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Part 15: Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, and Cancer

Bonding Update VIII – Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, and Cancer

Finally, time to get this done. We’re going to speed through the second Bonding Level 2 events and then tackle a second Star Offering. Hopefully that will trigger some new plot or the introduction of the 13th Maiden or something of interest.

Arie starts us off.

~Star God Academy Church~

(Huh… I guess Arie’s not here today. That’s— Oh, wait, there she is. …Hang on… did she just come out of that forbidden room?)



*Arie very quickly runs up to Itsuki*

H-Hello. Did you need something today?

Not particularly… I just came to see you… Hey, isn’t that the forbidden room that you just walked out of?


I thought you said there was some kind of evil sealed away inside.

Um, well…

Does that mean you managed to pry it open?


You told me it was rusted shut and couldn’t be opened.

But it was very dirty inside, so I was cleaning it.

Um, Arie? Why are you being so panicky?

She really is. Normally when the Star Maidens change poses in these 3D modeled scenes, there is a slow and gentle flow to their movement. However, when Arie changes poses in the lead up to the line “Th-That’s right!” the shift is quick and sharp.

What’s in the room, Arie?

I-I am not panicking!

If you say so. Anyway… Since the room is open now, maybe I can have a look.


I want to see what this unspeakable evil thing you mentioned is.

Y-You may not, Itsuki!

Ah! H-Hey! Wh—

*The screen goes black at this point*

You mustn’t look inside that room!

I said no!

(What do I do?! What—Hands! Hands are free! Not touching anything! Not moving them!)

Arie… you’re suffocating… me…

Please. Just not this room… Please, spare me…

Arie… please…

This room can’t be seen by anyone.

O-Okay… I give… I give!

Oh… I-I’m sorry… I don’t know what got into me. Itsuki, I’m ashamed of hurting you.

I’m… I’m good… I think… Just have to remember the Classmating exercises I came up with…

Damn. So close. You should have just gone for it, Itsuki. No words, just boom, straight dash to the room.

I’m really sorry, Itsuki.

You’re not the only one.

You too? What do you mean?

Uh, it’s nothing. Don’t mind me. But that’s the first time I’ve seen you get that flustered. What’s the deal?

I-I’m sorry. I try my best to remain calm at all times…

Is what’s in that room really such a big secret?


I see… Well, I’m sorry for trying to pry into your private life. I may have gotten a little too curious.

I still don’t have enough courage to show you inside the room.

I may be able to gather the courage to do so…

Kink dungeon. It’s gotta be. It’s clearly a guilty pleasure (judging by her comment when she exits the room and thinks she’s alone). She’s training as a nun to try and overcome it or purge herself of it or something. It’s also something that she doesn’t want anyone to know, yet is willing to share with Itsuki if the two of them build a closer relationship with each other.

Now that I’m fairly confident about Arie, it’s time I shift my attention back to figuring out what the hell is going on with Farun’s backstory.

~Mirei’s Laboratory~

Oh, right. We need to get through Mirei before that.

Looks like she’s not here… Hm? What’s with all those letters sitting in the trash?

*Mirei wanders onto the scene*

Whew… Oh, Itsuki. You’re here?

Oh, yeah. I just got here. You look pretty refreshed. What were you doing?

I went out for the first time in a while and enjoyed myself.

…Really? That’s kind of surprising. I thought you only cared about research.

This is different. Research may be the only thing I look forward to in life… But refreshing myself every now and then helps with my research.

Okay, so where did you go then?

Do you want to know? Try to guess. The hint is that it felt quite nice.

It felt nice? So… like a massage or something?

Untrue. I have no experience with massages. Is it supposed to feel good when they rub your body?

From what I know, yeah. It’s supposed to feel really good when you’re feeling tired.

Where are you going to rub? You can do it anywhere you want. Try to make me feel relaxed. Go ahead.

Me? I don’t know how to properly give massages. I’m not a therapist.

Oh, is that so? Hm… Then if it really feels good… I should consider developing a plant with Star Energy that can massage me.

A plant? How the hell is a magic plant supposed to… Oh… I see your game, Conception Plus. Good thing Mana isn’t here.

So if you weren’t gone for a massage, then where were you?

This part is actually sort of weird. Mirei’s profile already reveals that she loves baths. Based on context, and the fact that she feels really refreshed, it’s safe to say that that is where she was just now. So all the mystery is sort of gone from this event if you bother to go check Mirei’s profile at any point between the start of the game and now. You’d think that section of her profile would pop up after we discovered what she was up to. Maybe that’s a red herring?

What is with everyone and having secret places that they won’t tell me about?

Eheheh, don’t sulk, Itsuki.

Still, it’s weird seeing you this happy. Outside of that medicine you were working on, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you genuinely laugh. I mean in a non-creepy way.

I feel good right now thanks to having gotten so refreshed. If there’s something you want from me, now would be the time to ask.

Really? Then could you maybe try smiling a little more often?

That’s the best option. The other two options were “Stop your research on me” (which I’m betting is the worst one seeing as how research is everything to Mirei) and “Let me kiss you” (which I’m betting is the neutral answer because Mirei would probably find that uninspired and a boring typical horny teenager thing).

Heheh, what is with that request? You’re so strange.

I don’t know, you just seem a lot happier when you’re smiling. That makes me feel more relaxed.

Eheheh. You really have no greed at all. It’s true that laughing makes you happier. At the very least, I’ll try to laugh more around you.

Great. I really liked seeing this side of you, Mirei.

Heheh. I enjoyed it too. Chatting with you is a nice change of pace. I’m going to compile the data I’ve obtained up till now.

See you later.

…The fuck was that? That doesn’t sound like the Mirei we know. Did she get replaced with a body snatcher that was somehow unable to match her cold logical personality? Weird…


Oh! Hey, hey! If it isn’t, Itsuki! Have a seat. Wanna drink? How ‘bout some water?

You seem pretty pumped up today.

Hehe. Does it seem that way? Well… Hm? Oh, my work? There aren’t that many customers today.

This is another weird transition. I didn’t leave anything out there. Official Itsuki just says “You seem real happy today” and then Farun blurts out everything you see above.

You really just do what you want, huh?

I sure do. I have permission from the bar owner, so it’s all right. Well, the reason I’m so happy is… Hehehe. I talked to this really good lookin’ boy at the academy today! He’s the popular kid! I didn’t know those kinda people actually existed! Well… Hehe…

What the fuck is going on in this update?! First Mirei is legitimately happy and friendly, now Farun is here getting all giddy over the fact that some dude called her beautiful despite making it clear that she can easily brush off comments like that.

…Huh? I didn’t say somethin’ wrong, did I?

Uh… not really. I was just… I was thinking that you have pretty typical tastes, that’s all.

Should I not? What girl wouldn’t like bein’ complimented by a good-lookin’ boy? Hm? You thinkin’ ‘bout if you were the one who complimented me? Hmm?

Me? Uptight?

I can tell how serious ya are, always goin’ to the labyrinths an’ stuff.

Is Farun drunk or something? It’s not me, right? Like, I haven’t gone crazy. The Maidens are starting to get really weird.

I knew ya were upstandin’, but that also told me that we ain’t compatible. You know how happy-go-lucky I am. Hehe.

I don’t think I’m that serious of a guy. I just had to start taking things seriously because of what I got dragged into.

Ahaha. There ya go puttin’ on a front again.

I’m not putting up a front. When I first got here I thought this would be a fun adventure and I could be a cool badass hero. But then all this stuff got dumped on my shoulders, and I had everyone telling me that the fate of this entire world is riding on me, and I have to keep juggling a bunch of “modes” of my own because I need to form bonds with twelve people that have completely different personalities… I have a lot of very important things to handle.

That’s what I mean by bein’ uptight. I’d just run away if I were you.

This isn’t something that I can run from, Farun. I want to get back to my own world.

But you’re still workin’ so hard. An’ yet, you’re so…

You’re working hard too, aren’t you? You’ve done a lot to help me out.

Well, same goes for me. That’s why I need to do what I can.

I also promised to get Mahiru back home, so I can’t just stop.

Right… Mahiru… Now I’m jealous… W-Wait! Forget I said that! Ahaha!

Farun, what’s going on with you? You’ve been acting really strange. Plus, you keep staring at my face.

Cuz… Um…

Uhhh… Th-thanks?

A-Ahaha! Th-This is just so weird. I’m sure sayin’ some funny things today!

No arguments here.

A-All right! Next topic! How ‘bout we talk ‘bout economics?

Please don’t. I changed majors to get away from that stuff.


W-Wait… I can’t look ya in the eyes…

I don’t think I can talk to ya normally right now…

Is something wrong?

B-Be quiet! I-I just happened to be like this today! Wait till tomorrow an’ I’ll be back to normal! Just ya see!

It’s the first week of August, there shouldn’t be a full moon, so what the hell has gotten into Farun?

Okay… well I guess I’ll check in with you tomorrow then. Oh, and um… I mean… Whoever that guy was, I’d say he was right about you being beautiful.

Wha…?! Wh-Wh-What are ya talkin’ ‘bout?! Th-That was outta nowhere… Wh-Why would ya say that?!

That’s a good question, actually.

I’ll be honest. I was curious to see how you would react to that.

D-Don’t tease a woman older than ya! Jerk! Th-That’s just too sudden for me! Um…

Got it, leaving right away.

You’re such a jerk… Whew… I’m burnin’ up… I wonder when he’ll come by again. I wanted to chat a bit more… Itsuki… please visit again soon…

…What the Christ was that? Did Farun get possessed? Am I having a fever dream or something?

~Star God Academy Clinic~

Welcome, Itsuki.

Well, at least we’ll have some time away from Farun to hopefully let her work through whatever the hell is going on with her right now.

I was just about to call for you.

Really? Why’s that?

I told you my duty is to watch over your health.

What would you even do about it if he did? Does your magic stethoscope fix scarring?

Do I really have to get another check-up so soon?

Why do you look so annoyed by it? I always treat you gently… There’s no one else I give such special treatment. I don’t think there’s anything you should be dissatisfied about.

I’m not really dissatisfied. I just don’t see the need to get a check-up so frequently. If I’m feeling off or something happened, I’ll let you know. Outside of that, isn’t a check-up a once a year sort of thing?

No. If you let your guard down, it could be too late!

Why are you getting so worked up about this?

He’s not your brother Reone. Get over it. Your arc is getting progressively creepier the more you harp on this.

Anyway, please let me perform a check-up on you. I don’t want to be lazy about this.

*sigh* Okay, okay. Sorry for being cranky about it. I know you’re doing it because you care.

It’s all right. I’m glad you understand. As your reward… should I undress you? You can just stand there and let me take care of things.

Not happening.

This is the worst choice by the way, but I really do not want to be encouraging this shit. We know Reone is having difficulty separating Itsuki from her deceased brother. She was clearly self-conscious about it during Classmating and yet here she is trying to be seductive and teasing by undressing Itsuki with her own hands.

Oh, really?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind seductive or teasing characters. This stuff was sort of amusing in the early part of the game/her arc. But knowing what we know now changes the dynamic and makes it increasingly uncomfortable.

It’s okay to let me spoil you sometimes, you know.

Sorry, but I don’t want things to get out of hand.

You’re so stoic… But that’s no fun at all.

With how insistent you’re being about this, I’m starting to think that I should just go along with it.

That’s right. You should accept people’s goodwill. Here goes. I’m going to undress you now. Be sure to stay still, all right?

H-Hey! I didn’t say that I was agreeing!

*Yeah, that’s right. Reone does it no matter what you choose. Go figure*

… You really do have beautiful collarbones. I can’t help but stare. May I touch them? I know it has nothing to do with the check-up, but…

Uhh… I guess? Why are you so fixated on them anyway?

And this is why it’s creepy, Reone.

In the past, my brother examined me just like this.

I had no shortage of wounds from all those street fights. For every little injury, he’d patch me up. It was actually my brother who wanted to become a doctor, not me.

Okay, that’s slightly more understandable. I will heavily presume that your brother was more professional about this than you, though.

I was a bad sister fighting in the streets just to earn money for food each day. I was desperate to help my brother attain his dream of becoming a doctor…

Oh, I see… So… what happened to your parents then?

I don’t know who they are. My first memory is of my brother and I having been abandoned in the slums. It may sound strange coming from me, but we had a hard life.

So that’s what it is… Sorry.

Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry for making you listen. …That ends the check-up for today. You can get dressed now. Or should I help you get dressed?

Nope. I’m good. That’s my final answer.

Your body is fine. The health check-up ended with no issues this time. But that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. What you’re doing now is much harsher than what I did all those years ago. I hope you understand that.

I still think you worry too much.

You didn’t have to say it like that… It’s a given for me to worry about you as your doctor, no? Now that I think about it… my brother also told me I worried too much… *sigh*…

…Um… Well, I better head back now that the exam is done with.

Oh, right. I shouldn’t hold you back too long. I hope you don’t find these examinations too annoying. Do come back again soon. While I can’t join you in the labyrinths… I can treat your wounds, be a love counselor, or anything in-between. I will protect the town outside the labyrinth so you have a safe place to live.

Right. I’ll be counting on you.

Haha… If any unscrupulous people go after you, I’ll be sure to purge them. I… just want you to be happy.

I will look after you until the day you return to your world. See you later then.

This update is going a lot weirder than I would have expected. Just to give a peek behind the curtain, I’m only truly seeing these bonding events as I type the update. In order to collect all of them in one convenient batch, I fast forward through them when they first happen and then go into the database to record them once all 12 Maidens have their next level of events unlocked. I get the gist of what happens in the events from speed-reading, but I only get the detailed dialogue once I go back to the database.

~Star God Academy Field~

I’m hungry… I should get something at the cafeteria.

Anyway, just a reminder that I don’t have a lot of advanced warning for weirdness like we’re seeing here. Also, that was literally the only line for this location. We’re straight off to the Cafeteria. We’ve moved on to Mahiru’s event now.

~Star God Academy Cafeteria~

Damn… it’s closed. I wonder if Mahiru already left.

I’m still here.

*Mahiru wanders into the scene*

Oh, good. I thought I missed you.

Were you planning on eating here?

Well, I was… I guess I’ll have to try and find something on the way back to the inn.

Official Itsuki says that he’ll just have to go home and eat some instant noodles. Once again, I want to remind everyone that we are in a magic fantasy world which seems to have a predominantly European Renaissance/Industrial Revolution era of architecture and supposedly a culture built on magical progress rather than technological progress.

But apparently you can still grab some readily available Top Ramen from the nearest market.

Hm? Hey, Mahiru… what’s in that box?

Oh, this? I-It’s nothing.

Really? Because I get the feeling that it’s a very delicious nothing… Like maybe those Nonsweet Sweets that the pastry chef made…

Unfortunately, that’s where you’re wrong.

Then what’s in there?

Oh. Well then let me grab a piece of that.

But you know my cooking is…

You did taste it, didn’t you?

Of course I did. I’m not in grade school anymore.

Then what’s the big deal? It’s fine, right?

Well… It’s still in the trial stage… It’s not up to par yet…

Why are you getting so embarrassed about it? You know me.

Don’t force yourself… It’s my fault that terrible thing happened to you, Itsuki. You almost died because of my cooking! There’s no way you’d want to eat anything I make…

*sigh* Mahiru, why are you so hung up on that? It was an accident. Remember? It was food poisoning from the seafood that sent me to the hospital.

But it’s my fault.

So you’re still afraid of people eating what you make?

Yes, I am…

I keep telling you that it’s in the past. You can’t let that hold you back forever.


No “but.” It was an accident, it happened a long time ago, and I’m fine now. Look! I’m here in a different world fighting monsters and running around dungeons. Reone is constantly giving me check-ups and she always says that I’m perfectly fine.


You wanted to get better at cooking, right? I want to support that. The stuff you make might wind up on the cafeteria menu some day, right? People are going to eat it eventually. Come on, just let me try some. I’m hungry.

I’m sorry, by the way. I didn’t know that you were so traumatized by that.

It’s not your fault, Itsuki. I should be the one apologizing.

Sooo…. can I have some of that cake now?

Sure… Let’s eat it together. Oh, and I know you don’t like stuff that’s too sweet. So I had the pastry chef teach me how to make that Nonsweet cake.

So you made this just for me, then?

You become more motivated when you’re making it for someone specific. But once I started, I couldn’t bring myself to give it to you.

Don’t beat yourself up, Mahiru. You’re suffering from a half-assed developer induced personality change.

I was going to bring it home to eat it myself.

Now that I think about it, you never made anything else for me after that incident happened.

I was too scared to. But I’ve thought otherwise after coming to this world. Everyone has their own problems, but they’re living life to the fullest. I knew I couldn’t stay the way I was…

You’ve really matured since coming here, you know that?

Really? I hope so.

I’d like to believe I’ve changed, too. What do you think?

Well… I think you do look a bit cooler than before.

Only a bit? You’re being about as sweet as your Nonsweet cake.

Anyway, I’m really hungry now.

Then shall we eat? Hold on, let me get a fork. I only have one though. That’s okay, right?

Sure. As long as you don’t mind this being some weird indirect kiss event.

Don’t call it an event!

*We then get another fade to black moment that I heavily presume indicates another cut Mahiru scene, because there doesn’t appear to be a time skip*

Are you not going to take it out of the box?

Setting aside how it tastes, it doesn’t look good, so I don’t want to show it. Say “ah.”

So now you’re doing a “Say ‘ah’” event as well?

Official Itsuki actually does refer to both this and the “indirect kiss” thing as events, like he’s drawing a parallel to video games or visual novels. It matches my characterisation of Itsuki, but I bring it up because Official Itsuki actually hasn’t made any video game references since the very first scene of the game (where he’s talking with Mahiru on the school roof back on Earth). They probably dropped it after the opening scene in order to keep him as blank a slate as possible.

Come on! Say “ah”!

Sure, sure.

*Itsuki has some of the cake and doesn’t keel over immediately*


It’s not bad. Tastes exactly like something you would make.

What does that mean? Like it’s bad?

I didn’t say that. It’s more like… nostalgic.

I made you curry 10 years ago. It’s the first time I’ve made any dessert.

Maybe it’s just the Konatsuki family style.

Konatsuki family… Once we go back to Sora, I want to have Mom’s curry again. Say, Itsuki… What do we do if we can’t go back?

Don’t think about it like that. I promised you we would get back, didn’t I?

But if we can’t…

Why not do it regardless of what happens? I’ll be there to taste it either way, right?


Despite how much the cousin thing bothers me about the Itsuki-Mahiru route, I do enjoy typing out these events. Itsuki and Mahiru have a comfortable history, so their back and forth tends to work better than with the other Maidens. It’s just a shame that we know this route will end with them hooking up despite being blood related. Too bad it doesn’t stay as a friendship.

Oh well. What are you gonna do? We’ll deal with that when/if the thread decides to declare Mahiru the Ending Winner. For now, let’s keep looking to the immediate future. Right now, the immediate future is Ruka and her unique CG.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Hey, Ruka. Are there any club activities happening today?

I was just about to go on my patrol. Do you want to come with me?

I am a member, aren’t I? Plus, I did promise to help you. So let’s get a move on.

Seems like you’re plenty motivated. Here, wear this.

A… sash? Why does it say “I’m God’s Gift!”?

You’d just look like any other student otherwise.

I guess…? Except the uniform he’s wearing is a completely different colour and has a totally different emblem than the Star God Academy which is also in a different place. But sure, other than those things, he looks just like any other student here.

That said, having a sash sounds pretty sweet. I’m disappointed that it’s not a costume option for Itsuki in the dungeons.

As I said, I want people to know when God’s Gift is on patrol.

Will this really be effective?

I don’t know. It’s the first time I’m patrolling with you. If you don’t want to wear it, then don’t. It sounds like you’re not serious about this anyway.

I didn’t say that. I think a sash is cool. It looks handmade, too. Did you do it?

Huh? I did. Why? Oh… But it’s not for you to keep.


You should know this already, but it’s specifically for the patrol.

You’re really into this, huh?

Of course I am. If I don’t show my motivation now, when am I going to? It may be a little flashy, but I think it will be effective.

You went through the trouble of making it for me, so I don’t mind wearing it. Plus, I think it’s kind of cool. Makes me look official. I was kind of bummed out that I didn’t get some kind of hero armor or uniform.

I-I see… Let’s go on patrol now. It’ll be our first time together doing it.

Maiden Club on patrol! All you jackasses at the Academy are officially on notice!

~Star God Academy Field~

The academy is quite large, so patrolling the whole area is tough.

Have you gone on any patrols by yourself?

I do whenever I come to the academy. But everything is so peaceful.

I’m beginning to regret dragging them into this. Everyone is so busy with their own stuff after all.

They decided to help, didn’t they? I think you’re just being a little overly considerate of other people’s feelings.

That’s how Tsukuyomi are. I get sensitive about it because we know when people are lying. Let’s make our rounds at the cafeteria and call it a day.

~Star God Academy Cafeteria~

Wh-What’s going on…? And… we’re a couple…?

[Cafeteria Worker]: Now right this way. We’ll bring you the commemorative parfait straight out.

H-Hey… We’re not a couple! Why aren’t you denying it?!

Just roll with it. It’s free food after all. Don’t let it bother you so much.

O-Of course it’ll bother me… Now we just look like we’re a couple hanging around the academy.

Didn’t we decide on just “Maiden Club”?

So then you don’t want any free parfaits?

Ugh… …I-I’ll eat it… If I don’t eat it now, it’ll just ruin the cafeteria’s celebratory mood. B-But just so you know… Eating my fill of parfait hasn’t been a lifelong dream or anything.

Oh, then that’s a bonus. We get free food and you get to have a dream come true.

I didn’t say that! Let’s just eat this giant parfait and go home.

*20 seconds pass and Grumpy Ruka becomes…*

Mmm… This is good. What’s with this fresh cream? It just melts in my mouth. I can’t stop eating…

That’s great and all… but do you think that I could have some?

Oh, fine. Just a bite. Say “ahh”…

(This is a weird week. But, whatever. Not going to complain about free food.)

Ahh… Oh man, that’s good.

Right? Oh, don’t take the cherry. I’m saving it for last.

And now for the inevitable regret of scarfing down a ton of ice cream.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Ugh… I overate. I don’t think I have room for dinner…

Well you did kind of force yourself to eat every last bit of it.

Wh-What’s so wrong with that? This was like a celebration of the club’s formation.

This academy really is problem-free… How could she have lost her shoes here…?

I kind of figured they’d pull this. If it’s not bullying, then what is it? Does barefoot girl just not like shoes? Is she deliberately trying to make herself look poor/neglected in order to earn sympathy from someone in the hopes they will adopt her?

Sorry. That’s way too cynical, even for me.

Maybe we can find some clues if we keep doing the patrols.

Right. I’ll continue this club until she gets adopted. I have to work hard until then at the very least. I have to prepare for dinner, so I need to go now. I’m short on my allowance, but I want to buy some cake for the kids. I shouldn’t be the only one who gets some enjoyment today.

Okay. I’ll make sure to call out to you if I see you around the campus. We can keep each other updated in between patrols.

You really don’t need to call out to me… B-But, I hope you come to the club meetings.


Well, meeting adjourned for today’s After Hours Maiden Club.

You got it, Club President Ruka.

I keep telling you to stop calling me that…

A little rocky at the start, but Ruka manages to wrap up this series of Focus Bonding Events in a heartwarming way. Let’s see if the Non-Focus Maidens can manage to ruin that.