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Part 6: Cancer, Leo, and Virgo

Bonding Update II: Cancer, Leo, and Virgo

Alright, let’s keep the pain train rolling. The last batch of Star Maidens delivered… mixed results. Turns out Lillie is kind of an asshole and Tarua has an unsettling love of having her head patted, which leads to really uncomfortable Classmating scenes becoming even worse because she looks like, you know, a kid.

Anyway, this update we’ll be taking a look at Ruka, Femiruna, and Mahiru. Results may be equally disappointing, depending on your opinion on three major character archetypes.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Oh, it’s… umm, Ruka, right? The one that said not to remember her name?

If you’re here to deepen our so-called bond, it’s not necessary for me. I can tell the type of person you are instantly.

Okay… how exactly do you do that by just looking at me?

You haven’t heard? I am a “Tsukuyomi.”

You mean that stupid edgelord bullshit from Naruto? Or do you mean the moon god?

Should I know why that’s important?

I suppose a God’s Gift wouldn’t know that.

Question: Why does she know that word? We are in a completely different world. I can let the Miko outfit slide, sort of, because fashion is weird.

Fine. I’ll explain from the beginning. You won’t suggest something as idiotic as deepening a bond with me after this.

And I’m one of them.

So you can read minds.

That’s what I just said. My kind may be rare, but we exist. Now stop talking to me. It’s all meaningless.

I don’t think talking is meaningless. It’s how people get to know each other.

I heard you were God’s Gift and wondered what type of person you were… But you’re no different from the others. Anyway, now you understand. If you don’t want me reading your mind, then don’t come near me. Got it?

Near you? Is that how it works? Is there like a certain distance I need to be in order for you to do the mind reading thing?

You’re full of questions, aren’t you?

Uh, yes. You said you can read minds. It sounds cool, so I want to know how it works.

I can tell right away by touching your forehead. That’s why you should stay out of arm’s reach. No one wants their mind read.

Fair point, I suppose. Not going to lie, though. I still want you to try it.

You don’t care about your mind being read? What are you, a saint?

Probably closer to the opposite, actually.

You’re so shady… I sympathize with your circumstances, but I have my own things to deal with. Are you done with the questions? If you have anymore, just spit them out.

Fine. I was just curious is all. Anyway, if you can only read minds by touching people’s foreheads, then why don’t you just try not doing that and having a regular conversation?

I can’t do that. As a Tsukuyomi, I can tell when the other person is lying. That can be detected without touching and merely through speech.

Are you making this shit up as you go?

So when you talk to me, you can only tell the truth. Do you know how draining that can be? I’m extremely unfit to be a Star Maiden.

I mean, I could just speak honestly. We’re talking right now without any problems.

Problems will arise eventually. And people will get sick of me and move away.

Hm? What did you just mumble?

N-Nothing… Anyway, I’ve warned you that I’m a Tsukuyomi. If you don’t mind getting your mind read, then I’ll do my job as a Star Maiden. Though I doubt our relationship will be healthy if I know your deepest thoughts.

Well, you don’t know that until you try. Right?

Guh… Why are you so prepared to do this?

Because if I’m not then we all die?

If you insist, then do what you want. I have something else to do, so I’m going.

Mind telling me what that something is?

I have to do my laundry. Why should I have to tell you that?

I’m trying to learn stuff about you. That’s how this bonding thing is supposed to work. I think.

Ugh… Hmph. It won’t be long until you can’t say that anymore. Just you watch. Goodbye.

Okay, Ruka seems to be permanently stuck in her angsty teenager phase. Doesn’t seem like it’s all that hard to get her to open up though. We didn’t get a demonstration of her supposed mind reading ability, but we’ve got a way to make her show us. Classmating time!

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Ready to try Classmating?

A-Are you insane?! I told you before, didn’t I? I’m a Tsukuyomi that can ready minds just by touch alone.

Think you can handle that?

Don’t have a choice. Classmating is part of the bond deepening thing, so we need to do it if we’re going to make stronger Star Children. I have to give this everything I’ve got.

Uh-huh… I guess you’re not lying… I can tell if you were even without touching you. Did I tell you that before?

Yeah, you were pretty clear about it. I’ll just have to not lie to you.

O-Oh… E-Even if you don’t lie, who knows what you’re thinking. So I’ll go ahead and read your mind right now. I-I mean… doing the ritual will let me see a bunch of stuff in your head…

User AnAnonymousIdiot put forth the idea that Classmating actually involves mind melding or something to that effect. This seems to support that idea a little. It would explain why the Maidens get really shy/embarrassed afterward, since that has to be a super personal experience and also trippy as hell.

If you think of anything lewd, I’ll never do the ritual with you again. Are you okay with that stipulation?

Sure. I have way too much on my mind at the moment to be thinking things like that. Read as much as you want.

You’re a brave one. I admit you’ve got guts. But all men are disgusting. I’m sure you’re thinking of something lewd right now at this moment.

I’m personally thinking about what a garbage fire my term papers were and what kind of terrible grades I’ll probably get which will in turn stress me out about my final exams even more so than normal.

Hurry up and move your forehead closer. It’s the quickest way to read your mind.

Like this?

Hurry up. Your bangs are in the way. They’ll reduce the accuracy of my Tsukuyomi powers.

You are putting an awful lot of conditions on this power of yours, Ruka. It has the unmistakeable aroma of someone that is making shit up.

Okay, okay. There. Go for it.

Hm? You have a pretty wide forehead.

Are you mind reading or fortune telling? Because I already know someone that can tell fortunes.

Yeah, yeah, keep talking. I’ll rip off that façade of yours. Here goes. Remember that I got your permission to do this.

Come on already. I want to know how this works.

… … …Huh?

What’s wrong? I’m pretty sure I’m not thinking about anything weird right now.


You did something, didn’t you?

What kind of thing could I possibly do?

I-I don’t know. But really… what’s going on here? I don’t sense any sort of barrier. It’s like I’m touching air… Could it be… that your head is empty?

Uh, no. Listen, I may not be an honor student like Mahiru, but I’m not an idiot.

There’s no other explanation. Tsukuyomi react to the other person’s Star Energy to read their minds. Everyone in Granvania has some amount of Star Energy in them. That’s why there isn’t anyone in this world whose mind I can’t read.

Granvania? You mean that world that I’m not from?

Oh… R-Right… A God’s Gift’s Star Energy is different from those of this world. So that’s why I only sensed a power that felt like air. Hm… I guess that does make sense.

You could try it on Mahiru if you wanted to make sure. She’s from the same place I am.

You’re right. It feels weird for me, so I’ll test it out when I get the chance. If that’s the case… maybe I just can’t read the minds of God’s Gifts… Ugh… So then, you want me to do the ritual without being able to know what you’re thinking? What sort of punishment is this?!

What’s the problem? Do you just not want to do it?

I-It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s to save the world. I understand that as a Star Maiden. I was just caught off guard because I thought I’d be able to read your mind…

Ah, so you got freaked out about it.

Wh-Wh-What are you saying? H-Hmph… Let’s just get this over with. I was just a bit shaken up earlier. I-I’ll do it! So hurry up and get ready!

I am ready. I’ve been ready this entire time.

H-Hmph. The ritual is just that: a ritual. I don’t need to read your mind…

*Classmating happens, fucking FINALLY*

Huff… Huff… Was that it?

Yeah, that’s it. I think I’m starting to figure out how to work this. What about you? Are you feeling okay?

You don’t need to worry about me. I’ll tell you right now: Don’t let it get to your head. I think nothing of doing this ritual with you.

Sure thing. Even still, thanks for trying.

I-I’m going home! Jerk!

*And Ruka takes her leave*

I do not understand that girl.

She’s a Tsundere, it’s what they do. Moving on, let’s finish up with Ruka so I can grit my teeth in preparation for Femiruna.

~Star God Academy Field~

*sigh* …Nobody here either. This bond deepening thing is kind of difficult when I can’t actually find any of the Star Maidens. Where’s Ma—… No, wait. I’m not that desperate. Not yet.

*Small child out of nowhere! And no, it isn’t Tarua this time*

[Barefoot Girl]: Ow!

Oh, sorry. I’m kind of spacing out a bit. You okay?

Oh for… goddammit, give me a minute. Stupid database not including NPC portraits… making me clip them out of backgrounds.

Why are you running around without any shoes on? You’re going to hurt your feet like that. Here, I’ll carry you. Come on.

Oh… Is that okay?

There, good enough. I swear to god, you better show up in more than just this one scene.

I don’t mind. I’m trying to be more like the kind of guy that could reasonably live up to his title.

Okay… Then maybe I’ll ask you to do that.

Oh, here it is. Thanks for taking me home.

An orphanage, huh?...

Oh, Ruka…

Wait, Ruka’s here?

Hey, what happened to you? Why are you barefoot?

Um… I took off my shoes to go play, and some crows stole them…

You’re lying again… Why do you lie so much when you know I can see right through it.

Kids are stupid, Ruka.

I-I’m gonna go do my homework… Thanks, mister.

*Barefoot girl books it*

*sigh*… Why is she always like this… Well? What are you doing here?

She ran into me while I was at the Academy. I carried her home when I saw that she was running around barefoot. Is she your friend?

As you saw, it can be a bit awkward, but I make do.

You live here too?

Hmph. What about it?

Nothing. Anyway, maybe you should talk it out with her. There must be some reason why she lied like that.

Th-That’s got nothing to do with you. I don’t need your opinion on the matter. We have our own circumstances here… Anyway, it’s a bigger problem that you found out where my home is. Don’t bring any other God’s Gifts and Impurities or whatever into this place. Most of the kids here are nervous enough already.

So stay away, basically. I can respect that. What should I do if I need you for something, though?

That will never happen. But if you do have to come here, call yourself something different. Something different enough that the kids here won’t see through you.

So your friend, then?

Well, that sounds most convincing. It’s hardly a lie either.

Really? That means we’re making progress on the bonding thing. We’re already friends.

Th-That’s hardly a lie… You’re… barely a friend. If I had to rank you, you’d be on the bottom, you hear?

Well, I guess it’s a start.

You can just leave it at that. It’s never going to happen anyway. Now, are we done here? I have to go back and make dinner. I’m very busy.

You cook everything yourself?

Who else would? I’m the only adult here who helps out.

You count as an adult here?

Sh-Shut up. I’m at the age where I should have left the orphanage already. But I’ve been here since I was five. I work here because I still feel I need to.

I see, so a similar situation to mine. My parents died years ago and I’ve been living with Mahiru’s family ever since.

I see… I guess you went through a bunch of stuff too.

Orphan bonding! Yay!

I thought you were more shallow. I thought I could see right through you after reading your mind a few times.

Once again, this next part is weirdly translated. Take it away, official translation!

You’re really going all out on me…

That’s how most people whose minds I read are.

Maybe it’s because I’m really worn out at the moment, but… what?

It’s people like that who get mad when I read their minds. Anyway, we’re done chitchatting here. It’s time for you to go home.

Oh, sure. I won’t keep you any longer. This was fun though.

Huh? Fun? Which part could be considered that? I don’t think we talked about anything except stupid and mundane stuff.

We got to know each other better. We also bonded over our mutual lacking of parents. I guess that’s more of a dark humor, but still.

I guess.

You are just such an unrelenting bummer.

Hmph… We sure talked a bunch. I think it’s been a while since I talked to anyone for this long. I can tell when people lie, so they all avoid talking to me. It would make everything so tiresome.

Have you ever considered maybe getting a pen pal or something?

Then I’m the perfect chatting buddy. You can’t do that stuff to me since I’m a God’s Gift.

I-I don’t need a chatting buddy… I really need to go and prepare dinner, or I’ll be late.

Right. I’ll see you again at the Academy then.

A-Again…? *sigh*… Whatever. Just don’t come here anymore.

And that’s it for Ruka’s intro. Fascinating stuff. Twenty bucks says that her “mind reading” thing is just something she made up to try and push people away.

I’m going to have quite a bit of money riding on various bets by the time we’re done with these intro events.

Anyway, next up is Femiruna.

~Granvania Shopping Center~

Femiruna’s house should be up ahead somewhere. At least she seems like the talkative type, unlike Ruka. Should be a little easier to get to know her.

Wait, is that her voice?

I am not in the mood for blue. Do you not even know my color preferences? Before I consider you a useless servant, go and buy another one!

No. No, no, no. Don’t do this to me, game.


…Oh? Itsuki. Good day.

Are you having trouble with something?

Something is quite wrong. I am the unluckiest person in the world.

Servant? Are you super rich lady or something?

A super rich lady…? I am surprised to hear of someone in Granvania who does not know who I am. Oh, come to think of it… you are not from this nation, correct?

That is the case, yes.

Wait, wait. Hold on a minute. Is Granvania a country or the name of the world? You keep using those two interchangeably, game. Are they both named Granvania?

Very well. In that case, I shall educate you. My father is the richest man in all of Granvania. As his daughter, of course I would have servants.

Oh, okay. That’s cool, I guess. That’s basically what rich people in my world have.

So, what do you want with me?

We have to do the Classmating ritual at some point, but I’ve been told that I need to greet you properly.

So you are making your rounds to speak with the Star Maidens? How admirable. I thought you would be much more full of yourself being surrounded by them all.

I wish people would stop saying that about me…

Let me be blunt with you. My social standing is exactly as I just described.

You must be honored to have the chance to do the Classmating ritual with me.

I was about to comment that Femiruna should be the one honored to Classmate with Itsuki, since he’s God’s Gift and is the one regular person on this planet capable of battling the weird sex monsters… monsters made when people have sex… you know what I mean. Anyway, I was about to comment on that, but this supposedly happens every 10 years and all the God’s Gifts apparently decide to return home after saving the world, so I guess their social standing wouldn’t be that high.

On the other hand, this is pretty much the same deal as with Yuna/the summoners in FFX and people seemed to have a lot of respect for them.

I’m getting the feeling that patience is going to play a major role in this bond.

That is correct. I will need to be patient with you. I will conduct the ritual with you just like how I eat those despicable carrots. In any case, it is a glorious thing to be chosen as a Star Maiden.

Seriously though. You would think some aristocratic family like Femiruna’s would be all over this situation. There has been a major crisis, their daughter is chosen to be one of only 12 Star Maidens, and she’ll be working with a guy called “God’s Gift” in order to save the world. You would think that Femiruna’s dad would talk to his daughter and make sure she was doing everything she could to make a good impression in the hopes of scoring an arranged marriage or something.

Oh, my servant is back. Well, I am quite busy, so I will excuse myself now.

*And Femiruna wanders a few steps away*

Why did you only purchase one?! I cannot believe you… I have had enough! I will purchase all the merchandise in this store!

Nooo! The noble laugh! My poor ears!

Some of these girls are going to be really tiring to deal with…

~Church Spirit Chamber~

*sigh*… Why must I come here myself? It would be more proper if you came to me…

Unless somebody forgot to tell me something, then I’m pretty sure this is the only place where Classmating can happen.

I understand that. It is a matter of mental preparation.

Listen, I know you don’t really like this, but can we please focus on the Classmating ritual? I’m still short on mon-- I mean Star Children. I really need you to be on board with this.

Together, we will be able to create the most powerful Star Children.

(God, I hope so.)

Sounds good to me. Let’s do it.

Ah! H-How dare you approach a lady so suddenly? Have you no etiquette?! P-Please… I cannot believe you!

Sorry, sorry. I thought you were good to go. If you’re nervous then—

I-I would never be nervous over a mere ritual! Perhaps you are the one who is nervous?

Well, I won’t argue with that. It’s always a little nerve-wracking doing this for the first time, even if I am used to the general process.

Ohohoho! What a pitiful God’s Gift you are!

(Please let this be the ritual where I wake up from this nightmare…)

I think we’re both relaxed enough as it is. We can start now.

Y-Yes… we shall.

*♫Creepy Classmating sceeeennne! Unless you have the PS4 version!♫*

Huff… Huff…

Is everything okay? Not dizzy, are you?

Well? Is our Star Child a powerful one?

Too soon to tell, but thanks for your work anyway.

It seems you have enough manners to thank me. If you express your gratitude and plead with teary eyes, I may just cooperate with you again.

I’ll be sure to remember that the next time I come to ask you.

Ugh… one more time. Please, please do not do the laugh. I beg of you. Let me rest my ears.

~Star God Academy Field~

Hm? Oh, Femiruna’s chatting with another student. Kind of figured she would consider that to be beneath her. Maybe I got the wrong impression.

You there. Stop right there. You have dropped your handkerchief.

[Female Student A]: Th-Thank you, Miss Femiruna!

[Female Student A]: I-I’m sorry! I made you pick up something so cheap! Don’t sully yourself like that. But thank you very much!

*Female Student A hauls ass out of there*

W-Wait… I simply wanted to say that the floral pattern was beautiful… *sigh*…

Something wrong?

…You?! When did you get here?!

Around the same time you picked up the handkerchief.

That was from the very start then! I did not think you to entertain such despicable hobbies as stalking.

…I don’t stalk people, Femiruna.

I sort of have more important things to do than following people around. You know, like world saving.

I suppose that would be true. That is quite convincing. Very well. I forgive you this time.

Wait, what am I being forgiven for exactly?

By the way, did you want something from me? I am a busy person, but I may grant you a little bit of my time. I am rarely able to speak with even the students of this academy.

Why? There’s lots of them around.

It is because I am of noble status. Will there be bugs who dare touch the elegant flower blooming on the mountain?

Uhh, yes? That’s what blooming flowers do. It attracts insects for pollination.

So they avoid you because you’re rich. They’re still your classmates though, aren’t they? They should know you at least a little bit.

I was not originally a student of this academy. My father ensured I was tutored by teachers of various disciplines at our manor.

Okay, now I get it. You just aren’t used to this yet. You need more time to adjust.

Used to it? You mean me? Ohohoho! It is the other way around, I assure you, Itsuki.

It may take a little time, so I am waiting for that day to come.

I think you’re in for a bit of a wait, then.

I came to the academy not only at Father’s recommendation, but of my own desire.

So it wasn’t just because you became a Star Maiden?

Yes. There are many things I cannot learn within the walls of the manor. I would like to learn many things during my limited time at the academy.

What do you mean limited?

Oh, time is slipping away. I must bid you farewell now. You should be honored that I bestowed my precious time to you. Granted, you are the only one who would shamelessly come talk to me here.

Should I not do that from now on?

*Femiruna wanders off*

She seemed kind of mad there at the end. Was it something I said? I thought I was doing pretty good with the “talking to girls” thing.

One down, one more on the way. It’s finally time for us to catch up with Itsuki’s childhood friend about all the crazy stuff that’s happened since that fateful day on the rooftop. I wonder how that whole personality adjustment is working out for her.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Man, it’s kind of spooky in here when it’s quiet. Do you have all of your classes in here?

Yeah, I do. Why? Hey, what are you doing here?

I wanted to know what exactly you guys study in here.

But class is already over.

So why are you still here, then?

I handle the daily tasks, so I’m finishing up the class report.

Must be tough having to deal with classes in a different world.

It must be tough for you going to the labyrinths, Itsuki. Besides, you should focus on your relationships with the other Star Maidens. Why are you wasting your time here?

Well, I mean, you’re a Star Maiden too. I should also be working on a relationship with you.

W-With me?

Besides, I know you better than anyone else here. Seems like there’s already a solid foundation there.

Well, we are childhood friends…

Maybe it’s like a fate thing? You know?

That’s new information. Either Itsuki omitted that in the opening or the translators fucked up. Either is possible.

I bet you say that to all the other Star Maidens too…

Did you say something just now? You’re kind of quiet.

No… Come on, I need to write the class report. I’m busy here.

Why are you being so cold? It’s like you’ve been dodging me since we got here.

I-I’m not treating you any differently. It’s just your imagination.

”I’m not crazy, you’re crazy!” Says the girl that had her personality adjusted by the developers for no adequately explained reason.

Alright, fine. I’ll get out of your way. I’ll try and stop by earlier next time.

Sure… O-Oh… And, thanks for coming…


You were actually worried about me, weren’t you?

Well, yeah. Why wouldn’t I be? Look at where we are and what we’ve been dragged into.

I’ll be fine. I’ve gotten used to the academy here.

Except for Lillie.

Also, did you know? Mr. Narcisstes is really popular among the female students.

Not really surprised about that. Is he a good teacher though?

Yeah. The class is more interesting than I thought it’d be. He sometimes cracks these dumb jokes that no one laughs at though.

You starting to get a bit of a crush on him?

What makes you think that?

Because he’s a good-looking dude that is interesting and cracks jokes and is also a teacher?

Right. (Like you’re one to talk.)

Now then… I need to finish up the class report and go home. I have to study for tomorrow’s class, and also do my Star Maiden duties. I’ll do my best so I don’t drag you down.

You’re such a square, Mahiru.

Itsuki, I know things are tough, but let’s keep working at it.

I get the feeling that Mahiru’s personality change has been fumbled a bit. You can still see the original colder/stuck-up attitude towards Itsuki that she supposedly had in the PSP version, but then there’s this kinder “I have a secret crush on my childhood friend and am bad at hiding it” personality kind of lightly brushed on top of it.

I wish I had the PSP version so I could try and compare the scenes animations as well.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Anyway, we’re doing Classmating, even though Mahiru and Itsuki already did that.

Mahiru, I need your help to make more Star Children. You know, in order to go into the labyrinths and kill the monsters and—

*sigh*… It seems this was inevitable.

I guess.

You guess…? It was up to you in the first place.

Listen, this is weird, okay? Give me a break.

But are you okay with us doing… that?

What is “that”?! Explain, dammit!

Of course I’m not okay with it.

You seem rather calm about it compared to me…

It makes me nervous, but I agreed to fight and save this world… sort of. Okay, I was actually forced into it, but either way I’ve accepted the fact that this needs to be done in order for us to get back home.

At this point the screen blacks out for a brief moment, but Classmating doesn’t happen.

It cuts back to this. I’m not entirely sure why it happens. It doesn’t seem like a brief time skip or anything.

It’s the first time we’ve done this together, so you’ll take the lead, right?

…No, it couldn’t possibly… Is it because they had to remove some kind of scene were Mahiru’s old personality was too blatant and they couldn’t/wouldn’t rewrite or reanimate it? So they cut out that part of the event and used a brief fade to black effect in order to cover up the cut? Come on, Spike Chunsoft, really? Please tell me there’s another slightly less stupid reason for that weird jump cut.

Oh yeah, this is the first time since that practice round, isn’t it? Crap… now I’m getting more nervous about this.

S-Stop it… if we’re both nervous, it’ll negatively affect the born Star Child.

You’re right… We need to find a way to relax a little.

Relax… I just remembered that you’re good at impersonating a monkey. It helped me relax at my piano recital that one time.

Are you kidding? That was back in grade school, Mahiru. I was a kid.

I really liked that monkey act of yours, Itsuki.

Uh-uh, not happening. That’s way too embarrassing.

But I’m the only one here. Whatever happens here, stays here, right?

I can’t believe this… Fine, I’ll do it.

Yes! It’s been so long since I’ve seen it.

Can’t believe I have to do this to save the world… Well, here it goes. Eek! Eek! Eek! Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh!

U-Um, I think I’m good now… Thanks.

I told you. I feel like such an idiot now.

We both won’t be able to relax at this rate…

Maybe we should try some other time. I’ll try and find one of the other Star Maidens.



I said no. You said you’ll have trouble in the labyrinth if it isn’t a Star Child between us, right?

I think you’re taking some liberties with what I said, but sure, that’s the general idea.

You have to do it with me today.

But you’re nervous. I don’t want to force you into it. I know it’s super weird for us.

I appreciate your consideration, but don’t give your childhood friend special treatment. I have every intention… to fulfill and even surpass my duty as a Star Maiden. Just a little bit of tension shouldn’t interrupt the ritual too much…

I feel ya, Itsuki. I’m getting the inkling that the developers really half-assed this personality change idea.

Sh-Shut up! I feel more relaxed now after talking it out! Come on, Itsuki. Let’s make the best Star Child ever! A Star Child between two God’s Gifts will never lose to the Impurities*.

*Gameplay will not necessarily reflect this.

Right. If you’re determined, then let’s do this. Now or never.

*And then Classmating finally happens. Not a weird fade cut*

So… how was it?

It would have been better if you didn’t ask me that…

Right, sorry.

But it’s so weird… I feel like I’m floating…

Really? Is that what it feels like for everyone?

According to Mr. Narcisstes… when a Star Child is born, they’re made from a part of the female.

Ah, I get ya. Same feeling as taking a really satisfying dump.

So they are a part of you?

Does this mean I’m another step closer to fulfilling my duty?

Seems like it.

I’m glad we made a healthy and cute Star Child.

Okay, that wasn’t quite as awkward as I thought it would be. I was expecting that to go about the same as when Reone basically forced the two of them together.