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Part 16: Summaries of Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus

Bonding Update VIII Summaries - Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus

BU8 was a bit too hefty for a single post, so here are the summaries on their own page.


Sue’s event follows her previous one, where she talked about having to one day set the injured wolf free into the wild. The time has arrived and despite some reservations, Sue thinks that she’ll be okay as long as Itsuki is there with her. Not really looking forward to this myself, if I’m being honest. I hate these kinds of scenes. Anyway, Sue questions Itsuki again as to why he decided to help her since she sees this as her problem. Itsuki says that it’s for her sake, but rather than get confused by it, Sue actually appreciates that explanation and says that she does want Itsuki by her side. The scene transitions to the forest with the wolf whimpering. Itsuki points out that he looks pretty sad about this himself, but Sue states that this is the way it has to be and that he (the wolf) knows that too. The conversation about naming him then repeats, with Itsuki talking about how Sue never gave the wolf a name and Sue saying that naming him would make it much harder to say goodbye. You know the deal. Sue then tries to send him off, but the wolf jumps up to her and starts licking her. Sue pleads with him to leave, but Itsuki says that the wolf doesn’t seem to want to be separated from her. Sue pleads with the wolf a little more before she does the typical “Get out of here!” yelling and fake anger to try and drive him away. The wolf finally slinks off and Sue proceeds to break down. Itsuki tells her that she did a good job, which leads to…

In case you’re curious, the actual name of Itsuki’s school is gibberish. The lettering over the logo looks something like “Fimni High Scolle”. The only word that’s written clearly is “High”.

Sue has herself a good cry and says that this is tearing her apart because she didn’t want to say goodbye. She reveals that this is why she hates getting involved with people, because new encounters means she eventually has to say goodbye. She says that it’s also hurting her to be with Itsuki because she knows she’ll have to say goodbye to him someday as well. Then she continues crying and says she doesn’t want to be alone.

After she gets that all out of her system, Sue thanks Itsuki for being there with her because she doesn’t think she would have had the courage to do it alone. Sue says that she’s feeling a bit better and that she thinks the sadness was cut in half because she had Itsuki there to share it with. The event ends with Sue saying that she’s confident the wolf will be okay because he’s returned to his friends and family.


Yuzuha’s event opens with Itsuki in the park commenting that Yuzuha is late for their meeting. Yuzuha shows up shortly afterward lugging a coffin with her. Yuzuha is surprised that he noticed and then says that she came up with the design herself. She asks him what he thinks. Itsuki is left mostly speechless, but says that it does look very feminine, which Yuzuha appreciates as that is what she was going for. She wanted to make it cuter, because according to her “Coffins are usually masculine.” Itsuki asks her what’s inside and Yuzuha says that all of her art supplies are in there. She starts explaining that coffins are great because of variety of uses they can have (like sleeping in it, using it as a bag, etc.), but Itsuki points out that they don’t look especially convenient considering how heavy they are. Yuzuha says that she made this one lightweight so that it’s easy to carry and that she feels more at ease when carrying it herself. Some little NPC girl then butts in and points out to her mother that Yuzuha is carrying around something weird. Her mother tries to get her to be quiet because Yuzuha is a Star Maiden and she shouldn’t be saying bad things about her.

The mother then immediately starts openly pondering about why someone like Yuzuha would become a Star Maiden and what possesses her to go carrying around a coffin like some weirdo. The mother then hurries her daughter along. Yuzuha is understandably upset and says that she’s just going to go home now. Itsuki tries to comfort her, but she tells him to stay away because she doesn’t want people to start thinking that he’s weird too. Yuzuha then starts to break into tears and says that she should have just stayed home. Despite her protests, Itsuki wipes the tears away and comforts her. He offers to carry her back home and tells her that anyone that thinks she’s weird or abnormal can fuck off (obviously I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the general idea).

The two get back to Yuzuha’s workshop, where Yuzuha apologizes for having Itsuki carry her all the way back. She asks if she was too heavy, but Itsuki deflects by saying that the coffin was the major source of weight. Yuzuha wishes the she could be considerate like Itsuki instead of being shy all the time. Itsuki points out that she was sleeping on the way back as well, which causes Yuzuha to reveal that she just felt really comfortable and also managed to have a dream (it was about big buildings during the night, but it was still being bright outside and it was a mysterious place she’s never been to before. In other words, she was dreaming of Sora). Itsuki asks her to try painting it, but Yuzuha says that she doesn’t think she can have that dream again unless she’s sleeping on Itsuki’s back. The event ends with Yuzuha getting embarrassed about unintentionally implying that she wanted to sleep on Itsuki’s back.


Femiruna’s event opens with her quickly pacing back and forth in the Academy Cafeteria and having some kind of internal debate. When Itsuki questions what’s got her so worked up, Femiruna gets embarrassed and gradually admits that she was thinking about ordering something from the cafeteria but also that it’s something she doesn’t want to eat. With a little prying from Itsuki, Femiruna reveals that she wants to try overcoming her aversion to carrots, which she’s had ever since she was a child. Itsuki asks what prompted this sudden attempt at personal growth and Femiruna almost lets it slip out that it’s because of that time he told her off for flipping out at her servant (if you don’t recall, she was going to fire the servant because they served her a dish with carrots in it). Femiruna then ropes Itsuki into helping her and orders him to bring her some food with carrots in it. She tells him that he’s the one that put the idea in her head, so he’s got to take responsibility for that. Despite what she says, she clarifies that if he just brings her a plate with nothing but carrots on it, she’ll be pissed. Itsuki eventually returns with one of three choices (the player can choose “Carrot Cookies”, “soup with carrots”, or “a carrot stick”). Serving up soup with carrots (the best answer for this event) has Femiruna point out that it should be a fairly easy starting point for her since the carrots are diced up. She says her opinion of Itsuki is higher now, since he made such a wise choice. She gets ready to try the soup and Itsuki takes the opportunity to ask her why she’s so fussy about them. Femiruna says she can’t really remember the exact reason; she’s just always hated them since childhood.

She eventually gathers her resolve and goes for it in order to prove to Itsuki that she can. She is surprised to find that it’s not bad at all and not what she was expecting. Itsuki asks if she’s ever even tried eating carrots, but Femiruna is too caught up in her victory. She then thanks Itsuki for his help and he questions what this has to do with him. Femiruna then just comes right out and says that it’s because Itsuki belittled her for that time she flipped out at her servant. There’s a little more Tsundere stuff from Femiruna where she tells Itsuki that it’s not like she did this because of him or anything. Itsuki says he feels bad for that servant that she tried to fire over something so silly, which prompts Femiruna to tell him that a gentleman shouldn’t keep bringing up that kind of stuff. Just before the event ends and Femiruna is walking off screen, she stops and gets shy. She manages to squeak out a “Thank you” to Itsuki, then leaves for real.


Collette’s event continues on with the “New competition in town” subplot that was started in her previous event. She closes up shop as soon as Itsuki walks in and tells him that he’s going with her somewhere. When Itsuki asks what’s going on, Collette reveals that she’s going to be carrying out an undercover operation against her new rival and Itsuki is going to be her partner. They head out into the Granvania Shopping Center and Collette leads him to where the new bakery is. When Itsuki asks why he had to be dragged along for this, Collette reveals that the bakery is having a “Love Loaf” sale for their grand opening. Couples that go together apparently get all you can eat bread (are couple events the only promotions people in Granvania can come up with?), so Collette is using Itsuki to help her gather some intel. Collette also concedes that, although they are her rivals, this is a good strategy. Itsuki points out that the two of them look more like siblings than a couple, which Collette concedes is true. The event—


Itsuki thankfully shuts that down completely and Collette laughs and says she was just joking. She then says that if they just stress the fact that they’re lovers and not siblings, then that’s what they are. Operation: Half-baked is about to get under way, where Itsuki and Collette will pretend to loaf each other in order to scone some free bread, but Collette stops for a second to make a request of Itsuki. She wants him to not call her Collette because the rival bakery probably knows her name at the very yeast. She suggests that he call her something like “honey” or “kitten?” Itsuki says those are kind of childish, so Collette responds with “In that case, call me ‘baby.’” In turn, Collette plans on just calling Itsuki “bro”, which Itsuki points out is pretty stupid if the two of them are supposed to be posing as lovers and not siblings. She then decides on Pookums.

They get the ball rolling on their stealth op and Collette somehow manages to get cream on her nose (fanservice. It’s supposed to be fanservice. The answer will almost always be fanservice). Collette starts commenting on how the bakery uses too much of it and then the CG scene just sort of ends. The event picks back up outside of the rival bakery with Itsuki asking Collette what she thought of it. She states that they might be a bigger challenge than she first thought. Their flavour isn’t nearly as good as hers (according to Collette), but they are much cheaper. She thinks they are evenly matched, but only between price and flavor. In terms of variety of breads offered, the rival bakery absolutely destroys Collette’s (they have 25 different varieties compared to her 8). However, Collette says that she’s still confident that she can beat them and says that she’ll start by bumping up her offerings to 20. She also says that if she doubles the amount of bread she makes, she can stay in business (which is not how business works in this case. Making more bread is useless unless you have the customers to buy it, Collette. We already know that you don’t completely sell out of the bread you currently make). Anyway, Collette reaches the conclusion that despite her best efforts, she has no choice but to hire another worker since she’ll need to be in the back of the shop baking in order to keep up. To her credit, she states that even though she wanted to run her bakery entirely on her own, now is not the time to be stubborn. The event peters out from there.


Great. This sure is my favourite part. Ugh, here we go. Lillith starts us off for this event. She has a customer (Female Student B) who is pissed off that the fortune she got from Lillith isn’t all sunshine and roses. The student demands to know why she can’t date Mark, but Lillith says that that is all the fortune tells her. Lillith tries to come up with some way of calming the girl down, but the girl just demands that Lillith redo the reading so that her and Mark can date. Lillith tells her that isn’t how fortune telling works and that she has to accept the results. The girl then accuses Lillith of being full of herself because people call her a genius. Itsuki tells her to take a fucking chill pill and between him and Lillith they manage to spin the reading in such a way that the girl might be able to win this Mark guy over some day and date him in the future.

That seems to calm the girl down and she leaves, causing Lillith to thank Itsuki for stepping in to help since she’s bad with words and doesn’t know how to explain herself very well. Itsuki asks her if she gets customers like that a lot and Lillith says that she does. The rumor of her being a super accurate fortune teller is causing some friction with people who get less than ideal fortunes. Itsuki contemplates finding a way to be there for Lillith more often, but she tells him that she can’t possibly ask him to do that. Nonetheless, she thanks him for his concern and reassures him that despite how angry some people get, there’s nobody around that would actually go so far as to hurt her (other than, you know, those random ass street punks that tried to pick up Reone). Itsuki still tells her that she can depend on him to help her out with whatever she needs and that causes Lillith to get shy and embarrassed. She heads out back to make the two of them some tea, which results in (yes, unfortunately…) her tripping and causing a personality flip. Lillie rushes back out and starts accusing Itsuki of doing something to Lillith because her emotions are all screwed up (Lillith and Lillie can pick up on emotions when their personality swaps happen, but they don’t know about the context behind why those emotions are there). Lillie starts trying to threaten Itsuki because she’s convinced he did something to Lillith, but Itsuki tells her to check the damn memo that Lillith left which explains the entire situation. Even after reading the memo, Lillie still threatens to rip Itsuki’s lungs out if he ever makes Lillith cry and it’s absolutely adorable that Lillie thinks she’s capable of beating up anyone that isn’t a pre-pubescent child. Anyway, Itsuki says that Lillie must really care about Lillith, Lillie denies it and says she’s just concerned about something happening to their body because they share it, then the asshole girl from earlier comes back and Lillie threatens to kill her for making Lillith cry and then the event ends.

I hate her so fucking much. I truly do. I’m actually looking forward to having Mana around again. That’s how bad Lillie is.


Tarua’s event is all about her tracking down that missing letter from last time. She remembered where she dropped it, so Itsuki goes with her to help look. They head to the forest, which Tarua says she ran through on her way to make a delivery. She promptly ran into a tree, which is when she figures the letter fell out. Tarua has been back here every day trying to find it and the spot they are in now is the only one left. So it’s not so much that she “remembered” where she dropped it, so much as she eliminated every other possible location it could have wound up in. Either way, Tarua and Itsuki scour the area but turn up empty. Tarua suggests that maybe it fell in the mud, but Itsuki tells her that she’ll get filthy if she goes digging around in there. Tarua says she doesn’t care and darts straight into the mud. She starts frantically looking around while Itsuki looks on in exasperation. Itsuki eventually caves and joins the search, although Tarua tries to discourage him because then he’ll get dirty too. The search is still fruitless, which causes Tarua to finally crack and start crying. She feels horrible because she lost a “precious letter.” Itsuki points out that she doesn’t know that (it could be spam or bad news after all), but Tarua isn’t going for it. Itsuki gets her out of the mud and towards a nearby tree where *gasp* they find the missing letter!

There’s much rejoicing and Tarua is super happy. She then takes off to deliver the letter. Itsuki meets up with her later at the Academy Field (which I think is during the next day or something? That CG implies that it was the evening when they found the letter, but the Academy Field shows bright blue skies ). Anyway, Tarua says that the receivers were happy and that the letter was from a friend that went to a faraway place. They forgave Tarua for the letter being a little late and a bit muddy. They tell her she did a good job, but Tarua still feels guilty about it. Itsuki then tells her she did well and Tarua does what she always does: Leans in for a head pat. The event wraps up with Tarua declaring that she’ll find some way to thank Itsuki for his help.

That’s it. Finally. …For now anyway. The important part is that we can return to dungeon crawling and replacing Star Offerings.