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by Psycho Knight

Part 5: Aries, Taurus, and Gemini

Bonding Update I: Aries, Taurus, and Gemini

Alright, so before we can go building our roster of little monster hunters, we need to build our relationships with the Star Maidens. We’ll also be looking to narrow the field and bench a couple of the ladies, at least until we find out for sure how much main story we’re working with in between chapters.

For the next few updates, we’ll take a look at the Introduction scene, the first Classmating scene, and the first real (unique) bonding event for each Star Maiden.

I’ll be going in the order pictured here, in the database. I had originally organized these in the order that their astrological signs go in from January to December, but the launcher (which I learned can apparently only be launched from the Steam Library, not the desktop or game file folder) and OBS decided that working together wasn’t something that either of them cared to do. I got back from an hour and a half of recording to find a video which immediately froze when I went into full screen. Turns out I have to set the launcher to Borderless (which looks identical to Fullscreen) in order for OBS to record it properly.

Ugh, anyway, it was this whole thing. Point is, I had to go back and re-record all of these from the database which kind of irked me, so I just went from top to bottom to get through it as quickly as possible. I also don’t want to skip around the recording so we’re starting with Arie and ending with Yuzuha. Deal with it.

Huh, so there is a regular Church here as well? I guess it makes sense. The Church of Classmating doesn’t seem particularly suited to actual worship.

*The screen fades to black for a split second*

Whoa… what’s happening?... Kind of… dizzy…

*The screen fades again, quicker this time*

Wh-What’s going on? I… I’m freaking… out…

*And our novice hero quickly drops like a rock as the screen goes to black*

Where…? What happened…?

You collapsed in front of the church.

Oh… right. I got really dizzy for some reason…

It must have been from the heat. You have a slight fever. Please don’t overwork yourself.

Sorry… I think all of this God’s Gift and world saving stuff just caught up to me all at once. Maybe I should have taken more time to let it all sink in…

Here, please just relax. It’s best to rest when you’re ill. Why did you come to the church anyway?

Oh, right. I wanted to see you.

Thank you for coming here to see me. Haha. You’re quite different from how I thought you’d be, Itsuki. Until I saw you at the church, I thought you’d be more stout.

Yeah, sorry about that. I’m probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think “God’s Gift.”

No. I was worried you’d be a scary person. I’m happy you seem to be kind.

Oh, that’s what you meant. That’s kind of a relief, then.

I’ve introduced myself prior, but allow me to do so again: My name is Arie, and I serve the church.

You said that before. What do you mean by it, though?

I deal with churchgoers, and sometimes I teach classes for the children. Um, how about you? Did I meet your expectations?

Uh… well…

(What the hell do I say? Think, Itsuki, think… Damn, this feels so different than talking with Mahiru. We just say whatever stupid things we want to each other… Oh shit, is this what talking to girls is actually like?!)

...Y-You’re really beautiful.

Haha… But thank you for the compliment.

(Wow, I didn’t think that would work.)

A-Anyway, thanks for looking after me. Sorry I just dropped in front of the church like that.

Not at all. This is by the hand of the Star God. I only became a Star Maiden recently, so there are many things I don’t know. But this is my duty given to me by the Star God. I’ll do my best to fulfill it. I pray that you also feel the same.

Don’t worry. I’m still kind of nervous, but I plan on giving this my all.

Speaking of those duties, it’s time to get used to Classmating. Every Star Maiden gets a scene like this when you go to try and Classmate with them. There are a few more of these as the intimacy gauge rises that shows both the Maiden and Itsuki getting less and less weirded out by the whole Classmating thing, so this won’t be the last time we have one of these.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Okay, let’s give this a shot, Arie.

Do you not want to?

It’s not that I don’t… It’s rather… embarrassing.

Well, I can understand that. I won’t force you, you know. If you want to try some other time instead—

Itsuki, why do you want to Classmate with me?

It’s for the sake of the world, right?

For this world… I see. As God’s Gift, your actions will change the fate of this world.

I-I didn’t mean it like that! I just…

I will prepare myself, Itsuki.

Well, whatever works I guess. As long as you’re sure, then let’s try making one of those Star Children.

…Yes. But… may I ask one thing?

Oh, sure. What is it?

This… is my first time doing something like this… So, um… please… be gentle…

Of course! I totally know how to do that… I just have to… uhhhh…

*And then Classmating happened. Whatever the hell that entails. According to Reone, it’s not sex. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. Pillow fight, maybe?*

Huff… Huff… Phew…

A-Are you, doing okay?

(I don’t think that will ever not be weird…)

Y-Yes… I’m fine.

Okay. Your face is really red, so I just wanted to make sure.

Th-That’s not true. I’m only a little dazed. It was my first time doing the ritual. I didn’t know it was like that.

Like what? Does it feel different for Star Maidens?


Um, Itsuki. May I return for today?

Huh? Oh, sure. I think this went really well. Thanks.

I’m glad. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

*And Arie books it*

What the hell am I missing about this Classmating thing? I know the build up is really embarrassing, but it’s a relief when it’s done… right?

Certainly a mystery for the ages. It makes a lot more sense if we go by the anime adaption’s depiction of Classmating, but the anime is also playing things up because they want to cash in on the Highschool DxD market. The vague nature of this whole thing makes it really hard to write Itsuki for me, because how embarrassed or shy official Itsuki gets varies wildly in the bonding events. But then he is usually very well composed in Classmating scenes. He maintains a “this is just a job, let’s get it done” attitude in when Classmating, but we’ll see later that some of the Star Maidens can make him fairly uncomfortable just by leaning in a little close.

I’m getting too many mixed signals here, game. It’s an M rated game and your anime adaption just throws all subtlety to the wind, so stop gaslighting me. It would really make my writing job easier.

Anyway, some indeterminate time later…

♪Hmm hmm hmm.♪ Mmm.♪ Oh? Hello, Itsuki. Did you need something from the church?

Hey, Arie. No, I was just passing by. You seem to be having fun with your cleaning.

Did it appear that way? Though, I do like to clean… This is part of my training, so I must take it seriously.

You train by cleaning?

Yes. Cleaning is the best sort of training to cleanse your mind and body. My days at the church always start with cleaning.

Wait, you do this every day? That’s pretty impressive. I definitely couldn’t do that.

It’s nothing special. This is like a habit for me.

Wish I had that habit. Then again, I’m a friendless and loveless loser, so who the hell am I trying to impress? As long as there’s nothing biohazardous then I’m okay with mess.

Itsuki, how about you try it? You’ll get used to it immediately. Serving the church together with the sunrise feels really good.

I don’t know. It sounds like a pretty tough thing to keep up, especially every single day.

I’ll be honest, I’m lost with this next transition. I’m just going to let Official Itsuki speak for himself.

The heart of serving… That sounds like a difficult concept to grasp.

I have a feeling that something was lost in translation here. Arie just basically said “helping others can motivate you.” She didn’t use any flowery language. Itsuki just busting out “The heart of serving” sounds really strange.

It’s not difficult. It just means you are accomplishing things for others.

Again, very straightforward.

I do so for the Star God. And I serve the people who believe in Him. Itsuki, you go into the labyrinths almost daily. Do you not do so because it is for the sake of someone else?

Hmm… I guess it’s for the sake of people like you.

Yeah. I don’t want the people of this world being overrun by monsters.

Oh… that’s what you meant. I was surprised to hear you say such a thing. Itsuki, you are a wonderful person.

Well, let’s get go overboard.

Could I get like a pamphlet or something for this place? The clergy seem miles better than in Earth religions. Then again, Star God seems like kind of a dick in this world.

No, it’s fine. I think you’ve given me some better perspective on the “heart of serving” stuff.

Really? That makes me happy. To understand the heart of service is the first step to serving the church.

That’s great, but I don’t think I’m ready to go joining a church.

I appreciate that she’s not pushy about it. Church people are almost never like “Okay, well if you change your mind then just let me know.” They’re more like “I see, well how much brow beating will it take for you to give in and just agree?”

Organized religion, man. No concept of “leave me alone.” Anyway, let’s get to know Tarua next. That last conversation was confusing and slightly incoherent. Hopefully Tarua will be more straightforward.

~Star God Academy Field~

They told me Tarua was around here, but I don’t see her.

Outta the waaay!

Wait, what?! Whoa!

*Tarua comes flying at Itsuki like a bat out of hell and rams into him. So I guess more like a bull out of hell since she’s the Taurus star Maiden. Dammit, why couldn’t she be Aries so I could make ramming pun?*

Augh augh… I hit my head… I can’t really pump the brakes when I stop running… Owie… Oh no! The letters! I dropped all the letters! I have to pick ‘em all up!

Ugh… well at least the letters didn’t get shredded… I think you broke a rib… What about you? Are you okay?

Augh? I’m totally fine! I always bump into stuff!

(Maybe I should go see Reone after this…)

They tell me to be careful not to run into stuff, but that doesn’t matter!

Actually, I think you should listen to those people more. You’re going to hurt yourself eventually.

Thanks for worrying about me! Huh? Hey, now that I got a better look, you’re Itsuki. What are you doing here? Are ya bored?

No, I was just trying to find you so I could say hi.

To me? Why? We already said hi the other time.

That’s what I said! But Mana told me that God’s Gift has to have good manners and all that stuff. I have to Classmate with all of you, after all. So I guess she technically has a point.

Oh, I guess so. You really like following the rules, don’t you, Itsuki. Then I’ll be like you and say hi to you again! I’m Tarua! Nice to meet ya!

You mentioned that before. You run a postal service or something?

Itsuki, if you ever want a letter delivered, just catch me.

I’ll keep that in mind, although I’m not really sure who I would send letters to in this world. By the way, didn’t you drop a bunch of letters?

Augh?! That’s right! I dropped the letters when I bumped into you! Augh augh! The boss will yell at me!

Your boss? So you don’t just handle it yourself?

Yeah. I live at the post office where the boss is. He’s real strict, but my goal is to be a great mailman like him!

…I see. Probably want to aim a little higher than that, but everyone needs a goal in life I guess.

Boss always says to finish the job I started.

*Tarua takes a second to go and grab all the scattered letters*

All right, finished gathering it all. I’ll be going now!

Right, take care then. Try not to destroy anyone else’s chest cavity.

Augh! See ya! All right! I gotta make up for lost time!

Going to have to be careful around her. God, my chest still hurts… Feels like I got hit by a brick…

So we’ve established that Tarua likes to run around and has a total disregard for bystanders. Also her name is Tarua and she’s the Taurus Star Maiden. Way to be creative Spike Chunsoft.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Okay Tarua, it’s time to try the Classmating ritual.

Augh… So it’s finally here… I guess we’d have to do it eventually. I am a Star Maiden after all…

Wait, no. It’s not like we’re fighting, right?

No. No we are not. Please don’t charge at me like you did yesterday.

Y-Yeah… I guess I’m just nervous… But I don’t really hate it, you know? Helping you is my job. Augh augh. Now I’m even more nervous…

Well, hey, I’m nervous too. It’s okay.

Augh augh augh! Itsuki, if you’re like that, then I’ll get worried too.

Right, sorry. I’m still kind of bad at this. Listen, it’s perfectly fine. I’ve done this before… twice, nothing bad happens.

But… Augh…

What the hell is that noise? Is this like Ellie’s “Aheheh” thing?

No, I shouldn’t think about it. Okay! I’ll keep my mind blank! Itsuki, I’ll do my best! So pat me on the head when we’re done.

I guess I can do that, if it’ll help calm you down.

Really? Hooray! I’ll do my best!

Good to hear. Now, let’s try and make some Star Children.

Augh! We’ll make tons!

Okay, let’s not get too eager.

Augh… But I wonder if it’ll be okay… Augh augh! Stop stop stop! I shouldn’t get in my head! I have to keep focus here! Okay! Bring it on!

Could you maybe not say it like that? Please?

*Classmating again! Yay!*

Augh… Augh augh… Ooh…

*And then Tarua promptly eats floor*

Hey! What’s wrong?! …Did she faint? Ouch. At least when I did it I had grass to cushion the fall. Note to self: Be ready to catch the Star Maidens after the ritual.

*Some time later*

Yeah, it’s done. You did well.

But I passed out, so I don’t know that.

Okay, that part wasn’t so great, but everything else was good.

Did I do my job as a Star Maiden well?

I think so. The Star Child looks pretty tough. I think that’s thanks to you.

Th-Thanks to me? Hehe… That’s great. It was pretty easy with you. Thanks. Well… Mm…

Why are you leaning in like that…? …Ohhhh, yeah, you wanted a pat on the head.

Yeah. You promised me.

It’s kind of embarrassing, but I guess I did kind of agree to it. Well, here goes.


Uhh, you okay?

Augh? Did I say something?

You kind of made this little noise.


Oof… Mm… Oof… Augh augh… I’m melting…

(Getting really uncomfortable here…)

I feel weird. It never feels this good when other people pat me… Itsuki… You’re what people call… an expert!

Japan, what is with this head patting thing?

You’re making it too weird. Stopping now.

Augh! Thanks, Itsuki! It felt really good! I’m glad the ritual turned out fine. Now we can do it all the time! Let’s do it again later, Itsuki!

…Sure. I…I will definitely keep you in mind.

Okay! Well, um… If we do Classmate right, will you pat me on the head again?

Uhhh… Of course. In the event that we do Classmating again and it goes well, I will look into giving you more pats on the head.

Augh! Hooray! I’m going back to work now! See ya later, Itsuki!

*And Tarua trots off*

I hope that was enough conditions to give me an out.

One more Tarua event to go. Some time later…

~Star God Academy Field~

Augh! Hi, Itsuki!

Hey, Tarua. Out delivering letters again, huh?

Yup! Been running around since morning till my bag was empty!

It takes you the entire day?

Boss can finish even faster. I’m pretty slow with deliveries, so that’s why I get a head start.

Hold on. You run around at breakneck speed all the time. How does it… Oh, wait. I guess you must carry more letters than him.

That’s not true. I always split them down the middle with Boss. But I always take twice as long as Boss to deliver everything. I run too fast and go right past the delivery address… Looks like I still need more training. Augh… What can I do to deliver letters more efficiently?

Have you considered maybe not running so fast?

If only it were that easy…

…It is. It is that easy.

I’m always running full force.

It makes me wanna deliver those letters as fast as possible.

That’s an… interesting way of looking at it.

Well, Boss taught me all that. I’ve been watching Boss work ever since I was small. He’s been a big influence.

So he’s like your dad or something?

Augh… More like a foster parent. He adopted me when I was small.

Zeus and Europa? Mythology reference! Up top!

I guess he is my dad then…

Oh, right. Orphan stuff. Proceed.

Augh? Maybe my grandpa? He’s pretty old. But he gets so mad when I call him that. He really is an old dude though.

Sounds like you really love each other, in your own ways.

Augh… When you put it that way, it’s kinda embarrassing. But Boss gets so mad when I swipe food before dinner. He’s stubborn too.

Aww. He’s a big angry alcoholic sweetheart.

Augh… If he heard this, it’d just go to his head, so let’s stop it here! Augh, look at the time! I better get back to my deliveries!

Didn’t you say your bag was empty? You still have more to do?

I only finished half! I have my afternoon deliveries to do next! Augh augh! I used up too much time talking to you!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to hold you up like this.

No, it’s okay, really. I like talking with you.

Augh! See ya later!

*And Tarua takes off*

Man. Starting to feel kind of bad. I thought the Maidens just kind of chilled out at the Palace or something while I was in the Labyrinths, but so far they’ve all been making me look like a lazy asshole. I need to put more effort into this hero stuff…

You’ll get there Itsuki. Once we get you outfitted with a full team then you’ll be in for some intensive training. Now that I know the enemies have a little bite to them, I’ll be playing this like an actual RPG.

But before that, we still have ten more Maidens to get through. On to Lillith!

Am I in the right… Nevermind. There you are, Lillith.

Oh my. Hello there. Um… You are… Maud’s Gift or something?

God’s Gift, actually. What even is a Maud?

Oh, that’s right. I made a mistake. Hehehe~ What brings you here today?

I’m trying to check in with all of the Star Maidens. I need to greet everyone personally, or something like that. Anyway, is this where you do your fortune telling thing?

That’s right. Do you like having your fortune told, Itsuki?

I’ve heard some. I wouldn’t say I’m a fanatic about it or anything.

Oh, I see.

I’d prefer to know how the hell you use your hair like a cloak. How is it staying in a solid unbroken sheet like that?

Got it. I’ll pass for now, though. I wanted to learn a little more about you… um, both of you I mean. I think?

I understand. Please, wait a moment. Um… “Itsuki is here to see you.”

What’s that for?

A memo for Lillie.

Let me go make some tea.

3, 2, 1, aaannd-


*There’s the sound of glass breaking and the screen shakes a bit*

Hey, Lillith? You okay back there?

Ow… I hit my head…

And you are… Lillie? Right?

Hey, you bastard! Don’t go looking at me with those pervert eyes. What are you doing here anyway?

Since when am I a pervert? I mean, an open one. Don’t pin Mana’s crap on me.

*Lillie finally notices the memo*

Hm? Oh, there’s a memo. Let’s see… “Itsuki is here to see you”? Oh, so that’s why. You came to make a move on Lillith, huh?

Why do people keep thinking that about me?

Kekeke! You get to be lewd with 12 girls, don’tcha?

Oh god, please. Don’t tell me she’s another Mana. One is enough.

You sure got the long end of the sick, you perv!

Right. How about we just move on from that. Now that you’re here, it’s a good time for us to talk about… you know.

What? You didn’t hear from her already? About our split personalities. Bah, such a pain in the ass! Fine… I guess I’ll tell you. There are two people inside us. One is Lillith, who you met, and the other is me. When we bonk our heads, our personalities flip.

If you see these spooky blue hearts pop up during choices, it means you made the “bad” choice. Pink hearts indicate the “Best” choice, and nothing means the choice was neutral. I chose this one mainly because it’s funny.

Every time you hit your head? Are you… all right?

What? You making fun of me?

No. But Mana hit you before, so I figured maybe it was a regular thing.

I don’t get my head beat year round, if that’s what you’re getting at. Mana’s the only idiot who’d dare hit my head all the time. It’s not just physical, any sort of shock to our brain can flip us.

Weird. Sounds like a tough spot to be in.

It’s nothing once you get used to it. Anyway, nice to meet you and all that. Here, shake my hand.

Oh, sure. Nice to meet you—

*There’s a squishy noise*

What the hell is…

Kekekeke! I got you, you idiot!

Is this gum?

It’s garlic gum! I picked the one that stank the most!

Come on now! Better hurry and wash it off! Kekekeke! See ya later, Itsuki! Hope we get along!

*And Lillie takes off*

It’s just garlic. Besides, that means she’s got it on her too. Ugh… either way, I can tell she’s going to be a pain to deal with.

Personally, I propose carrying a whiffle bat or something with you when you go to see her. Whiffle bat always makes me laugh.

Time for Classmating, Lillith.

Oh sure… Hmm… What should I do…? Now that it’s time to actually do it, I’m getting embarrassed. Are you fine with this, Itsuki?

Eh, not exactly. I’m getting used to it, but I can still get embarrassed. My gut is actually in knots just thinking about having to do this with Re—You know what, not important.

Oh, I see. That’s a relief. I was worried I would be the only one to be so embarrassed.

Listen, if it’s too much then we can always try another time. Just throwing that out there.

No, I will make it through with my willpower. Hip-hip-hooray!

…Whatever works I guess. Let’s go.

Yes. I’ll do my best!

*And then Classmating happened*

*sigh*… That was wonderful. It actually wasn’t all that bad.

Did you not know how it works?

I did, but my imagination still ran wild. It’s a bad habit of mine. I can’t help but think of so many different situations.

Yeah, that sounds like an active imagination to me.

That’s right. I’m always daydreaming, so I often think about these things. This one time, I thought about how cats evolve to be just the cutest. By the time I realized, a day had already passed.

And did you get anything from that?

In the end, I think they’re cute just the way they are.


But, to be honest, it wasn’t too difficult… It was just enough for me. If it weren’t, I’d just get Lillie to do it in my place.

Did I miss something here? What wasn’t too difficult?

Speaking of her, is she asleep or whatever?

Yes. We aren’t aware of each other’s actions when one is awake. That’s why we write down memos for each other to keep ourselves informed. But in the moment we switch, we can feel each other’s emotions.

But we can’t figure out exactly what the other is thinking at the time.

There are so many ways that could go horribly awry.

I think I understand. Sort of. As much as I can understand magical personality changes.

Wait, what time is it now? Oh… Looks like class is about to start. If I’m late again I’ll surely be scolded… I must go now. Farewell.

Her planet needs her. After some class time, Itsuki rolls back in to her fortune telling studio to check on the Wonder Twins again.

~Fortune-Teller Manor~

Lillith? Are you in—Oops.

Oh my. Please wait a moment, Itsuki. I have a guest over right now.

Sorry, don’t mind me.

Now then… Hmm…

[Female Student A]: What? Really? Isn’t that great, Tak?

[Male Student A]: Yeah, Mitchie. But I already know that even without getting our fortunes told.

[Female Student A]: Oh? Really?! You make me so happy, Tak!

Sorry to keep you waiting, Itsuki.

Don’t worry about it. Sorry for interfering with your work.

Not at all. I was thinking of taking a break anyway. I’ve been telling fortunes since early this morning, so I’m pretty tired.

You must be really popular. Are your readings super accurate or something?

It’s a bit embarrassing to say myself… But my customers do say I get things right all the time.

That’s because they’re asking stupid shit like “Are me and my girlfriend in loooove?” Also, you’re giving bullshit “psychic” answers that are vague enough to be correct regardless of what happens.

Many of the students come by and ask for readings on love.

[Female Student A]: Everyone says how accurate her readings are. Right, Tak?

[Male Student A]: Oh, Mitchie. Everyone is talking about the genius fortune-teller!

(Huh, maybe I should have gotten her to tell my fortune. Then again, maybe that’s not such a good idea considering the monster fighting I have to do…)

Aww… Now my face is on fire… I’m going to go wash my face.

Hey, Lillith! Watch out for—

Huh? Ahhh!

*And Lillith promptly eats floor*

This probably isn’t a good thing…

Ugh… Damn, that hurt. Did I step on the crystal ball? Clean that crap up, geez…

[Female Student A]: Huh? L-Lillith?

What? Who’s asking?

The customers.

[Female Student A]: Oh, you already did earlier…

You guys might want to leave now. Before the good times end.

What are you talking about? My fortunes are much better. Just you watch. Here goes…

(This is going to be a disaster.)

Mmmm… And the results are in! Ah… That dude is cheating on you.

[Male Student A]: D-Don’t be stupid! Wh-Why would you say that?!

[Female Student A]: Why are you panicking? Don’t tell me you really are cheating on me!

He’s panicking because your relationship is as weak as a wet napkin and he knows that you’re about to completely tear his head off regardless of what he says. Ah, young love.

Oh, I see who the girl is…

[Female Student A]: It’s Mie! It has to be her! That fits her description!

That sneaky average height/average build tramp!

[Female Student A]: You’re cheating on me… I don’t believe you, Tak! We’re through!

[Male Student A]: Wait, Mitchie! You got it all wrong!

Kekekekeke. They’re so friggin’ dumb… They really fell for that lie.

You feel like telling me why the fuck you lied to them like that?

What? Because it’s fun, that’s why.

For fun?! You destroyed that couple because it’s fun?!

Yeah, it is. Got a problem with that? You better not try to lecture me.

You and everyone both sides of you know will die a horrible death without Itsuki. Your continued existence depends on him. Why is that such a difficult concept for people to grasp in this series? If Jesus Christ came to Earth and God burst out of the clouds to go “Listen, I sent him here to save everyone. It’ll be fine.” Would there be people going “So you’re The Messiah? Pfff, big deal. Don’t go getting all high and mighty.”

Nobody tells me what to do. Kekekeke…

[Male Student B]: Excuse me. I heard the fortune-teller here is really good, so…

Run! For the love of god—

You’ll have bad luck! It’s written all over your face!

[Male Student B]: Wh-What?! You can tell just by looking at my face?!

I can totally tell! You’ll either have bed bugs, get sick, or die in the next three days!

Would you shut your damn mouth you—

Shut up! Don’t tell me what to do!

[Male Student B]: Y-You’re lying… That can’t be true! Noooo!

*Male Student B B-B-Books it*

He’s running away… Hey, come back here!

Where do you think you’re going?

Keep this in mind for future reference. We learn something about Itsuki in one of these opening bond events that relates to this and I think the game completely forgets about it during bond events like this one.

I’m gonna go bully him until he cries! Kekekeke!

*And then Lillie books it*

…She needs to be taught a lesson. How the hell does Lillith live with that inside of her?

Even though this is blind, I’m keeping commentary to a relative minimum because the thread will be the ultimate arbiters of our path in this game. But I’m gonna be frank with all of you here…

Move over Mana, PK has a new most hated character!

Next time on “The Bachelor: Granvanian Destinies”:

Goddammit, Conception Plus! It’s not a freaking contest!