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Part 30: Capricorn, Libra + Bottom 7 Summaries (Part 2)

Bonding Update XIII: Capricorn, Libra + Bottom 7 Summaries (Part 2)

Let's wrap this batch up. We’ve got a hike to take with Farun. It’s also the first time we’ll get to see a personal CG for her.

Yes, it’s a hot springs CG, so yes, TCG will be on the scene.


Just… a little bit… more…


*The screen blacks out for a second and then Farun appears when it fades back in. She trots up to Itsuki who I guess was dragging himself up the mountainside or something*

Ahaha! There’s gotta be a waterfall over there! I can hear one.

Slow down a little Farun. I thought you wanted to find the hot springs first.

I didn’t think Granvania would have hot springs ya could go to on a day trip. Hot springs in the middle of the forest like this’re usually pretty great. I’d drop by in the middle of my travels an’ just enjoy the scenery.

I’m looking forward to it myself. I could use relaxation like that. Come on, I think it’s up ahead somewhere.

Oh… It’s still quite a ways…

Sorry for making you walk so far.

It’s totally fine. Travelin’s all ‘bout walkin’. It can be fun too. Settin’ that aside…


I didn’t think of how deep this forest could get…

Oh yeah, that’s Japanese Granvanian natural hot springs and their notorious lack of people for ya. Always well known but never occupied.

… Just to be sure… This is a mixed bath… right…?

It’s a natural hot spring in the middle of the forest, Farun. There’s no such thing as “mixed” or “separate”, unless you decide on it yourself.

Well, yeah. The spring only has one source, so it’s not divided by anything. But I already told you that. Wait… Farun, you did bring your swimsuit, right?

Y-Yeah, I did. I was prepared for it, but…

I-I’m startin’ to get embarrassed…

Don’t say stuff like that… Now I’m getting shy…

C-Cuz there really is no one around us… an’ cuz we’re goin’ into some hot springs together…? U-Uh…

We could always take turns, you know.

Oh, that’s definitely an option. I didn’t think of that for some reason. Take turns… huh… … …But since we’re here together anyway… Well, just waitin’ for the other person ain’t right.

Christ, Farun. You’re not giving each other full-body massages. You’re relaxing in a hotspring while wearing a bathing suit. It’s basically just a hot-water version of swimming at the beach. Calm down, girl.

Wh-What do you think?

Well, are you really okay with it?


As long as you’re okay with it, then I am too. Come on.

Farun? You said you were okay. Are you really sure?

C-Course I am! Don’t underestimate your Big Sis Farun! It’s just some hot springs we’re talkin’ ‘bout here! It’s nothin’ but hot water!

Exactly! So stop hemming and hawing over it and let’s go.

Let’s go already! Go go go! I’m totally fine with it, an’ I’ll prove it to ya.

~Forest Hot Springs~

God, that looks amazing. I want to try a hot spring so bad… I’m a lover of incredibly hot baths. I just wish this house didn’t have one of those stupid bathtub/shower combinations. The bathtub is too small and the shower is too narrow. It’s like the worst of both.

…I-It’s a bath, all right.

Yeah, it sure is.

Y-Yeah… I’ll, um… go get changed now. B-But don’t look! Face the other way! An’ close your eyes! I said I’d bathe with ya, but I never said ya can watch me change!

Yeah, yeah. Can we just hurry up? We're spending so much time just talking about it.

S-Seriously! Don’t look…

*The screen then goes black as Farun goes off to change… Or changes like two feet away, it’s hard to tell because we can still hear her while the screen is black*

C-Close your eyes! You’re not lookin’, are ya?! Don’t look!

My eyes are closed, Farun! Can you please just hurry up?

It’s fucking clothing. How long does it take to put it on and do a quick check to make sure nothing’s hanging out?

H-Hold on… Just a bit… *inhale*… Whew… *inhale*… Whew… …’Kay. All right, Itsuki. Ya can open your eyes now…

Finally. Why did it-

You know the deal. Here is the unedited for those that want it. Farun is wearing what I can only imagine is a Star Energy powered top, because there are no straps keeping that thing in place. It’s just somehow attached to her chest.

I should note that this isn’t actually Farun’s swimsuit. Same goes for that Mahiru scene we got last time. The developers seem to put some thought into the design of each Maidens in-game swimsuit, but the art team working on these CGs seem to just resort to “plain white and as small as possible”.

D-Don’t stare, ‘kay? It really is embarrassin’… Ugh… I can’t do it. It’s too embarrassin’… G-Geez… I don’t know what to do…

Is that really as far as you’re going to go?

Course! Why are ya okay with this? Are ya okay with me seein’ ya?!

You’re kind of acting embarrassed enough for the both of us, so I’m not feeling anything. Besides, it’s just swim clothes.

R-Really…? Am I just overreactin’…? A-Am I… the weird one here…?

You’ve been the weird one since the previous set of bonding updates where you started babbling incoherently at the drop of a hat.

Why are you getting so freaked out? You’re always up on stage in your dancing clothes being watched by the entire tavern.

That’s different! I dance for people to see me in the first place…


I show off my confidence with that dance… B-But, right now… You’re the only other person here… An’ you’re the only one watchin’… So… Wh-Why are we talkin’ like this?! Let’s just get in already, Itsuki! This just makes it more embarrassin’ for me! Just get in the bath!

Okay, okay. I’m going.

H-Hey… D-Don’t stare so much… Y-Ya really can’t…

I’m not staring! Man, I never expected to see you react like this. I always imagined you being a lot more open about this stuff.

… …That’s not true…

Are we about to get tragic backstory/personal issues?

Takin’ a trip alone with a man… It’s my first time doin’ somethin’ like this…

Nope, never mind. It’s just more of the same.


Yeah… Actually, this’s my first time takin’ a trip with anyone else.

You haven’t gone with any friends before?

Hehe. What friends? Course, that was before I came to Granvania. I always wandered around alone… I went from place to place an’ never made any significant connections… I’m… afraid of bein’ liked or hated by anyone.

Now is it time for tragic backstory/personal issues?

When I start feelin’ anythin’ from people, I just leave for another place. Hehe. My façade is always the cheerful an’ energetic Big Sis Farun. Me bein’ able to get along with anyone is all a stupid farce.

Okay, that’s a little new information. How does it relate to her family/home town though?

Hehe. Why did I even tell you that…?


Wow, these hot spring [sic] feel nice. I’m really relaxed right now…

I guess I don’t really know much about you after all…

Yeah… But I want ya to…

Heh… You always said to leave everything to “Big Sis”, but you’ve never even gone on a trip with a guy before.

P-Please don’t say that. It’s so embarrassin’. I-It’s in my character to say that stuff. I can’t help it.

Oh god, she’s breaking the fourth wall! She’s trying to free herself from the confines of the visual novel!

Ah… Even my ears are burnin’ up now…

We should get out before we get dizzy.

Oh, c’mon, let’s stay in for a bit more.

Sorry for the big break between screenshots. Farun’s CG was up for that entire segment so I couldn’t get any in there since TCG would block the text box.

Let’s just stay in here an’ look up at the sky… Hehe. Let’s both get dizzy in the bath together. What do you say?

*After some more time spent in the hot spring getting dizzy*


Whew… Today was a ton of fun. Thanks for takin’ me today. I never knew travelin’ with someone could be so excitin’. We definitely need to go somewhere together again.

That sounds like a nice idea.

Hehe, ya said it now. It’s a promise then.

See ya later!

That certainly was something… I guess. I suppose we at least learned a little more about why Farun is the way she is. Not sure how it relates to her hesitation in regards to her family, but I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of that in her remaining events.

Uuuuuuugggggghhhhhh… We all know what’s coming… Let’s get it over with. Looks like I won’t be ending this update in a good mood after all.

~Mirei’s Laboratory~

Oh. I’ll have you know, I’ve kept my promise. I created a new type of magic transmission device.

Already? That was so fast.

Heheheh. Who do you think I am? The device is right there. That’s the completed one. It’s communication range can reach anywhere in the world.

The other complaint was that it was difficult to use. So I added a voice guide and a beginner mode as well.


I’m the one making it. I won’t accept anything less than the best.

You’re amazing.

Heheh. But of course. Do you really think I’m just a weirdo who does nothing but research all day?

Of course not. It’s just that this is more than I was expecting. You went way beyond with this.

Heheheh… Oh stop, I get it.

Heheh. Even I’m surprised at myself. This wasn’t the research I want to do, but I managed to achieve so much. I broke a new personal record on consecutive all-nighters.

I’m sure that won’t have any adverse effects.

Thank you, Mirei. For everything.

Heheh. That’s right, Itsuki. You should be thanking me. I did this for you after all.

I’m fine with that response. The alternative was “I did this for the people”, and they can all go to hell.

Me? Why?

Yes. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have done this in the first place. Anyway, I’ve kept my end of the promise.

I hope you didn’t forget about that, Itsuki. You owe Mirei whatever she wants now. Don’t expect me to try and bail you out with dialogue options either, because I was 100% against this idea.

I will have my way with you. Now, let’s see what I should have you do…

W-Wait a minute… Is the device already being used in Granvania?

Yes. I formulated the theory, so the rest is now up to the engineers.

Really? Then let’s go look around.

What meaning is there to that?

Just come on. We’re going outside.

Hey, Itsuki, stop pulling me!

~Granvania Shopping Center~


It’s spreading so fast. There are already so many people using it.

That’s it?

What else do you want me to say? Let’s go back to my lab. I want to continue researching you.

[Old Man]: Mirei, do you remember me?

Hm…? Oh, you’re the old man who asked me to modify the magic transmission device.

[Old Man]: Yes. Because of your work, I was able to hear the voice of my grandchild.

Take your gratitude and stick it up your ass, old man.

No need for that.

[Old Man]: You’re so modest… I said such terrible things to you that day…

”But now I’m remorseful for it because I got what I wanted.”

[Old Man]: I called you coldhearted, and I’m very sorry for that…

”At least until the next time that you refuse to do something for me and I insult you again until you’re basically forced to give me what I want.”

[Old Man]: I misunderstood you. You really are a wonderful person.

Itsuki, we’re going back. I want to resume our research.

[Old Man]: Please, wait. Everyone is thankful to you.

Each and every one of them can fuck right off straight to hell and start lubing up their assholes for Star Devil’s eventual buttfucking of them. FUCK GRANVANIA. I cannot overstate how much I hate the moral this event is trying to deliver.

W-Wait, stop this. Th-There’s no need…

Are you getting shy, Mirei?

D-Don’t be stupid! Let’s go, Itsuki. Just come with me!

H-Hey! Stop pulling!

~Star God Academy St.~


You didn’t have to run away like that.

This is kind of cute, you know? Seeing this side of you.

Stop teasing me! …But, it didn’t feel too bad. Such experiences could be nice every so often.

I’m just glad that all the misunderstandings will stop.

Yep. Everyone is happy now. No way in hell that people will find other things that they want Mirei to modify for their own personal enjoyment and then immediately start threatening her and insulting her when Mirei declines because they know that it will eventually cause her to cave to their demands. No chance of that AT ALL. Problem is solved forever.

You really are strange.

You think?

Yes, you are…

What about that God’s Gift that Mana told us about? The one that had a crush on you.

But that’s because you have a duty to deepen our bond as God’s Gift. Isn’t that right?

It’s definitely not because of my duty. I just didn’t want people getting the wrong impression of you.

…Heheh. You are so strange. You truly are.

Could you stop calling me that?

Be quiet. You are an extremely strange one. The strangest one of them all among anyone I’ve ever met before.

*sigh*… Anyway, what do you want me to do for my end of the promise? I did say I would do whatever you asked.

Yes, that’s right. I want to research you. Even more than before.

Not sure I like the sound of that… but I guess I don’t have a choice now. Okay, I’ll drop by again some other time.

Yes, I’ll be waiting.

~Mirei’s Laboratory~

Hm… What’s this?

This could be fatigue from the research… I’m sure some rest will help.

Just to recount what we just witnessed: Mirei kept telling people she didn’t want to work on the magic transmission device anymore or modify any previous inventions of hers because she wants to focus on other research. Townspeople started threatening her, telling her to get out of town, calling her weird and various other insults, and generally being human garbage. Itsuki browbeats Mirei into improving the magic cell phone she created and the townspeople start praising her and being super thankful and treating her like a human being.

The lesson that Conception Plus wants you to take away is: If somebody isn’t willing to put their entire life on hold just to cater to your selfish demands, then start insulting them and threatening them and treating them like dirt. Eventually they’ll be beaten into submission and give you everything you want. Then you just need to offer some empty platitudes and you’ll be guilt-free. After all, they’re the terrible person for not just giving you what you want in the first place. It doesn’t matter what they want to do with their lives, you want better cell reception.

We’re going to summaries. For the love of god, at least one of these be sort of sweet. Please.

That’s better.

~Bottom 7 Summaries~


In Mahiru’s second event, Ituski goes looking for her in the cafeteria, but can’t find her. He’s about to call her up when he spots her outside in the Academy Field. When he catches up to her, he finds out that Mahiru is a little… off.

Itsuki asks her if she’s been drinking and Mahiru denies it despite the fact that she’s clearly wasted. Mahiru insists she wasn’t hitting the bottle, but eventually drunkenly reveals that she had some chocolate that the pastry chef was making.

I’m putting a lot of screenshots here because drunk Mahiru is funny.

Itsuki questions how Mahiru managed to get drunk from eating chocolate and Mahiru says that it apparently had brandy in it (how much freaking chocolate did she eat? You’d need almost a kilo of it just to get to typical BAC limit). Anyway, Itsuki starts thinking about how poorly Mahiru holds her liquor considering she got drunk from desserts, and also wonders if maybe the alcohol in Granvania might have weird effects on people from Sora. Mahiru says not to worry about her and that she just needs to cool off, but Itsuki points out that she’s standing on the Academy Field and some of the people in the school clubs are looking kind of concerned about her.

Mahiru then grabs on to Itsuki and starts trying to lead him in a dance, but she trips over herself and Itsuki has to catch her. Itsuki wonders why Mahiru started learning how to dance and she says that Farun told her she should learn it for the one she loves. Mahiru wonders if she should just give it up, because she doesn’t think she’ll ever be as good as Farun. Itsuki says that maybe he should learn to dance too, for Mahiru’s sake. That way he can escort her during the next dance. He then asks if there’s someone she loves and whether or not it’s Narcisstes. At this point it seems like Mahiru completely sobers up and she talks about how Narcisstes has an entire fan club. She also mentions that Itsuki has a fan club as well, as in the 12 Star Maidens (I guess one of them isn’t a fan. Probably Ruka being a tsundere or something). That’s about it for Mahiru’s event. She mentions that she’s not in Narc’s fan club, calls Itsuki a jerk (because he’s too thick-headed to realize that Mahiru is jonesing for him), and then says she has to go and wash her face.


Yuzuha’s second event starts with her airing out her room when Itsuki shows up (She had been painting for a while). Itsuki says she has a cute yawn when she starts feeling a little sleepy and Yuzuha gets embarrassed and mentions that she isn’t used to being complimented. The conversation shifts to school and Yuzuha mentions how she never attended a school before becoming a Star Maiden, she just stayed at home with a tutor. Itsuki takes the opportunity to ask about Yuzuha’s family, but she says that it isn’t a very interesting story.

Itsuki wants to know anyway and Yuzuha is surprisingly forthcoming with information. She mentions that her father and mother were always fighting, but they also worried about Yuzuha because she had been born sickly. Yuzuha says that she was afraid of their loud voices, so she covered her ears and hid in bed. On Yuzuha’s fifth birthday, her cousin brought her some paint. Yuzuha started painting every day as a way to forget about the bad stuff. But because of her weak constitution, she couldn’t go outside very often and she quickly ran out of things to paint. That’s what led to her painting her dreams. She kept a routine of sleeping and painting her dreams until she was chosen as a Star Maiden. Even though Yuzuha wasn’t particularly excited about it, she says that it made her parents very happy and they stopped fighting. This caused Yuzuha to leave home, as she figured she could watch out for her own health and also fulfill her duty as a Star Maiden to keep making her parents happy. Yuzuha then asks Itsuki if he thinks she’s properly fulfilling her Star Maiden duties and if her parents were glad that Yuzuha was born. Itsuki reassures her of both of those things and the event wraps up there. Yuzuha is glad and gets sleepy, so she goes to take a nap.


Reone’s second event opens with her looking pretty messed up.

I mean, that’s what’s implied anyway (this is Reone’s swimsuit. The implication is that her clothes are torn to pieces in this scene). Reone isn’t quite happy that of all the people that could see her like this, it was Itsuki that did. She takes a moment to get a fresh set of clothes and then starts answering Itsuki, who is understandably concerned about what the hell happened to her. Reone says that there’s no point in trying to hide it from him and admits that she wound up in a fight against those three guys from before. She says that it escalated beyond that and starts getting into a bit more backstory on her street fighting days. Turns out that one of the guys from before had also been a fighter back in those days. Reone figures that he only realized she had been a fighter as well sometime after she kicked the crap out of him in front of the tavern. Itsuki wonders if that’s why they were wandering around looking for revenge, but Reone says that it’s not quite that simple. Turns out that those guys are members of a faction that opposes a proposal Reone is working on. Reone wants to build a large hospital out in the middle of the slums. She explains that the slums have tons of back-alley doctors that charge out the ass for their services. A hospital would help with that, but obviously the extortionist back-alley doctors aren’t on board with the idea. Apparently, in order to pay for the crazy fees that the doctors charge, the people in the slums pay with their own Star Energy. Star Energy is very valuable (It’s basically lifeforce) and can apparently be resold for massive profit. Basically, if the poor people in the slums have an illness or some other medical problem, they’ve got two choices: Deal with it or trade part of their lifespan.

Back to the main topic. The fight Reone was in stems from the fact that the faction those guys were from got wind of Reone’s plan and snatched up the land where the hospital was to be built. Reone figured she could go and negotiate with them, but that went about as well as any sane person would expect. They demanded double the price, Reone said no, and then a fight broke out. Reone claims that there were 10 of them (my fat ass she managed to beat 10 guys by herself) and that they were all ones nursing grudges against her from her street fighting days. Reone then says that she’ll force them to sign the contract the next time they meet (which is extortion in its own right, Reone. I don’t care if they are assholes, they still legally obtained that land). Itsuki points out the fact that assaulting a Star Maiden is a major crime and Reone should, you know, seek help from the government. Instead of the reasonable action, Reone says that the plan to build the hospital is her personal project and that the reason there is a problem in the first place is because of her days street fighting. Reone figures that those ties will cause the government to force her to resign as palace physician (YOU’RE A STAR MAIDEN, REONE! I don’t think the palace will care that you used to be a street fighter before you became a doctor). Not having any other choice, because Reone is being incredibly stubborn about this, Itsuki states that he’ll protect her. Reone says that it’s her job to protect him, but Itsuki shuts her down this time and orders her to tell him if anything happens. Reone finally caves and then the event wraps up with a scene of Itsuki watching over Reone as she gets some sleep to try and recover from her injuries.

And yes, Reone somehow avoids mentioning her brother this time. Thank Christ.


Despite the weirdness of Sue’s last event, the second one takes a more serious tone. Sue finds Itsuki hurt and gets really worried (it’s just actually just a scratch). Nonetheless, Sue makes Itsuki follow her to her house where she treats him. While there, Itsuki takes notice of some photos in the back of her room. He asks if the small girl in the pictures is Sue, then whether the man and woman standing next to the girl are Sue’s parents. Sue says that it’s a photo of her family from a long time ago. She says that her Papa and Mama are no longer here and that they “went away” when she was young. Sue says that she wants to tell Itsuki about them, so she starts talking about how her parents were biologists. Her father was a zoologist and her mother was a doctor (probably veterinarian). She says that they usually did research on animal ecologies outside of town and Sue followed along whenever they went out. Sue says that one day her mother and father were attacked by an Impurity that was near the town (the Bond Eater, maybe? Impurities above ground are supposed to be incredibly rare). Sue says that her parents defended her until it was gone.

They shielded her when the Impurity attacked and the sensation has stuck with Sue, which is likely why she gets the warm but prickly feeling from Classmating. Sue says that she’s never come to terms with what happened. The animals at Sue’s ranch were left behind by her parents and they have helped Sue to live on. Sue then talks about not wanting anyone to die, not her parents, not the animals, and not Itsuki. She says that she doesn’t want Itsuki to go away and that she doesn’t have the courage to say goodbye to him. Itsuki tries to console her, but Sue points out that he’s always going into the labyrinths and fighting impurities. Itsuki tells her that even though he always goes in, he also always comes back, so she doesn’t need to think about having to say goodbye. Sue is slightly comforted by this and thanks Itsuki for listening to her. She says that talking about it has helped her feel lighter.


Itsuki goes into Collette’s bakery but notices that there’s no sign of her despite the sign saying the bakery is open. Itsuki then hears the sound of Collette sniffling in the back.

When Itsuki asks why Collette is crying, she reveals that her grandfather’s recipes were stolen by the part-timer she had hired. Collette thinks that the girl was after the recipes from the beginning (which, duh, she was staking out your bakery for who knows how long), because the girl was Collette’s grandfather’s former apprentice. Itsuki questions this because the girl barely looks any older than Collette, but Collette mentions that she had changed her appearance with Star Energy (which can apparently do that now, I guess?). Collette then starts berating herself for thinking that she could run the bakery all on her own, so Itsuki offers her a handkerchief to dry her tries or blow her nose or whatever. A brief fade out happens where Collette takes a moment to collect herself. She then says that she’ll worry about the recipes later and that for now, she needs to focus on the bakery itself. Collette also figures that the girl has burned the recipes by now anyway (why the hell would she burn them?). Collette says that the girl and her grandfather butted heads a lot, so Collette is just going to forget about the recipes and the thief. Itsuki asks what she’s going to do now and Collette responds that she’ll have to create the “Ultimate Breadwinner.” Collette says that it was the last recipe in her grandfather’s book and “DO NOT READ” was written in there, so she doesn’t know what kind of bread it might be. Collette wants Itsuki to help her, even though she admits that she’s been selfish about that up to now. Itsuki agrees to help and Collette asks him to tell her about the different kinds of bread from his world in order to get some hints.


Itsuki checks in with Lillith and asks if she’s had lunch yet. When she says no, Itsuki asks if she’ll go with him for dinner at a restaurant. Lillith doesn’t know what’s going on, but Itsuki explains that he did say he would take her on a date like she wanted. Lillith is a bit nervous about it, but after pumping herself up-

…in her usual Lillith way, the two head out into town. At the Shopping Center, Lillith asks Itsuki to hold up for a moment while she does a fortune telling to decide which corner they should turn. She says that they should avoid turning right because there is a water hazard that way. Itsuki goes along with that but mentions that at this rate they will never get to the restaurant. Lillith wonders if Itsuki is getting fed up with her but Itsuki just says that maybe she doesn’t need to rely on fortunes just to direct their way to a restaurant. Lillith is worried about Itsuki, but Itsuki tells her to just relax and focus more on the date. Lillith sees the logic in that and Itsuki also points out that not-knowing about how everything is going to turn out can be fun and exciting sometimes. Lillith says that she’s worried because she spent so much time thinking about all the different disasters that could happen because Itsuki is with her. Itsuki tells her that if she’s always worrying about stuff like that then she’ll never be more proactive, like she wants. Itsuki tells her that if anything does happen, then maybe she could try and find enjoyment in that. The two then agree to head for the restaurant without the use of any more fortunes. They then immediately run into some clumsy idiot who knocks over a bucket of water from a ledge above Lillith.

The bucket misses, but the water drenches the two of them. Itsuki then apologizes for insisting on ignoring the fortune telling because it led to this, but Lillith starts laughing about the whole thing. Lillith finds the humor in what happened and says that she’ll brag about this to Lillie. Speaking of, Lillith proceeds to immediately slip in the puddle and Lillie pops out. Lillie is surprisingly nonplussed by the fact that her head hurts and she’s soaked. She even shows concern about Itsuki’s arm which he had scraped a little. Itsuki explains what happened and Lillie mentions that Lillith’s emotions are still lingering, which is how Lillie knew that Lillith was having fun. Lillie then sneezes and Itsuki mentions how both of them have such cute sneezes, Lillie gets ticked off/embarrassed by that, then demands that Itsuki buy her some clothing from a boutique she always goes to. The event ends with Itsuki talking about how it’s like he’s dating two different people.


Tarua likes to run. No, I’m not going to stop using that joke. At least not until Tarua’s route FUCKING GOES SOMEWHERE! The event opens with her tearing across the Academy Field and running into Itsuki.

Tarua mentions that she’s glad she ran into Itsuki because no matter how many times she does it he never gets hurt. She says he doesn’t fall over like trees do and doesn’t break like a door does. Tarua looks a little tired and Itsuki asks if she is, but Tarua just claims she just ran a bit more than usual. Itsuki then asks if the Boss is getting any better and Tarua says that he’s coming along, but still seems really tired (I’m calling it now: The Boss is going to die by the end of this route). Tarua says that she needs him to rest up because deliveries are increasing, but also says that she’s getting used to it and is reaching the point where she can take over Boss’s share. Itsuki asks if there’s any way he can help, but Tarua says she’s fine. She says that she just needs a little break and also that she’s kind of thirsty. Itsuki offers to get her a sports drink and that seems to perk Tarua right up. Itsuki offers to help again, but Tarua doesn’t go along with it. She mentions how she wanted to hire a part-timer, but the Boss is too stubborn about it, claiming that only officially licensed mailmen can deliver letters. Tarua is a little happy about that because she figures it means that the Boss acknowledges her as a proper mailman. Itsuki compliments her on also performing her Star Maiden duties well and Tarua is happy about that, but also says that she wants to work hard so that the Boss will compliment her as well. The event kind of peters out from there.

And that's all for another batch of Bonding Updates. We'll finally be able to get back to story content again and maybe see if any developments happen in that whole "Life stealing magic alchemist circle" that was going on under Narc's office that he's definitely learned we've discovered by now.