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Part 14: Capricorn, Virgo, and Cancer - Summary of Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus

Bonding Update VII – Capricorn, Virgo, and Cancer – Summary of Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus

Okay, time for us to get through the second half of these Classmating scenes and Bonding Level 2 events… so that we can immediately move on to the other Bonding Level 2 events. Yeah, we’re still not ready to make plot progress. Starting to think that I should have cut down the Focus Maidens to 3 after all. Oh well.

Farun is up first.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Yeah, sorry about asking you so much. I’m trying to be careful and make sure that I go into the Labyrinths as prepared as I possibly can be.

Hmm. I know ya gotta do what ya gotta do. But do we really have to come to the church every single time? It’s not that I don’t wanna, but it’s a little pain in the butt.

I love this idea of the Maidens constantly wondering if the sacred Classmating ritual can be done in any old location they feel like, like a back alley or something.

Well, the church is kind of the only place where the Classmating thing can happen. I can try and make it up to you if you’d like.

Oh? I like the sound of that. What will ya do for me?

Um… what if I take you somewhere?

Hehe. That sounds nice. Do ya really think ya can satisfy me? I’ve traveled the world, ya know?

Those places sound fucking awesome. Can we see them?

I just raised the bar for ya. So, where ya gonna take me?

Hmm… I’m probably going to need a little while to think about it.

Good! Think about it long an’ hard! Hehe. Seein’ ya troubled looks so cute. But hearin’ those words make me super happy. So thanks! Sorry for bein’ mean to ya.

I already agreed to it. I don’t need ya to do anythin’ for me. So there really isn’t any need for ya to force yourself to do that. Oh, but thanks for the gesture. I do appreciate that.

Well, if you’re sure. So… should we start the Classmating?

Y-Yeah… … H-Hold on just a sec… *inhale*… Whew… *inhale*… Whew… A-All right. I’m okay now. Let’s do this.

Are you sure about that?

I-I’m fine. I better get used to this soon…

*Classmating! Also, yes, the translation really does have “let’s” with a lower case ‘L’ despite being at the start of the sentence*

I do this because I love you, Spike Chunsoft. Yeah, I’ve got problems of my own. I’m not about to sit here and deny that or claim to be a master of linguistics. I have a habit of using “alright” basically all the time, even though “all right” is the formally acceptable version. I also interchange British and American spellings based on nothing but my own whims, but I’m Canadian and that’s kind of our whole thing.

The big difference between us is that I’m not getting a cent for this and I’m not charging people for it. The expectation of quality is a teensy bit lower for me.

Huff… Huff… Hehe… Guess I can’t get used to this that easily.

I guess you don’t like it either, huh?

…No, it’s not that I don’t. It’s ‘kay. I just get the feeling that it’s somethin’ special. An’ I don’t dislike it, but… Ya know… It’s, um…

…Yes? It’s what?

P-Please don’t ask. I’m fine, so don’t worry ‘bout it.

Okay. I’ll let it go.

Phew… It’s finally over. What do to now…

Don’t you have to work at the tavern or something?

Oh, that? I’m just a helper there.

Ah, the good old “show up whenever you feel like it” job. Super popular among Japanese workplaces. The only job I could get with that kind of mentality would be as an online ESL instructor for some debatably trustworthy Chinese website that is the definition of “too good to be true.”

Huh… Well, I bet the customers get pretty sad whenever you do.

Hehe. Is than an offhanded compliment?

Uh, no? I’m pretty sure that’s a direct compliment. He just said that everyone’s mood worsens when you aren’t around.

I’m the young an’ beautiful crowd-drawer. Of course they’d be disappointed.

I know I would.

Huh? Hey, ya laughed when ya said that. That’s so rude.

What? No way.

Hm? Really? Are you really really sure? Hehe. I really wonder ‘bout ya. Well, I won’t mind bein’ there whenever ya stop by. Now, what should I do? Maybe I really should go back to the tavern. Even if I take time off, I have nothin’ to do.

Why not hang out with some friends?


Yeah. You know, like someone from the Academy, or maybe one of the other Star Maidens?


Uh… Farun?

…Yeah, I should go to the tavern.

Why the sudden change?

Hm… Well, I just heard it right now. I can hear the voices of everyone at the tavern waitin’ for me. I can’t turn my back on ‘em. Well, I’m off to go to work.

If that’s what you want. Thanks for everything.

…N-No problem. Ya don’t need to thank me… Well, good luck to ya, Itsuki. See ya later!

…Farun? Farun, are you doing okay?

O-Oh! Itsuki! It’s not openin’ time yet. Don’t scare me like that.

You have a mode for that?

Never mind that. I was skippin’ out on the prep work. I better get back to it.

Hmm… Still no ideas as to what her “thing” is going to be. Looks like she’s got some “happy/friendly Farun is just a mask” stuff going on, but that doesn’t help me figure out what the story behind it is.

Was that a letter you were just reading?

Y-Yeah… But don’t worry ‘bout it. It’s got nothin’ to do with you.

You looked pretty sad while you were reading it, though.

Huh…? Was I? Was that the face I was makin’? Ahaha. Sorry I made ya see such a strange side of me. Just forget ‘bout it. I don’t mind. Ya can only see me when I’m happy! Ahaha… It’s so not me, ya know?

I wouldn’t say that.

Really…? I thought it’s more like me to always be cheerful an’ energetic.

Everyone has multiple sides to themselves. We’ve all got a masks that we wear for different situations. I’m sure it’s the same for you. It would really help our bond if I could learn more about your other sides.

Gettin’ to know me ain’t any fun. I don’t have any interestin’ stories to tell. But I’m surprised you’d say that.

Let’s just say there’s this story that I was really invested in for a while that had a lot to do with that kind of thing.

(Me? Calm and collected? I’ve been constantly freaking out since I got here. I’ve just gotten really good at hiding it. Probably shouldn’t tell her that, though.)

Well, we have a sort of special relationship, don’t we? It makes sense I’d be interested in learning more about you.

Special… I guess you’re right. Hehe. We’re makin’ Star Children together after all. Yeah… I guess you’re right…

So will you tell me about the letter?

Official Itsuki is incredibly nosy if you haven’t noticed. Can’t really write around that with LP Itsuki.

Why? It’s got nothin’ to do with ya.

I’m worried about you. Whatever it is, it’s obviously bothering you.

Oh… I guess that’s fine… But it’s not interestin’ in the slightest. It’s just a letter from my family. Remember when I told ya ‘bout my hometown? I was born in a tiny house in a tiny village. My parents’re great people. I love ‘em. But I left that home. I shouted out that I was goin’ places.

Sounds like you were something of a tomboy.

Haha. That’s exactly how I seem, huh. After I left, I never really contacted ‘em on my travels. They seemed to have found out that I’m stuck here now.

I’d imagine that the identities of new Star Maidens would spread pretty quickly (especially given the current crisis), so that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Oh, so that’s why they sent a letter.

Yeah… They send one every day…

But of course I’m doin’ well. This is me we’re talkin’ ‘bout. Hehe… My parents never seem to change…

So are you not going to send them a reply?

Huh…? Oh… Yeah. I don’t have much of anythin’ to write ‘bout though.

What? How do you not have stuff to write about? You’re always traveling. Why not write about that?

… …Right. I should have a ton to write ‘bout. Like ‘bout where I went an’ what landscapes I saw… I have loads of memories when it comes to my travels. I know that I should just write ‘bout that. But… I just can’t write ‘bout that for some reason.

Arranged marriage that she ran away from and now feels ashamed of? Claimed when she left home that she would become a famous dancer and now she can’t bring herself to admit to her family that she’s basically just a vagrant? …Dammit, I’ve got nothing.

Any reason why?

I… don’t know… I think my parents just wanna know that their daughter’s safe. Like how I’m enjoyin’ life every day an’ stuff like that. But… I can’t bring myself to write that.

That’s a lie? Then…

Aw, c’mon! We’re done with all this gloomy talk now!

Massive debt! She owes some kind of debt to someone and she travels from place to place because she’s running from them! …No? Shit… what’s the angle here? There’s some kind of generic backstory at work, I know it.

It’s so not like me. Sorry ‘bout that. I made ya hear such a completely borin’ story.

I don’t think it was boring. Honestly I wish you’d get into it more.

It is borin’, an’ it doesn’t matter anyway. That’s what I think of it. Bah. I made ya see this strange mode of mine. Just forget it, ‘kay? Time to help out with the openin’ of the store.

Farun… if something is every bothering you, you can talk to me about it. I don’t want to hear about it as a Classmating or bonding thing, I want to hear about it as a friend.

Big Sis Farun is a strong woman, so I’ll be fine. Ya should just worry ‘bout yourself. You’re goin’ back in the labyrinths, right? Good luck out there. Ya have my support. See ya later.

*And then Farun just turns and walks away*

That sure was a fun event, wasn’t it? No? It was horribly depressing? Okay, well how about we check in with Mahiru and see if her inconsistent personality can turn things around and lighten the mood.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Mahiru! Let’s do Classmating!

I’m trying different things. A lot of the Maidens seem to get really nervous whenever I’m serious about this.

You, on the other hand, don’t seem nervous at all, Itsuki.

Really? I guess I’ve just gotten used to it.

Do you mean to say that Classmating is easy now…? I guess that would be true. You’ve done it so much with all the Star Maidens. Compared to me, you have so much more experience.

Of course he does. Mahiru, the only possible way you could have even the same amount of experience as Itsuki with this ritual is if he exclusively did it with you and only you, which just isn’t feasible. Are you only realising this now?

You don’t need to get so worked up about it.

Then why are you stepping on my foot?

I know you need Star Children to fight in the labyrinths.

Mahiru… You’re still on my foot…

That’s why you have to Classmate with all 12 Star Maidens evenly… Forever and ever!

What does that even mean?

It means you’re doing it with them nonstop!

So what should I do? Not Classmate with anyone and have us all die? I’m going to be honest, Mahiru. I don’t like the way you’re acting right now. I’m trying to get us home, remember? I’m doing my best to save this world.

S-Sorry… I went too far. *sigh*… I’m terrible at this. I know the other Star Maidens see it as part of their duty… But I still have trouble with it.

*sigh*… Don’t worry about it so much. This is a little much for both of us. It’s not like I don’t have doubts of my own.

Then how do you feel when you do this ritual with the others…?

Honestly? I’ve gotten into the habit of just letting my mind go blank. It really helps with the embarrassment. I’m basically on auto-pilot.

You mean you don’t think of anything?

Pretty much. Sometimes I’ll just focus on one small detail. For example, with you I try and focus on just your face because it’s something familiar. That helps to make me feel a little more relaxed.

Anyway, I’m sorry for making you feel bad. It might just be the stress that’s getting to me.

Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault, Itsuki.

Still, I don’t want you to feel like you can’t criticize me or anything.

Then can I take it out on you whenever I get these dark feelings?

Uh… define “take it out on you.”

Like drawing on your face or pulling down your pants.

Oh, well if stuff like that makes you feel better, then I guess so.

Haha, you better not regret that promise.

I usually do. Anyway, are you ready?

Yes. Let’s start…

*And then Classmating happened. Also, Itsuki had to do something to make Mahiru feel better even though she was the one that was being a jerk*

That was so disgusting! How can they call this a sacred ritual?!


Don’t I have to be more aggressive in order to make stronger Star Children? Did you not like that?

It’s not that I didn’t… but… you shouldn’t! I don’t like this one bit! Prepare yourself, Itsuki!

Prepare myself for—AHAHA! Mahiru! The hell!

Mahiru apparently starts tickling Itsuki.

Phew… I feel much better now. I wonder what I’ll do to you the next time I feel down. Haha, I can’t wait.

Yeah, there’s the regret. Didn’t think it would hit this quickly.

~Star God Academy Cafeteria~

Welcome… Oh, it’s you, Itsuki.

Hey, Mahiru. I’m guessing that you got that part-time job?

I’m helping out with the register while learning how to make sweets. So, can I take your order, sir?

Gonna be honest, it’s pretty nice to have you address me like that. Nice change of pace.

There’s the inconsistent Mahiru we’ve grown to love.

Sorry, I didn’t know I needed a ticket to order here.

Then move aside. Look behind you.

Where the hell did they all come from?!

*A quick fade out happens where Mahiru starts serving the big lineup. Or SC cut another scene where old Mahiru was too obvious and couldn’t be rewritten, who knows?*

Next customer please. Thank you for waiting.

[Male Student A]: A super size cutlet curry, please… Oh, and Mahiru… read this.

A bold move on the part of no-name NPC. Will it pay off?

[Male Student A]: Oh, and you there.

Who, me?

[Male Student A]: I’ve been watching you, but are you and Mahiru… dating?

Oooh, probably fumbled it with that. Generally not a good idea to try asking out a girl right in front of a guy that you suspect might be her boyfriend. Then again, he was probably planning this move for god knows how long and damn it if Itsuki being there is going to mess up that timing.

How rude. We’re not dating.

Pretty sure he was asking me, Mahiru.

The answer is the same either way.

[Male Student A]:Then you have no problem with me asking Mahiru out?

Actually, I do have a bit of a problem with that.

Are you forgetting about the Classmating thing? We’re supposed to be building a stronger bond so that the Star Children get stronger. I have a feeling that either of us getting into a relationship with someone would probably complicate that. Right?

Now that you mention it… Maybe.

I’m not telling you what to do. I’m just saying that I don’t think it’s a good idea right now.

Anyway, I’m sorry. Because of my mission, there’s someone here that’s head over heels for me. At this rate, who knows what he’ll do in a fit of rage.

Wait, what?!

I don’t want to cause any trouble to you. He may not look it, but he’s the one who kills Impurities in the labyrinths.

H-Hey! Don’t go making up rumors about me!

Do you really want to take that risk?

[Male Student A]: I thought I recognized you from somewhere… So, you’re God’s Gift? H-Hold on, I don’t like her that much! So please, d-don’t kill me!

Looks like homeboy is wimping out. Also, I’m surprised to see that at least some of the students at this Academy have a proper (fearful) respect for God’s Gift. Wake never got any of that in CII and he was a trained swordsman that had an unhealthy bloodlust. Yet every nobody in that game thought they could take him on.

H-Hey! What about your super size cutlet curry?!

Also, that student apparently ran off after begging for his life.

He’s gone…

*sigh* Mahiru, why did you have to go and make me out to be some kind of psychopath?

That’s a slightly unsettling look you’re giving us there, Mahiru. Please don’t pull a Narika. She had that same look in her eyes early on and things took a sharp turn at the end.

I can’t believe this…

I’ll be done with my shift soon, so can you wait for me in the classroom? I’ll go there right after.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Thanks for waiting, Itsuki…

What are you carrying? Are those… are those all love letters?

All the boys handed them to me after I left the cafeteria.

Ah, there’s that good old suicidal confidence that Conception NPCs are known for. All is right with the world again.

Great… Now I’ve got a bunch of guys looking at me like I’m some kind of hurdle they need to clear.

I don’t know what to do now… The plan has backfired. You’ve got a great deal of enemies at the academy now.

Thanks for that, by the way.

I would have turned them down completely back there had I known.

Even in this world you’re the center of attention at school.

Don’t say it like that… Worried your childhood friend is so popular?

Not really. You’ll be fine.

Why would I be? You were really popular back on Earth too, but you never wound up in a relationship.

It’s not because I couldn’t, I just didn’t. Don’t get that wrong.

Yeah, yeah. It’s because you’ve got a secret lady-boner for your cousin/childhood friend. We already know.

So what are you going to do about the letters?

It feels so much more serious than responding to a text… Anyway, it’s going to take me all night just to read through them.

You’re really going to read all of them?

They all wrote something for me. If I don’t know what they’re thinking, I won’t know how to respond.

Does that mean I should write one for you too?


Well, not a love letter obviously. Maybe something like a “Thank You” letter.

Hm… No thanks.

And then the event just kind of stops. Official Itsuki is just as weird about that last part. He talks about writing her a letter of gratitude for everything she’s done for him, which is… what exactly? We certainly haven’t seen or heard of Mahiru doing anything for Itsuki that would warrant a thanks.

Whatever. We’ve got one more to go for this batch. Last time we talked to her, Ruka was organizing some kind of surveillance team to keep an eye out for bullying and stuff at the Academy.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Okay, Ruka. It’s time for Classmating again. Is that okay?

Ugh… With me, huh… W-Well, I guess we can’t do anything about it. You do need Star Children to explore dungeons… …So, how were the Star Children we made in the previous ritual? I really do wonder how they are…

You mean D’Angelo and Andre? They’re doing great.

Please don’t let them overexert themselves. I hope you shower them with love.

Are you worried about them?

Not exactly… But since you mention them, I want them to grow up to be cute and strong. Being born into this world, that’s all I wish for them.

(Wait, can Star Children can grow up? Probably should ask Narcisstes about that.)

Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’m doing my best to look after them.


It seems like it doesn’t work on God’s Gifts. So you don’t have to worry about me reading your mind.

I mean, whether or not it works on Mahiru is irrelevant. We know it doesn’t work on Itsuki, so why would he worry?

I wasn’t really worried about it anyway. Even if you could read my mind, I know now that you aren’t the kind of person that would go around telling everyone what you found out.

This is a total lie. Official Itsuki also says he isn’t worried and says that he’s got nothing to hide. We know damn well that he’s hiding something big, though. The little matter of that 9,999,999G cheque that got jacked from him and Mana, does that ring a bell?

Wh-Why are you so confident about that… It makes me look stupid for pleading to Mahiru when she resisted so much.

Now Mahiru, she’s definitely hiding a bunch of shit that she wouldn’t want Ruka to know about.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is… Just because I can’t read your mind doesn’t mean you should get carried away.

I got it. I’ll make sure to look away or something.

I-I didn’t say that!

O-Oh… It isn’t because I feel embarrassed or anything. I just don’t like to be stared down.

Isn’t that the same thing?

Sh-Shut up. Let’s get this over with.

Okay, okay.

H-Hmph. This is merely out of obligation. I don’t think anything of it.

Careful Ruka, you’re straying into Mahiru and Femiruna’s territory with that attitude. I was just starting to think better of you for quickly distancing yourself from the Tsundere thing. Don’t make me take that back.

*Also Classmating happened. I should mention that*

Another new class that we can make without too much trouble is the Magic Knight. Magic Knights are like an in-between of Fighters and Mages. Or maybe they’re more like an upgrade to Fighters since they are a more advanced class. Either way, they’ve got a good balance of stats but their Magic isn’t quite as potent as a Mage (the skills, not necessarily the stat). The other drawback to them is their piss poor MDF and LUC. Their SPD is nothing special either.

That said, they are fairly versatile and a good option if you aren’t sure what else to put into a team. Their usefulness will likely drop off as we get access to more specialized classes, though (especially once higher tier Mages are available).

Huff… Huff… My mind feels even more dazed than the last time… What’s going on…? I feel so sleepy…

Careful, I’ve heard that before. You might want to lay down or take a nap before you collapse or something.

Y-You’re telling me to sleep here?

I’ll go home to sleep. Goodbye.

*Ruka tries to leave but stumbles*

Uh-oh… I can’t stand up properly…

I warned you. Here, lean on me. I can help you get home.

I-I don’t need your help! How are you fine and I’m like this? This is so humiliating… I’ll do better next time! …But don’t ask me to do this so casually. I have no intention of doing this multiple times with you. Hmph. Goodbye.

One step forward and two steps back it seems. Come on, Ruka. You were making good progress as a character. I was even starting to overlook your Tsundere shit. Turn it back around.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Oh, you’re here… again.


I told you we were making a student council the other day, didn’t I? It wasn’t approved, so I made it a club instead.

Huh, I guess the faculty is only willing to go so far for the Star Maidens. Weird that they would turn down a proposal from one of them to better help the students.

Conception II NPC Status: Still assholes.

A patrolling club where Star Maidens patrol the campus after hours… I call it, “After Hours Maiden Club”!


Geez… Do I have to explain everything to you? You should just be quiet and write your name on the application.

What exactly am I signing up for?

This is such a pain.

But you need at least five members, so I thought of including the Star Maidens.

Okay, hold on just one minute here. There’s no precedent for a student council at this academy, but they have applications and procedures in place for student clubs (that of course match Japanese anime/game depictions)? Who the hell manages that if there’s no student council? The faculty sure as fuck don’t seem like the types to get off their asses and handle that kind of legwork.

When I explained it during the assembly, everyone agreed to join. That’s why I called it the “After Hours Maiden Club.”

Hold on another minute. Everyone agreed? Fucking Mirei agreed to take part in this? Or for that matter, Yuzuha? I call bullshit.

And you will be joining too since you’re the one who suggested it.

Well, I did say we’d be a team. I’m not a student at the academy though, so is it still okay if I join something like this?

Not a problem. You don’t have to be a member to participate in club activities. Don’t you have clubs in your world? It’s the same thing.

If you say so. That title seems a bit wordy though, don’t you think? Maybe it could use a nickname or something.

But, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

We’re given a choice of what to say here, although it won’t actually change anything. Also, none of the answers are funny. The choices are “Maiden Club”, “Maiden Clubbers”, and “Maiden Academy”.

Why not just “Maiden Club”?

”Maiden Club,” huh…? I think that’s fine. I didn’t expect you to come up with such a cute name. But that could end up being associated with our Star Maiden class too.

So what, “Maiden Clubber Class” or something?

Wow… That’s not even funny enough to be a joke… I get the feeling you’re the type who thinks too hard then messes up in the end.

Jesus, Ruka. He was just throwing out suggestions. Chill out.

I’m not like that. Honestly, that kind of sounds more like something you’d do.

I-I’m not either! It’s common if it happens only once a week, unlike you.

Wait, that happens once a week? Seriously? Wow…

Did you say something?

Nope. Just mumbling.

Well, I’m sure the nickname will be decided eventually anyway. I already told you this, but the Star Maidens and God’s Gift will be on patrol.

Rumor will spread that some truly amazing people are on patrol. The purpose of that is to apply pressure.

I’ll help out however I can, then.

Thank you. U-Um… You probably think I’m full of myself, don’t you?

Hm? Why would I think that?

Because I made people get involved in a club just to protect my siblings…

It’s really not that big of a deal. I’m sure the others don’t mind at all, either. They did join up, after all.

Th-That throws me off… Because you and the other Star Maidens help out so selflessly… Everyone is so busy with their own stuff too…

Well, what’s done is done. The club is set up, so I’ll do as much as I can to help.

Of course. That’s all I ask.

So I want to do what I can at the academy. To be honest, I want to pat her on the head and listen to what she has to say… Oh, sorry… I guess that doesn’t really matter to you. Hey, hurry up and write your name on the application. Don’t get cold feet now.

Sure thing, Club President Ruka.

D-Don’t call me that… I don’t like talking to you at the academy, but I’ll wait for you after. So try not to ditch too often…

That was a weird conversation. Anyway, in the next update we’ll start going through everyone’s second Level 2 event. To finish off this update, we’ll have a look at some summaries.


In Collette’s Classmating Event, she suggests that picking her so much might be leading the other Star Maidens to think that there’s something going on between her and Itsuki. She also seems to think that this Classmating Ritual thing is problematic in a number of ways (no arguments here). Anyway, Itsuki asks if Collette is embarrassed by the ritual and she says that it wasn’t so bad at first, but now that she’s done it the embarrassment is building up.

Collete does that thing that every Star Maiden has done so far, where she goes in a circle talking about how it’s embarrassing but she has to do it because it’s her duty as a Star Maiden. Eventually Classmating actually happens and then Collette requests a reward for participating. Itsuki tells her she can get whatever she wants from some nearby café, which Collette seems content with.

In Collette’s Bonding Event, she mentions to Itsuki that she’s got a major problem on her hands. Specifically, there’s a new bakery set to open elsewhere on the street. I guess Collette’s bakery was the only one in the area or something, judging by how she reacts to having a rival. What’s worse is that apparently the bakery that’s opening is *gasp* from a major chain! The horrors of rampant capitalism! Collette says that they are supposedly famous for opening up their shops next to other bakeries and stealing customers by selling their bread at incredibly cheap prices. You know, business. Collette says she would normally ask for advice from her grandparents, but she doesn’t want to bother them. Collette eventually breaks out of her funk and vows to keep chugging along and making her bread with love and smiles and all that crap which will totally beat out prices, variety, and convenience.

Collette also asks Itsuki again if he’s seen a suspicious woman hanging around her shop. Collette clarifies that although she calls her a woman, the suspicious person is actually only a little bit older than her.


Ugh… Luckily the Classmating event has Lillith in control, so we don’t have to put up with Mana-lite during it. Lillith says she was reading a fortune on how the Classmating ritual would go for that day and it apparently told her to “watch out for something that starts with a ‘c’.” The options are “…corners?”, “…cuttlefish ink?” (the fuck?), or “Chie?” which… is that a Persona reference or something? Anyway, the correct choice is obviously “corners”. Neither Itsuki nor Lillith know what it really means, but they agree to be wary of it regardless. Classmating then happens. After the ritual, Itsuki hears something strange and reacts just in time to pull Lillith out of the way of a piece of the ceiling which fell. Seems like the church is not exactly OSHA compliant.

Itsuki mentions that he only noticed it because of Lillith’s fortune, which caused him to keep an eye on the corners nearby. Itsuki compliments Lillith on her ability, but Lillith immediately dives into the self depreciating well and points out how she can’t do stuff like academics, or athletics, or singing, or cooking, or dancing, you get the idea. Lillith eventually admits that as long as she can do fortune telling really well and help people in that way, then she’ll be happy.

The main bonding event opens with Itsuki walking in on Lillith when she has customer. Lillith seems to be acting a little strange however, as she very bluntly says to the guy that him and his girlfriend are definitely going to break up and that it’s not her problem. She continues on to say that the girl is only after the guy for his money, which makes her a pretty shitty girlfriend. Itsuki tries to intervene by saying that it’s a lie, but Lillith tells him not to spoil the fun. You guys all know what’s going on here. The guy questions Itsuki’s statement about it really being a lie and that him and his girlfriend aren’t actually going to break up, which causes Lillith to respond “Hell if I know. I didn’t actually do any readings.” She then tells him to stop coming here to get his fortune told and that all these worrywart people suck. The dude says that all that talk of Lillith being a genius is a crock of shit and that he’s never coming back.

Lillith then wanders off, only for Lillie to coming back on screen. I guess Lillie and Lillith can change to the other personality’s appearance at will? This somehow includes swapping out the magic floating angel wings for devil wings and also swapping hair color from blue/teal to pink. Itsuki asks how Lillie was let loose for the day and Lillie says that Lillith fell off the bed headfirst while she was still half-asleep. Itsuki tries to convince Lillie that he is worried about her, not just Lillith, for some ungodly reason I can’t bring myself to think about. Eventually he talks to her about the graffiti that she drew on the academy walls and Lillie asks if he thought it was great.

Itsuki is not amused, because fuck you I don’t care if it’s the “negative” option I will not reinforce Lillie’s shitty behaviour by telling her that it was funny. The conversation then shifts to why Lillie would do that knowing that it would also get Lillith into hot water. Lillie says that it has nothing to do with Lillith, until Itsuki points out that Lillith was the one that went and cleaned it up. Lillie calls him a liar and says that Lillith would have told her if that happened because she tells Lillie everything that happens. Lillie calls Itsuki a liar and spouts some horseshit about how Lillith and her have been together since they were born and there’s no possible way that Lillith would ever confide something to some dude that only just showed up that she would hide from Lillie. Lillie knows everything about Lillith after all and blah blah blah blah blah. The event then thankfully ends with Lillie storming off.

Fuck Lillie. I hope this character arc ends with her consciousness dissolving or going to sleep forever or something that only leaves Lillith behind.


Tarua’s second Classmating Event has her worried about the ritual since she passed out the first time and hit the floor. She’s concerned that it will happen again. She tries to think of a way not to be so nervous and then has an idea which causes her to run off. Some time later she returns and tells Itsuki that she ran around the block to shake off the nerves. Of course, the moment Itsuki moves towards her for the ritual she gets nervous again. Classmating eventually happens and Tarua manages to not eat floor like she did the first time.

She also does that thing where she leans forward and grunts until Itsuki figures out that she’s waiting for her reward. Very uncomfortable head patting follows. Then Tarua runs off again to finish deliveries.

Tarua’s bonding event has Itsuki finding her at the Star God Academy Field looking pretty bummed out. When he asks what’s wrong, Tarua admits that she messed up at work. She checked the letters she had to deliver when she headed out in the morning, but when she checked them again later, she noticed that she was one short. She found a hole in her bag, so the letter must have fallen out at some point. She starts beating herself up about the screwup, but Itsuki comforts her by stating that mistakes are just part of life.

Itsuki offers to help her, but she declines. She says that she feels a lot better now because of Itsuki and that she’ll go finish her deliveries before backtracking her route and looking for the lost letter. That’s the end of the event. Not much to it.