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Part 8: Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

Bonding Update IV: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Finally, we’re down to the last three Star Maidens. At the end of the this update we’ll finally be able to get down to benching some of them, which will probably be an easier process than I initially expected because the thread so far has been apathetic at best about the 9 ladies we’ve been introduced to so far.

Maybe we can turn the mood around with Farun.


(Sure is busy in here… Then again, Narcisstes said that there’s a sex ban in place for the time being, so I guess hitting the bar is the only way to take the edge off.)

Here! An’ for you, mister! I got your booze right here! Huh? The order’s wrong? You didn’t order any booze? Oh, who cares! You’re a man, ain’t ya? Drink up!

One of our heroines, ladies and gentlemen. Encouraging drunkenness among the sex deprived populace.



Hey. Sorry, I’m not here as a customer this time.

Oh, is that so? Then… it’s ‘bout that thing, huh? Oh, I see… So it’s finally come…

I… what? I’m Itsuki, remember? The whole God’s Gift thing. The world ending danger. That stuff?

Oh, yeah, God’s Gift. Hehe. Just kiddin’. I do remember ya. Just have a seat. You’ll be getting’ somethin’ to drink, right?

Uh, no. I’m not here to drink. I believe I just said that. I’m here to see you, Farun.

I want to point out that Official Itsuki says something along the lines of “I’m not old enough to drink, yet.” Why is every JRPG protagonist such a fucking square? I know the out-of-universe explanation, which is that the drinking age in Japan is 20 (kind of like how legal age in media is always 18+ because of SoCalization – Side Note: Don’t TV Tropes that right now. I know it’s tempting, but at least finish this update first). It just weirds me out for fantasy settings like these. Farun looks like an elf or something for God’s sake. Does her lifespan directly correlate?

Oh? So ya came to see me, huh. Tryin’ to sound all handsome an’ everythin’. I’ll have ya know I’ve heard that a million times already. If you’re tryin’ to hit on me, ya should think of somethin’ more unique.

Not really why I’m here.

Ahaha. Gotcha. Have a seat for now, Itsuki. Let’s have a chat. Ya know? For the future. Hehe. Um, let’s see. Should I introduce myself again?

That would be a start. We can keep going from there.

I’m Farun. I’m a dancer, but I’ll do my best as a Star Maiden too.

Didn’t you say you were a traveler?

Hmm. I guess I’m both. I travel from place to place often.

That’s me, Farun. Ahaha. An’ yet, when I came here, they suddenly told me I’m a Star Maiden an’ stuff. They even put me in an academy to boot. Gimme a break, ya know? That’s why I have high hopes for ya.

Uh, for me? Why? I mean, other than the obvious.

Just go an’ save the world in a jiffy! Then I can go back to travelin’.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t Star Maidens have to perform duties and protect the Star Offerings or something for the next 120 years?

What? Really? I didn’t hear ‘bout that… Hold up! Gimme a break!

Well, not for a while anyway. I think. Not really sure what happens to you when the 120 years have passed.

I still have so many places I wanna go to! I can’t just stay in one place forever!

Not really sure what to tell you. I’m just repeating the stuff that Narcisstes, Reone, and Mana said.

Hmm… This is bad. I better go an’ talk to the big wigs at the castle. Anyway, Itsuki! I’ll need your help! Go beat up the bad guys an’ save the world or whatever! I’m countin’ on ya!

I’m going to do my best.

Hmm. Ya don’t sound very dependable.

I’m not exactly the kind of person that hypes himself up like that.

Yeah, I can tell as much. Anyway, I hope we can get along. I’ll try cooperatin’ as much as I can. It’ll end up helpin’ me too. M’kay, well… That’s that. See ya later!

I don’t know Japanese well enough to tell if Farun’s lines are written with a “Kansai Accent” in mind, or if they are just generally informal. The localization seems to treat it as such though, with the way that Farun’s lines have been translated. Farun’s English VA is also Tia Ballard, who is from Texas (although I’m playing this in Japanese, so I don’t know if she actually uses the Texan accent). On the other hand, the Japanese VA for Farun is Kazusa Aranami, who is from Chiba (near Tokyo).

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Oh well, not that it matters. I just point it out because Farun is really the only one with an “accent”, at least in terms of what comes across in text. It also pisses me off because I constantly have to correct myself while transcribing her dialogue due to the incorrect spellings.

I see. So you’re here for the Classmatin’ ritual. I see, I see. So we do it here. Uh-huh. I see… I see… Hmm…

Are you doing okay?

Hm? What do ya mean?

Huh… or maybe they were going for a Cockney accent? Is “cheeky” something that Southern Americans typically use?

Don’t ya worry ‘bout me! Big Sis Farun will take care of everythin’!

(I really wish Narcisstes hadn’t put that “family” thing in their heads. It’s making this so umcomfortable.)

Okay, well if you’re sure then I guess we should start.

Oh… S-Sure. I guess so… …

What is it? I thought you were okay?

Y-Yeah, I am. I did say that… It’s ‘kay… It’s ‘kay…

Then should we start?


…S-Sorry! H-Hold on just a sec! Really! Just a sec! *inhale*… Whew… *inhale*… Whew…

I think I saw you doing that breathing technique just outside as well. Are you sure it’s okay?

Th-That was before we came to the church! An’ this is… just… preparation. U-Ugh…

I think we should try this some other time. You seem like you’re freaking out a bit.

O-Okay! I’m okay! I’m okay now!

Alright, let’s try this again then.

…’kay. Let’s do this! Bring it on! Let’s get on with the Classmatin’ ritual!

I’m trying! Try and relax a little.


Huff… Huff… Huff…

Do you feel okay?

Y-Yeah… But I was… surprised with a ton of stuff there. Phew… But that should do it! Yeah! So, how was it, Itsuki? How’d I do?

(…That means she doesn’t actually want the truth, right? I think that’s how it works when talking to girls. Just, say something nice. Be positive.)

I think you did great.

Hehehe… Dummy, don’t say that with such a straight face.

No, I mean it.

Uh-huh… I see, I see. Well, I guess it doesn’t feel too bad to hear that. All right! Well, that’s it for today! Phew. It’s finally done.

Thanks a lot, Farun.

Hm? For what? I’m doing this cuz I was chosen. Since I’m cooperatin’, I hope ya try harder.

That’s the plan.

Well, I gotta go to class now. See ya later!

That didn’t go too badly. Probably a good idea to bring along some liquid courage next time though. She does work in a bar after all.


M’kay! Here’re your drinks an’ appetizers! Hm? Yesterday’s dance? Oh, ya liked it? Thanks! I’m a professional dancer. Ya know I have the skills to show for it.

*Farun then runs into frame*

Oh. Hey, Itsuki! Welcome!

Why does it feel like I’m invisible while I’m in here?

Well, business is boomin’ here.

Oh yeah, you said that you were a dancer.

Yup. I go from place to place to learn an’ master all sorts of dance techniques. I really am pretty good, ya know? It doesn’t hurt ya to pay a li’l respect.

Well it’s kind of hard when I haven’t actually seen your dancing. What types do you know?

Tons an’ tons. There’s one for ceremonies, an’ one for banquets. I know stuff to perform at taverns like this, as well as the palace dance.

Oh, that’s cool.

An’… I also have a special dance. A really… really, special one. I rarely show it, if ever. Hehe. What sorta dance do ya think it is?

Is it like a dance for your lover or something?

Hahaha… I ain’t tellin’! This is top secret from Big Sis Farun.

Well you did ask me to guess.

Ahaha, sorry ‘bout that. But I didn’t think that’d be your first guess.

You kind of narrowed it down quite a bit, so I just answered with what popped into my head.

Hehe… Anyway, there’s this extremely special dance. I know of it, but I’ve never actually danced it.

Is it the Safety Dance? The Hustle? Time Warp? Technically Itsuki could teach you a ton of dances that this world has probably never witnessed before. Can’t say that all of them are worth passing on though.

Hmm… I don’t know… I don’t think I’ll ever have the opportunity. But that’s just a guess… Hehe.

I wouldn’t know, but I would kind of like to see it some day.

Itsuki, ya wanna see it? Hmm… I doubt it. Ahaha…

I do hope ya come to see me sometime. What do ya think?

This is sounding like a marketing ploy to me.

Sure. I’ll definitely try and get in.

Oh, definitely, ya say? I see.

Please don’t threaten me. I’ve had enough of that this week.

Ahaha… But seriously, ya should come see me. I really want ya to see me dance.

I’ll look forward to it.

Yeah, well, that’s that then. Uh-oh. Looks like we spent too long talkin’. I need to get back to work! See ya later!

And that does it for Farun. Next is…

…dammit. Quite possibly the most child looking character we’ve seen so far. That includes that little barefoot orphan girl from Ruka’s route.

Welcome! We strive to bake you joy in every loaf! Welcome to Collette’s Sweet Wheats! …Oh, its [sic] you, Itsuki.

I’m just going to fall back on the tried and true sic method for every time Spike Chunsoft fucks up spelling or grammar. Or at least for every time I notice it.

You’ve come all the way to my shop. Is something going on? Or were you lured in by the delicious smell of the bread wafting in the air?

No, everything is fine. I just wanted to properly introduce myself. Although food does sound nice right about now.

My now! I’m happy to hear you say that. Indeed, delicious bread can have that power over people. And you being lead [sic] here today isn’t just coincidence. It’s a natural phenomenon. Just like how a stone cannot resist gravity.

I’m pretty sure it’s just because I missed lunch. Good sales pitch, though.

Neeheehee. Of course, any and all are welcome in my bakery. Now then, please choose whichever bread you’d like. So, will you have some of my bread? My recommendation is…

Hold on, bread is good, but the reason I came here was to hear more about you. We don’t really know anything about each other, which isn’t doing us any favors in the bonding department. Lunch can wait a little longer.

Well, now that you mention it, that is true. Please forgive me for earlier. Well then, ahem. I’m Collette, the Aquarius Star Maiden. I run this bakery day in and day out. I’m the charismatic proprietor as well as the cute girl who works at a shop.

I guess you know by now that I’m God’s Gift. I hope we can work together to solve this end of the world thing.

Yes, likewise. Is it all right if I keep calling you Itsuki?

That’s fine with me. Not sure I really live up to the name “God’s Gift” just yet, anyway.

All right. Now then, Itsuki, let me ask you a question. What do you think of my bakery?

No funny/asshole choices here, unfortunately. You can call it “cute”, “clean”, or “nice”.

(Why do they keep saying that? Uhh… quick, think of something…)

It’s very… nice?

Hmm, that isn’t a very satisfying answer. I want to know what you think in more refined detail. For example, the decorations are nice or the place is clean… Things like that. After all, it stands to reason that this bakery is nice. That’s because I’m the proprietor.

You know Pride is one of the Deadly Sins, right? It’s also where everything went completely to shit in Conception II.

You asked me that out of the blue. I can’t really give you a detailed answer when I’ve only been standing in here for a few minutes.

I see… I’m sorry for coming at you like that after your compliment. However, when you compliment me in the future, do give me precise feedback.

(Great, that’s a minefield I’ll have to wade into eventually…)

I’m sorry, I got wrapped up in idle conversation. I need to start baking the next batch, so I will excuse myself.

You bake and sell everything in here by yourself?

Yes. I mentioned it briefly in passing before, but I run this bakery solo. I also have my duties as a Star Maiden, so I will be much busier than before.

Sounds like a tough job that’s going to get tougher.

Not at all. I can manage. …I know. If you’d like, please take that unsold bread home with you. It was baked this morning, but I’m sure it’s still nice and soft.

Oh, well, thanks. Are you sure it’s okay for me to take it?

Of course. I will receive payment for it however.

Gonna bill the shit out of the palace for it, huh?

You sure do have all your bases covered.

You have to be like this if you expect to run a business well.

You could also try taking some introductory economics courses. Judging by that screen shot and the fact that you mentioned unsold bread from this morning, I have a feeling you don’t quite grasp supply and demand theory.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Okay, Collette. It’s your turn for the ritual.

So the time has come… I didn’t think for a minute that I would be selected.

Please for the love of God, stop drawing attention to that.

And to think I’d be made to do the ritual… You certainly are a lusty fellow.

(I’m so glad that nobody from my world can see this.)

Could you not say stuff like that? You’re a Star Maiden, of course you’d be selected to do this ritual.

My my. I see you’re getting defensive but not denying it. So I was right. You are lusty.

I’m not. At least not in regards to this ritual stuff.

You may be right. Instead of lusty, you’re probably more… cocky. I suppose my cuteness has that effect on your and you can’t help yourself.

What the hell are you going on about?

Neehee. That was a joke. I was just joking around to lighten the tension before the ritual. I feel a bit better now. I, mean, [sic] I am at that sensitive age. I suppose I’m as nervous as anyone would be. Now then, what are we supposed to do?

Wait, you mean you don’t know how this works?

I just wanted to see what you were into first, then I’d come up with a plan of action.

I think you’re really exaggerating what this involves. Trust me, that isn’t going to happen. I’ll make sure of it.

All right. I’ll trust you. For now. It’s better to just come out with it than sit here worrying about it, right? Well, I guess in the case of this ritual, something really will come out!

Please don’t phrase it like that. I beg you.

Ah, right. After this ritual, you need to treat me to something. I want to have something nice to eat.

Man, you are just riding this for all it’s worth, aren’t you? Normally I’d be defensive about cash, but the little bit that we do have left technically came from Mana. I have no reservations at all about blowing Mana’s money.

Think of it as a treat for doing the ritual.

Why do I have to treat you? This is for the sake of the world.

Oh, come now. It’s just an act of kindness to me. I’m not all that hungry, so something light and simply is fine. I’ll leave you to decide.

So… what? Something like bread? Is that what you’re driving at?

But really? Getting bread for the girl who runs a bakery? Oh, maybe you thought I’d be happy if you suggested bread?

Are you not?

You’re surprisingly rude.

Pot calling the kettle black, Collette.

It’s not like I live solely on bread. “Man does not f-yeast on bread alone.” That’s what dieticians say as well. It’s a wonderful teaching that states that nutritional balance is important for growing girls.

I’m fairly sure that you are misunderstanding that.

Rather than worrying about that, I thought I said I’d like something light and simple. Pita is the only type of bread that fits that requirement.

Listen, can we just focus on the ritual? Are you ready?

Yes, I’ve been prepared from the start. Well then, shall we begin?

*Classmating which includes a very inappropriate cutscene*

Phew… Is that it? I’m really tired…

That actually went a bit easier than the past few times.

Th-That was easy…? I was pretty embarrassed…

You’ll get used to it. I have. Mostly.

Hmm, I wonder if it’s something that’s good to get used to…

It’s supposed to be a sacred ritual that helps prevent danger.

Oh, I know that already.

Anyway, what do you want?

Ah! You remembered… I think that’s a wonderful characteristic you have. Well, nice job on the ritual today.

Thank god that’s over with. For now. Whatever, I’ll let future me deal with that.

~Collette’s Sweet Wheats~

Welcome! We knead happiness into your heart! Welcome to Collette’s Sweet Wheats!

That’s pretty rude of you. I’m here to buy bread today.

Oh, so you’re here as a customer. My apologies. Please, take your time… is what I’d like to say, but I’m going to close the shop in ten minutes.

Are you going somewhere?

No, but I do need to bake more bread in the back. After all, I do everything from the baking to the selling all by myself.

There are a lot of bakeries like that. They still manage to actually sell shit while doing it though.

I have a personal rule for people to only eat freshly baked bread.

Must be nice to have that kind of freedom.

Yes, it certainly is. Some famous person once said, “Freedom has its price.” But no matter how busy I get, thinking about that freedom energizes me.

So no complaints then I guess, huh?

Then everyone will be full and happy. Now then, shall I wrap up your bread? How about a bitter chocolate croissant that carrier an air of mischief with it? I’m sure if you munch on this alone in the park, you’ll get all the girls.

Oh yeah, girls love a guy that sadly sits alone on a bench in the park eating chocolate croissants. Why didn’t I think of doing that?

Could I just get some normal bread?

In that case, the girls will be able to leave you alone.

Yeah, nothing says poverty like eating chocolate covered croissants.

Does all of your bread have to be eaten alone in the park?

I’ve got it. In that case, I’ll throw in a heel of bread too. Just like there was the high heel boom, we’ll make a bread heel boom too. Please make a movement out of this, Itsuki.

(Oh, it’s going to be a movement alright.)

I guess I can do that, the talking about bread part anyway, not the “moe” part. As long as I keep getting free bread like this.

Oh?! You will? If this somehow works, then the bakery’s sales will be set. I asked expecting you to say no. But you know, Itsuki… That yes-man response of yours has really moved me.

That’s not a compliment, you know.

That’s not true. I highly evaluate that challenging spirit of yours. Well, I’ll give you the heel for free anyway, so eat it wherever you’d like.

Okay. Sorry to get in your way.

Not at all. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to talk more. Please eat the heel, crumbs and all. I promise it’s very delicious.

I’m going to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the hell Collette’s character is.

Oh well. Not the time to think about that. We’ve got the final penultimate Star Maiden.

~Star God Academy Field~

Okay, I only need to meet with one more Maiden and then I can get to work on putting together a proper team for the Labyrinths. I doubt I’m going to find that Yuzuha girl here at the academy though. She mentioned something about working at home. I should ask Reone or Narcisstes about where she lives.

~Yuzuha’s Workshop~

…*sigh* Why did I have to become a Star Maiden…

*There’s a sound from somewhere*

…Hm? …Wh-Who’s there?

*Yuzuha moves to check it out*

Sorry, wasn’t trying to scare you. I was knocking at the door but you weren’t responding.

…Is that a coffin bed?

Um… You don’t have to say sorry… It was my fault for daydreaming… Hi, Big Brother… Did you, uh, want something from me…?

I wanted to drop by and properly introduce myself.

I thought you already did that the last time… Oh, you said “properly.” Okay. I guess proper salutations are needed… Um… I’m Yuzuha. I think I’m the Pisces Star Maiden… N-Nice to meet you…

Nice to meet you too.

Oh, yes… Nice to meet you… *sigh*… Looks like he’s not someone scary…

What was that? You kind of drifted off there.

O-Oh, it’s nothing… Don’t mind me. Please, continue…

Okay. Well, umm… you have a lot of paintings in here. Do you do that as a hobby?

It’s my job, not so much a hobby.

…But now I also have to work as a Star Maiden… *sigh*…

Do you not want that?

Well, I can’t help it now that I’ve been chosen… I don’t really want to, but I’ve given up on resisting. I’m really good at giving up… So please… don’t mind me, Big Brother. I’ll do my job as a Star Maiden properly. …Oh. I’m calling you “Big Brother”… Does that sound too pushy to you?

Well, I know Narcisstes gave a lecture to you guys about thinking of us like a family, but I’ll be honest, the Big Brother thing is kind of weirding me out.

I don’t know what else to call you…

Maybe something like, “Mr. Itsuki”? Or just “Itsuki”?

Mister…? Hmm… I guess I could call you that… But… that’s supposed to show seniority, right? That means I’ll have to call the other Star Maidens “Miss.”

It’s an honorific, Yuzuha. You are supposed to follow it with a name when you know it, like Miss Arie or Miss Reone.

I mean, Big Brother is kind of the same. A lot of guys could react to that.

That’s okay. You’re the only man I know.

What about Narcisstes?

Hmm… He’s more like “Teacher,” or “Uncle” maybe? So I prefer to call you “Big Brother.” But, if you insist, I guess I can call you “Mister”…

Honestly, ”Big Brother” just feels weird, but I guess just call me whatever you feel comfortable with.

Thanks, Narc. Real good job on that stupid creepy “think of each other as family” lecture.

…Um, is there something else we have to talk about? I don’t really notice these things, so please tell me.

No, I just came by to say hi to you. I don’t really have any other stuff to talk about right now.

Oh, okay. Sorry… I’m sure you found out today, but I’m bad at talking… So, I’m sorry…

You don’t have to apologize for that. Just keep in mind that we’re going to have to talk in order to strengthen our bond.

S-Sure… But it still won’t be fun talking to me. Big Brother… you have to use your time wisely…

Spending time like this is wise.

But I…

Just don’t worry about it, okay? I decide how I spend my own time.

I’ll stop by again some other time. See you later.

Okay. See you…

*And Itsuki takes his leave*

… “I decide how I spend my own time.”…

I don’t know…

Good stuff. I’m sure the Classmating ritual will go just swimmingly.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

What? W-With me…? Ugh… Big Brother… Do we really have to?

Kind of, yeah. It’s part of saving the world. I won’t force you into it, though.

O-Okay… Let me think… I know I shouldn’t refuse, but…

You aren’t the only one.

…You too? As much as me?


O-Oh, really… So it’s the same for you… I’m a bit relieved to know I’m not the only one. But the other Star Maidens feel the same way, right? We all get scared and nervous…

(Well, except for Mirei… and Reone I guess, but that’s beside the point.)

It wouldn’t be fair if I’m the only one who doesn’t do it… Okay, I-I have to gather my courage.

No problem. Are you feeling a little more ready?

U-Um… I am now, but… I don’t really know how to Classmate…

You too?! Is this not part of your classes or something? It seems like a major part of the Star Maiden thing.

Ugh… I’m sorry.

And Narcisstes just let that slide? He didn’t even try and get you to pay attention? The class only has 12 students in it, don’t try and tell me that he just didn’t notice. I had 16 in my ESL tutoring classes and I knew damn well whenever someone was passed out or not paying attention.

Big Brother, this may not be your first time… But… it is for me… so… um…

I understand. Just leave it all to me, okay? I’m sure I can make this work.

Oh… Yes, please. I’ll do as you say… So please teach me… Please…

Calm down, you can count on me. I think.

Okay… Then, um…

*Final introductory Classmating! …Sort of!*

*sigh*… It’s finally over… I’m so sorry… I don’t think I did it well…

Don’t worry about it. You get better with practice.

All right, thanks… I feel so tired right now.

Sure thing. Thanks for everything.

Okay… Bye, Big Brother.

Okay, let’s waste no time in finishing this up.

~Yuzuha’s Workshop~

O-Oh, Big Brother…? What are you doing here? I’m off from class today, so… Do you have an emergency?

No, nothing like that. I just wanted to check out some of your paintings. I didn’t get the chance last time.

Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?

Oh, so that’s it… That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone say that. …Oh, but none of them are finished. Can I show them to you when I’m done?

What about that clearly finished one above the window? The one that’s already framed?

It’s a bit embarrassing, but if you want to see, I’ll let you… Oh, is saying “I’ll let you” a bit too rude?

Not really. They’re yours, so it’s your call. I’ll look forward to it.

I-It’s nothing to look forward to…

Great. Anyway, do you live here by yourself?

Oh… y-yes. Yes, I do. Going to and from here to the academy is my daily routine. I really don’t like going outside though…

Why? Do you not like being around people or something?

Yeah, I’m terrible with them… Before I was a Star Maiden, I never left home… so I never got used to people. That’s why if someone talks to me, I don’t know how to respond…

I don’t understand how we’re able to…

Well, the fact is that you are talking with me just fine. So maybe if we keep that up then you can get used to talking to other people.

I think I’ll be fine… Time passes quickly when I’m painting, and it’s fun too. I’m okay with the way things are… I think I was just born like this…

That seems a bit sad, doesn’t it? Why not just keeping talking with me and the Star Maidens, then?

I think that’s just a waste of your time…

I told you before. The time I’m spending with you isn’t a waste. Just go for it.

Oh… you’re so forceful, Big Brother. You’re the complete opposite of how passive I am…

I’ve told you already, but I’m really good at that…

Whatever helps. Anyway, I’m going to head back for today. I’ll check in again later.

Y-Yeah… U-Um… See you later…

And that’s it, at least until Maiden 13 decides to show up. Now comes the good part (for me).