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Part 29: Ophiuchus, Aries, Leo, and Cancer (Part 2)

Bonding Update XII: Ophiuchus, Aries, Leo, and Cancer (Part 2)

Let’s get back to it. We just need to get through these and then we can have another go at the Labyrinths.

~Granvania Shopping Center~

(I guess I’ll have a look at some magazines before I track down Alfie.)

*The screen blacks out momentarily, so I guess there was a small time skip?*

There we go. …Hmm… Wait a minute… What the hell is this?! Why is Alfie on the cover of this magazine?! I know she said she wanted to help, but… No, I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Let me look inside first and find out what this is…

*Alfie wanders slightly into frame*



Alfie?! Wh-Why are you here?

You surprised me… You didn’t have to yell like that…

S-Sorry… I just wasn’t expecting you to pop up like that. Anyway, could you tell me why you’re on the cover of this magazine?

What are you talking about?

This! Look.

Wait… You don’t know?


But it’s your picture, you must… Hang on… Actually, now that I look closer… I think this is from when you were training.

That son of a bitch Townsperson A…

[Townsperson B]: Hey, look. Isn’t that Alfie?

[Townsperson C]: Yeah. She’s the one who works at the Day Camp.

These two townspeople are ladies, by the way. The other Townspeople (from the main story event where the Impurities breached the surface) were guys.

Crap… I don’t like the sound of this… Come on, Alfie. We’re going.


Just follow me! Hurry!

~Inn: Itsuki’s Room~

No, we’re looking inside this magazine…

*Itsuki flips open the magazine to check out what Alfie has to do with it*

This… This is…

What’s written inside? Please show me!

Wait, Alfie!

This is… the Bond Eater?

*sigh*… It’s the same picture of the Bond Eater that Mirei showed me. There’s an article about you next to it.

What is this…?

It says that you’re being chased by an Impurity.

”No one knows when the Impurity will appear before Alfie again. Neighbors have expressed their concerns over this.”

Dammit… This is tabloid trash.

That Impurity… was after me?

I have several problems with this. Why was that guy stalking Alfie to begin with? How does he know that Alfie is a Star Child? How does he know that the Bond Eater was there specifically for Alfie (she was out there with a group of other Star Children and this is the only time in past 30 years that this Impurity has shown up)?

Well… I… Yeah, it was…

I didn’t want to get you worked up.

I… see…

I’m sorry, Alfie… Listen, I’ll tell you everything that Mirei told me. She said that the reason the Bond Eater is after you is because it wants your Bond Energy. That’s why it went after your Star Maiden mom as well. Don’t worry, though. I’ll protect you. I promise.


*The screen shakes a little and we hear glass shattering*


What the hell?! Who’s throwing rocks at my room?!

I swear to god if it is who I think it is.

[Townsperson B (Female)]: I know you’re in there!

[Townsperson D (Male)]: Dangerous Star Children should get out of town!

That’s not how it works you scum-sucking idiot!

Shit… There’s a mob building up outside…

I wanted to help everyone, but I was apparently just causing trouble for them.

I’m going out there!

P-Please, don’t!

Why the hell not?!

We’re not going to hurt anyone, Alfie… we’re just going to kill a few of them. There’s a difference. You need to be alive in order to feel pain.

*sigh* Alfie…

…I’ll go.


I can’t cause you anymore trouble. Or the other Star Children… I’ll leave town like they want… And the Bond Eater will no longer appear here.

It doesn’t work that way, Alfie. The Bond Eater wants Bond Energy. If you leave then it’s just going to go after one of the other Star Maidens. It doesn’t have to go after you.

No way… Then… what am I supposed to do?

You don’t need to do anything. Just stay the way you are.

Official Itsuki does a little speech here that tries to give the benefit of the doubt to the people by saying that everyone is probably just on edge and they’ll calm down if we just talk to them and blah blah blah, but fuck that. LP Itsuki isn’t going to try and make excuses for those assholes. I’d march out there and kill them myself if the game would let me.


If you leave town, then I’m going with you.


I said I would protect you, didn’t I? I can’t do that unless I’m close by.

Y-You can’t!

Then I guess you’ll have to stay here, right?

… I understand… So long as I’m here, the other Star Maidens won’t be attacked, right?

That’s the theory. But I’ll protect you no matter what.


Either way, I’m going to out give those people a piece of my mind. Someone is going to pay for my window.

Hell yeah! Let’s go put the fear of Star God in them!

G-God’s Gift!

Listen, when I come back then we can get back to our date. Okay?

Good to hear. Hm? Did I get a message? Who is… Oh, it’s from Mirei.

What did she say?

…She says that the guy who took those pictures breached their contract. He wasn’t supposed to sell them to anyone else. Apparently she’s already caught him and is… Umm… “the guinea pig for my next experiment”…

Uh-oh… That sounds terrible!

”That sounds awesome” is what I think you meant to say.

Please, Itsuki! You must stop Mirei!

Oh, come on! Can’t you just let me have this one? For god’s sake, all I’m asking is that some of the bastard townspeople face some consequences. Is that so much to ask?

Part of me wants to just let Mirei handle things, but I’ll talk her out of it if that’s what you want. You’re way too kind, Alfie. Anyway, I’ll be back in a while. How about you set up the projector and everything so that we can watch some movies when I get back?


I despise Granvania. At least in Conception II we got to see more of the populace and some of them were great people (I’m talking about you, Takoyaki Guy), but Conception Plus doesn’t really have much in the way of an extended cast, so we don’t get any sense of connection with the everyday citizens of this world and we don’t see any halfway decent people.

Anyway, let’s move on to Arie’s next event and see if it can succeed in calming my seething rage.

~Star God Academy Church~

Something wrong, Arie?


Uh… Arie? Hello?

Oh, Itsuki… Hello.

Is something wrong? You seem really out of it today.

We teach a class to many children at the church…

Yeah, you’re their teacher, right?

Yes. But I don’t have any right to teach anyone…

What do you mean?

Some of the children belong to poorer homes. And there was this one child… That child had gone into town and stolen something. He was so hungry that he stole food…

But I… I have no right to forgive him.

What makes you say that?

I’ve been consumed by pleasures despite being a Star Maiden. I have no right.

Arie… Are you still worrying about that? You can’t help the fact that it feels good.

P-Please don’t say it like that. It’s embarrassing…

I told you that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying Classmating.

I know Reone, Lillie, and Mirei definitely do not.

Well, I don’t know that for sure.

I’m sure I’m the only one who isn’t serious about Classmating. My lord… What must I do?

Arie, don’t pray over something like this.

Please… I don’t know what to do other than to rely on the Star God.

We need to fix you of that, because I assure you that Star God is not at all reliable.

Then maybe rely on me. I can help you find a way to solve this conflict you’re having.

You’re right.

Itsuki, I thank you for your consideration. But I must ask why…

Don’t worry about that. Let’s just focus on you. Let’s see… How about your bad points? If you know what to improve on, then you can work on getting better.

My bad points… What would one of those be?

Is there anyone out there (other than completionists, I guess) who legitimately choose options like 2 and 3? Like, this is a serious conversation about personal conflict and a minor crisis of faith. Who thinks “Eh, I think your body could use some work” is an appropriate response?

To be honest, I think you’re heart is the biggest problem.

My… heart?

If Classmating makes you feel guilty, then your heart isn’t in the right place.

So… do I simply not think that it’s anything bad?

Well, there’s not really anything wrong with it in the first place. It’s supposed to be a sacred ritual that’s necessary to save the world.


Arie, you should be proud of it. It’s because you do the ritual with me that I’m able to get Star Children to help me in the labyrinths.

I’m reassured by your words, but…

Forget about the guilt for a minute. Just think about all of this with a clear head.

How would I do that?

Try releasing your heart.

Release… my heart? You mean I should bare forth my secrets?

Definitely! Let’s start by hearing about what’s in that room.

Yeah. You can’t keep supressing your true feelings. They’re part of who you are.

This is sappy as all hell, but I’m willing to let it slide as long as Arie stops beating herself up… and it gets us closer to finding out what’s in the room.

Itsuki… I think my heart feels lighter now. You really are my Star God, Itsuki.

You’re overstating things again.

Itsuki, you accept me for who I am.

W-Wait… What?!

Haha… I’ve said it out loud now.

…Nope, I definitely didn’t somehow skip to the Level 5 events. It’s really early for this, Conception Plus. Standard procedure is to drag this whole song and dance out until the last event. Oh well… ball’s in your court now, other Star Maidens.

Please don’t look so surprised. I was only being honest.

I… uhh… It’s just really sudden…

You told me to release my heart, so I did. I wasn’t ready for it to happen so soon… But you forced me to do the Classmating ritual so many times…

I didn’t force anyone to do anything!

Ehh, Femiruna is a little debatable on that front. You kind of force her, but she’s also clearly into that sort of thing.

I’m finally prepared to tell you everything. There’s something I’ve been hiding from you… I think I can finally tell you my secret.

Yes! Room time!


Yes, Arie’s event really does end on that line. We’ll need to wait until the next group of bonding updates to finally get a look inside that secret room. Son of a… You’re not supposed to pull cliffhangers like this, game. That’s not fair.

Ugh… Whatever, let’s just move on to Femiruna’s event. Man, I was starting to get into a better mood and now I’m pissed off again for the game just yanking the rug out from under me. I hope the rest of these are nice events.

~Star God Academy Field~

Oh! I found you, Itsuki. Now, come with me.

Huh? Why? What’s wrong?

Manor? You mean your house? …What are you gonna do to me?

Oh? You go to the labyrinths regularly yet you are afraid to come to my manor? Ohoho! What a cowardly God’s Gift you are!

Yeah, I’m not sure why Itsuki is being weird like that. I can’t get around it though because Femiruna’s dialogue refers back to him being a scaredy-cat. Come on, Itsuki. It’s not like this is Mirei we’re talking to. Or Lillie. Or kind of Mahiru. Point is, Femiruna isn’t one of the Maidens that will try and rope you into weird shit.

Well, isn’t it a little embarrassing for a guy to be invited into a girl’s house like this?


Wait, me? You’re the one doing the inviting!

What a surprise… Wh-Why must I be agitated by your every word?!

Why am I suddenly the bad guy here…

Just keep quiet and follow me! There is something I want to show you. I am sure you will like it.

Eh, I guess that’s sort of fancy.

This place is huge…

This is what I wanted to show you.

Wait… this is…

A large bed to help you sleep comfortably. And a high-quality shelf and table. I prepared furniture fit for a king that is too good for your own room.

JACKPOT! Finally, things are looking up! …Not to say that Arie’s love confession wasn’t a high point. The fake out secret room reveal just kind of messed up the momentum.

There’s so much. Why do you have all of this?

I purchased them from the shops in town. I have already spoken with the stores. I signed contracts so you can take any items you want from any store you visit. Just saying my name will allow you to help yourself to anything in the store.

That’s the way it should be. Although, I guess technically that’s how it was going to be when Shang cut us that cheque for 10 million. We better find that bastard in the bird mask at some point. I want my vengeance.

This way, you will be able to do even more in the labyrinths.

You managed to do all of that? How?

Hold on, why the fuck would they resist? The heiress of the richest family in the city walks in to your business and wants to ink a contact for God’s Gift to come in and pick up everything he wants. Why the fuck would a business owner not be over the moon about that?

I mean, the contract has to say that Femiruna’s family will compensate the shops, right? I could understand their refusal if they weren’t getting compensated, but then why would those shops agree at all if that were the case (even the name of Femi’s father wouldn’t change their mind in that case)?

There is nothing I cannot do in this town. Do not thank me. It is my duty as a Star Maiden to cooperate with you. You may use whatever you like. Do make it useful for yourself in the labyrinths.

What are you doing?!

No? But… why?

Yes, why?!

You didn’t have to do any of this for me in the first place.

That’s not how business works! Somebody coming in and buying up the whole inventory is good for business you idiot! Selling shit to make a profit is the entire point!

I would not mind. This is for your sake.

Even if it is for me, I don’t feel comfortable with it. I can’t accept all of this.

I… I do not believe you! You cannot accept a gift from me?

I do appreciate all the effort you went through for me.

Then why do you not simply accept it?

Because I don’t like causing trouble for people.

I do not understand… You feel happy, but you do not like this method?

You don’t have to go overboard with it. I would have been happy with just a small gift.

So you did not like that I caused trouble to the people who owned the stores…

”Hello fine shopkeep. I would like to buy all the merchandise you have. Here’s a big ol’ sack of money.” “I apologize fine madam, but it would be terribly troublesome for me to close shop and relax for a few days while I wait for restock. No, I think I would prefer to let my inventory sit on the shelves and instead sell only a portion of it little by little over the span of several months. Please take your tens of thousands of gold elsewhere.”

I gathered it all… for your sake…

And I appreciate what you did. It was nice of you to go that far for my sake.

I-I did not! Oh… Well. You taught me a great many things in town the other day.

It’s the thought that counts, Femiruna. Thank you for that.

But if you do not accept it, then you are lying about being happy.

I’m not lying…

… I understand… I will go and return the merchandise to the stores.

Why does this game delight in causing me suffering?

That’s the idea.

Can I trust those words? If so, just you wait, Itsuki. I will make you cry with joy from a gift I will give you!

*Femiruna wanders off*

I hope she doesn’t go overboard with it again…

…I get it, okay? It’s a lesson for Femiruna that she can’t just throw money or family prestige around and get whatever she wants, especially at the expense of other people. We’re trying to break her of her spoiled “daddy’s little girl” attitude and teach her how to connect with people on a human level. I get it.

But for god’s sake, is it too much to ask that the game let me have one nice thing? Couldn’t we have taken a sword or something? Maybe that jewel-encrusted armor that she initially had in mind for Itsuki’s party?

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Hey, Ruka. I’m here to help out with patrol today.

Let’s just move on. At the very least I can’t think of any other ways that the game can piss me off at this point.

Itsuki, what an opportune meeting. Please hear me out.

What’s happening, Ruka?

She was just about to tell me too. So, Reone, did you find out where her shoes went?

They were in the incinerator. I was throwing out the trash…

I remembered her because you brought her to the doctor’s office once.

Oh, right. That time I found her barefoot.

Apparently Itsuki brought her by Reone’s office before taking her back to the Orphanage? First we’re hearing of this… I think. I’ll be honest, that event was a bit of a haze. I just remember having to make a sprite for barefoot girl’s single appearance so far.

Did a bully make her do it? Who was it? A classmate? Or a teacher?

There was no one around besides her.

What? Then…

I saw it with my own eyes.

But… why would she…? Did she lie to me to cause me more trouble?! Does she hate me that much…? I don’t get it!

*Ruka bolts off*

Whew… Trying to grow closer to someone is difficult. Humans are the only animals who lie. Misunderstandings are par for the course.

What the fuck are you talking about, Reone? Making false danger calls to keep others away from food is a big one. There was also the time Koko the gorilla ripped a sink out of the wall and blamed it on her pet cat. The animal kingdom is full of deception and screwing over others, it’s called survival.

Do you have any ideas on why she might throw the shoes away?

She was mumbling something while she threw the shoes into the incinerator…

Phrasing. Good lord, phrasing.

She said that like a prayer.

What would she mean by that?

Maybe she was feeling lonely. Kids want a more direct expression of love. They get worried when someone they love refuses to touch them.

I mean, I could see that being the case, except that barefoot girl knows full well why Ruka hesitates to touch them. It’s not quite the same situation as a loved one just refusing to touch for no reason.

On top of that, Ruka rarely talks to them… So of course they’d get worried. I imagine they’d lie to get your attention.

This part is more understandable.

So that’s why, huh?

Or maybe she wanted to tell Ruka about how lonely she was feeling. Either way, it’s all just a misunderstanding.

It’s a cry for help, got it. We probably should have picked up on that as soon as we failed to find any evidence of bullying going on.

*sigh*… I need to go after Ruka.

Oh? Why?

She probably ran off to use her powers on the girl, but even if she does that… what would she do then? If she finds out that the kids are feeling lonely because Ruka isn’t able to touch them, then she’ll just distance herself more from them. She might end up leaving the orphanage altogether. Then she’ll end up alone as well.

Yeah, Ruka might be able to find out the cause, but she’s nowhere near capable of addressing it. She’s got her own package of issues.

If you understand that much, then hurry after her. You may still catch up.


Itsuki, remember that there are two types of lies…

A white lie that totally doesn’t hurt anyone?

I’ll leave it to you to teach Ruka that as well…

~Front of Orphanage~

Huff… Huff… Ugh… Ru… Ruka!

…What are you doing here?

Huff… Hang on… Phew… Listen, I’m not going to stop you, but I really think you should reconsider. Why don’t you try talking to her instead? You know, using words?

But she lies all the time. There’s no way we can simply talk.

Have you ever really tried? I mean, seriously tried? She’s really just looking for your attention, Ruka. Maybe a pat on the head as well, that kind of thing.

This game and its head patting. Actually, I guess I should say this country, because Japanese media seems to have some kind of hard-on for it.

But that’s something I can’t do because I’m a Tsukuyomi. Just leave me alone.

And thus the problem will definitely be solved.

That’s not the solution, Ruka. Listen, if you really want to know how other people feel, then you’ve got to open your heart.

Open your heart and it’ll be alriiiiight!~ I like Crush 40 stuff…

I-I know that. … No… This all happened because I didn’t know that… But… how am I supposed to open my heart? I’ve long forgotten how to open up to others…

You could start by looking them in the eyes when you talk. I know you’ve got it in you, Ruka.

Why do you think that…?

Because you’ve done so much for her. You buy and cook food, you were worried about her being bullied, you even set up the Maiden Club to try and protect her.

Hmph… Who asked you for a speech? You’re such a busybody.

I mean, she’s right about that.

Good to hear.

I’ll tell you how it went after we’re done. Besides… you’re the club’s vice president. You have a duty to hear the president’s reports.

Well, can’t argue with that. I guess I have to.

Y-Yes, you do. You have to. It’s not because… you helped me out so much… or anything…

I’ll wait for your report, then.

Please come back after classes are done. I’ll tell you everything then. I’ll be going now.

Right. I hope it all goes well.

Don’t worry. I will. I don’t think it’s going to come to that, though.

Hmph. I hope so too. So… I’ll try my best with her… Goodbye.

Man, we don’t even get to hear the big emotional moment where little barefoot girl comes clean about everything? Lame.