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Part 19: Drink blood like a vampire without warning

Update VIII: Drink blood like a vampire without warning
Song Title Reference: Who Do You Voodoo by Josef Lord (Sam B.) and Christopher Knight

So… uh… things didn’t turn out so well in the last update. To put it simply: It hasn’t been a great day for Itsuki. Also not a great day for Granvania, but the people of Granvania are jackasses that blame Itsuki for everything, so fuck them.

So what better way to follow that up than by entertaining Mahiru and her stupid school rumor crap for a third time.


[***]: Wheeew…

Mm… what?

[***]: Wheeew!

Why were you blowing in my ear?!

What? You’re the one who told me to find a gentler way to wake you up.

When I said that, I meant that maybe you could try just nudging me or something… Why do you always have to be weird about it?

Anyway, up and at ‘em! Time to hunt down some rumors!

Hunt rumors…? What are you talking about?

Oh… right... Don’t tell me you’re still planning to keep doing that?

Of course! Do you want to miss a chance to go home?

Home… Mahiru, I-- Never mind. You’re right. Just let me get up and get ready.

~Star God Academy Hallway~

What rumor do you plan on investigating today?

Not investigate! Hunt!

Okay, okay. Calm down. What rumor are we “hunting” today?

So, let’s take our time with the appetizers today. I want to hunt every lead to see if it’s related to the disappearances!

Then what do we start with? The Classmating Potion one?

Ah, the totally fake rumor where Star Maidens have illicit relationships, right? If you’re so interested in that rumor, we may as well begin our hunt with that.

I never said I was interested in it. I’m just throwing out suggestions. Gotta start somewhere.

Oh, here are some people we can interview.

Femiruna, do you have a moment? We have something we wanted to ask you.

Oh, is this for the academy newspaper? Ohoho, of course there would be interest in a talented Star Maiden like myself.

Better watch it, Femiruna. Next vote isn't finished yet, so you still have a chance to blow it and end up at the bottom of my vote list.

Charmed, I’m sure. Ask whatever you would like.

You got it. We won’t hold back. We’d like to ask what you think about the Seven Academy Wonders.

I have no interest in such things. Rumors are merely idle pleasures of the masses.

What about the “Academy Disappearances” or Itsuki’s “Classmating Potion?”

Wait, what? When did that become my rumor?

What?! Itsuki, you truly believe in such idle gossip? Well, I guess such rumors are not wholly unrelated to me. I did have my servants look into this. The results they found…

However, that rumor was distorted… According to my intelligence division. So? Has my information helped at all?

Do same sex couples doing the deed also cause Impurities? I really feel like the game should be expanding on the mechanics at work here. There’s gotta be a loophole somewhere where people can get their rocks off without creating big buff monster men.

Yeah, I think we’ve heard enough about that one. Thanks, Femiruna.

What? Finished already? Do you not have any more… personal questions?

Sorry, Femiruna, we have to get going…

So, is that all then?

Thanks for the help! I’ll see you in class.

*Femriuna wanders off*

Looks like that one was a bust.

Are you disappointed?

Not really. No.

At least it’s good to know it has nothing to do with the disappearances.

Yeah. Hm? Is that Lillie running towards us?

*It is… unfortunately*

You seem happy yourself, Lillie.

I already heard. You’re doing interviews for the newspaper, right? In that case, interview me.

What’s the angle, Lillie? Why are you so interested?

It’s not for the newspaper.

But you just interviewed Femiruna, right?

Nope. But I gotta say, that info you got from Femiruna is pretty suspicious.

You mean about the Classmating Potion?

I’ve heard Maidens who have experienced Classmating tend to become couples.

..Uh, why? I could see the connection if two Maidens Classmated together, like in Tri-Mating, but Tri-Mating is supposed to have been nearly lost to time.

That means you and I will be head over heels before too long.

N-No way…

Oh, god. There’s a pairing I don’t want to imagine…

Wh-What are you talking about?

Itsuki, you’re interested in us getting it on, ain’t ya?

Not really. It’s got nothing to do with me.

You’re so boring. It was just a joke.

A… j-joke…?

Whatever. In any case, I’m ready whenever you are, Ma-hi-ru~ See ya!

So… you and Lillie, huh?

Knock it off. There is no way it’s true.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist making fun. You would have totally done the same thing. Anyway, what do we do now?

Wait here for a second. I’ll be right back.

Why? You need to take a leak?

Geez, you have no delicacy…

Only with you.

*Mahiru wanders off to go do whatever it is she needs to do*

Looks like today was a waste, too. Oh well, at least there’s only a few more rumors that she can chase after.

Sorry. Mahiru is dragging me around again.

Are you here for your rumor investigation?

Rumor “hunt.” You have to call it that or Mahiru gets all worked up.

Now that you mention it, isn’t she with you?

She ran off to the restroom.

Speaking of “restroom”…

Ah! Dammit, don’t sneak up like that…

Don’t act so surprised! I’m the one who should be surprised here… Anyway, remember the “Toilet Fairy” rumor?

Like I would. How ridiculous.

I greatly enjoyed that.

Owww! Did I bump into something?

That thing you bumped into flew pretty far away… It’s probably already up in the stars by now…

Augh! Itsuki, Mahiru! Fancy meeting you in a place like this.

You mean the school?

What are you up to?

Hehe, rumor hunting! We’re investigating the Seven Academy Wonders.

Augh augh! I know about those!

Ah! We were just talking about that one.

Mahiru, do you know where they say the toilet fairy pops out of?!

You sound like you know.

Augh! Of course! Aren’t I amazing, Itsuki?

You sure are, Tarua.

Hehe. I got a compliment! Feel free to give me head pats too, Itsuki.

Here you go.

Honestly, I don’t think you’re that far off the mark.

You don’t know how to handle women…

You say that, but…

Augh augh! I really liked it though!

Told you.

Tarua, would you mind taking us to that bathroom?

Augh! Sure! I wanted to use the restroom anyway.

Is that why you were blasting through the hallways like that?

Augh, augh, augh, augh… Remembering that is making it hard to hold it iin!

Tarua, let’s hurry.

*One bathroom break later*

How the hell did this thing manage to survive the ages? It looks like it predates the school by a couple of decades.

These are the restrooms in the rumor. Well, see ya later!

*Tarua runs off*

These things are looking a little rough. They definitely look like something that could be haunted.

Shall we split up and check the boys and girls sides?

The hell do you mean? It’s an outhouse. It doesn’t have a girls side or a boys side. It’s a damn hole in the ground.

That’s not necessary.

Oh good, back from space already?

Is it you?

But you told us you didn’t know before.

I can’t sit idly by and watch you drag Itsuki around for such nonsense.

Mana, what do you know?

Why hide it? The identity of the “Toilet Fairy”… is me.

Oh, shit. I was joking. It really is Mana?

For starters, I’m not even a fairy.

Whichever users in the thread threw out that theory: Congrats, you nailed it.

What? How?

But aren’t Impurities monsters? So then… you just look like a fairy.

Okay, so she’s an impurity, but she’s one of the cute ones. Same as the Sagitta.

A mage brought me out of one of the labyrinths 100 years ago. They were trying to give Impurities knowledge and find a way to coexist.

Pretty ballsy move, but it’s nice to know that at least someone out there was trying to be a problem solver instead of relying on kidnapping victims that their god kept bringing to their world.

Because I was a failed experiment, they were going to dispose of me… But I escaped before anyone could do that.

So, did you hold a grudge against humans and attack those students?

Do you know what I love most?

What the fuck, Mana?!

After I ran away from the lab, I lived in the academy. There were tons of prey there. However, the mage’s experiment granted me intellect that surpassed my instincts. So, even though I drank their blood, I didn’t kill them. I don’t hate humans. Also, I only drank blood… Until I realized I could live off other things.

Surprisingly, that God’s Gift didn’t kill me and ended up protecting me. Since then, I’ve been in service to this country. I wouldn’t say I’m completely reformed, but I am grateful to him.

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting a backstory like that.

But, I still thirst. When I’m with you, I sometimes want to drink your blood.

…I don’t think you’d like my blood. It’s probably full of poisonous Sora… cells, or something…

Heehee, that was a joke. Anyway, enough reminiscing.

So is that why Mana is such a skeevy pervert? Because she’s an Impurity, which are born from people sexing each other up? Huh… I mean, she’s still an annoying character. I’m just slightly impressed that the game came up with an explanation for it. Actually, impressed may be too strong a word. Maybe just “surprised.”

Mahiru, I’m gonna release Itsuki from this insanity.

No way.


We still haven’t found out anything about the disappearances. Until we reach our goal, we will hunt down the truth. Please wait until then, Mana.

Isn’t it standard in these situations to just quietly yield?

I’ll make Itsuki promise he won’t try to exterminate you in the future.

We’ll see what happens.

So you promise too! Promise that you won’t drink our blood!

Oh fine! Do whatever you want!

*Mana storms off*

Looks like she’s angry again.

Irreconcilable differences. I’ll apologize to her after our rumor hunt.

Right. So a few weeks from now, then.

Anyway, I was thinking about this while I was in the restroom…

It does also seem suspicious. Fix that spelling, SC.

We haven’t checked it out yet. I think it’s worth investigating.

You mean where he disappears into the wall?

The rumor says a student saw it through the window of the Headmaster’s room. In a movie, there’d be a secret door or something like that.

Okay, not totally comfortable with Narcisstes’ little British surveillance setup here.

Actually, hold up a minute. Why the fuck does he have a CCTV camera monitoring some random countryside? And is that… is that Mirei’s laboratory? And the old toilets we were just investigating? You even have a camera monitoring the fucking Doctor’s Office! That’s a massive breach of privacy. What the shit, Narc?!

It’s supposed to be off-limits, but it was really easy to get in…

I mean, we are way too important for him to punish us very much, but if we get caught we’re still going to be in a lot of trouble. You know that, right?

So let’s not get caught and look for that secret door.

Right, time for Metal G-

Damn. That didn’t even last long enough for me to make a joke.


Mahiru, I thought I told you the Headmaster’s room was off limits.

Right, but the door wasn’t locked, so…

The door was locked by Star Energy.

Oh come on. Is that really necessary? A simple deadbolt would do just as good a job you know.

Which means, you two opened it using your powers as God’s Gifts.

Well, we are God’s Gifts after all…

This is no laughing matter.

I agree, but not for the reason that Narcisstes is thinking of.

I have a question. Why is the Headmaster’s room off limits anyway?

That’s a national secret.

So you won’t tell us?

Mahiru, please don’t put me in this position. Itsuki, you either.

I’m just along for the ride.

In any event, do not come back here, you two. Understand?

Right. Got it.

*And then we get kicked out of the Headmaster’s Office. Boy, I can’t wait for Narcisstes to eventually betray us or otherwise reveal the secret that room is protecting after everything has gone to shit and the knowledge is no longer helpful. Christ, this is going to be Ruby all over again, isn’t it?*

~Star God Academy Field~

There is something there! Are neither of you going to bring up the fact that Narcisstes has cameras hidden everywhere?

Mahiru, we promised we wouldn’t go back in there.

I didn’t.

Are you really going to push your luck like that?

*And Mahiru takes her leave*

*sigh*… Still not done with this, are we?

Another ill-advised investigation is finished with. At least we got to learn about Mana’s origins, which includes the fact that I’m now fairly certain she will betray us or something some day and we’ll have to put her down because she went berserk. Those cuffs she has on are probably what’s keeping her in control and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get broken by the villains.

I’ve got some space left in this update, so let’s have a look at some side stuff.

First of all, Tri-Mating is now unlocked. Tri-Mating costs more BP to do (150 instead of 100), but it allows you to select two Star Maidens to Classmate with instead of just one. This normally means that the stat spreads will be maxed out and you can create whatever Star Child you want with whatever Mother you want (in other words, you can give all the Star Child Classes any maiden hair color).

In order to unlock a particular Maiden for Tri-Mating, you need to reach Bond Level 4 (or max out Level 3, in other words) and then exit the Stardust Labyrinth. Doing so will trigger a scene, such as the one below. We’ll have a look at Ruka, since she gets basically no screen time due to being at the bottom of the Focus Maiden rankings.


Oh, hey Ruka. What are you-

This is pissing me off!

What’s got your panties in a bunch, Rukie?

It’s all your fault!

What are we talking about, exactly?

I’m not doing anything! What the hell is the matter?

Don’t play dumb! I already know all about you!

You should spill the beans, I’m just as confused.

Wh-Wh-Wha… Th-Then why did my Star Brand start shining?!

Beats me. I don’t control those things.

That shows your bond with Itsuki has deepened. What about it?

You’re still trying to play dumb? Itsuki, you too?!

I should remind everyone that Ruka is supposedly able to tell when people are lying. You could handwave Itsuki, but if Ruka’s powers are real then she should be able to tell whether or not Mana is lying.

I. Don’t. Know. Why won’t you just tell us?

Wh-What?! You want me to say it out loud?! You’re a monster! You’re the worst!

If you don’t wanna say it, fine. I honestly don’t wanna hear your complaining. Itsuki, let’s just go.

Yeah. Sorry, Ruka. But me and the Star Children are tired out from the Labyrinth. If you aren’t going anywhere with this then-

W-Wait! O-Okay, you win! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you everything, so don’t go!

Finally talking, eh? So, what are you so mad about?

”started shining”.

Argh! I can’t say it!

You need to practice your punchlines. Well, time to let the beast out of the cage. Your Star Brand lit up to prove that you’re ready for Tri-Mating. I understand you’re embarrassed to Tri-Mate with Itsuki.

Oh… right. I forgot that was a thing… So it’s time, huh?

You’ll have other Star Maidens join in the ritual, so just imagining it… I’m sure you can’t even sleep at night because you’re too excited!

Fuehehehe… Rukie… It seems like Itsuki can’t wait to do the Tri-Mating Ritual with you.

Wh-What…? I’ve had enough of this! I’m going home!

*Ruka books it*

She sure is fun to tease.

You need to stop putting words in my mouth. And if you already knew what she was getting at, then why didn’t you just say so?

You’re so dense… You need to learn how young girls think.

And there you go. Each Maiden has one of those events which trigger after you exit the Labyrinths. Once you see a certain Maiden’s event, they can then Tri-Mate. I won’t show off every event here, because all of them follow the same general premise as what we just saw (i.e. Mana explains Tri-Mating).

That said, there are a handful of little details blurted out during these scenes, so here are the summaries:

Arie shows up outside the Labyrinths because she thought her Star Brand shining was a sign that something bad had happened to Itsuki, so she got concerned. Arie lets slip that she’ll be looking forward to Tri-Mating, but back peddles out of embarrassment when Itsuki questions what she said. Arie then starts to feel a little bad/guilty about enjoying Classmating, because she thinks it’ll bring divine punishment (Arie, I assure you that Star God is cool with it).

Mana reveals that the last God’s Gift was kind of a shut-in. He also apparently had a huge crush on Mirei (who wasn’t a Star Maiden back then). He went to young Mirei’s room basically every day and of course Mirei thinks that it’s because he was super interested in Star Energy and the research she was doing. Mana points out that God’s Gift was definitely interested in something, but it wasn’t research.

Reone is stoked for the Tri-Mating thing because she (in her own words) gets to “service you and another Star Maiden at the same time.” She then talks about Itsuki needing more stamina in order to be able to satisfy her plus another girl. She also whips out a stamina drinking that Mirei made that contains “Rainbow Viper”, which Mana says is a highly venomous snake. Reone and Mana get excited as they attempt to force Itsuki to test it to boost his stamina.

Farun is weird about the Tri-Mating. She shows up being really twitchy and anxious. She says she is waiting for Itsuki to tell her what it means, although she definitely already knows because she’s too embarrassed to say it herself. That’s basically it.

Mahiru reveals that she thinks she’s fallen in love with a girl. She asks if she should confess or just give up and Mana concedes that even she’s never asked another girl out before. As soon as Itsuki asks if it’s another Star Maiden, Mahiru comes clean and says it was a joke. Mana then gets disappointed because she wanted to hear about girl-on-girl action.

Sue reveals that she has an eight meter long pet snake named Skywood. She sometimes wraps around Sue as the two of them sleep. As for Tri-Mating, Sue is uncertain about it because she doesn’t know what the hell it involves. She asks if they just play around like a clowder of cats… which I had to look up and was surprised to learn that that is actually what a group of cats is called. Huh… Anyway, there’s talk of Sue being a Starfish, which is a term that a previous God’s Gift came up with to describe a Maiden that doesn’t do anything during Classmating.

Yuzuha isn’t waiting outside the Stardust Labyrinths like the others. She just bursts out of her house in Granvania as Itsuki and Mana are walking by. Yuzuha does her usual “I’m garbage” routine and says she doesn’t think she can Tri-Mate well, and then asks if she has to Tri-Mate because she’s not good enough on her own. You know the deal.

She’s angry because she was meant to wait, even though Itsuki never made any agreement to meet her outside the Labyrinths. Mana teases her a bit about Tri-Mating and Femiruna fires back by questioning why she isn’t sufficient by herself.

Collette loafs bread. That’s the basis of the first part of this event. As for Tri-Mating, Collette does her “Oh my, I can’t believe youthful little girl me has to take part in that” shit. Mana tells the “flat-chester” to shut up and Collette just repeats that it’s part of a Star Maidens duty and all that. She then gives Itsuki some bread (which is a usable item that restores 60% HP). Mana doesn’t get any though.

Lillith says that Lillie apparently brought her out to the Labyrinths for some reason that she isn’t sure of. Mana then bashes Lillith in the head to force a switch. Lillie seems pumped for Tri-Mating because she thinks it will make things a lot more fun. Then she talks about bringing extra items to spice things up.

Tarua likes to run. Also, she has to ask Mana what Tri-Mating is because she slept through Narc’s classes. Mana then takes the opportunity to whisper to Tarua what Tri-Mating is. We don’t know what she says, but Mana tells Tarua shortly after “You may be flat, but there are others [sic] ways to spice it up.” Tarua then faints shortly after.

Maiden 13/Alfie: Mana is conspicuously absent for this scene. Itsuki says that there was a show she wanted to catch…so I guess Granvania also has cable. This is turning into a Naruto situation where the series starts and it seems like there’s a 70’s/80’s technology level and then you catch a clip of the series years later and suddenly all the ninja are using laptop computers and tablets and fucking West City from Dragonball apparently moved in next door.

Anyway, Alfie already knows what Tri-Mating is (even though Narcisstes told us that knowledge of it was almost lost to time) and wonders if the other Star Maidens will really accept her. Itsuki says he’ll explain everything to them, so I guess her existence isn’t going to be a secret anymore. That’s basically it for her event. There are no scenes for Tri-Mating where the different Star Maidens interact with each other, so this is supposed to be the handwave for why you are able to Tri-Mate with Alfie despite the fact that her existence exposes the existence of an Ophiuchus Labyrinth and Narcisstes told us not to tell any of the Star Maidens about that. Maiden 13’s role was not planned out very well for this game.

Next up: Another seasonal event has arrived, so let’s have a look. This is the Summer Event and triggers at the start of August.

I accidentally saved over the file I was using to view the intro events to these seasonal things, so I don’t have it anymore (the database doesn’t log those). They all follow the same formula anyway: Mana tells Itsuki about the event, Itsuki doesn’t know what it is, and then Mana explains it and says he has to take part. It’s the same as the Sports Festival we previously saw.

The Summer Event is “Star Maiden Camp”, which is kind of a sleepover/summer camp kind of thing. It’s supposed to just be for the Star Maidens, but Mana thinks Itsuki should be going along as well. Narc is fine with that.

~Star God Academy Field~

Star Maiden Camp begins now! This time, Itsuki and Mana will be coming with us.

In that case, shall we spend the night under the same roof as Itsuki?

Camp would be much more fun if Itsuki stays with us! Looking forward to it, Itsuki!

Haha. Let’s have a good time, Itsuki. I may be a little nervous with you with us, Itsuki.

Why is a God’s Gift staying at Star Maiden Camp?

Spoiler-alert: Nothing “stupid” happens, if you catch my and Ruka’s drift. Thankfully. Itsuki doesn’t bumble or get pulled into any cliché situations.

Having a gentleman stay with us is certainly unexpected. However, I am looking forward to having you.

This is perfect. I was just thinking how we needed someone to carry our luggage.

She says this, but Star Maiden Camp happens at the Star God Academy. I don’t know what kind of luggage she plans on bringing along for a one-night event.

This is a good chance to observe a different God’s Gift than usual. I welcome you.

Let’s have some fun, Itsuki. You’ll be here with all the Star Maidens, but don’t do anything weird, all right?

My animals won’t be here tonight, but…

Itsuki, welcome to the lovely Star Maiden flower garden. Let’s deepen our bonds deep into the night.

To think you would join this all-girls camp… Just how much do you hate being alone, I wonder.

So, I’ll be with you all night… I might not get sleepy then…

I’ll leave it up to Mana and Itsuki now. If you please.

All right, I’m gonna explain the schedule for the Star Maiden Camp. I’m sure you’ve all heard from Nar… But first, we’ll be splitting a watermelon on the shore. At night, it’s a test of nerves. Now then, let’s all head to the shore.

Beach time!

We’ll start splitting that watermelon! Itsuki will put on a blindfold and split the watermelon with a stick. Ladies, use teamwork and your cheers to guide him to the watermelon. Are you ready, Itsuki? The Star Maidens will split into three groups of three and give you advice. You should listen to the Star Maiden you have the deepest bond with.

Got all that?

Sure thing. Let’s do it.

Time to blindfold Itsuki. Let’s begin! Bonding Watermelon Split, start!

This one actually is incredibly easy. Unlike the Sports Festival, you can easily win this on your first run. Three Star Maidens will tell you a direction to move in (Forward, right, or left). All you need to do is follow the advice of whichever one you have the highest bond level with. Since I’m maxing out everyone for LP purposes, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to fail this (everyone has the same Bond Level right now).

Still, I wind up listening to the Maidens as ordered by the last Maiden Vote. Sue, Lillith, and Mahiru are first, so I listen to Mahiru and move left. Reone, Femiruna, and Tarua are next, so I listen to Reone and move forward. Then it’s Arie, Mirei, and Ruka (Arie tells us to go Forward).

This leads to success and scores us the Magic Melon item. 100% HP heal and status cure is pretty sweet.

For those who are curious: Yuzuha, Farun, and Collette didn’t participate. I believe the game randomly selects 9 of the 12 Maidens.

It’s time to head back to the academy. Everyone’s all sweaty now, right?

I included this screenshot for a particular reason. I’ll mention it at the end of this event. Just keep in mind that Mahiru is in it.

Hey, Itsuki… How long are you gonna eat that watermelon?

I’m savoring it, okay?

It’ll be dark soon. Let’s head back to the academy now.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Is this where we’re all staying?

I’ll be honest, that does sound really good right about now.

~Star God Academy Hallway~

I think the men’s bath was here…

Nope, no, it’s okay TCG! Despite all signs indicating otherwise, I don’t need you this time. Sorry. Check back during the next Bonding Update. I already know that I’ll need you for that, thanks to Sue. Good hustle, though.

Ahh, this is great. Can’t believe I have all of this to myself. Hm? …I think I can hear someone next door…

At this point we’re given a choice of which Star Maiden to focus on. Arie is still top of the polling for now, so we start with her as always, although this event actually involves a few of the Maidens.

Whoa, Arie, you usually look so slim with your clothes on.

Hm, do you think so? Um, does that mean I’m… fat?

Oh, no, I didn’t mean that! I meant that your breasts are pretty big.

Hey, I said I didn’t need TCG for this. I didn’t say it was going to be a non-pervy event.


Collette says she’s jealous.

I didn’t say that. I merely thought it! Um… I’ve heard that breasts grow larger if they’re massaged. Is that true?

Arie, is that true?

I shouldn’t have to clarify this as I’m hoping that people reading this LP know a little about human anatomy, but breasts don’t grow when massaged. Japanese media loves to use this trope a lot, but it’s a myth. Like dudes and their dicks, ladies are stuck with whatever the good (non-Star) Lord gave them… with the exception of plastic surgery I guess. Science ?

I-I wonder…?

She isn’t denying it…


Is everyone here? It’s time for the test of nerves.

As I said before, some of us will be playing monsters that will switch out. Also, is there a Star Maiden who doesn’t mind pairing with Itsuki? Oh, is that so. Who will you pair up with, Itsuki? Choose wisely!

We get another choice as to which Maiden to go along with for this event. If your bond level isn’t high enough with any of them, then Mana tells Itsuki that he has to go it alone. Nothing at all happens in this version of the event. Itsuki just finds the paper and the event ends.

Since Arie just had an event, this will be Mirei’s time to shine.

I’ll go with Mirei, I guess. She probably has nerves of steel.

You’ll be pairing with her to challenge the test of nerves. All right, the rest of the Star Maidens also pair up. Remember to hold hands while you do this. That’s a rule. Now then, everyone, get ready!

~Star God Academy Hallway~

Mana says that it’s a test of nerves.

Walking through the woods holding hands… We’re like children on a picnic. This is such a waste of time it’s making my head hurt.

Then why did you agree to pair up with me?

Official Itsuki says “But wasn’t it you that wanted to pair up with me?”, except that’s not what happened at all. Mana clearly asked Itsuki to choose someone.

I didn’t think I could stand being without a subject to examine. I wanted to monitor how you dealt with fear, but… You’re much more calm than I expected, so this was a bust.

Sorry. Compared to the labyrinths, this is actually pretty relaxing. But if you don’t like it, then we don’t have to keep holding hands.

Holy crap! Mirei actually has a blush animation!

We agreed to them at the beginning, so we should at least follow through.

You’re very ‘by the book’ when it comes to this stuff.

That depends on the rule…

Grah! I’m a monster!

Be quiet. We’re having a conversation.

I legitimately got a chuckle out of that. Not going to lie.

*After grabbing the paper and heading back*

~Star God Academy Classroom~

All Star Maiden Camp activities have now finished. Just relax with some girls, talk, and fall asleep.

I guess I’ll head back to my own room then.

Aren’t you gonna stay too?

No. I’d just get in the way of the girls talking to each other. It’s weird having me around for that kind of thing. Good night.

*Itsuki leaves*

So here’s the thing I mentioned. Mahiru’s sprite was present for that scene, but she didn’t say or do anything. I’m not sure if one of her lines was cut, or if she’s just a weird placeholder to signify that the Star Maidens are in the area. The same thing happened at the end of the beach scene and I’m fairly certain it’s happened in other side “group” events as well. She just stands there… silently.

That’s all for the events, but I’ve got a few more screenshots to show off. Some new gift items have shown up in the Gift Shop, so I’ll do a little showcase of some of the major ones.

Mirei has a Retro Hairpin.

Femiruna has Diamond Earrings, which she does attach to her cat ears (jury is still out as to whether or not she also has human ears. Her hair covers it up completely, so we can’t tell for sure).

Reone has some clear glasses.

Farun has a tame ribbon.

Collette gets some round glasses.

And Arie has the Embossed Brooch.

There’s a gift item called “World Map”, which lets us get a basic look at the world. The writing appears to be gibberish, so unfortunately we can’t tell where Granvania is located.

The other item is a photobook of the school idol, Seiya. Maybe this is one of the “Other” characters that is locked in the database? A “rival” of Itsuki seems like a give-in at some point or another.

Also, that item above this one is called “Magic Transmission Guide”. Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive, but “Magic Trans. Guide” seems like a poor choice of abbreviation.

Anyway, that’s it for this update. For those of you catching up in the thread or reading this on the archive sometime in the future, Maiden 13 is introduced next. We’ll catch up on her bonding events so that she can be part of the next Maiden vote. For those of you actively following the thread, the next Maiden vote is coming in a little bit. Time for a shake up (or very unlikely, no shake up at all).