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Part 12: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Libra, Aries… and to a lesser degree the rest

Bonding Update V: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Libra, Aries… and to a lesser degree the rest

That was a nice story break, wasn’t it? We popped in the first fresh battery to the Labyrinths, some mysterious unseen monster was decidedly not pleased about that, there was a big celebration banquet, Reone got totally shitfaced, and then we followed Mahiru around as she led us on a stupid “7 Spooky Mysteries of the School!” side quest that Japan seems enamored with. Good stuff.

I hope you all enjoyed that little bit of progress, because now we have to bring the plot to a screeching halt as we return to Bonding Updates. There was one bonding event left over from Level 1 of the gauge, so we need to have a look at that first. Then we need to get through a new Classmating Scene in order to start working our way through the Bond Level 2 events.

We’re going to be here a while is what I’m saying. Thankfully, the thread has cast their judgement on the Star Maidens, so from this point on we’ll only be dealing with 6 of them at a time in detail. The other 6 Maidens will have to settle for a Coles Notes version, or whatever name you may have for the websites/study guides that saved your ass from having to read that book you were supposed to read in order to write that essay that was due the next day and was worth like 25% of the fucking grade for the entire term so you stayed up until midnight to get it done.

I do my best work when under immense unrelenting pressure.

Anyway, bonding time. We’ll go in reverse poll order for this one, because after reading over some of the recent updates I posted, I noticed that Arie has been getting more screen time than I intended.

~Star God Academy Hallway~

Mahiru said she saw Ruka around here somewhere…

Oh, there you are. I was trying to find you actually. I wanted to talk.

Oh, perfect timing. There was something I needed to tell you.

That’s… kind of unexpected. Did I do something?

More like… You did… It’s… you know… You brought the girl back home the other day… and I didn’t get to thank you for it… So… Th-Thank you.

Oh, that? You’re welcome. Just trying to help out where I can.

Oh, yeah… Same here… S-Sorry…

Uhh… why are you sorry?

I’ve never thanked anyone before, so I don’t know how to respond…

I didn’t have the chance to say it before. I realized that after you left the other day.

Speaking of, what was the real reason that girl was running around barefoot? What happened to her shoes?

Beats me. But she always lies about the crows taking it or the cats stealing it. In the end, she told me to find out myself because I’m a Tsukuyomi. I don’t know what’s going on with her…

Kids are assholes. I’m talking about the barefoot girl’s snippy remark to Ruka, but also about the little shits who I’m betting are bullying her and throwing her shoes away or something.

Well, can’t you just read her mind and find out?

Don’t make it sound so simple. Would you want to use your Tsukuyomi powers on your own family?

No thanks.

Yeah, I guess that would be kind of terrifying. Some things are better left unknown.

Exactly. That’s why I would never touch them… Besides, we rarely ever talk. It’s awkward, but it’s best for all of us to keep a certain distance. Still, the kids also lost their parents, so their hearts are vulnerable.

You’re right. That’s what psychologists are for.

I guess the Tsukuyomi thing doesn’t have much in the way of uses.

At the very least, it’s never been useful to me even once.

That’s because you don’t have any imagination.

It’s the most unwanted super power in Granvania.

So are you just going to leave her alone then?

I can’t do that and you know it. There are only a few possibilities for an orphan losing her shoes at school. I think she’s being bullied. What do you think?

It’s definitely possible.

Hmm… the fact that the game is jumping right to that conclusion makes me suspicious. They always do this thing where it’s not what the characters initially think it is. I’m going to withdraw the bullying bet, but I’ll need to think about this a little before making a new one.

So I have a suggestion. I got this idea while talking to you. I heard about it from Mahiru. In your world, you have this thing called a “student council.”

I was going to say that that sounds more like a Hall Monitor type of thing, but Student Councils/Prefects in places like the UK typically do have some involvement with keeping order and being narcs enforcing rules. Japanese Student Councils do have some authority or power based on Student Clubs (which are a more serious thing in Japan than the West) such as some say in how they operate or some input on their funding, but despite what Anime might lead you to believe, Student Councils don’t have any major administrative power or influence. That stuff still falls to the faculty. I guess you could argue that the Student Council could always rat out bad students to the faculty who could then proceed to do something of actual impact.

Its first members will be you and me. You will help, right?

Well, I don’t really mind. There isn’t much that just the two of us can do, though. I mean, I spend most of my time focusing on the whole hero thing.

We’re not going to be all that active. A Tsukuyomi and God’s Gift patrolling the academy… Just hearing about us two patrolling would be effective enough.

So it’s just in name only then?

Yes. You just need to lend me the use of your title. Granted, I’ll have you patrol the academy when you do have some free time. We’ll mostly be active during after hours. And we can deepen our bond, so that’s beneficial to you too. I don’t think it’s such a bad deal.

That does sound pretty helpful. Okay, I’m in. We’ll be the strongest team there is.

The strongest…? People usually don’t say that about themselves. But we probably only need to make the ones disturbing the peace think that.

That’s sort of what I was going for.

You should also look more dignified. Your image is important with these things.

Dignified? What are you talking about? Do I need to change what I’m wearing or something?

Then again, I don’t really care about looks.

I think every one of those statements contradicted the one before it.

I’m not sure I understood all of what you just said.

I’ll make a proposal for the academy from my end. Once it’s approved, I’ll let you know. *sigh*… I hope this goes well…

I’m sure it will. Well, I’ll leave things up to you for now I guess.

Yeah… Sorry I held you back here. I really will need your help with the student council though.

Okay, Ruka is proving to be a lot less Tsundere than I initially feared. Also not quite as closed off as her introduction made her seem. At the very least she seems to be making an effort to connect more with people, even if it might not necessarily be a conscious effort.

Next up is our favourite mess of a personality: Mahiru.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Hey Mahiru. Is your class done with for today?

That really sounds like something Itsuki should be learning. What purpose is there in teaching the Star Maidens about Impurities? They can’t enter the Labyrinths and they can’t fight the damn things.

You’re always fighting so many different monsters, huh, Itsuki? Thought I heard some Impurities look cute. But you’ll only get hurt if you judge them by how they look. Guess that applies to both people and Impurities.

Actually the only “cute” one we’ve seen so far has been incredibly weak and tries to run away the moment it spots us. Still, I’ll keep that “don’t judge a book by its cover” stuff in mind. Listen, there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you. What was that promise that you brought up? You know, the one we made at the Autumn Festival?

Come on, Mahiru. Don’t punish me for forgetting about something I said when we were kids. Can you at least say what kind of promise it was?

You can’t be—

Got it?

Okay, okay. Geez. I won’t bring it up anymore.

I’m telling you, it’s a Childhood Marriage Promise. It has to be. What other promise could get an anime girl so fucking petulant?

And your other bonds? Deeper bonds mean stronger Star Children, right?

They’re going okay. I guess.

That’s rather ambiguous. You could at least be more aggressive with me to make Star Children.

I get it. I’ll do the Classmating ritual with you more. You don’t have to be indirect about it.

Look… I hope you don’t misunderstand… I don’t actually want to do the Classmating ritual.

That’s a total lie and we all know it.

I know, Mahiru. It’s for the sake of the world and for us to get home. It’s something we have to do, along with deepening our bond.

If that’s how it is, then I know a better way.

What does that have to do with anything?

Why don’t we go and eat it together? If we share the same experience, I think our bond will become stronger.

If that’s what you want, then we can go and try it.

Don’t make it sound like you’re doing me a favor. You don’t have to go.

We both know I do. So come on, please go with me to try the cake in the cafeteria.

If you insist. I’ll treat you to it. Let’s get going. The cafeteria will close if we don’t hurry.

~Star God Academy Hallway~

Hey, Mahiru, are you noticing that the other students keep staring at us?

I try not to draw too much attention whenever I’m here. I already feel out of place here, but I feel like I stand out more with you around.

Is it because both God’s Gifts are walking around together? To the people of Granvania, we’re probably like pandas at a zoo. Or perhaps… Beauty and the Beast?

Or maybe it’s because I’m not actually a student here? I never thought about it, but I hope I don’t get kicked out by security or something.

Haha, no way. You’re God’s Gift, the hero who will save the world.

~Star God Academy Cafeteria~

Well? It’s not sweet, but it’s super delicious, don’t you think?

Yeah, I think so. It’s definitely not something we have in our world.

…How can something be sweet and also not… you know what, never mind.

I’ve always been interested in making sweets. The other Star Maidens told me I could learn from the pastry chef here.

Sounds like a nice thing to learn.

You think so too, Itsuki? Then maybe I should work part-time here.

Wait, you’re going to work here?

That’s right. I’ll help prepare the cafeteria food and make sweets too. Oh, and I’m very aware that I’m a terrible cook. I did make you my guinea pig for taste testing many times before, Itsuki.

Girls having an inability to cook, potentially to a lethal level, is a trope that will never die apparently. I want it to die. It’s not funny. The one time I think I’ve laughed at a “terrible cook” segment is in the “The Algae’s Always Green” episode of Spongebob. Man, that was a great moment. Then “Victory Screech” comes shortly after that… What were we doing again?

Yeah… I remember that time… unfortunately…

But… that’s all the more reason to challenge myself to do it. No pain, no gain, right?

Well, I think you should go for it.


Yeah. If you can get paid to help out at the cafeteria and also learn more about cooking, then you’re killing two birds with one stone. I’m all for you learning how to improve your cooking.

That’s great… M-Maybe I will apply for it then.

Anyway, thanks for treating me.

Don’t worry about it. Part of it was to apologize to you.

You already apologized for that a bunch of times.

I’m not satisfied yet.

Mahiru, it’s been 10 years… I REALLY just want to forget about it.

Okay… Then I hope it’s your turn to treat me next time.

Funny lame stuff. At least she’s doing something in the name of self improvement. I guess I can’t knock that too much. I just wish it wasn’t the tired old “woman who can’t cook = funny” thing.

Reone and Farun both tied for 3rd, but Reone was lower in the order so we’ll check with her next.

~Star God Academy Clinic~

Oh, welcome. Mm… Maybe I should take a break. Oh, I have an apple here. Would you like one?

You mean the one next to that picture?

So that is the picture she was talking about, except that there are not two people in that damn photo.

Personally, I see one person in a yukata reaching out to something on a wooden table. The hair is short, but it still looks like it might be red. So the picture to me seems to be of a young Reone. Usually young women wear the kind of bright patterned yukata we see in the picture while men typically wear solid colours, but I guess it technically could be a slightly effeminate boy. Either way I do not see two people there. Maybe it's another translation error. Or laziness, it could be laziness.

Whenever I made baked apples for him, he would eat so many. Thanks to that, baked apples are the only thing I’m really good at cooking. Speaking of which… I never told you who he is. Though I think you understand who that boy is by now. …But only if you’re not more dense than I think you are.

There are three options: Son, Brother, or Boyfriend. Based on age though, there are really only two possibilities: Brother or Boyfriend/close friend. It’s obviously not going to be her son, because we were told that Star Maidens are virgins; a fact the game shoves in our face and I wish I didn’t have to keep repeating but seems to repeatedly come up as relevant to the conversation.

I’m guessing your brother?


Nailed it!

Did I give too many hints? I should’ve teased you more to see your reactions. But you didn’t react at all, so I ended up getting impatient instead.

I figured it was something I shouldn’t pry into.

*sigh*… You really are no fun to tease. You’re too serious… or air-headed. Even that part of you two is similar.

So you have a brother then. Where is he?

I had one, to be exact.

Nailed the second part as well! Makin’ it rain! Oh right, she’s trying to have a serious moment of recounting her dead brother. Sorry.

He was such a good brother to me.

Oh, I see…

You don’t have to look so sad. It’s all in the past. So, how about that apple? I’ll peel it for you if you want. Or do you want me to make applesauce out of it and feed it to you?

That’s a little weird actually… How about you try baking it?

O-Oh, sorry. The way you said it was almost exactly like my brother… Whew… That was so surprising. That made me jump for a second.

Am I really that much like him?

That was nearly identical. It made me think for a second that my brother was back. …Oh, I’m sorry. There’s no oven in here. For today, I hope you’re fine with a regular apple. Maybe I’ll make you a baked apple next time…

*And so Itsuki ate the apple, as indicated by a fade to black short time skip*

Hmm… The apple wasn’t that good, was it? It wasn’t ripe yet, huh. Sorry about that.

It’s fine. I was hungry anyway, so it tasted fine.

Haha… You’re too kind. Either way, I’ll make you something nice to eat next time as an apology. I do need you to get your nutrition.

Sure. I’ll make sure to stop in again soon.

Yes, do come again.

So with this revelation being confirmed, I have become a tiny bit concerned with how Reone is acting. She’s the “erotic” character-

It’s actually a trait in her profile by the way, I’m not just interpreting that.

Anyway, she’s supposed to be the “mature erotic” type. However, we just learned that Itsuki apparently has a very close resemblance to her brother (at least in terms of personality and some characteristics. We’re not sure how far physical resemblance goes). I’m sort of a bit uncomfortable with how… forward Reone is with Itsuki now. I’m not sure if this will be a running theme in her character arc, but that last part of her event had her treating Itsuki almost like he was her brother. Her reaction to the sudden hit of nostalgia also involved the blushing animation instead of just the “shocked” animation.

Please let me be reading too much into this, Conception Plus. We’ve already got the weird cousin thing going on between Mahiru and Itsuki. Don’t bring in some weird surrogate/replacement brother aspect to Reone’s potential romantic relationship on top of that.


Let’s just move on to Farun and try to put that idea out of our heads for now.

(Hmm, what’s she reading? She seems pretty lost in it.)

Hey, Farun?


Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. Just wondering what you were reading. Is that a letter?

Huh? I-It’s nothin’ big.

You seem pretty nervous about something that’s nothing big. Is it from somebody important?

Well… I guess ya could say it’s from someone important.

I see. I guess it’s something I shouldn’t pry into, huh?

Hehe, if you’re thinkin’ that, then don’t ask in the first place. I kinda don’t wanna say. It’s a bit personal.

I have to say that so ya don’t misunderstand.

You know, I think it would be kind of a novel approach if this game had a situation where one of the Star Maidens actually does have a crush/boyfriend. I know it would be sort of a bummer story, because their arc would inevitably have to end with some dude being emotionally crushed since the heroine would have to ditch them to wind up with the protagonist (that’s just part of the whole wish fulfillment aspect of dating sims), but there’s potential for a complex and emotionally difficult story. I think having that guy in Reone’s arc actually be a past boyfriend that died would have been a better choice than making him her brother. You’d still get the emotional conflicts and confusion, but not have to tackle the idea of having the MC tear a relationship apart for his own gain.

I guess that’s a relief for me then?

Sorry, I got off track. We’re talking about Farun stuff now.

Ahahah, what are ya sayin’? Well, whatever. Don’t worry ‘bout it. So what’s up? You’re real early. The tavern ain’t even open yet.

Oh, right. I came by to see if I could catch you dancing. Looks like it’s not the right time though.

But ya did show up. I’m impressed. We have a bit of… Oh, but it’s almost openin’ time…

Well, can I ask you something then?

Hm? What’s up?

You said you’re a traveler, right?

Yup. I go from place to place an’ travel solo.

I suppose. What I wanted to know was when you started doing it.

Hmm… I don’t remember. It’s been a while. My hometown’s a really small village. I didn’t wanna spend the rest of my life there.

Preaching to the choir, girl.

I knew the world was a much bigger place than that. By the time I realized that, I decided to leave home.

So that’s how you got started.

Yup. It’s been fun. Ya get to go to so many places an’ see so many things.

Whether it’s culture or people, everythin’ gathers here. But the frontiers an’ villages have also preserved their natural scenery.

How big is this world, exactly? Or is this a pre-Age of Discovery situation where Granvania thinks they’ve charted the four corners of the world and they’ll drop off the face of the planet if they travel too far out to sea? I mean, this looks like a fairly sizeable city, but I can’t believe that this place is somehow the center of culture/trade/civilization of the entire planet, or that Shangri-La somehow manages to rule it all.

I loved lookin’ around those places. Not havin’ a home gives ya more freedom to walk around everywhere, ya know? That’s why I don’t wanna stick around here for too long. I was hopin’ somethin’ could be done ‘bout that. What do ya think, Itsuki?

I’m doing what I can.

Ahaha. Ya sure ‘bout that? Ya don’t sound very confident.

That’s something else I’m working on. Anyway, from what I know about you, traveling seems like a perfect fit.

Hm? What do ya mean by that?

You seem to get along with everyone really easily.

…What’s wrong?

…You said you know me.

I… I’m sorry if I offended you. I didn’t mean to.

…N-No! I should be the one sayin’ sorry! It felt kinda weird just now!

Seems like we’ve struck some kind of mysterious nerve.

No, it’s fine. Don’t apologize.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me… Oh, I better go an’ open up shop. Well, I hope ya have fun here. I’ll dance a ton to make it up to ya!

Sounds good. Don’t go getting all nervous just because I’ll be watching.

Hehe. See ya later!

I’m at a loss for this one. I’m sure there’s some kind of traumatic event, possibly something that Farun blames on herself, which caused her to run away from home and become a traveler. As to what that event is, I have no theories right now.

~Mirei’s Laboratory~

Hello, Mirei. Is this a good time?

Oh, Itsuki. You’re here. We were still in the middle of the interview last time.

H-Hold up! There’s no need to use the restraints! I came here on my own after all, right? I’m not going to run. I’ll just sit on the chair. Besides, I wanted to learn a bit more about you this time. Building a stronger bond is something that goes both ways, isn’t it?

I see. How diligent of you. In that case, I don’t mind cooperating.

Cool your jets, Mirei. Let’s save that for if you end up winning the Maiden Ending vote.

Uh, no. I’m not tying you down…

Are you sure about that? Restricting the specimen will result in more accurate information. There is research that indicates as much.

We’re leaving the restraints where they are. I just want to sit and have a normal conversation.

Well, if you wish. So, what do you want to know?

What kind of research do you do exactly?

Heheheh… I’m thankful that you’re interested in my research. However, Reone always tells me this whenever I talk about it:

If you don’t mind that, then I will share with you. You would probably get the same reaction as Reone.

If you think that’s how it will be, then we can get into the details some other time. Maybe once I’ve learned more about this world I might be able to understand the stuff you’re working on.

I’m glad you’re even interested at all. I’ll tell you about it someday.

Then how about your daily life? Like… are you always hanging out in this room?

I would say so. I rarely go outside of this place. Reone often tells me to, but it’s too much of a pain. I have everything I need to do my research right here. I see no reason to leave. I research Star Energy in this room by myself. That makes me happier than anything else.

Really? But… you look so good. You always have your hair done up and your clothes are pretty cool looking. Do you read magazines and stuff on top of your research?

I have no interest in that. As proof, I look like this all year round.

Okay… then what about cooking and cleaning stuff? How do you do that in here?

I deal with that using the magical tools I’ve developed.

That sounds pretty awesome actually. Sounds like you can do just about anything with Star Energy.

That’s not true. Household chores are done with Star Energy so I can make time for my research. Not everything should be relied upon with Star Energy. Now it’s my turn.

Wait, what? What do you mean by that?

I will continue my interview with you. I plan on doing some more experiments.

No, no I am not okay with that! I think it’s probably time for me to head out.

Hold on, Itsuki. Don’t run away. How about this, let’s compromise. Just let me cut off a piece of your skin.

I’m out!

*Itsuki fucking books it*

Good call on that resistance to the restraints, Itsuki. That was about to get terrifying.

One more Focus Maiden left for this update. We saved the most popular for last, mainly because she had already gotten a lot of focus over the past two updates.

~Star God Academy Church~

Hmm hmm hmm♪

Did you need something from the church? Or did you come to see me? Haha, I’m just joking.

Well, I actually did come to see you.

Oh? I was only joking…

I’m sorry. I’d love to talk, but I haven’t finished cleaning yet. I still need to clean the church.

Oh, that’s cool. I can wait here until you’re done, if that’s okay with you.

You will? In that case, I should clean faster. Now, if you’ll excuse me for a second.

*Arie wanders off to continue her cleaning*

(Wonder what I should do while I wait? I guess it couldn’t hurt to look around a bit. Probably should try and learn a little bit about Granvania’s religion and stuff…)

*Itsuki decides to wander about like a lost tourist*

(Hm? What’s that on the side of the church? …Is that a door? Looks pretty old. Wonder what’s inside? If it was for storage or something then you’d think it would have been replaced at some point.)

*Itsuki decides to walk up to the door and try opening it for no discernible reason other than “That door looks old”*

…Locked? Or maybe it’s just stuck?

*Arie rushes in from outta nowhere*

Huh? Why not?

That is the forbidden room.

Uh… okay. Why is it forbidden?

Unspeakable evils that cannot be let out dwell inside.

Evils? What, you mean like the Impurities? Oh, then I’ll just go grab the Star Children and we can try and clear it out.

I-I’m sorry I raised my voice…

Ah, no. That’s my fault. Sorry, I was being really nosy.

I should also apologize for raising my voice like that…

I think you already did that. Anyway, is that why the door is locked up?

No, that’s not exactly it…

…Oookay… Is it your room or something?

You’re being really evasive about this.

Anyway, the room hasn’t been used for so long that the door has rusted shut. That’s why you won’t be able to open it.

If it really is such a dangerous room, then shouldn’t you tell someone about it? You shouldn’t be dealing with that all by yourself. I could always ask some of the Star Children to help guard it or something.

Huh?! Th-That’s… I-It’s fine… It’s my duty to keep watch over this room.

Hmm… Curiouser and curiouser. I knew you were hiding something, Arie. We’ll find a way into that room someday.

Are you sure?

Yes. So please don’t worry, Itsuki.

H-Hey! Stop pushing, Arie!

Let’s go, let’s go, Itsuki.

So we’ve discovered Arie’s big secret that all these characters seem to be required to have. Well, we’ve partially found it at least. Any theories on what could be in there? Actual sealed evil? Shady church experiment/ritual room? Arie’s secret kink dungeon? Or could it be something completely stupid or mundane?

Maybe we’ll find out, maybe we won’t. It could also be what kills Arie’s popularity in the polling. Ellie in Conception II also had some secret thing involving the church that kept her high in the polls, but then she dropped out of the top 3 basically as soon as the thread learned what the secret actually was.

~Bottom 6 Summaries~

As promised, here are short summaries of the events of the Star Maidens that placed in the bottom of the thread poll. I’ll keep these brief and accompany them with a screenshot, but beyond that there won’t be a full transcription of the whole scene.


In Sue’s event she approaches Itsuki and asks if he has any bandages. Itsuki learns that Sue found an injured wolf out in the woods and wants to nurse it back to health back at her ranch. Itsuki offers to carry it back, but Sue gets caught up in wondering why he care so much about it or her or some self-depreciating shit like that.

Anyway, Itsuki eventually convinces her to let him help and they bring the wolf back to the ranch. Sue thanks him and says she thought he looked cool before stating that she’s trying to learn how to compliment people. The event just kind of peters out after that. It’s actually a really short event compared to the others.


In Yuzuha’s event, Itsuki goes to visit her at her house and tackles the question that I’m sure a lot of us want to know the answer to: Why the hell does she have a coffin in her room? Yuzuha asks if it’s strange and says she tried to make it look cute to fit in with the room, which prompts Itsuki to point out that that isn’t really the problem. Itsuki asks Yuzuha to make sure that there’s not a corpse in that thing and Yuzuha replies that it’s just her bed. She feels most at ease when she sleeps in it. She says that she gets to dream a lot when she’s inside of it.

So I guess it’s kind of like a sensory deprivation tank or something that acts as her muse of sorts. Yuzuha asks Itsuki to keep her coffin bed a secret because she doesn’t want the others to think she’s weird and Itsuki promises not to say a word. She also states that she has a lot of secrets and that this is the first one she’s shared with someone. After that, she says that she wants proof that Itsuki will keep his promise, so they end up doing a pinky promise because Yuzuha is still all in on this “Big Brother” thing that Narc put in her head.


Femiruna’s event is also a short one. It opens with her flipping her shit at one of her servants for screwing up something. Femiruna tries to fire the servant, but Itsuki intervenes and questions why she has to fire them over something stupid. Femiruna rightfully points out that someone incompetent at their job tends to, you know, lose said job. However, we then find out that the reason she wants them fired is because she found carrots on her plate despite how much she hates them. She calls the servants expendable and says that dogs could do a better job (which I think is a joke by the writers because she’s some kind of cat lady?), which prompts Itsuki to call her out on her attitude. Femiruna is taken aback by Itsuki sticking up for the servants over her and telling her she’s gone too far.

She then gets very guilty or afraid or demure or something along those lines, because she thinks that Itsuki is really angry at her. She apologizes and takes responsibility for how she acted. Itsuki explains that he’s doing it for her sake, because he doesn’t want her to be going around hurting others (he wants to see her be, you know, a decent person). Femiruna mentions to herself that even her father has never raised his voice at her, although Itsuki says that he didn’t really yell at her. Anyway, Femiruna gets caught up in the weird excitement she’s feeling from having someone actually put her in her place, then runs off embarrassed when Itsuki asks her what’s wrong.


Collette’s event opens with a bread pun.

This one’s for you inflatablefish!

Moving on from that, Itsuki says that he is looking for some melon bread. Collette looks at him like he’s a total weirdo and points out that melon and bread don’t mix, which causes Itsuki to look at her like she’s a total weirdo because, yeah, they fucking do mix. Collette takes interest in these new possible bread ideas, then reveals one that she came up with herself which is titled “A mighty knead for orange.” The conversation takes a strange turn at this point with Collette asking if Itsuki had spotted a strange woman hanging around the front of Collette’s store. Itsuki says he hasn’t seen anyone like that, but when he asks what this woman looks like Collette proceeds to brush it off and tells him not to worry about it. Collette runs off to go check on the bread she’s making, so Itsuki keeps a lookout for customers. Collette yelps from the back and when she comes back she reveals that she tried to open up the oven without wearing oven mitts, so she lightly burned herself. Itsuki offers to help out around the bakery a little, but Collette rebuffs the idea because he has his own work that needs doing with the Labyrinths. She also spouts some nonsense about her believing that bread is a gift from Star God and that it is the bringer of joy to people, so if she was going to hire someone on part-time then they’d need to have that same level of devotion. She says she’ll leave the part-timer slot open for now, and if Itsuki can bring peace to the world then she’ll hire him on.


Lillith/Lillie’s event opens with Lillith trying to clean graffiti off the walls of the Academy. Turns out that Lillie scrawled some graffiti of Narcisstes on the Academy walls after she was scolded by him in class. Lillith is trying to clean it up before anyone finds it so that Lillie doesn’t wind up getting scolded even more. Itsuki offers to help her out. After the two of them manage to clean up the graffiti, Itsuki gets to talking about how Lillie is kind of a troublemaker and how it has to be tiring for Lillith to put up with her. Lillith basically just brushes it off as Lillie “being a very active girl.” You know, the kind of thing that overly lenient parents will say about their kid when they are being little shitbag brats. Lillith talks about all the stuff that Lillie does while Lillith is “asleep” (you know, other than the pranks), like making their hair flashier or moving furniture around or…

this. Lillith, you are literally wearing a belt around your chest and a pair of booty shorts. What the hell counts as “shameful clothing” in your mind?

Anyway, Lillith says that Lillie does things that she can’t, so she enjoys all the surprises. She also says that Lillie is really kind deep down. Itsuki still rightfully points out that the pranks Lillie pulls must be a hassle for Lillith, but Lillith says that she doesn’t mind them that much because she looks up to how outgoing Lillie is in comparison to Lillith’s shyness. She says that she really does love Lillie and tries to convince Itsuki that she really is a nice girl. So she asks Itsuki to please be friends with her and Itsuki responds that he’s sure trying his best. The event just kind of ends at that point, with Lillith doing her “I must go now. Farewell” thing.


Tarua’s event is about how she spends her free time. She has the day off from her mail delivery duties, but she’s not sure what to do. Itsuki stumbles on her at the Star God Academy field trying to sing as a way to pass the time because she’s not sure what else to do on her day off. Tarua says that she’s bored and asks Itsuki what he thinks she should do.

There’s a few different choices here, but Tarua basically brushes all of them off. Tarua then realizes what she wants to do on her day off, which is to say that she wants to play with Itsuki. Itsuki says that he’s busy today and can’t, but he instantly caves the second she pulls out the “puppy dog eyes” look and starts guilt tripping him. Tarua asks what Itsuki wants to play and of course all of her suggestions are running related, such as tag, marathon, or racing. She convinces Itsuki to race her by stating that it would probably be beneficial to him because of how much he runs around the labyrinths. Then she fucking bolts and Itsuki has to give chase. There’s a brief time skip, after which we come back to Tarua slightly out of breath and Itsuki sounding like one of his lungs collapsed. Tarua says that she can keep going and after a very short break she once again darts off. After another short time skip, we come back to Tarua still raring to go and Itsuki seemingly passed out on the ground. Itsuki is completely gassed, so Tarua runs off to do something else because “playing alone is no fun.”

And there you have it. That’s it for this first bonding update. Next time, we’ll have new Classmating Scenes and then there’s at least two more major bonding events for everyone.