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Part 21: I'm a goddess with a blade - Part 2

Special Bonding Update I (Part 2): I'm a goddess with a blade
Song Title Reference: POP/STARS by K/DA

~Day Camp~

*From a distance*

Hey! You’re not supposed to tackle there! Guard! Come on! Hey, you there! I told you to stop grinning during battle and clench your teeth!

(She’s like a Drill Sergeant. Kind of scary, actually… Glad I’m not a Star Child right now. I wonder where Mirei is, though… I asked her to-)

*Say her name and she appears!*

Thanks for waiting, Itsuki.

There you are. I’m sorry to call you out like this when you’re busy.

It’s fine. This is what you asked for, right?

What are you using it for anyway? Did you get homesick?

Sort of.

Even if he wasn’t homesick, why wouldn’t he want one of those? They sound awesome. He can magically watch his memories like they were a TV show. Given what Alfie has told us, it sounds like it’s accurate enough to replay movies or shows that the person has seen before. Like, fuck Netflix at that point, am I right?

Are you going to meet her now?

Yeah… She… I had her tell me about what that whole ‘giving death’ thing was about.

I see…

It would be likely that she would be overwhelmed by it in the beginning. So I hope you will support her. It’s none other than you who is closest to her now.

That’s the plan. Listen, thanks for helping with this. I appreciate it, Mirei.

Geez… Well, I’m counting on you.

*Mirei takes her leave*

All right! That’s it for today!

*Alfie wanders into frame*

Oh, Itsuki! Hi there!

*Alfie then does her idol pose*

Are we going on that date you wanted?

Uh-oh… So the day has finally come.

Well, as long as your mind hasn’t changed.

It hasn’t. Oh, but maybe it has.

What do you mean?

It’s mysterious… I was really worried when we first promised to go on a date. But as more time passed, I started to look forward to it. I thought I hated the acts surrounding love…

Yeah, you sure do look terrified.


Oh, I’m sorry. We’re supposed to deepen our bond, and this would make things all gloomy. Oh, Itsuki! Where are you going to take me today?

Well, I thought about that. You probably wouldn’t like going to places where couples typically go, so why don’t we head to my home?

Game, could you please stop giving the heroines that look? I know you’re going for “surprise”, but it actually just looks like they’ve become psychotic and are about to rip the protagonist’s guts out through his mouth.

Yeah, I managed to get one of those tools that let’s you watch things from Sora. Mirei let me borrow it.

Now, Official Itsuki says basically the same thing here. He says that “It’s a magical tool where you can watch dramas from Sora”, but that’s not the description that Alfie gave us of this device. Either this is a different device that plays the recordings which Alfie’s God’s Gift had made, or Mirei has improved on the device to the point where it’s somehow able to intercept TV signals from across dimensions/the universe (or however this “other world” business works). Both of those possibilities are believable.

And of course, it could also just be the result of translation fuckups.

You met with Mirei? Mirei… Was she mad at me?

Haven’t you talked to her since that Classmating ritual?


Oh, well, don’t worry about it. She isn’t mad.

That’s good…

So? What do you say about my idea?

We really need to stop using that metaphor. Sue’s going to hear it someday and it’ll turn into this big deal where she thinks we’re bird killers.

Also, spelling error again.

~Inn: Itsuki’s Room~

So this is your room… Uh-oh! I’m starting to get nervous!

Really? It’s not exactly an interesting room. I don’t really get things to decorate it or make it ‘mine’. I don’t even have a couch in here. I guess you’ll have to sit on the bed.

Itsuki says this despite the fact that we can see at least three chairs. Although I guess it ruins the “date” feel if you’ve got armrests in the way.

Gasp! C-C-C-Could this be…? I remember seeing this situation often in dramas… When a man and a woman sit side-by-side on the bed… it turns into a lovey-dovey event?! Uh-oh!

He was just showing her porn!

W-Wait! What illegal act?!

N-N-No! We can’t, Itsuki! A-A-Anything but that!

Alfie, I really think you-

We’d be doing much more than just deepening our bond!

Alfie, just… Drill Sergeant Alfie! I order you to calm down!

*sigh*… (I’m surprised that actually worked…)

Take a deep breath, okay?

Right! *Breathe* Phew…

Don’t let your imagination get carried away. I promise I’m not going to do anything to you.

Right… I knew you wouldn’t, Itsuki. I’m sorry I lost my cool…

We’re just going to watch some dramas. Are you okay with me sitting next to you?

Oh, please do. I… think I’m fine now.

I’ll sit a little farther away, just in case. I know it would ruin the theater mood, but would you rather leave the lights on?


*And then they watched dramas from Sora… somehow. Still a little unclear on how that works*

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Hehe… I managed to stick it out to the end to watch the whole thing. I was so nervous that I don’t remember what I watched though.

No, don’t blame yourself. I thought I had a good idea, but I guess I wasn’t thinking about how awkward it is for a guy to invite a girl into his room so soon after meeting. I don’t really look at it that way because I live with Mahiru and it’s not a big deal. Sorry for freaking you out.

That’s all right… I’m just worried if our bond even deepened.

Well… we could try Classmating and seeing if there’s a difference.


*Classmating happens*

No new classes this time. We only have three more left to unlock and the conditions for them won’t be met for a while. One requires us to clear six dungeons, another requires us to create the class that needs the dungeons cleared, and the last one requires us to collect nine different scrolls. Remember that “Book of the Sun” or whatever it is we picked up in the last Labyrinth? I found out that there are 8 more of those bastards somewhere in the dungeons. We’ll need to pray to RNGesus and hope he’s good to us.

For those of you who followed the CII LP: Unfortunately, this game did not add in the special classes that CII introduced. No Dark Knight, Witch, Bulleteer, Ether Sniper, Gambler, Minstrel, Mercenary, Gun Saint, Diva, or Trickster for us. That’s a shame… I don’t really care about Mercenary, but I really liked the designs of all the others.

Whew… Looks like the Star Child turned out really well.

It sure went well…

I think the date helped after all.



You can sit closer the next time we go on a date…

Aw yeah, moving up to “Lifetime Original”. We’ll be at Cinemax in no time.

~Granvania Shopping Center~

Huh? Was that Alfie? …Looks like she’s got some Star Children with her.

*Itsuki decides to follow*

~Day Camp~

Hello! Come on, everyone! God’s Gift is here!

God’s Gift!

In your face, Conception Plus! I’ve still got the Star Children sprites from the CII LP, so there’s no extra work for me this time. Suck it!

They’re all looking pretty happy.

You came all the way here, but I’m sorry that we have to get going. We need to do some outdoor training. I can’t spend any time with you today…

That’s fine. Actually, I’m sort of wondering if I can tag along. I haven’t gotten the chance to see how you guys train yet. Plus, I could probably use a few lessons from you.

What?! Me? Train you?

Training together could also deepen our bond, you know.

Hmm… Now that you mention it… All right! Then let’s go together!


Over there! Your swing is too weak!

Yes, ma’am!

(She really doesn’t give any slack, does she?)

All right! Enough with the practice swinging! Next, I’ll demonstrate by sparring with God’s Gift!

Wait, what?

Let’s spar to give the Star Children an example to follow!

Oh. Okay. Try to go easy on me. I’m not exactly a veteran.

Wh-What? What’s wrong?

What do you mean easy?! How dare you! If I go easy, you think that’ll serve as a proper example to the Star Children?!

Okay, okay! I take it back!

Well said! That’s my God’s Gift for ya! All of you! You won’t get a chance like this again, so watch carefully!

They’ll still get the chance to see God’s Gift fight, won’t they? These have to be Itsuki’s Star Children. Alfie told us that they disappear once their job is done, so the ones we are seeing here can’t be from previous God’s Gifts. Also, unlike Wake, other people can’t Classmate. The reason I mention this is because the Star Children in these events always call Itsuki “God’s Gift”, whereas outside of these events they typically refer to him as “Dad” or some variation thereof.

All right then, Itsuki! Here I go!

Oh well. Doesn’t matter either way. Let’s just watch Itsuki get his ass handed to him.

S-Sure. Right! Come on, Alfie!


*The screen flashes white as Alfie goes after Itsuki like a wild animal*



Gah! Damn, I didn’t think you’d attack me like this! Where are you getting that strength?!

*The screen flashes white again and then Itsuki seems to lose his balance and eat dirt*

I got you! You’re mine!

Yield! I yield!

Instructor Alfie is so strong!

Instructor is so cool!

I include the CG again because Alfie’s expression changes when she realizes what she did.

I give, Alfie! Relax!

I can’t believe I knocked down and mounted God’s Gift… Waah! What I did was so improper!

God’s Gift made the instructor cry!

Wait, what?! I’m the one that nearly got clubbed!


I… Okay, I’m sorry. Alfie, please calm down. Everyone is getting worried.

Ugh… That’s right… I’m supposed to be their role model. I’m not allowed to cry…

Let’s take a break, okay? I think you just need a minute.


Yes, ma’am!

*There’s a fade-to-black as everyone takes a minute to relax a bit and Itsuki is allowed to get up off the ground and stop cowering*

*sigh*… I wasn’t expecting you to be that strong. I wasn’t even close…

That’s not true. Your skills with the sword were great! It ignited my battle instincts as a Star Child. I guarantee it. You’ll surely surpass me in no time at all to defeat the Impurity God!

I appreciate it… although I’m not sure I believe it. Anyway, that was intense. Here, I’ve got some water with me.

Thank you! *glug*… *glug*… *glug*… Fwa! That’s so good! I live for this moment! Huh? Wait… is this your water bottle?

Yeah. Why?


Oh, don’t worry about it. There’s lots in there. You don’t have to hold back.

I guess?

I-I knew it!

Don’t get caught up in that. It’s not a big deal. Besides, aren’t you always telling everyone that they need to rehydrate?

Yes… Then here you go, Itsuki…

[Townsperson A]: Ahhh! An Impurity!

What the hell are you doing out here? Is ‘Townsperson A’ the “my leg!” guy from Spongebob? Just showing up whenever an Impurity appears in order to scream about it?

The cry came from over there!

We better hurry!


That’s new. Not as cute as the other Sagitta.

Damn it… Another Impurity managed to get to the surface.

Official Itsuki says “Why is there an Impurity on the surface?”, but we’ve passed a point in the main story where that’s no longer unheard of.

Is this…?

What’s wrong?

… No… You’re the one that attacked the Star Maiden 30 years ago… Damn you… So you were still alive!

A-Alfie! What are you doing?!

*The screen flashes white as Alfie tries to attack it only to get her ass kicked*


[White Impurity]: Huuuuuurgh…

*Anther flash to white as Alfie gets hit*


Everyone! Protect Instructor Alfie!

[White Impurity]: Huuurgh…

*Another screen flash ass kick*



Welp, that didn’t work.

Damn… It beat Alfie and the Star Children in one hit.

Yeah. Sagitta type enemies might be quick to run, but some of them can hit like trucks if they feel like it. Don’t forget that.

God’s Gift… Please leave this to me and run away… So long as the Star Children are protected by the Matryoshka… They’ll be fine…

I’m not leaving you, Alfie.

But, at this rate… both of us will…

I’m not leaving you and we’re not dying! Come on, you bastard! I’ll fight you!

[White Impurity]: Huuurgh…


It’s Team Couscous! (Actually it’s a generic monk, but it looks like Adele, so that’s what the LP canon is going to be).

Everyone! It’s time for MECUNITE!

*The screen fades to white as the Impurity is given its just desserts… It’s a food joke… Couscous is a food… although it’s not a dessert… Shut up*

[White Impurity]: Rahhhhhhh!

I think… I think we managed to fend it off…

Well done, God’s Gift… It appears you were the one who went easy on me… during our earlier spar…

Are you kidding? If the Star Children hadn’t been there, there’s no way I could have fought it on my own.

I… couldn’t do anything…

Alfie… you’re a Star Maiden now. Star Maidens don’t have the power to fight the Impurities.

I see…

Well… Um… Hey, was that really the monster that attacked you 30 years ago?

I’ve never forgotten even a hair of that white phantom…

I see. Then I promise that I’ll defeat it in your place. I’ll put that nightmare to rest.

And that’s all for Alfie. She’s all caught up with everyone and is ready for polling. That’s right, it’s time for another Focus Maiden vote. Alfie will be looking for a spot of her own, while the Top 6 Maidens try and hold on to theirs and the Bottom 6 look to make a comeback.