ll introduce you to the Star Maidens.

Finally. About time we get to this. The sooner we meet the Star Maidens, the sooner I can get the introduction bonding events out of the way and the sooner we can vote on which of the fucking 12 13 Maidens to shove into the bleachers so that we aren’t trapped in bonding updates for months at a time.

~Granvania Shopping Center~

Itsuki, your bed’s ready! Wanna see? You can have some fun with any of the Star Maidens at any time now.

Uhh… What is she talking about? What fun?

Mana, hold your tongue. But before we meet the Star Maidens, I’ll take you to where you’ll be lodging.

Oh, and I’ll be your guide for a while, Itsuki.

Please Star God, no. Let us be rid of Mana. This is a blind LP, but Mana’s reputation as supposedly complete garbage has still managed to find its way to me.

Oh, right. It should be noted that despite the perviness and general skeeviness, Mana is actually a girl. She uses the pink text box when she speaks, which is the color all the other female characters use (boys use blue), and she’s voiced by Sarah Williams in English (Yurin in Japanese).

You get to have this beauty by your side, so you better be thankful.

Now we get to have a little control. By that I mean we are allowed to push X and go to the Inn. Riveting. I will say that Conception Plus is much better about tutorials than Conception II was. There’s still a moving van’s worth of exposition to unload, but we’ll be let off the tutorial leash almost entirely by the end of this update.

This will be your frontline base until you fulfill your mission. You should have everything you need, but ask Mana if you need anything else.

What about Mahiru? Where is she?

Mahiru will be given a room in another dormitory. Do you need to be with her?

You two were in a relationship?! What a pervert! Guehe… So, what were both of you up to before you came here?

We’re not a couple! Also, how would I be a pervert for wanting to see my girlfriend if we were a couple? And we weren’t doing anything weird before we came here! She was just telling me—wait, no, going to stop myself there. Listen, I’m just worried about her.

You can see her whenever you want. There’s no need to worry. Mana, please take care of the rest. Itsuki, come to the square when you’re ready. I’ll introduce you to the Star Maidens.

There we go. There’s the relentless barrage of tutorial cards that I was bracing myself for.

The Inn is mostly just where we go to save and advance time. There’s a few small things to do with Star Children that we’ll get into later, but a lot of the options you see here can be accessed from other more useful places.

I’ll be waiting outside, so come out whenever you’re ready. You better not do anything weird just because you’re alone!

You said it’s my room. I’ll do what I want, thank you very much. Although, not right now. I still have too many questions to think about relaxing.

We get the chance to save, so I do just that. That’s all, so let’s keep this intro going.

Let’s talk about how you walk around the castle town.

All straightforward stuff. We’ll get more detailed looks at all of these places and letters and stuff as they become available.

Reo is waiting for you at the academy. Now try going there.

This time we actually have two choices for places to go. We’re supposed to go to the academy to meet the other Maidens, which I do actually want to get to, but the Palace has some more lore for us that sheds important light on how things work in this world. Let’s quickly check it out.

Narc here offers to tell us more about the world and Impurities and junk. At first it seems like he’s just going to repeat everything we were already told, but he actually has quite a bit of new info. Let’s start with asking about the Fantasy World.

After repeating the info about “Sora” and how this world is based on magic and ours is based on science and blah blah blah, he gets into new material.

Our people receive blessings from the god of their birth month.

And that’s it. It isn’t much, but it raises the question as to the hierarchy of Gods. Is Star God the supreme God? Are the 12 birth month gods collectively known as the Star God? I kind of wish he talked about this a bit more. I’ll have to look through the database later and see if it’s explained more thoroughly.

Moving on to Impurities.

In this world, Impurities are released as people bed with each other. Impurities are…

Negative energy? What kind of insane BDSM shit do the people of this world get in to?

Impurities, when left to their own devices, will fuse and turn into monsters. They then become beings that bring disaster. They’re far worse than wild bears. But people cannot simply stop being intimate, as it prolongs our species.

So sex makes babies…. And also sometimes monsters. Who the fuck designed this world? Was Star God drunk off his ass, or did those 12 birth month gods suffer from a case of a “too many cooks spoil the broth”?

This is also different than how it works in Conception II. In CII, Dusk energy was the monster creating force. Dusk energy was just an element that governed people’s desires. It wasn’t necessarily bad, as people can have a lot of desires that aren’t evil or wrong, like living for example. There was a bit of discussion in the CII thread about Shinto beliefs and purging impurities and stuff like that as it related to the concept of Dusk. Unlike in that game, there’s no debate here about the nature of the “dark” energy. Impurities seem to be 100% bad.

At least as far as we know right this moment.

That is why we use Star Energy to seal away Impurities in a special place. And that place is within the Stardust Labyrinths.

Ever since, all the Impurities have been absorbed and stored within them. Still… people will continue sleeping with each other for all eternity.

Wait, so what were things like before that mage created the Impurity vacuum? Did monsters just roam everywhere?

The labyrinths ebb and flow with Impurities because of this. To prevent overflow, we have 12 Star Offerings deep within the labyrinths. That sums up the nature of Impurities.

Choosing “A different question…” will give us two other topics to ask about. We’ll start with Star Offerings.

For every constellation, there is one Star Offering. Each of these… blessed by that constellation’s god, has the power to absorb Impurities. Active Star Offerings continue absorbing Impurities in the labyrinths.

The periods in which they lose their powers are offset by 10 years. In other words, one Star Offering is lost every 10 years. Despite knowing this, we are still unsure of the specifics of a star’s passing. The ancient texts only say this divine law: The stars revolve around the world.

I see we’re still operating on the old Geocentric theory in this world. That’s cool. It’s a different dimension I guess. There’s a chance that everything here does actually orbit the Earth.

And when a Star Offering is lost… The Impurities amassed by the citizens of that constellation cannot be absorbed. The Impurities would spill forth from the labyrinths to attack our world. When that happens, the world will be thrown into utter chaos. But that will not happen, for each time a Star Offering loses its powers… a God’s Gift appears in this world to save us. That sums up the machinations of the Star Offerings.

So every ten years there’s a group of people worldwide who wake up and read their horoscope to find that their sex life (and those of their lovers) is officially on hold until Star God can summon a God’s Gift and sort shit out? That’s gotta suck. Although I guess each astral sign only experiences it once every 110 years or so. Granted things are a little different this time.

Asking about God’s Gift is the other question for Narc, but he just repeats stuff we already know. Star God sneaks into Sora (Earth) every ten years and swipes somebody to act as God’s Gift. God’s Gift has to cleanse the Impurities in the labyrinth and swap in a fresh battery. Then the Gate of Light opens back up and the God’s Gift gets to go back home. Then he talks about Itsuki being the only hope for the world and all that JRPG protagonist nonsense.

Alright, that’s all for now. This went a bit longer than I thought it would, so we'll have to meet the Maidens that we'll be putting up with for the next 20-30 updates in Update II.