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Part 27: Leo, Cancer, and Capricorn (Part 1)

Bonding Update X: Leo, Cancer, and Capricorn – Classmating 3 and Bonding Events Part 1

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Are you prepared to Classmate today, Femiruna?

And no, Femiruna’s is not one of the ones I’m referring to. I actually voted for her this time, despite my usual hatred of “The Noblewoman”, so I’m happy that we’re going to get a detailed look at her events. She’s really been winning me over.

I still hate that laugh though. Nothing will ever turn my opinion on that around.

Oh, you’re busy?

I am always busy. Today I am going into town to do some shopping.

Oh. Well, okay then I guess. I’ll check with one of the other Star Maidens.

Just like the other time… If you plead to me like before… I may reconsider.

Like before? You mean when you wanted me to be assertive?

Not sure I like how you phrased that… but if you really want me to be assertive, then…

W-Wait! Allow me to compose myself first. Breathe in… Breathe out… Whew… A-All right. I am now ready.

Okay. Ahem… Femiruna! We’re going to Classmate right now!

Ah! O-Oh, fine… If we must…

Um, are you okay? Your face is getting really red…

I’m getting an inkling as to what Femiruna’s deal is… It’s not what I initially theorized. That’s… actually I’m not sure whether that’s a better or worse thing.

Untrue! It’s more blue than red!

…Doesn’t that mean your suffocating?

Okay… Well, let’s get started then.

*Classmating! No, I still haven’t unlocked that “Book” class*

Phew… That was tiring. I wanted to go shopping, but I am far too tired for that now.

Would you mind if I went with you the next time you go shopping?

Wh-Why must I go shopping with you?!

You don’t have to. I just felt like it would be a nice way to strengthen our bond. Oh, wait… that’s right. You want assertive.

Impossible! I will never be seen in town with you! Only an elegant gentleman is befitting for…

Maybe taking the assertiveness a little too far with that one, Itsuki. Dial it back a touch.


Okay… Never mind, I guess. She seems down for it.

Why does your face get red when I shout at you like that? Are you getting mad?

Oh, Itsuki. You sweet innocent soul.

I-I do not turn red! I think I actually turn green, you know!

Are you sure you’re okay?

Do not worry yourself! I must excuse myself now. Good day! You are only tagging along because you forced yourself! I do not look forward to it at all!

*Femiruna then struts out*

That’s it for her Classmating Event. Let’s get right to the shopping trip that Itsuki and her just agreed to. This event has the first of Femiruna’s CGs. I think we’re only missing one for Reone (which we don’t get in this batch, surprisingly), and one for Mirei (likewise). We’ve definitely had one for Yuzuha, Collette, Arie, Alfie, Ruka, Sue and Tarua. Femiruna, Farun, Mahiru, and Lillith/Lillie all have one in this batch.

~Star God Academy~

Hey, Femiruna. You ready to go into town today?

I have high expectations of you to escort me properly.

You were looking forward to this, huh?

D-Do not be foolish! You cried and rubbed your head on the ground about wanting to accompany me…

That is definitely not how it went. Anyway, let’s just get going. We’re wasting time.

Come to think of it, my usual shopping habits are not suitable for you. I purchase only the finest of goods which are things you have never even seen.

Could you not say it like that? Oh well, I guess that’s less pressure on me. Come on, we’ll take a look around at the “commoner” stuff.

Yes. I will be looking forward to it.

So you are looking forward to it.

I am not!

~Granvania Shopping Center~

Maybe you should try a pair of sneakers next time. I’ve got like 8 pairs of athletic shoes I picked up in the Labyrinths if you want some of those.

What are you talking about? We’ve barely walked at all. We can still see the Academy from here.

*sigh*… It is difficult to see eye-to-eye with commoners. Oh, Itsuki. What is that store over there? It has so many things inside and looks rather dirty.

I think it’s just a general store.

What is that?

…You really don’t know? It’s a store that sells a little bit of everything. Snacks, necessities, groceries, thing sort of thing. Looks like they’ve got a sale on cooking utensils up in the display window.

Cooking utensils! I want to see. I always see my servants cleaning them. They fascinate me greatly.

So you’ve never used those either, huh?

What a strangely shaped accessory.

That’s a kitchen knife. I’d rather you not pick that up. It’s too sharp.

What do you use this kitchen knife for?

…Well, you use it for cutting things. You know, like vegetables and meat and stuff… For cooking purposes.

Oh, is that right? Then what is this wooden board used for?

Cutting board. That’s what you put the ingredients on that you want to cut with the knife.

I see… Cooking appears to use many different tools. How educational.

I can’t believe you don’t about any of this.

What?! Are you insulting me?!

You didn’t know what a kitchen knife was or what it was used for, so I think that’s a pretty safe assumption.

I simply do not do it. But I could do it perfectly if I were so inclined!

I’m calling your bluff, Femiruna.

Then can I try it sometime?

Wh-Why must I cook anything for you? Servants cook for their masters. In other words, if I do so for you… W-Well, maybe I could do it once… Wait, no! Never!

Why do you keep mumbling to yourself? What’s wrong?

I grow tired of looking around this store. It has been quite educational though. I would like to look elsewhere… Oh, what is this smell? It is quite fragrant…

*sniff* *sniff*… I think somebody is selling baked sweets nearby. Did you want to try some?

Looks like Collette has more competition.

He’s not around, is he? Come on, give it a try. It’s just you and me.

But… Well, I am slightly interested.

Hang on. I’ll go and find it and bring some back for us.


*One snack run later*

This is so hot!

Well, yeah. It’s fresh out of the oven.

How am I supposed to eat this?

Just bite down on the end. Like this. *munching* See?

Th… This is delicious… I have never known of something like this existing…

Aww, Femi’s enjoying some churro.

Good to hear.

I-I am only surprised by it… The food made in my manor is many times more delicious however.

Well, you generally don’t find master chefs selling food on the street.

But… I wonder why this feels… warmer… Maybe because it is so freshly-baked…? Or because you are with me…?

It’s because it’s sprinkled with love. …and also a dump truck of sugar.

Mhm… Whad waz ‘at?

N-Nothing at all! …I-I would not mind sampling another.

Ahh… Oh, yeah. Let’s try a different flavour this time.

*30 grams of fat later*

Whew. It was quite an educational experience today. It was much more worthwhile than reading books at the manor. Um… What about you? Did you… have fun as well?

Yeah, it was great.

O-Oh. That is a relief. I would have punished you if you said it was not fun being with me.

What about you?

I-I also… had fun… Say, Itsuki. I will allow you to ask me out again.

Still would rather you not say “commoners”, but sure. We can do this again. We should try going somewhere else next time though.

You must invite me again the next time. Understand? My family may be worried for me, so I must go now. Good day to you, Itsuki.

Well that was just nice and pleasant. Normally Femiruna’s noblewoman “commoners” thing would bug me, but the middle and later portions of that event made up for it.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Are you okay with Classmating today, Ruka?

I-I don’t mind, but why do you always pick me? I don’t like how you always seem to be looking down on me.

I wonder about that sometimes…

I have a strategy for it.

My strategy is: Which Star Maiden will give the Star Child a cool hair colour?

Strategy? You mean for exploring the labyrinths? Oh, right. Star Children have different attributes depending on the Star Maiden you Classmate with, right? Okay… I understand now.

I’m sorry I said you were looking down on me when you pick me.

Don’t worry about it.

Hmph… So… do you want to start?

As long as you’re okay with it. I’m ready to go whenever.

I’m always ready. I just took a shower, so there should be no problems.

…Okay. Why would that make a difference exactly?

G-Granted, this isn’t for you but to make a strong Star Children. The textbooks say you must remain clean for the ritual…

I guess that helps. By the way… is it just me or does this place smell different than usual?

Huh? Oh… Maybe it’s my shampoo. Do you… not like this fragrance?

I didn’t say that. I think it smells nice.

Just… don’t move your face so close to mine. And no smelling my hair today! Don’t breathe so much! Understand?

That’s going to be a challenge.

*sigh*… The ritual is so mentally draining. I do so much for you, so I hope you do the same in return. For starters, you can stop staring!

You really like to pile on requirements…

Huh…? Do I really? I thought it was pretty standard…

…Honestly, just a little, okay?

We get it, we get it. Let’s get this show on the road.


Geez… If we go through this much and the Star Child isn’t strong, I’ll never forgive you.

*The show finally gets on the road*

Huff… Huff… Ugghhh…

Why are you breathing so hard?!

You told me not to smell you! I had to hold my breath…

You were really doing that…? …S-Sorry… If a strong Star Child isn’t born, it’ll be my fault. I-I know. How about we do it one more time?

Nope. Not how this works. Everybody gets one per event.

It’s fine, really. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure the Star Child will be fine.

This is a little weird. As far as I’m aware, the Star Children are born right away. I don’t think there’s any gestation period or anything. Not sure why Itsuki and Ruka are using future tense here.

I-I hope so. …Um… You can do whatever you want next time…

Wait, what?

A-About the ritual of course. Th-This isn’t for you. It’s for the Star Children that will be born. It really isn’t for you… A-Anyway, I’ll be going now. If you need to do the ritual again, tell me. I’m only agreeing to it because I have to. G-Goodbye.

The Maidens are being super talkative for this batch. Seems like I have fewer opportunities to slot dialogue in.

Oh, right. I forgot to mention, but this batch of Bonding Updates get a bit more… racy then what we’ve seen so far. It’s nothing really objectionable, but I will have to employ TCG at some points. This event with Ruka will act as sort of a prelude of things to come.

~Star God Academy Hallway~

Man… That rain shower came out of nowhere… *sigh* Need to find a way to dry off a little. I better find Ruka first, though.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Hey, Ruka. Sorry, I-


I’m not going to get all Christian about this stuff. This is actually just Ruka’s swimsuit outfit. The swimsuits are going to be pulling double duty in a few of the events, which… I mean I guess I should give props to the developers for that. There’s a lot of reasons for why they might not have been able to make original assets for scenes like this (i.e. budget). I guess it’s kind of clever of them to repurpose the assets they already have. It beats the typical visual novel approach of just telling you about things that are happening that clearly aren’t (like a mall being “super busy today” even though the background CG shows nobody at all in the entire building).

Anyway, we were just about to have a wacky “walk in on a girl while she’s changing” moment. Please proceed… so that we can get it over with quicker.


Aaahhhh! Wh-Wh-What are you looking at?!

I was getting out of the rain!

I don’t care why! Just get out!

Can I at least explain?!

You can do that after you repent and are reborn! Get! Out!

Right! Leaving now!

~Star God Academy Hallway~

Oh, great… I’ve played enough games to know what happens next… How the hell was I supposed to know she was changing? Who changes in the middle of a classroom?

~Star God Academy Classroom~

I don’t need excuses from you. But I will make you take responsibility. Clench your teeth and stand right there.

H-Hey, why do-

*Big ol’ smack for Itsuki*


I remember when this was funny… It was 18 years ago when I watched Inuyasha and Love Hina for the first time. Ahh, memories.

Hmph. You’re forgiven… for now. Do it again, and I won’t forgive you even if you prostrate naked.

Ow… Why the hell were you changing in the classroom?

The rain. I remembered I had a change of clothes here, so I came back. Here, you can use this towel. Your hair is all wet.

You do know that there are bathrooms where you can go for some privacy, right? At the very least you won’t have dudes walking in on you or trying to spy.

*sigh… Thanks.

You’re welcome.

Right. I’ll wash it before I give it back.

I-It’s fine. Just hurry up and dry your hair off.

Hey, speaking of a change of clothes. Do you really wear that same style of outfit all the time? I don’t see anyone else wearing stuff like that.

Hm? You mean this? It’s the formal dress for Tsukuyomi.

I could have sworn she mentioned this before.

It’s like a billboard telling everyone there’s a mind reader nearby.

But I’ve worn it since I was small, so I just got used to it.

I see, so your suffering is self-imposed then. You could wear something else and avoid the supposed stigma, but then you wouldn’t have an excuse for avoiding people.

She also says that she’s the only one recently to wear it, meaning that her "billboard" that advertises her Tsukuyomi thing is probably meaningless to every day people who have no experience or idea of what the hell that dress means.

You’ve been a Tsukuyomi since you were little?

I have been, yes. All Tsukuyomi are born as such. I’ve always been this way. You’re the first human I’ve met who I couldn’t read the mind of. Anyway, what’s with the sudden trial you’re putting me through?

I was just wondering. Besides, you’re not the only one that’s been suddenly put through a trial. I got taken from my own world and told to make friends with 12 different girls while fighting monsters with little children from the stars.

12 girls…

Well, 13 now, technically. Alfie’s status as existing in the main story is still up in the air. She hasn’t mentioned talking to Ruka yet.

I figured out another thing we have in common.

…You’re not about to reveal something major about yourself, are you Ruka?

You mean other than both of us not having parents and being a leech on others?

Yeah, that. For our orphanage, we only have space for 12. Including me, that makes it 13.

You remember the girl you carried home? Even now, she talks so happily about how you carried her back. Being a Tsukuyomi, I could never carry her, so it made me jealous…

Just buy a pair of gloves! It’s not that hard! They are cheap and readily available!

Because you can’t touch others, right? Well, has anything happened with her since then?

Nothing’s changed. She still sometimes loses her shoes and pencil case. We still have to work hard patrolling… Let’s go on patrol for the rest of the day.

*One patrol later*

~Star God Academy Gates~

Hmph… That does it for today’s patrol. I need to go shopping for tonight’s dinner, so I should go.

Okay. I’ll come back after hours when I have the time.

That’s fine, but be careful when you go barging through doors.

Let me guess, they rely on Star Energy seals. This school is dumb.

All right. Adjourned. You better go home before it starts raining again.

And that’s where the event gives out. That sure was… a thing. I suppose.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Heya, Itsuki. Looks like I’m getting’ used to the church here now. This is like my second home, so I know my way around it.

Good to see that Farun is back to normal.

I don’t know if I’d go that far.

But ya were enjoyin’ that, weren’t ya? Heheh. Shall we go…?

Well, as normal as Farun can get.

Um, s-sure.

M’kay, just a sec. …All right.

You doing okay?

Despite the bedroom eyes she gives Itsuki, it seems as though Farun still needs a sec to do her breathing exercises.

Yeah, I’m fine. It’s nothin’ like what you’re thinkin’ of. I’m just enjoyin’ this bit of anticipation an’ tension, ya know? Hehe.

That’s a new pose. At least, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Farun do that before. Looks like an Arie thing.

I’ll do my best.


Huff… Huff… Huff…

Farun…? Everything all right?

Oh, sorry. Just a sec. Phew…

You were enjoying the what now? Weird way to phrase that.

You’ve changed a lot since I first met you.

Oh, have I? How so?

Well, you’re actually enjoying this now.

Aha, ya saw right through me. You’re re [sic] quite observant. Hehe. Yeah. I do enjoy it now.

Keep it together, SC. You’re starting to spiral. Why do Farun’s events seem so much worse about this?

It’s better to just enjoy it! Somethin’ like that…

Oh, I’m glad to hear that. You’ve got the right idea.

Hehe. Look at ya.

What? What did I say? Was it something weird?

Not at all. It’s just fun for me.

So why the change of heart?

I-It’s kinda rude to ask…

You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want.

I… wanna say it a little. I want ya to listen. Look…

Um… okay? Just “nice”?

Yeah. When ya were talkin’ ‘bout your duty, ya really looked like a man. An’ when ya said ya appreciated me… I was so happy to hear it. I’ve always traveled around, so I’ve never seriously talked to anyone face to face. That’s why no one’s ever told me they appreciated me. An’… I wanna hear that again sometime.

I see…

Ahaha! This got so serious all of a sudden. Talkin’ to me makes me blab a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t. This isn’t like me. It’ll make ya lose your respect for Big Sis Farun.

I could be mean here, but I won’t be. I mean personally, not in terms of Itsuki’s choices.

Is that such a bad thing?

I’m… not sure how to answer ya… I’m not used to talkin’ ‘bout serious stuff. It all feels weird to me. Like, it’s makin’ me restless. Somethin’ like that.

Do you not like it?

Hmm… I guess…

It made me realize that I do think ‘bout these things… an’ that I had this side of me. After findin’ that out… now you’re askin’ me ‘bout it. Yeah. I guess I don’t dislike it. Not in the least.

I’m not entirely clear what’s being talked about here. All I know is that Farun’s dialect is really bugging the crap out of me because of how much I have to fight against my muscle memory while typing.

Ahaha. It seems like you’re gettin’ ahead of me in knowin’ myself. My pride as the older one is gettin’ shredded.

To be honest, I don’t really see you as the “older one”.

Oh, c’mon! At least be a little considerate!

Okay, okay. Sorry, Big Sis Farun.

D-Don’t tease me! Jerk! Geez… All right. I’ll get goin’ now.

Heading to the tavern?

No, the academy. I was thinkin’ of makin’ some friends. Either way, I have to stay here for a while. I may as well get rooted here by interactin’ with more people. Is that not like me to do so?

Hey, you do you. I think it’s nice, personally.

Ahaha, thanks. Well, I’ll be goin’ now.

Hey, Farun? Thanks for today.

Well, I hope ya invite me again. I’ll come flyin’ whenever I can.

Please let me use the “g” key. I beg of you!

Well, good luck to ya! See ya later!

Not what I meant!


Hey, Itsuki! I was waitin’ for ya. Sit right down in front of me. Hehe.

Oh, okay then.

Oh, an’ don’t worry ‘bout my work. I’ve already told ‘em ‘bout it. I said I was gonna skip out once ya were here so we could chat.

Thanks for making time to talk with me.

No, it’s for me, so don’t ya worry ‘bout it. Now, let’s get to talkin’. Has anythin’ good happened lately?

Well, I got the chance to sit and talk with you.

Farun… calm down. Don’t go getting crazy on us again.

I-I’m sure I’m makin’ a weird face, so I’d appreciate it if ya didn’t look. I can’t believe ya’d say that so easily. Right to my face too.

Yeah, it was pretty gag-worthy. Seriously, Itsuki. What kind of shitty pickup line is that?

It’s a critical hit on my heart~ Now I have to calm myself down… Whew…

Is there a gas leak in this place or something? Is that what this is? She doesn’t seem drunk this time, so it can’t be that.

Not going to lie, this is pretty funny.

Y-Ya mean when ya tease…? I know I’m reactin’ like this an’ all… But I’ll get ya back for this someday.

Never mind that. Tell me more about yourself.

Then why not talk about those? I’d like to hear them.

Hmm. Well, so much has happened an’ I ‘ve [sic] been to a ton of places.

Yes. There is an extra space in “I’ve”. No, if it was meant to be an accented “have” it would have been shown as “ ’ave”.

When I went to the desert, I had to care for my skin more since I got so tan. Are ya makin’ fun of me? I’m a dancer, so I have to care ‘bout those things.

Uh… I… I didn’t say anything.

But desert nights’re amazin’. They’re real mystical. There’s no sound at night, an’ ya get to see the moon an’ stars so clearly. Oh, speakin’ of, I love the moon. Whenever ya climb a high mountain, it really feels like you’re closer to it.

That’s another new pose. What is with this event? Farun is starting to go crazy again, she’s pulling new poses, and there’s a higher than normal amount of text errors.

What’s the matter?

Bah… It’s cuz you made me talk ‘bout such a topic. Now I’m getting’ my wanderlust again. I wanna go somewhere! I wanna travel! I wanna see some new scenery!

I’m not sure if I can help with that…

Take me.


Take me take me take me! Take me out on a trip!

Farun, you know I can’t do that. The Star Maidens aren’t supposed to leave Granvania.

It doesn’t have to be far.

Which one? Shang? Narc? Some random guard that you nagged until they agreed with you? You need to specify.

Please, Itsuki. Do this favor for me. I’ve never been in one place for this long. An’ ya don’t come here every day, so I’m at my limit… Can you…? Please…?

Okay, okay! I’ll try and arrange something. Just… stop giving me that look.

Really?! Yahooooooo! Itsuki, you’re so kind! You’re a really good guy! I like you when you’re so kind an’ nice!

But listen, Farun. We should keep this to just the two of us.

Oh, right. Well, that’s inevitable. Y-Yeah, I guess that can’t be helped…

Should we invite someone else?


Well, the way you were talking just now. It kind of seemed like that’s what you were hinting at.

Oh, I mean, I just wanna take a trip. It doesn’t matter if there’s other people with us… …You’re kinda mean, makin’ me say this out loud…

…Oh, geez! Jerk! You’re so mean! I’ll make ya regret this! Geez…

So where did you want to go exactly?

I’ll leave that to ya. It can be anywhere. Ahaha. I can’t wait~ You’re takin’ me somewhere… I’m sure it’ll be fun, no matter what!

Sure thing.

Yup! I’ll be lookin’ forward to it! See ya later!

Jesus… that mentally drained me. Why is it that Farun gets so weird in the tavern? Is she secretly doing shots every time we look away and just getting drunk in real time?