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Part 28: Libra and Bottom 7 Maiden Summaries (Part 1)

Bonding Update XI: Libra and Bottom 7 Maiden Summaries – Classmating 3 and Bonding Events Part 1

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Let’s get back to someone a little more-

Huh… I wonder where Mirei is. She’s usually pretty punctual.

*The screen shakes a little and there’s the sound of glass shattering*

Something’s different about you today…

Mirei? What happened?

That voice… Is that you, Itsuki? I merely tripped and fell. I hit my head on something earlier because of that. Then something else fell on the back of my head, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

You generally don’t want to assume “I’m sure it’s fine” when you take that much head trauma in a short amount of time.

Though, not being able to see is certainly troublesome…

What happened to your glasses?

I left them behind.

Um… why?

I want to experiment the ritual without my glasses today. I’m hoping this will elicit a change in your reactions… Wait, is that really you, Itsuki? I can’t see your face…

Why didn’t you just take them off after getting here?

It seems I can’t see you unless I’m this close…

Uh… M-Mirei, you’re face is getting really…

Oh, my apologies. It appears God’s Gift acts strangely when I move my face closer to his.

Itsuki is generally all over the place when it comes to shyness. I guess that’s just unavoidable when you’re writing routes for, and interactions with, 13 other characters.

I’m pretty sure that doesn’t have anything to do with being God’s Gift.

All right. Let’s go then. It will certainly be a different experience today. Uh-oh.

Whoa! Careful, Mirei…

Hm… I’m having trouble keeping my balance. But I’m sure it will be all right. Let’s begin, Itsuki.

Hold on, Mirei. This is too risky. I think you should let me lead you.


They are just standing there. I don’t understand what all this “leading” or “guiding” nonsense is. Every indication we have is that this ritual is a spiritual/mental thing.

NOTE: The anime most certainly does not treat it that way. “I will take the lead/guide you” will be a lot more appropriate when we see how the anime imagines this whole thing.

Why is that funny?

I just didn’t think you would ever take the lead over me losing my glasses. But… it doesn’t feel too bad. It may be interesting to leave it all to you. Now please, take my hand.



…You okay? Why are you staring at my hand like that?

This is a strange sensation… Because my vision is blurred, the sensation of your hand seems clearer.

All that seems to seep into me when our hands touch. Hm… How interesting. It’s a mysterious sensation I’ve never experienced before.

Mirei…? Could you maybe stop rubbing my hand?

What are you saying? The sensation of touch is of high importance. We should touch each other more to verify this feeling.

This will be a bigger discussion once the topic of the anime comes around, but I just want to briefly raise the question of “At what point does intimacy start causing monster mojo to happen?” Do impurities only get created when… you know… the main event happens? I’m still convinced there’s a way to game this whole “sex=monsters” deal. There’s gotta be loopholes.

Just… uh… just make sure to control yourself. Okay? Don’t get too handsy…

I don’t care so long as it satisfies my curiosity. But first, let’s do the ritual. If we Classmate while touching, new reactions may come about. I can’t wait to see them. Heheh… Let’s do this. It’s time to conduct the experiment.

*Classmating happens. Also, sound off in the thread: Mirei without glasses. Yay or nay? I’m Team Glasses, personally*

Huff… Huff… Heheheh… The results were certainly interesting. I felt a different sensation, all because my vision was blurry.

It was a fresh new experience. It didn’t feel all that bad. Itsuki, what do you think after having Classmated today?

Well… I think it was really nice to see you without your glasses on.

Hm? You’re so odd. Was it that good?

I dunno. I just liked seeing you without glasses for a change.

I see… The change in my appearance created a new reaction in you? If that were the case, then the experiment today had great meaning. It’s a joyous thing. I’ll keep that in mind for future reference. I’m leaving now. Itsuki, today’s experience was particularly stimulating for me. The warmth of your body… And the sensation of relying on you, guided by your hand… All of that was new to me.

See you later.

*After throwing a paragraph’s worth of dialogue at us, Mirei finally wanders off screen… where she crashes into something else*

Hm… Now the side of my head hurts…

*sigh*… Mirei, hold on. I’ll walk you back to your lab.

And that’s all for Mirei’s Classmating Event. Not going to lie, I sort of liked that. I mean, Itsuki barely got a word in edgewise, but that’s not limited to only Mirei’s events.

~Mirei’s Laboratory~

Mirei? …Mirei, are you here? She must be out. Hm? Why are all these papers sitting here?

*Itsuki starts rifling through the papers, because he is incredibly nosy and has no concept of privacy apparently*

Wait a minute… These are…

*And then Mirei wanders in*

Hm? Itsuki, is that you? Why are you reading the letters I threw away?

If you’re going to violate other people’s privacy, then at least have the balls to admit it when you end up getting caught.

I’m sorry… I’m kind of impulsive like that…

Hm, I see. All right.

You’re not mad?

Pretty sure this line is badly/awkwardly translated. It sounds like is should read: “There’s nothing in them that I wouldn’t want someone to read.” Or something of that nature. She’s trying to say that the stuff in the letters isn’t confidential or especially private. You get the idea.

I would rather you speak honestly than lie to me. Anyway, it was my fault for leaving the letters around. I was thinking of throwing them away after I accumulated more.

But, these are threat letters… Why are people sending these to you?

They’re interesting in learning how humans functions.

That’s not what I’m asking, Mirei. Just… listen to these people…

”Your strange research is too creepy.” “You’re underhanded and always look down on others!” These are terrible…

The “cold-hearted, four-eyed woman” honestly made me laugh.

Fuck Granvania. Not going to say that everything Mirei does is… well let’s call it “normal”, but she hasn’t been malicious. Also there’s the fact that the people of Granvania suck and I hate them.

Are all of the letters like this?

If you include the ones I threw away, there are plenty more. I calculated statistics on it, and the most used word was “weirdo.” According to this data, I am a so-called weirdo.

Why would people be doing this?

I’d rather focus on my research than deal with all that.

But you have reasons for not making modifications to the tools, right? It’s not like you’re doing it just to be spiteful.

That’s true… I don’t understand. Why are you so annoyed by this? I’m the one they think is weird. It’s me they hate. It has nothing to do with you.

Because you’re a friend. You might not care about it, but I’m not going to stand here and let them bully you.

Heheh… Are all God’s Gifts this nosy?

Sure does seem that way, from what we’ve heard of the others.

You’re so strange. Even stranger than me perhaps.

I’ll set them straight on why you don’t modify the tools.

Now that is a true waste of time.

Not if it stops these letters.

…Are you serious? If you do that, I won’t have time to research you.

I think this is another new pose. I feel like we should have seen Mirei doing this exasperated pose before, but it doesn’t look familiar.

All right then… I’ll try it.

What do you mean? What are you going to try?

The research on improving the magic transmission devices. There was something I had tried in the past… I tried to make a version that minimized the Star Energy consumed by the user. At the time, it didn’t go very well.

No, no, come on Mirei. Don’t do that. Don’t fucking capitulate to those assholes. Itsuki shouldn’t be on board with this either. What’s going to be the moral from this? If you threaten someone enough then eventually they’ll cave and you’ll get everything you want?

Ever since, I’ve put that research on hold. If you promise not to do anything stupid, I will try it one more time.

Are you sure? That would be a big help.

This is not the lesson you should be teaching people! Fuck those people! They don’t deserve to be rewarded because they are goddamn shitheads that spend their time insulting and threatening people! People that WERE CHOSEN BY GOD TO HELP SAVE THEIR LIVES.

I really want an evil route in this game. Granvania needs to burn. Or at the very least the people there need a healthy dose of suffering to give them some perspective on their lives.

The deadline is until I get bored. If it doesn’t go well, I will give up on it.

Okay. I know how smart you are. You’ll be able to pull it off.

It’s no use flattering me. Oh, and I’ll propose one condition… If I do succeed with the improved version, I will have you do something for me. You have no right to refuse. My orders will be absolute. With this, I’ll have more motivation, leading to a higher research success rate.

Itsuki will regret this, but I don’t particularly care. He started out with good intentions, but now he’s supporting the wrong solution.

If you accept this condition, I’ll go through with it. So, what will it be?

Sure. I can agree to that.

You’re such a strange person… I’ve never seen anyone like you in my life. I want to research you more on a deeper level now… Heheheh…

W-Wait! Hold on! That’s only after your research on the transmission device is done, remember?

All right. Then let’s begin. You can look forward to the results.

Good luck, Mirei.

*Itsuki then leaves*

You truly are a strange one…

And that’s it. Mirei gets to work on improving one of her devices which will no doubt put a permanent end to the threatening letters from jackasses that aren’t happy with their revolutionary technology not being better.

Let’s just get to the summaries. My mood is on a downward slope because of that crap.


Mahiru’s Classmating Event has her asking Itsuki if he’s ever heard about the White Impurity. Technically we fought it, but the writers aren’t going to account for the inclusion of that in Alfie’s route, so Itsuki says no. Although I guess technically Itsuki is supposed to be keeping its existence a secret… Whatever, it’s still a handwave. Anyway, Mahiru’s information on the White Impurity matches up fairly well with the one from Alfie’s route. It appears during Classmating and haunts God’s Gift and a Star Maiden, being more likely to go after them if they are in love. When haunted by it, you are supposedly unable to control your emotions. Interestingly, Mahiru says that Narcisstes told her of a Star Maiden and God’s Gift that lost control of themselves at some point in the past and abandoned their Star Offering mission in order to elope. Then the people of Granvania went out, captured them, and basically kept them prisoner until their mission was done. Mahiru then mentions that despite what happened, it was discovered that the Star Maiden and God’s Gift that were haunted by this White Impurity were able to give birth to stronger Star Children.

After this set up, Mahiru reveals that certain symptoms indicate if you’re being haunted by the White Impurity. It makes you sexually aroused during the Classmating ritual, for example. Mahiru then throws the question to Itsuki as to whether he’s been showing any signs of that and Itsuki responding that he’s a goddamn adolescent dude, so of course he gets a little aroused during a ritual where he’s alone and in close physical contact with hot ladies that he’s specifically tasked with getting to know as deeply as possible. Anyway, there’s a bit of back and forth between the two where Itsuki seems to realize that Mahiru is actually hot for him, but the writers pull it back by Itsuki later suggesting that Mahiru is just feeling nervousness or anxious, rather than arousal.

Mahiru then turns it around again by getting pissy that Itsuki hasn’t been looking at her or touching her as much as he should. Another kind of ritual then takes place where the developers ward off the ghost of Old-Mahiru. Then Classmating finally happens. After that happens, Mahiru then wonders if the White Impurity really is a thing that exists (it is), or if it was actually just a natural formation of love that had formed between that Star Maiden and God’s Gift since they shared the same mission and spent so much time together. She suggests that the White Impurity may have just been a myth created by the kingdom in order to cover up the idea that a Star Maiden and God’s Gift almost took the bonding thing a bit too far during their mission. The event ends with Mahiru wondering what Itsuki would say if she asked him to elope with her.

Mahiru’s bonding event is not quite as long winded as her Classmating event. Itsuki wanders around the academy trying to find where she went until Lillie runs into him. Lillie tells him that Mahiru went to the spring in the forest. She draws him a map to where it is and Itsuki accepts it like the idiot that he is (why does anyone trust Lillie, ever?). Itsuki follows the map and stumbles on Mahiru-

Yeah, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. These are the kind of events we’re getting into now by the way. For those of you wanting TCG to move out of the way, here is the uncensored. Just a reminder, this game doesn’t have any full-on nudity. Like I said in the OP, I’m just being overly-prudish for the sake of people reading this in more public locations.

Anyway, Mahiru freaks out, Itsuki says it was an accident, Mahiru pitches a wash bucket at Itsuki’s head and knocks him out cold, you know how this goes. When Itsuki comes to, Mahiru explains what happens and Itsuki talks about not having seen her naked since they were in kindergarten. Mahiru insists that she wasn’t naked, she was wearing a swimsuit (that was not a swimsuit, that was basically an oversized pasty glued to her boobs). Mahiru wonders how Itsuki even found her because-

…this. I heavily presume when she says “out here” she means this world. Unless GPS does work back in Granvania City and the game is now telling me that this world has a fucking space program. Anyway, Itsuki says that Lillie told him where she was and Mahiru points out how stupid it was to listen to Lillie of all people. Mahiru then smacks Itsuki over the head again and complains that it’s not fair that he saw her naked. Itsuki points out that Mahiru saw him naked back when Reone stripped him in the clinic, but Mahiru insists it’s different despite also being an accident.

Also, side note: Itsuki says that “But you always see me during the Classmating ritual”. I’m not sure if this is a mistranslated line or something. Despite what the anime will depict, the game hasn’t really given us any indication that God’s Gift/The Star Maidens strip for Classmating. So I’m not sure what Itsuki is supposed to be saying with that line.

Back to Mahiru. Mahiru argues some more about that time Itsuki was stripped by Reone, Itsuki wants to know what he can do to make up this accident to her, Mahiru says to think of that himself, so Itsuki decides that he’ll just strip down in front of her to make things even. Mahiru thinks Itsuki is bluffing and calls him on it, but I have Itsuki prove her wrong by going all the way with it.

Mahiru gets really embarrassed and can’t look, she makes Itsuki put his clothes back on, there’s some back and forth about how it feels to have someone see you naked (even though Itsuki has more experience with that feeling than Mahiru does by this point) and then the conversation sidetracks into how Mahiru comes to the hot spring to relax. Itsuki passes on taking a dip himself and Mahiru leaves seeming a little disappointed that she didn’t get to bathe together with Itsuki.

Sorry for Mahiru’s summary being so long. Her Classmating thing had some noteworthy details and I also got sidetracked in several places. The others won’t be this heavy.


Yuzuha is still shy about the Classmating thing and asks if there’s a way she can be more comfortable with it since she finds it hard to look at Itsuki. Yuzuha decides to try tying a ribbon around her head like a blindfold. She also asks how the Classmating goes with the other girls and whether he thinks Yuzuha is the worst of the bunch. Itsuki does the correct thing by saying that everyone is great, which Yuzuha thinks is a little blunt, but also understands since he wouldn’t want to be put in the position of ranking the Star Maidens (Don’t worry, Yuzuha. The thread took care of that. You are… well at the very least you’re not at the bottom).

Classmating then happens. After that, Yuzuha says that she thinks it went smoother than last time, even though the blindfold came off halfway through and she could “see the face you make during the ritual”, which… let’s just assume is Itsuki looking really nervous.

In the Bonding Event proper, Itsuki finds Yuzuha just about to head out to a vegetable garden that she has.

Itsuki insists on helping her out with her weeding work. In the garden, Yuzuha starts thinking about weird stuff like what you call trivia about beans (beanie-trivia, bean bean trivia, etc.). Itsuki wonders if she always thinks about silly stuff like that and Yuzuha apologizes for talking to herself out loud like that. Itsuki notices a ladybug on her and Yuzuha reveals that she does know some trivia about them. She says they are known to fly towards the sun and have an alternate name which means “insect guided by the heavens.” Yuzuha mentions wishing she could fly all the way to where the sky ends, but quickly changes topics when Itsuki tries to clarify what she means. The scene then fades to black, but it isn’t quite over just yet. Yuzuha’s voice urges Itsuki to wake up since it’s almost noon. Yuzuha mentions to her self that Itsuki apparently fell asleep as soon as he got back to her room after helping to pull weeds.

When Itsuki finally wakes up, Yuzuha offers him something to eat. After the snack, Itsuki offers to come by again some other time and Yuzuha talks about how Itsuki would just come back whether or not she asked him, so he should just do what he wants. It’s… slightly off-putting coming from Yuzuha, because she isn’t saying it in a mean way or anything. Even Itsuki is a little taken aback, since he thinks she’s making him sound really selfish. Either way, the event just kind of ends there.


Reone’s Classmating event involves her wondering why Itsuki is so sure about Classmating with her instead of one of the others. Itsuki says that it’s because he learns so much from her and that seems to make Reone happy. Reone asks Itsuki to lead this time and Itsuki sounds pretty confident about doing it, knowing all about Reone’s habits by this point. Reone is surprised by him, since she says that not even she knows her own habits all that well. Classmating happens. After the ritual, Reone is actually tired out and says that she’s amazed by Itsuki. Reone compliments Itsuki on how much he’s grown and talks about needing to do better in order keep up with him. That’s about it for the scene.

In Reone’s first event, Itsuki shows up to the clinic to find that nobody is there. Farun quickly pops in and says that she doesn’t know where Reone is gone. Farun says she just came by to borrow a bed. However, Farun does start talking to Itsuki about the tavern and how Itsuki went there with Reone one time. Farun says that the dudes Reone beat up keep talking about getting revenge on her whenever they drop by the tavern. Farun thinks Itsuki should be doing something about that.

Itsuki asks if Reone is aware of this and Farun says that she did tell Reone all about it. Reone predictably told Farun not to mention it to Itsuki because he’d get worried. At this point Reone shows up and Farun hauls ass out of the clinic.

Itsuki tries to verify what Farun told him, but Reone says it’s not something he should worry about. Itsuki tries to fight her on it, but Reone shuts him out by telling him not to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. She says it’s something she has to take care of herself and refuses to listen to Itsuki about it any further. She then changes topics and asks Itsuki to go with her somewhere. Reone apparently wants to go to the cafeteria and check the nutritional balance of the new menu. Itsuki agrees, because hell yeah free food, and Reone teases him about being really easy.

At the cafeteria, Reone starts questioning Itsuki on his eating habits, but Itsuki says they’re fine and she doesn’t need to worry about it. Reone asks if Itsuki has a girl that cooks for him and Itsuki tosses it back by saying that he wishes it was her. Reone says that she wouldn’t be able to make much of anything for him, but now she’s wishing she had learned how to cook.

And yes, that’s when Reone busts out the dead brother topic again. We were so close to getting away with not hearing about him again. Itsuki pries a little more into the story and Reone just says that she’s a bad sister that couldn’t protect him. She says that’s why she wants to protect Itsuki until the very end. Itsuki offers her an ear whenever she wants to get something off her chest like that, and Reone thanks him. She says that she has found a way to atone for what happened to her brother. The event ends shortly after that.


Sue’s Classmating Event has her wanting to Classmate in the hopes of figuring out what the hell that feeling she was getting last time was about. She wants to keep doing it until she understands what it is. Classmating then happens. Sue still isn’t any surer about the feeling after Classmating. She still says that it feels warm inside her heart. Itsuki offers to keep helping her and she agrees. She then mentions that despite how warm it feels when she Classmates, there’s a tinge of pain behind it. Itsuki suggests that maybe it’s because it’s bringing up a memory of her family. This seems to trigger a revelation in Sue, although she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Sue apologizes and says that she gets this way whenever she thinks of her Papa and Mama. She then leaves.

After that sad moment, it’s time for something entirely different. In Sue’s first event, Itsuki finds her being giddy and she admits that she’s feeling really happy at the moment. When Itsuki asks what it is that has her in such a good mood, Sue asks what Itsuki thinks their relationship is like and if they would be considered friends. Itsuki says that he likes to think the two of them are good friends, and Sue seems to think the same. Because of that, Sue feels like she can show Itsuki a secret of hers.

She leads Itsuki to her house and we get to have a look inside where she seems to have… animal ear headbands? Oh yeah, and that picture in the left background isn’t as detailed as the one in Reone’s clinic. It’s just a blurry generic stand-in for a photo. Anyway, Sue mentions that it’s been a while since she’s let anyone else enter her home. Sue says that she found something yesterday that she had been searching a long time for and she wants to show it to Itsuki. When Itsuki asks what it is, Sue says it’s a tail. Sue points out that it isn’t real, it was being sold at the costume store. Itsuki compares it to cosplay, which is something they have in his world. Sue says that she loves to collect tails and animal ears and paws (costume versions I mean, not by chopping them off of animals). Itsuki asks if she wears them and Sue says that she does like to put them on at home and enjoy them in secret, but since the two of them are good friends, Sue wants to show Itsuki. Sue goes off screen to get changed and the screen goes black. When she says she’s ready, we see her wander back into frame and-

Okay, so technically this is just Sue’s “swimsuit” (yes, animal ears included) and I don’t plan to cover those up because none of them are particularly bad, but the pose that Sue does here makes me feel like TCG really should be employed. No, it’s not a CG so I’m not going to post an uncensored.

Sue tells Itsuki that she wanted to show him her hobby because they are good friends and she wants him to know all about her. The event just sort of ends there.


Collette’s Classmating Event opens with her being aware of a certain tension that always happens before doing the ritual. Collette thinks Itsuki is thinking all sorts of dirty things when they do this, Itsuki says he isn’t, and Collette sort of accepts that assertion but also mumbles to herself that the fact Itsuki doesn’t have lewd intentions is problematic for her as a woman. There’s a little more “Okay, I’m ready. Let’s do this” talk before Classmating finally happens. After Classmating, Collette calls out Itsuki for being overly dramatic with his heavy breathing since it sounds creepy. Itsuki says that maybe he was going a little overboard with it. Collette decides to just think of his heavy breathing as what happens when your exhausted from playing a sport. She then apologizes for insinuating that it was dirty. Then there’s some more talk about Itsuki being gentle and Collette saying that her body might not be able to handle it and all that stuff that these Maidens won’t shut up about despite supposedly being embarrassed.

In Collette’s first event, she thanks Itsuki for helping her the other day (the undercover date thing). Collette then tells Itsuki that she hired a part-timer a little while ago. She hired that suspicious woman that had been hanging around her bakery. Collette says that the woman had been a fan of the bakery since the days of Collette’s grandfather running it. Her lurking around the shop was apparently because she has always wanted to work there. Collette says the woman is out doing some deliveries right now so she can’t introduce Itsuki to her just yet. Collette then warns Itsuki not to go hitting on the new part-timer. Collette says the woman is quiet and serious, which is why she can’t recommend her to Itsuki (Collette says that only talkative girls like her are fit for a perv like Itsuki).

The “nyu” thing is because Collette bit her tongue, which she insists is not because she was distracted by thinking weird things about Itsuki. Anyway, Collette says that she’s increased her offerings to 20 different types of bread and the customers love it. Collette says that she would have hired someone else ages ago if she knew it would go this well. Itsuki asks if it was really so easy to expand like this and Collette mentions that she had a secret. She can only make 10 different types of bread that she feels comfortable with selling (she still has a lot to learn, basically), but she has a hidden cookbook from her grandfather with 100 different bread recipes. Collette had wanted to develop her own types at her own pace, but the new competition made her desperate.

Collette reveals that her grandfather used to be the palace baker, but he opened his own bakery because he wanted more people to be able to enjoy his bread. Collette says people would say “I’m so happy” upon eating her grandfather’s bread. Itsuki questions why “happy” but not necessarily “delicious”. Collette says that her grandfather’s bread isn’t “delicious” per se, but it creates happiness (I think her grandfather may have been seasoning the bread with weed or something).

Itsuki says that he’s looking forward to trying Collette’s own original recipes someday and Collette seems to be excited by that prospect. The event then wraps up when a customer comes in.


We dodged it until now, but Classmating Event 3 is the one where Lillie gets a turn with Itsuki. Lillie asks if he has a problem with that and Itsuki says that he’s not really against it. Itsuki isn’t quite sure where Lillie is going with her talk of making the ritual fun, but she says not to worry about it. Classmating then happens.

Side Note: I don’t think I’ve ever checked what scene is played during Lillith/Lillie classmating (you better believe I skip that shit). I’m not sure if it’s always Lillith, or if it alternates between Lillie and Lillith each time (Lillith is always shown in the icon when selecting who to Classmate with). I should test this… but that would require me to watch Lillith/Lillie’s Classmate cutscene a bunch of times. No thanks.

Anyway, Lillie isn’t tired out at all from the Classmating and asks if that’s what Itsuki does for all the Classmating rituals. She then says he should be called “Pervert’s Gift”. Itsuki says that she’s got it completely wrong and that this is a sacred ritual, but Lillie isn’t having it. Lillie then gets bored and tries to leave, but Itsuki holds her up. He says he wants to know more about her and Lillie gets suspicious about his motives since no-one has ever asked her that before. Itsuki tries to reassure her, but Lillie demands to know exactly what “good points” he thinks she has. The choices are vague, at best (“Your hair is cool”, “You’re surprisingly kind”, or “I never get bored around you”). Lillie ain’t buying those. Itsuki then mentions how protective she is of Lillith and Lillie says that of course she’d protect Lillith, the two of them have been together since birth after all. Itsuki manages to make a little headway into Lillie and the two end up shaking hands (without a prank being involved this time).

The first event opens with Lillith mentioning that she had a feeling something good would happen today and is glad to see Itsuki here. She also reminds him about her avoiding doing fortune-telling on herself. She says there’s nothing taboo about reading your own fortune, but Lillith doesn’t do it because it always comes true and the idea of that makes her scared.

She doesn’t read her own future because she’s terrified about all the possible terrible outcomes that she winds up imagining and worrying about. Lillith then starts talking about how she wishes she were more proactive, like Lillie is. This leads to another patented “Itsuki goes on a ‘date’ with the Star Maiden” suggestion, which Itsuki is fine with. The event ends shortly after. Yes, it is a very short event.


Tarua’s Classmating Event has her reminding Itsuki about how she wanted to thank him (for his help finding that missing letter). Tarua says that she thought of a way to do it, but she’s embarrassed about it. She asks if she can do it after Classmating happens. Classmating then-

…okay, Tarua goes for a run. Then Classmating happens. After that, Tarua works up the courage to show Itsuki how she’s going to thank him, then makes… a kissing gesture, I think? Itsuki is even confused about what it was supposed to be (she kind of pouts and leans forward slightly, but there’s no “kiss sound” like the game usually does). Tarua says that the books she read said men like when those kind of things are done to them, but she figures she must be missing “sex appeal” (so she probably got books from Lillie as a trick, just like Alfie did). Tarua gets concerned that this isn’t working, so she tells Itsuki to close his eyes and kisses him (on the cheek of course, we’re not at full lip lock just yet. This is only Bond Level 3 after all).

Tarua says that Reone once told her about things that men like, so I guess Reone is partially to blame for corrupting the other Maidens as well. Tarua says she was worried that it wouldn’t work because she doesn’t have “whatever sex appeal is”, but Itsuki says that her feelings were loud and clear. The event wraps up with Tarua saying that she’ll try and learn about other things that Itsuki would like as thanks.

In Tarua’s event, Itsuki sees Tarua bolting off towards the church, so he follows her to see what’s up. When he finds her at the Church, Tarua talks about how much running she does. Tarua likes to run, by the way. She says that she has more letters than usual to deliver because she’s covering the Boss’s share too. Itsuki asks if it’s his day off or something, but Tarua says that he’s been feeling sick.

She says that Boss has been feeling really tired lately, but he’s stubborn and has been refusing to rest. Tarua had to force him to this time. Tarua then mentions that the load isn’t too bad because there’s been fewer letters lately. Apparently the advent of magic transmission has resulted in people writing fewer letters. Her and the Boss are sad about that because they don’t want letters to go away, but she admits that having fewer letters makes work easier and that lets her take on the Boss’s share.

Itsuki offers to help her, but she declines. She then talks about really wanting to help out Itsuki with his responsibilities and Itsuki tells her not go overworking herself and straining something. She then runs off to complete the rest of her deliveries. Yes, this was yet another Tarua event where she only talks about running and the Boss and nothing much actually happens in terms of character development.

That’s it for the first events and Classmating. We’ve got one more batch to get through and then it’s back to story.