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Part 7: Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius

Bonding Update III: Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius

Third bonding update, here we go. This is the halfway mark, so by the end of the next update we’ll finally have an idea of what all 12 of the Maidens are like, at least on a surface level anyway. Then we can cut the roster down to make things more manageable.

Before that, we need to check up on the next three ladies. Mirei is up first.

~Star God Academy Field~

Finally, there she is. Man, it’s getting harder to track down the ones I haven’t met with… although I guess that kind of makes sense… I’m really tired.

[Male Student]: It’s all a misunderstanding! Miyo! Please don’t break up with me!

[Female Student]: Liar! You cheated on me! I’ll kill you!

Before you ask it in the thread (or go back and check if you’re reading this on the Archive), no, these are not the same two students from Lillith/Lillie’s bonding event. Those two were named Mitchie and Tak. These two are apparently a different couple going through a break up because the dude allegedly cheated on the girl.

High school was fun.

[Male Student]: Calm down, Miyo! Please don’t kill anyone!

[Female Student]: I’ll kill you then myself! I’ll die and curse you! And that woman! Aaaahhh!

Does this stuff just happen every day in this place? *sigh* Well, at least Mirei is right there. She’ll—

—do nothing, apparently.

*Itsuki heads over to figure out what the hell is so engaging that Mirei can tune out some girl screaming about a double murder suicide.*

Uh, hey, Mirei?

Oh, it’s you, Itsuki. I was just reading an interesting academic paper.

Do you not hear what’s going on right in front of you? Shouldn’t you be doing something about it?

Why should I mediate someone else’s fight?

Well, she’s kind of yelling about killing herself… and also at least two other people.

Then how about you stop them?

She’s got you there, Itsuki.

Isn’t that part of your duties or something? Don’t the Star Maidens help the people? Like say, by stopping them from killing themselves?

If she really intends on killing herself, she wouldn’t say it, she’d just do it.

Perhaps, but see the thing about psychology is that it isn’t an exact science.

Isn’t that right? You there! The female student!

[Female Student]: Wh-What?! Leave me alone!

If you really want to die, I have this magic potion I’ve been developing. Your head will fall right off without any pain or suffering. Would you like to try it?

[Female Student]: N-No… I’m fine… Uh, let’s go.

[Male Student]: S-Sure… Sorry about this…

…You win this time, psychology.

Goodness… This love thing is so foolish. Because of those two, I’ve wasted some of my time. I think it’s foolish, but what do you think, Itsuki? Would you waste your precious time over useless things like love?

I don’t think it’s useless or a waste of time. I think it’s important.

Well, it’s like… Love is a sign of a strong bond between people that help and support each other. In order to build up a bond and maintain it, you need to invest time into it, right? That’s what God’s Gifts and Star Maidens have to do for example, and they are responsible for saving the world. I mean, let’s not even get started on what kind of anarchy ridden hell hole the human world would turn into without love.

I see. It’s interesting to hear opinions other than my own. That’s not enough to change my mind… But I thank you for stating your opinion.

No problem. Not sure what I said made complete sense, but if you got something out of it anyway then that’s great.

Well, never mind this. My own research takes priority above all else. I’ve finally found the subject… that I want to research the most, and they’re right in front of me.

…Wait, what?


You’re an unknown. There’s no subject of research more interesting than you.

Uhh, hold on a second. I’m not that interesting of a guy. I’m kind of plain, actually.

I will find out everything there is to know about you as God’s Gift. That is the research I want to do most right now. That’s why I will be proactive with you in the Classmating ritual. The other Star Maidens seem to be embarrassed about it, but not me. In exchange, I hope you’ll cooperate with my research.

I’m getting sort of unsettled by the way you’re looking at me.

Don’t worry. I may call it research, but I won’t be doing anything scary to you. So please, rest assured. Heheheh…

(Why me? What the hell did I do to deserve all of this? Well… I said I was going to give this my all and I need the support of Star Maidens, so…)

I guess I don’t really have a choice. Alright, we’ll help each other.

Heheheh. Now I have your permission.

H-Hey! You said no scary stuff!

Itsuki. That was a joke.

If you’re going to joke, then could you at least make an appropriate face? Otherwise I’m going to think you’re completely serious.

Heheh. Very well. I’ll work on that. I must go to class now, so I will excuse myself. I hope we will get along. I’m looking forward to many things from you. Heheh…

I’m going to regret this…

Well, at least she’s not Ruby. That’s all I personally wanted from this character. Any other positives are just icing.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Hm… The Classmating ritual, I see. Hm? …

Something wrong? Why are you staring at me like that?

Whoa! Hey! Wh-Why are you touching my face like that?!

Don’t move. Yes… You are incredibly tense. Your cheek muscles have hardened, and your temperature is high. Your pulse is fast as well. Are you nervous?

Uh, yes? Obviously.

Why is that?

Because, it’s uhh… I mean, I’m Classmating with you.

With me…? What an interesting opinion. Why would you be nervous Classmating with me?

Th-That’s… Okay, I’m going to be blunt. You’re kind of hot. Plus you’re getting up in my face and touching me and I’m getting super uncomfortable.

Hm. I don’t know about my own appearance…

Yeah, you sure look like someone that doesn’t care.

Kind of.

Well, how about it? How am I compared to other Star Maidens? Does it make you nervous thinking of what we are about to do? Hm?

Yes. That’s why I try and focus on other stuff during these rituals. But you are making that really hard right now because you are getting way too close!

Oh, really? You’re so strange. All right. Then should I wait until you’ve calmed down?

Let’s just… Let’s just get it done before I lose whatever nerve I have left.

I see… Then shall we, Itsuki? Let’s begin.

*And then completely dry, scientific, passionless Classmating happens. I presume*

Does this help your research?

Yes, of course. It was an extremely exciting experience. If you weren’t here, I never would have been able to experience it. I thank you for that. Now then, I need to make progress on my research with this interesting experience.

Let us meet again.

*sigh* Glad I could be of use.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Itsuki, can I ask you to do some physical labor for me?

Oh, Mirei. Yeah, I guess so. What kind of physical labor?

Oh, that’s all? Yeah, I can do that. Let me see.

I knew I could count on you. I’m glad I asked you. I would appreciate if you could open it for me.

I think you’re going a little overboard with this. It’s just a lid on a jam jar.

I was going to be in trouble if you refused. Now hurry and open it. Right away.

Okay, okay. Relax. Let’s see, just—Hrgh! Damn, that’s really on there.

I wish you luck. Try to open it no matter what. I really want some jam with my bread.

God, who the hell screwed this on? Let me get a better grip… Hrrrggghhh! There! Got—

*The screen shakes a little and goes white for a second*

Well done. You have my thanks.

*cough* Ugh. Mirei? What the hell was in that jar?

I tried to make it instantaneous, but you’re still conscious, I see. I should up the concentration for it. Hmm, but that may make it fatal.

Wh-Why the… hell…

I prefer margarine on my bread.

please… let me land… on something soft…

*And our hero once again drops like a stone. This is becoming a concerning trend with him*


Ugghhh… I didn’t land on something soft, did I?

Good morning, Itsuki.

How do you feel? I’d like your opinion as your monitor. I may be able to use this sleeping medicine for insomniacs after all.

I’ve got a feeling that near instant sleeping gas isn’t a good long term solution for minor ailments.

Where… where did you take me? Wait… did you strap me to this table?!

Yes, I tied you down. It’s no ordinary restraint. I used Star Energy with it. You can’t tear it off by force, so it’s futile to fight it.

Hold on, what are you planning on doing to me…?

Heheheheh… You said you would let me research you as God’s Gift.

And you said no scary stuff!

Heheh… There’s no need to be afraid. I just want to know more about you…

Whoa! Wait just a second! I’m not okay with that!

Yes… An interview. What type of place is Sora? What living environment did you inhabit? There are many things I need to ask you. You’re quite an interesting subject.

Oh thank god, that’s what you meant. Mirei, if you just wanted to ask me questions then all you had to do was just ask. You also don’t need to tie me down to do it.

That’s not true. Research materials are always restrained.

Let me rephrase that. I don’t want to be strapped to a table.

It’s all right. You’ll get used to it soon. First, what is your favorite…

*And then the screen fades to black for a moment as Mirei bombards Itsuki with questions*

…I see. So that is how you spent your childhood. Next question.

How much longer is this going to take?

I have plenty of other questions. Do you want to quit?

…Well, if you take these straps off then I’ll be more comfortable and--

I refuse. That would ruin the mood of the experiment. The restraints won’t kill you, so be patient with me. Now then… Itsuki, I hear boys your age have an overactive libido.

Books? Mirei, you’re talking to a guy from 2019. That shit is all digital, baby.

I-Is that really something that you need to know?!

Hm…? You’re nervous.

C-Could you please back off a little? You’re face is way too close.

Hm. This is interesting. Your reaction changed again. Is it because my face is closer to yours? Hm? You’re turning red. Are you getting a fever? I see. This is interesting. When you move your face closer to God’s Gift, changes occur in his body.

Being God’s Gift has absolutely nothing to do with that.

All right. I’ve found out many things about God’s Gift today. Let’s call it a day.

That’s a great idea. Let’s do that.

*And Mirei proceeds to wander off*

I’ll have to organize all the data I’ve obtained…

Hey! I’m still tied down! Mirei!

Funny stuff. Oh well, at least she isn’t doing actual experimentation on him. He’s going to be getting enough physical punishment from the dungeons as it is.

Speaking of, we should have Itsuki check in with the palace medic.

~Star God Academy Clinic~

Oh, what’s wrong?

It’s been a tough week trying to get used to all of this stuff. But that’s not why I’m here. At least not this time. I just wanted to learn a bit more about you. Are you busy?

A doctor is always busy in this world. Thought, as the Scorpio Star Maiden, I do have some freedom. Would you like some coffee.

No thanks. I don’t want to interrupt you if you’ve got stuff to do.

Haha… You’re so considerate in such strange ways. How about we chat a little? Is there something you want to talk about? I’ll answer anything.

Well, if you’re sure. How about telling me about this place?

Haha… Are you that interested in my office? Sure, I’ll tell you about it.

I’m relieved to hear you understand such a principle.

You sound more like a teacher than a doctor.

Is that a compliment…? Well, I suppose I should take it as such. We have to deepen our bond together after all… Should I tell you more about myself considering the question you asked?

That’s the idea.

Haha… You’re an honest one. I’m a palace physician, but I’m also the public health doctor of this academy. Managing the health of the Star Maidens and God’s Gift is my main job.

As well, as the Scorpio Star Maiden, I will do the Classmating ritual with you. Well? How about it? Does that satisfy your request?

Right. So you’re the doctor.

Yes. That is the most important detail for you to know. My duty is to monitor your health. If you ever feel ill, even just a little, come to me. I won’t consider it trouble no matter the case. Just assume I’m your personal physician. Is there anything else you want to ask me?

Um, th-that’s way too much information. I’m good.

Oh, that’s too bad. I’m actually quite proud of my body. No matter. Come back next time so we can chat over some coffee. I’m usually here.

Right. I’ll be sure to come by again.

Yes. I hope to build a fantastic relationship with you.

Goodbye now. Please look after yourself.

So despite Reone being the Star Maiden we’ve spent the most time with (outside of maybe Mahiru), the only thing we really know about her is still that she’s a doctor. She is surprisingly tight-lipped when it comes to herself. Maybe Classmating will change that.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Are you ready to do the ritual today?

Haha… So you’ve finally picked me. It took you long enough. I thought you might be teasing me.

Focus, Reone.

No, it’s more like I needed time to… prepare.

So, how do you want to do it today? Should I take the lead?

This is our first time doing the ritual. You aren’t the least bit nervous? The others seemed kind of hesitant about it.

Why would I hesitate at the chance to create Star Children that will help save lives? Don’t say such uncouth things right before the ritual. You should just focus on making our hearts entwine.

Huh, you have a point there. I don’t feel as nervous when I think of it like that. Still, this Is our first time, I’m not sure if I know you well enough to do this very well.

Oh, don’t overcomplicate things. All you have to do is react in the heat of the moment. It’ll make the Star Children we create even stronger. Many other factors are at play, sure, but this is the foundation.

I’ll pretend I know what you are talking about.

…I know. How about we do a test run?

Once again, not my typo. I should make an icon or something that I can pop in every time a Spike Chunsoft grammar error happens. We’ve quickly reached a point where it’s impossible to tell their fuckups from mine.

I’ll accept it no matter what it may be. Here, try it out.

I don’t think that’s a great idea. I only manage to get through these things by not imagining. Thinking about us kissing or something wou—

Oh, you’re a bold one. Of course. Come here. Here, pull your chin back… and don’t close your eyes.

H-Hey! That wasn’t a suggestion, that was—

Mm… Haha… Well? It’s our first time, so I hope you’re satisfied with it being on the forehead.

(My heart feels like it’s going to explode…)

I-Is stuff like that really going to help make stronger Star Children?

If your desire to kiss was true, then yes.

But that all depends on your emotions. This should go well, at least with me.

That’s really all it takes?

What do you mean?

Just thinking out loud.

Is that your gut instinct as a God’s Gift with first-hand experience? I don’t have any experience with it all. But that ends today. I hope we both can learn so much from today’s ritual. I’ll take the lead at the start, then we’ll just go with the flow. What do you think? I may not have the experience, but I do have some knowledge.

A-Are you sure?

Haha… I’m confident of it. I’m sure I can satisfy you. Now shall we begin?

…Please be gentle.

*Classmating, you know the drill*


Did it go okay?

It was fine. I think it went better than expected considering this is our first ritual. But I was expecting more. Haha…

In other words, I wasn’t good enough for you?

Don’t say it like that.

I would’ve liked it if you lasted a little longer.

It’s not sex, game. You established that. Piss off with this “Haha, premature!” crap.

But, you’re still young, so we can’t help that.

Also piss off with this “Reo is a cougar/maneater” crap. She’s like 23, at best. Also she’s a virgin, which the story took great and unwelcome pains to explain to us.

Right, right. I’ll remember that for next time.

Haha… I hope so. I’ll go on ahead. I still have some work to do. I’ll see you around.

~Star Academy Clinic~

Reone, are you there?

Oh, you’re here again. What’s the matter today? You don’t look ill.

Looks can be deceiving. The other Maidens have been… I don’t want to say dangerous, but there’s no better word coming to mind right now. Anyway, I figured I should see you.

Haha… I suppose there isn’t anything fun about visiting a doctor’s office.

I do have to perform regular examination on your body…

That’s fine with me. Between the headbutt to the chest I took from Tarua and the sleeping gas from Mirei… and also that time I passed out in front of the church; I could use a once over. What do I need to do?

Take off your clothes and stand in front of me. I pour Star Energy into my stethoscope… and by touching your body, I’ll know if each part is functioning correctly.

Wow, we’ve got a true medical professional here, folks. Wonder how many years of medical school it took for that PhD.?

You’re still young, so I’m sure the examination will be over rather quickly.

Does my age really have anything to do with that?

Of course it does. Boys your age are the easiest to examine. Even if I’m a little aggressive, your body will react appropriately.

Don’t tell me you feel embarrassed in front of a doctor.

I have serious questions about the quality of Granvania’s healthcare services.

Okay, calm down. Just give me a minute.

I’m glad to see how obedient you are. I was curious what I’d have to do if you resisted like the first time we met.

That incident is exactly the reason why I’m not resisting this time. …There, done.

Well, I do recommend you take everything off for the test.

Not happening.

Oh, that’s too bad… Well, if that’s what the patient requests. I’ll start with your back. You can stay standing for this.

*Reo wanders around to the back of Itsuki*

I’m going to start the palpation now. …

Wh-Whoa! What the hell are you doing?!

Why are you crying out?

Why the hell does my back feel wet?!

That’s just how it is. I’m inserting Star Energy into your body.

Reminds me of the time I went in for an MRI of the head a few years back. The contrasting agent you are given causes this really weird wet/water sensation that rolls through your body when the scan actually happens. However, unlike Reone, actual doctors tell you about that shit before you feel it so you don’t get freaked out.

Hm… Your back seems fine. I’ll check your front now.

*Reone comes back into frame*

I’ll begin with your stomach. If you feel any heat in your body, tell me where it’s coming from. Well? Do you feel any heat around your stomach?

Well, my face feels like it’s on fire.

Oh, you’re right. Your face is bright red. But that’s definitely not from an illness. Haha… You’re so cute. Look at you getting all bashful.

*The screen fades to black as the examination takes place*

Whew… Your body is as healthy as they come.

That’s a bit of a surprise, although it’s a good surprise.

You can put your clothes back on now…

Finally. Don’t need to tell me twice.

I love people with such defined clavicles.

Uh, thanks? I don’t think I’ve ever had someone compliment me on them.

Everyone has a fetish for some body part, I suppose. Gonna be honest, first time I’ve heard of this one though.

You’re only the second person I’ve ever complimented, you know.


Yes, the second. …You see that photo? The person next to me was the first. Now he had some solid clavicles.

You look different. How long ago was that taken?

That was before I became a physician, so it’s been about five years since then.

Right, so when you were between 17 and 19? Meaning you’re between 22-24 or something now? Or did you take a few years off after high school. No way in hell that you spent 10 years in medical school. Not with that magic “this will tell me anything that’s wrong with you” stethoscope.

…I think you resemble the boy in the picture, if only a little. Ever since I met you, that’s been on my mind. There’s something about you two that’s just so similar… Oh, I’m sorry… I suppose you don’t like being compared to others.

Kind of depends on who I’m being compared to.

I suppose you can rest assured then. In my book, he’s one of the best I know.

So who is he, anyway? You look pretty close.

Well… I’ll leave our relationship to your imagination. A woman always has her secrets.

Hm… This is a tough one. I originally thought “mentor”, but she calls him “boy”, so that can’t be it. Itsuki didn’t say anything about him looking similar to her, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not her brother. I tried zooming in on that picture, but I can only make out one person, not two, so I’m not sure if that’s the photo she’s referring to or if there is another one offscreen that we don’t see.

It’s between “first love” and “little brother.” …Screw it, give me twenty on little brother. That “A woman always has her secrets thing” sounds like a red herring/teasing. I’m guessing “little brother that got sick and died which motivated Reone to become a doctor.”

Fair enough. If you don’t want to talk about it then I won’t try and pry it out of you.

Oh, come now, don’t pull away there. You’re no fun. But… I guess you’re similar in that way too.

Well when you say it like that, I do kind of want to know more.

Haha… We can save that for next time. Until then, just be careful you don’t injure your handsome clavicles. If you promise me that, I’ll tell you who that boy is.

That’s a tougher promise to keep than you would think, but sure. I’ll be careful with them.

Good. You may go now. There are many things you must attend to. I’m sure you’ll put your all into it, but good luck. The future of this nation depends on you.

Okay, one more to go for this update.

I heard Sue was supposed to hang out here, but I don’t see her. Maybe people were making fun or her or something?

[Horse]: Brr…

[Pig]: Oink oink!

[Chicken]: Cock-a-doodle-doo!

(Didn’t expect to see normal animals like this in a magic fantasy world. This place is just constant disappointment.)

What’s wrong everyone…? Don’t get so excited.

*Sue wanders into the frame*

Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you. I wanted to say hi.

…Oh. Hi. Well, I have to go and take care of them.

[Horse]: *neigh*

[Pig]: Oink oink!

[Chicken]: Cock-a-doodle-doo!

You take care of all the animals here? Is this your farm?

Yes. They’re all my friends. I take care of them every day. …They don’t belong to the academy. I brought them from home.

Oh, that’s cool. I’ve worked with animals before. They’re pretty cute.

…Yes, very cute. No one really praises them. They make loud noises all the time. That’s why… Hm, thank you. Do you want to know their names?

Yeah, sure. What are they?

…Let me introduce you.

[Horse]: *neigh*!

That is a badass horse name.

This one is Kere-Kere…

[Chicken]: Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Eh, not quite as awesome.

This one… is Algernon.

[Sheep]: Baaaah!

Those are… interesting names.

…Yeah. They’re all very well-behaved. Itsuki, can I ask you for something?

Whoa, whoa. Hold up. What about the cow that is clearly there in the background? Does she not have a name?

Of course. What is it?

I’ll fulfill my mission… as a Star Maiden. But to me, taking care of them is most important. Part of it is because I love them, but… I do want to become a zoologist.

At least someone around here has some aspirations.


My duty as a Star Maiden is secondary. My animals take priority… Is that okay?

Yeah, I don’t see a problem with that.


Of course. We can work the Classmating rituals around your schedule. I have plenty of things to keep me busy when you aren’t available. So whatever is most convenient for you.

Thanks… You’re very kind. I’ll try to help out as much as I can. Are you done saying hi?

Yeah, that’s enough for today. I won’t keep you any longer. I’ll drop by again some other time.

Yes. If we talk some more, can we make stronger Star Children?

I think that’s generally how it works.

Alright. I’ll see you later, Sue.

Yeah. Bye…

Okay, a little quiet maybe, but at least that was just a completely normal conversation. No weird head patting or split personalities or sexual harassment or kidnapping or random denials of arson.

Let’s see if we can keep that up, okay Sue?

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Thanks for coming, Sue. Could I ask you to try the Classmating ritual today?

Okay… I’ll do it.

Well yeah, but don’t you need to mentally prepare or something first?

…Why would I need to do that? I’ll be fine. Do you need to mentally prepare?

Normally I would, but you’re being oddly normal about this. Are you not nervous or anything?

…No. This is like caring for my animals. I will take care of you and make Star Children. …It’s the same. We’re all animals anyway.

…Well, you got me on that one.

I’ll do the ritual with you and make tons of kids.

Okay, just so we’re clear: Classmating and animal mating are not the same thing. It’s very important that you understand that.

If you want to wait to Classmate… then I’ll wait too. But if you’re ready, let’s hurry up.

H-Hey! Slow down!

*Classmating happens. There’s only so many ways I can say that*

*sigh* There, all done. At least it feels like it’s getting easier. I’m not as tired as I used to be. Hm? What’s wrong, Sue?

…This is strange. It feels strange… deep in my heart.

Maybe you’re getting sick?

It feels ticklish and… warm. It’s just weird.

Are you sure you’re not having heart flutters or something? You’re the only Star Maiden so far to say something like this.

I don’t… dislike this feeling.

Well, as long as you’re okay with it then I guess it’s fine. Still think you should have Reone check you over though.

Yeah, I’m all right… So, do you want to do it again?

Take it easy. This is fine for now. I’ll ask you again some other time.

I need to go back to my animals… Bye.

I feel like Sue is taking the “mating” part of “Classmating” too literally. Oh well, now that she knows how it works it should make things a little less awkward.

~Sue’s Ranch House~

…Rottweiler. I know it’s cold, but I need to trim your wool a bit.

What are you up to, Sue?

If you get puffier, you can’t move.

Oh, Itsuki… Is something wrong?

Nothing wrong. I just stopped by to see you. You seemed pretty focused on whatever you’re doing there.

My sheep, Rottweiler, won’t let me trim his wool. He’s resisting so much, so I’m just going to do it tomorrow.

You trim the sheep, too?

Yeah. There’s more to taking care of my animals besides just feeding them. What they produce is really popular. I can deliver it to stores around town. It’s also used in the cafeteria.

That meat line would be funny, but also super mean. Let’s not be mean to Sue. She’s been all right so far.

You mean like eggs and milk and stuff?

Yeah. Have you tried them at the cafeteria? The flan and white sauce pasta are both really good.

Can’t say I have, but thanks for the recommendations. You sure seem happy when you’re talking about your animals.

Yeah. I’m happy that everyone acknowledges them. The stuff they make is really popular. So I’m happy too.

Sounds like a tough job, though.

Not a people person, huh? I guess you don’t like to talk.

Really? Am I not talking normally to you?

No, that’s not what I meant.

I’m okay with talking. Especially to animals. Talking to people… not so much.

That’s why I don’t like talking to people. Or with you…

Oh… Should I stop then?

No… This is just my own preference. I have my duty as a Star Maiden. Don’t mind what I just said. Just do what you want.

I see…

And then the scene just kind of ends. Official Itsuki just says “Sue…” and the event is over. Kind of a bummer, but whatever, we can’t stop to mull it over right now.

We’ve still got three more Maidens to go, after all. The last three in fact. Next update we’ll wrap up the Maiden Bonding with Farun, Collette, and Yuzuha. Then we’ll finally, mercifully, be ready to start building Star Child teams so we can get started on this world saving business.