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Part 32: Ophiuchus, Aries, and Leo + Summaries of Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio (Part 1) + An explanation

Bonding Update XIV: Ophiuchus, Aries, and Leo + Summaries of Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio + An explanation of what happened to story updates

Okay, so you might be noticing something odd about the updates from this point on. We just finished a dungeon, so where’s the story segment and the goofy rumor hunting and all that jazz?

Well, here’s the deal. Conception PLUS doesn’t know how to pace a story. Remember when Mana told us that we should be switching Labyrinths often because enemies get a boost and focusing on only one season at a time could cause the others to overflow with Impurities and all that garbage?

Turns out that main story segments are tied to the Seasonal Labyrinths. By going through the Leo Labyrinth, we have completed one Star Labyrinth from each season. So after Leo was sealed, the game proceeded to dump the rest of the main story events on me all at once. The Ophiuchus Labyrinth appeared, it looked like a bunch of serious story things were happening, and there was some kind of confrontation. I fast-forwarded through the dialogue to avoid spoiling myself, but I still picked up on a scattered detail just based on context.

Yes, that means that we could totally skip two thirds of the Star Offerings and just complete the game right now. Ophiuchus is open and we are free to run in there and gun it straight for the final boss.

After posing this situation to the thread, there was a consensus among the readers (or at least among the users that post on a regular basis) that I should avoid the final dungeon and focus on showing off as much side-content as I can while also beating the remaining dungeons. I don’t think this game has a ‘Bad’ and ‘Good’ ending, but some users felt like it was better to be safe and just finish all the dungeons (which I do agree with, as this set up is perfect for a Bad/Good or Normal/True ending divide).

So even though the next main story event has happened, I’ll be pushing back the actual update that shows it off until after the 11th or 12th Star Offering. We’re just going to pretend that the Ophiuchus Labyrinth isn’t sitting right there and instead stay the course with Bonding Updates, Japan Events, and… well, you’ll see when we get there. It’s not something I’m pumped for, but we have a bunch of empty space to fill now that the story has dried up so I may as well do it.

With that long explanation out of the way, let’s all get ready to sit on our hands for the next 20+ updates as we busy ourselves with side-content and character building and all that good stuff. We’re looking at Level 4 Bonding Events first.

~Granvania Shopping Center~

*sigh* (I’ve been patrolling the streets ever since the Bond Eater appeared, but still nothing. Even with the heightened security there still hasn’t been a sighting…)

~Day Camp~

(Hmm? Alfie? Why is she freaking out at Mirei?)

Alfie, calm down. Pull yourself together the next time I visit you.

*Mirei then wanders into frame… Or Itsuki approaches, it’s hard to tell how these scenes work*

Hm? Oh, it’s you, Itsuki.

Doesn’t sound like the making up with Alfie thing went very well.

I could hear you both from down the street. I didn’t exactly have to sneak up on you both.

You should tell Alfie to be more cooperative.

What are you talking about?

*Alfie then appears*

Mirei! I’ll never agree to it!

Hey, Alfie. What’s going on?

G-God’s Gift! So you were here…

You were yelling more than usual. What’s happening?

It’s all Mirei’s fault…

That’s a good thing. That’s what should be happening. What’s your problem with that?

Really? You mean, with the Star Children?

After that incident, the town has been placed on high alert… But should that Impurity appear, it would lead to a large scale war. But all we can do is stall it until you arrive.

Where the fuck are all the Star Children we made? On top of the previous teams, I know for sure that there’s like 12 more out there that were leveled up just for City Experience purposes. Just hire them on to patrol the city streets. I’m sure they can hold off the Bond Eater until Itsuki gets there. Hell, the last Thread Teams could probably beat the damn thing on their own.

To prevent unnecessary sacrifices… we must find it as soon as possible so you can defeat it swiftly. That’s why I want to form a search party, and for that, I need the help of the Star Children. I need their power to fight that Impurity off.

Alfie, you know better than anyone that Star Children are created exactly for that purpose. What’s the deal here?

You don’t understand, Mirei… You just don’t get how powerful that Impurity really is.

I should ask you the same. Do you know who that Impurity is truly after?

I keep telling you! Just use me as bait!

Wait, what?

Itsuki, you heard her. Ever since that incident, she’s been insisting on this plan of hers.

Alfie, I really don’t like that idea.

But… at this rate…

You said it yourself. Even if a Star Child is defeated, they’ll just return to their Matryoshka. Right? They’re made for this kind of thing.

What do you mean?

Great, what kind of bullshit new power did this thing pick up between this event and the last?

The Bond Eater can devour a Star Child’s Matryoshka.

This is why the elite mages will be a part of the search party. I promise you that we will defend the Matryoshkas with our lives.

Alfie, I’m sorry, but I agree with Mirei on this one. Even knowing that the Bond Eater can do that, it’s still riskier to use you as bait.

God’s Gift…

I mean, they’re right. I’m normally okay with the bait plan, but in this case the Bond Eater really just needs one good lunge and that’s it. There’s no guarantee that Itsuki or the Star Children waiting in ambush will be able to respond in time. Hunting it down sounds like a better plan, assuming we take strong Star Children with-

You don’t have to worry!

We’ll beat down the Impurity that’s bullying you!

Oh, for god’s… Listen, guys. I like the bravado, but I was thinking more along the lines of a few Hunters for tracking, some Paladins to surround it and box it in, then maybe some Astromancers and Sages to nuke the thing with magic. Possibly some Berserkers or Lancers in case magic doesn’t work. The point is, base classes are not going to cut it for this one.

You guys…

Alfie, you and the other Star Maidens all helped to create these Star Children. We can believe in them.

I understand…

Hell, I wouldn’t even need to make new ones. I’m sure the current Thread Teams would work just as well. We’ve got an Archer, a bunch of Sages, a Berserker and some Magic Knights for offence, plus a Paladin/Blacksmith/Lancer/Ranger to fill out various needs.

It seems we have the permission of God’s Gift and the drill sergeant then.

But no, of course we’re going to use a Monk, Magician, and Fighter that are all probably level capped.

Good. Why don’t you try making up with Alfie while your at it, then?

Wh-Why are you getting so upset…?

I think it’s because Mirei can’t admit when she’s wrong. It’s pretty typical of the “smart person” character.

Mirei… please take care of the Star Children…

You have nothing to worry about.

…What was that last part?


10 years? What are you talking about?

That’s Alfie’s life expectancy.

She… Alfie only has 10 years to live?

Itsuki? Is something wrong?

Is that… true?

She doesn’t look particularly broken up about that…

But… You told me that you would be like everyone else.

*Flashback time!*

Oh… It’s nothing to be sad about! I just became the same as everyone else.

*End of flashback time!*

I received the same lifespan as all those who have lived.

Then the kiss… I… I cut your life span?

This weirded me out a little at first, but when you think about, a Star Child’s life span is probably only a few years. They disappear or return to Star God or whatever the hell they do when their job is done. Alfie is the only Star Child that’s ever lived long enough to grow up, so to her 10 years probably seems like the 70-90 that humans are used to.

Alfie… I’m sorry…

Itsuki? Why are you apologizing?

Itsuki, calm down…

What the hell did I do?!

I said, calm down!

Alfie’s lifespan is not the same as a human’s. It may seem short to you, but it isn’t for her.

Mirei… Did I say something bad?

No, you’re not at fault here. Itsuki…

Okay, hold up a little bit now. There’s a complex web of blame to go around for this. It’s not entirely on Itsuki.

First of all, Alfie is being pretty cavalier about only having 10 years to live and not understanding why that might upset Itsuki. If you recall, she mentions how painful it is for her to watch everyone she cares about eventually pass on while she continues to live. Second, Mirei didn't mention anything about 10 year lifespans, so what other perspective does she think Itsuki can see this from? He doesn't know about the ins and outs of a Star Child's life cycle.

Apologies, Alfie, but can I have you take care of the rest? I must work through the formalities to set up the Bond Eater search party.

*Mirei leaves*

Itsuki… When I see you sad like that… You make me just as sad along with you…

I’m… I’m sorry, Alfie. I don’t want you to feel down. Thanks for worrying about me. I’ll be okay.


I’ll need to work even harder in order to get ready for the Bond Eater.

So will I!

…Alfie? Let’s do this together.

Yes, Itsuki!

~Church Spirit Chamber~

The God’s Gift way back when influenced me to learn more about Sora. I had plenty of time, so I studied up on it quite a bit.

Yes, aaaannnddd….? Come on, where’s the realization about why Itsuki feels sad?

Well, I think medicine has extended that a bit, but I guess that was probably the case 30 years ago.

Dogs and cats live for 10 years, while tortoises live for 100.

Never mind, she’s not going to get it.

That’s why I want to do the same thing with the 10 years I have left. Life is precious because it’s so finite.

Listen, she’s got the right attitude and everything. I just can’t believe that she doesn’t seem to understand the issue here in regards to Itsuki. She explained exactly why living longer than others sucked. I guess you could say she was explaining that from a position of immortality, but still.

A protagonist spoke those words in a movie I saw previously, and I agree with them.

Yeah… you’re right, Alfie… Listen, thanks for spending the precious time you have left with me.

If you don’t mind, you can use all of it. Because our time and fate… is entwined with Granvania’s…

*Slightly somber Classmating happens. Also the event ends. Got a feeling I’m not going to like how this route ends either*

Anyway, that’s all for Alfie for now. Let’s try and find something a little more upbeat, shall we? Like Arie! She’s got a secret room that we’re tantalizingly close to seeing the inside of. Doesn’t appear to be anything that could lead to some heart wrenching revelation.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Are you ready to do Classmating, Arie?

Are you not going to pray this time?

I’ll be fine. I already did so I’d be ready whenever you asked. Um, Itsuki… I have a request for the ritual today.

Oh, really? What is it?

…I’d like to take the lead.

Which is… where exactly? I think the only ones we’ve ever seen are Mahiru’s (cheek) and Reone’s (left breast). Actually, in Reone’s case I’m not even sure that’s a Star Brand. I think that might just be a tattoo or something (it’s a little unclear if Star Brands are always visible or just when their power is being used).

Okay… Don’t force yourself to do this, though.

But I’m not.

Sorry, I just assumed. You’ve never been this forward about Classmating before.

I’m just being more honest with myself now. You told me to do that, Itsuki.

She’s got you there.

Oh, right. I guess I did do that.

I don’t dislike Classmating with you. I very much enjoy it. So I’m not forcing myself.

Well, it’s good to hear that.

Itsuki… Come closer to me…

Um… okay. Great… now I’m getting really nervous.

Please… Let’s hurry and Classmate.

*Classmating with unrestrained passion happens*


Take a cold shower, Arie. Just like I told Ruka: Everybody only gets one of these at a time.

No, that was great Arie. Thanks.

I see… How unfortunate. If you need me again, please don’t hesitate to call out to me.

Uh, right. I’ll make sure to ask again soon.

We may have gone a little too far with Arie. Oh well, at least we get to see the room. Right? Where are we on that?

Yes, please.

It makes me think our hearts are connected. That means that you…

It means that I what?

Um, Itsuki… how was I today? It was a bit embarrassing, but I think I was finally honest with my own feelings.

Oh, that’s why you were so aggressive today.

Y-Yes… It was quite embarrassing.

I showed you a part of me I’ve never shown anyone else. Do you… dislike me now?

Of course not. I’m happy you felt that you could show me that.

Do you think… that women who have no restraint are unladylike?

Eh, that kind of depends on what the range is. You not having any restraint? I think it helps you be more fun. Lillie without restraint? No. Honestly, I’d probably hate Lillie even if she had Arie’s level of restraint. I don’t like Lillie is what I’m trying to say.

Not especially. You’re usually really hesitant, but you opened up a lot today and I think it was fun.

Oh, really…? You’re too kind, Itsuki. I suppose to you…


You’re hiding something else?

To tell you the truth… yes, I am. Itsuki, can you come to the church the next time we meet? I will show you my secret then.

The Church, right. I got it.

I hope you won’t hate me after hearing what I have to tell you…

That heavily depends on what’s in there.

Please don’t, Itsuki…

You heard me.

Finally! I think the only other “secret” we’re still waiting on at this point is what the hell happened between Farun and her hometown/parents. Also I guess the promise that Itsuki made to Mahiru at the Autumn Festival when they were kids, but I’m still positive that it was a childhood marriage promise, so that’s not much of a secret.

~Star God Academy Church~


Yes. We made a promise, didn’t we? Did you forget?

Oh, right. You said you were going to tell me about your secret.

That’s correct. I’m glad you remember. It’s taken me some time to prepare myself. I’ve made a decision to tell you about it.

Okay. What is it that you want to tell me about?

You see…

I knew it was a kink dungeon!

This is about a hobby?

Yes, that’s correct. It’s a secret I’ve not even told to the priest or the children. I want to only have eyes for you, Itsuki.

And every time you come to see me, I find myself falling for you more.

Wait… what are we talking about? Why does Itsuki’s physique have anything to do with this?

I-I see… Are you sure?

Official Itsuki says something like “You’ve been falling for me?”, which, DUH. She already freaking told you that she loves you. Pay attention Itsuki! …Or do a better job, translators! One of you get your shit together.

Yes. Or rather, for what you have on you. I was falling for what was with you.


What I have with me…? You mean my sword?

Oh lord, please no.

Well, that’s kind of the only thing I keep on me. Unless you’re talking about my pants or shirt or something.

Uh… Arie? You okay?

Come this way, Itsuki.

I’m not sure if we want to.

H-Hey, Arie! Hold on!

*And Arie pulls Itsuki into the secret room*

Wait, isn’t this that forbidden room you mentioned?

I’ve hidden my secret inside.

You keep it in here?

Yes. Let me turn on the lights.

Weapons? You’ve got so many of them…

Itsuki, to tell you the truth… I’m a weapons enthusiast.

…Okay, well that’s not all that bad. Not what I was expecting anyway. What are you, like a history fanatic or something?

An enthusiast?

Yes… The gleaming blades… The reflection of my face on the edge… I love it all so much…

Uh, Arie? Are you sure you should be touching them like that?

The edge has been dulled, so it’s safe. Ahh, it’s so beautiful… Coming here in between my services to the church is my little hobby.

I couldn’t tell anyone that I had this hobby despite serving the lord.

I see… This is kind of a surprise. Not going to lie.

Itsuki, do you hate me now?

Hate is a strong word… Optimistically cautious is what I would go with. It’s not as weird as I was thinking, but I’m curious to see where this little hobby goes from here.

Of course not. It’s just a hobby. How did you manage to collect so many of them, though?

I secretly went to towns far away to buy them, and I also had some delivered. No one would think I would have this hobby, so no one has found out yet. Itsuki, you are the only one who knows. So please, don’t tell anyone.

Don’t worry. I’ll keep your secret.

Thank you. There’s just one more thing I’d like to ask… Can we go out together the next time we meet?

Sure, I guess. Where are we going to go?

Can we…?

Really getting flashbacks to CII here, Itsuki. Maybe think about this a little?

Sure, I don’t mind.

You reckless bastard. Man, why do ladies that I like always have some weird connection to weaponry?

…Some self-reflection may be in order.

Great. It’s a promise then. The next time we meet, let’s go out with just the two of us.

Well, that sure was a thing. Not sure how I feel about that discovery just yet. I mean, I still really like Arie, but I’m on the fence now with the multitude of ways that this route could go.

Oh well, we’ll get a better understanding of that the next time. It’s Femiruna’s turn now.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

We’re Classmating today, Femiruna.

Oho… It appears you have become more assertive when attending me.

Well, you kind of told me to do that.

I never told you such a thing.

Ordering me to Classmate with you would be something I normally refuse.


If you say so. Let’s just get to it.

Ooh… Y-Yes…

Thanks, I’m glad that… Huh? Hey, what happened to your finger? Why is there a bandage on it?

Why won’t you tell me what happened? I never thought I’d ever see you get hurt like that.

Except for that time she ran straight at an Impurity and nearly got killed. I mean, I get that she’s pampered, but she’s also clearly reckless. Not a huge surprise that she would get hurt somehow.

N-Never mind that! Let us hurry along and do the Classmating ritual!

*Change of topic Classmating happens*


Are you going to tell me how you hurt your finger now?

You are such a nag. Who cares about such trivial matters?

Tell me. Now.

I was… practicing my cooking in the kitchen… to learn how to prepare lunches…

You were cooking? Really?

P-Preposterous! I would never do anything of the sort!

You just said you were doing it.

If you think you can make me submit just by being assertive, you have another thing coming!

That’s definitely not what I think…

Regardless, Itsuki. Do you not want to express your thanks to me?


If you have even a sliver of gratitude in your heart, you should express it with action.

What, you mean like when we went to the shopping center?

Should you insist, I would not mind going out another time.

Oh, well that’s fine with me. I don’t mind going into town with you again.

There are only so many places we can eat in town… A-And my lunch… It would be too embarrassing if others saw what I made.

You made lunch for us? So you were cooking.

B-Besides! I would prefer a more open space with less people and no food!

Is this going to be a survival hike or something? Can’t we do something a little more relaxing, like a picnic?

A picnic… Th-Then I choose that.

You sound pretty happy about that.

Of course I am. I can finally show the fruits of my labor…

What did you just say?

You can look forward to that on the day of… Oho, I cannot wait. I-I mean, I am in no way looking forward to it!

Compelling stuff. Most of that conversation was Itsuki responding in the form of a question. Anyway, let’s just get on with it. Femiruna has something in mind for Itsuki that presumably didn’t inconvenience anyone.

~Star Academy Field~

Come, Itsuki. Today is the day of the picnic you promised me.

Oh, right. You seem pretty excited about it.

I am no different than I always act. Now let us go. We must arrive at the destination before noon!

Come, Itsuki. Hurry up.

She’s not going to have some kind of crazy banquet set up on the lakeshore, is she?

~Outskirts Lake~

Huh… Everything looks pretty normal. She really is scaling it back.

It is quite a new experience to be going on a picnic with you, Itsuki.

What sort of picnics do you normally have?

I always have at least five servants with me. One for serving, for horse duty… It is far too many people for one to simply enjoy the great outdoors.

I believe they call that “glamping.”

You bring all those people with you just for a picnic?

I assume you are enjoying this as well?

Of course. It’s nice to be out here with just you.

What?! The way you said that is not fair… It truly is crafty and cunning.

Calm your petticoat, Femiruna. He said it was nice, he didn’t take a knee and bust out a ring.

Because you are like that, I will not be able to be honest with you.

What are you mumbling about over there?


Well, it’s almost noon. We should stop and take a break here.

R-Right… Um… Itsuki, here.

A lunch box? So that’s what you’ve been carrying around with you.

It is proper manners to eat sandwiches elegantly for picnics.

Speaking of food… The bandage you had over your finger the other day… Was that because you were making this for me?

I-It would be an insult if my servant could do it but I could not.

But you told me that you never cooked before.

I-I can do it if I am so inclined. In fact, this one was quite easy.

Femiruna… Thanks for putting so much work into this.

I-I did not. I said it was easy.

You hurt your finger in the process though.

The injury was nothing but the result of an unfortunate accident.

…I’m afraid to ask, but how did the kitchen knife go flying across the room?

I like to imagine that Femiruna misunderstood how you cut bread and just assumed it was like a sword technique. So she was tossing the bread into the air and swinging at it.

A-Anyway, will you take it or not?

Of course. I love food.


It’d be pretty bad if I didn’t accept a gift like this.


When I gave you a gift last time, you refused to accept it… So if it does not cause others any trouble, then you will accept it?

That’s what I said. It’s why I like this gift so much more.

I don’t. I wanted those weapons.

Thank goodness… Oh… but I may have caused some trouble actually…

Hm? How?

Mahiru knows you well, so I interrogated her about your food preferences.

What eggs? I see a few sandwiches in there, half a sub sandwich, an apple, some… whatever the hell those red things are, and what appears to be half a basket of lettuce.

…And Arie taught me how to cook. She took her time to teach me.

Sounds like you got a lot of help from the others.

Perhaps I was troubling them… B-But they did not appear to be troubled by my asking them for help…

Why would they? You were being earnest and going to them for help. They wouldn’t think of you as a nuisance.

N-Naturally! Now I hope you will savor the food I went through the trouble of making.

Sure thing.

It feels a little weird to have you devoting so much of yourself to me.

I-I am only doing this to thank you for the other time! Devote… So this is how it feels to devote oneself… Itsuki, when I see you happy, I receive this warm feeling deep in my heart. I have never felt this way before. Is this… happiness?

Either that or heartburn.

Wh-What?! Why are you grinning like that?!

No reason. Anyway, thanks for lunch. It was great.

I made quite many, so you may eat your fill. Here is your tea.

Well that was certainly sweet. Sort of stole the idea from Arie, but whatever, I won’t argue with a nice picnic scene.

~Bottom 7 Summaries: Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio~


In Mahiru’s Classmating scene, she brings along a few bottles of perfume to wear for the ritual. Itsuki says that it’s weird for Mahiru to be wearing perfume and Mahiru replies that it’s something she learned about in class. Supposedly if the Star Maiden is wearing a scent that God’s Gift likes, it will lead to a higher chance of stronger Star Children. She says that apparently there were God’s Gifts in the past that were like Mirei… which I guess means that they were intellectual types that researched this? The statement just kind of stands on its own and Mahiru doesn’t explain it, so I’m just assuming that’s what she means.

Anyway, Mahiru explains that she has two types (animal based and plant based). God’s Gifts that like the animal fragrance are supposedly wild and aggressive in the ritual. The plant based perfume means the God’s Gift is more relaxed. Itsuki just says that going au natural is better because smelling Mahiru as she normally is would be more comfortable. Mahiru seems pleased with that response, even though she also points out how creepy that would be for anyone else hearing it. Classmating happens and then Mahiru and Itsuki talk a little about how tiring the ritual is and how they should try different things and all the stuff we keep hearing about but never actually see explained. Itsuki makes an attempt to revive the “Promise” topic, but Mahiru still insists on forgetting about it.

In Mahiru’s first full event, the two of them start talking about walking home together and that leads to another trip down memory lane. Mahiru mentions something about a “Keychain Man” that’s on her bag and Itsuki talks about how she’s always had it on there since Itsuki won it for her from the target shooting range at the carnival. Mahiru says that “Keychain Man” looks a lot like Itsuki when he was a kid. While Itsuki is reminiscing about how he spent his entire allowance to win it for Mahiru even though she told him it was fine, he mentions that he wanted to grant Mahiru’s every wish when the two of them were kids. This leads to Itsuki remembering an incident involving a rabbit jumping out of the bushes at the temple and both he and Mahiru chasing it into the forest. Mahiru tries to bury the Autumn Festival memories again, but Itsuki is insistent on knowing about the promise this time. Mahiru caves and gives Itsuki a hint: After losing sight of the rabbit they chased after, Mahiru got scared while in the forest and was looking up at the moon through the trees. Itsuki took her hand and the keychain and promised her something.

Itsuki finally remembers the promise (called it, by the way. I knew it was a Childhood Marriage Promise). Mahiru feels stupid for being so stubborn about an innocent promise made between children. Itsuki starts beating himself up over the fact that he forgot about a promise that was so important to Mahiru and that he leeched off her family the entire time. Mahiru then takes her turn on the “I suck” wagon by talking about how the bullies beat Itsuki up and the time she sent him to the hospital with food poisoning. Itsuki says that Mahiru started distancing herself from him when they got to High School, but Mahiru fires back that Itsuki was the one avoiding her all the time. Itsuki says that it’s because he didn’t want to cause her trouble and Mahiru says the same thing. The two of them then realize that they are both idiots that caused a misunderstanding to alienate them from each other. There a bit of talk where Mahiru is upset about Itsuki doing the ritual with 11 other girls (12, actually) and Itsuki questioning her about whether that means she likes him.

You know the deal. The event ends with the two of them making a promise to go to the hot spring together next time.


Yuzuha’s Classmating Event is largely more of the same. She’s concerned about how she’s doing with the ritual and wonders what the other Star Maidens would think of her. Yuzuha also gets embarrassed about the possibility of someone hearing her raise her voice during the ritual, but Itsuki says that he wants to hear her voice. Classmating happens and Yuzuha wonders if Itsuki was satisfied with it as well, which causes Itsuki to ask if that means Yuzuha was satisfied with it. The event ends with Yuzuha wanting to walk home with Itsuki holding hands. There is really nothing to this one we haven’t already seen.

In Yuzuha’s first event, Itsuki drops by just as Reone is getting ready to leave. When she does, Itsuki asks Yuzuha why Reone was visiting and Yuzuha replies that Reone brings her medicine. Yuzuha says that her health isn’t great, so she needs the medicine. She says that there’s not really anything specifically wrong with her, she’s just generally not very healthy. Yuzuha then pivots the topic to Reone and what Itsuki thinks of her. Itsuki thinks that she’s beautiful and Yuzuha agrees. Yuzuha then starts wondering if Itsuki is that interested in Reone. She says that a fight is breaking out in her mind since part of her wants “Big Brother” to be happy, but (she trails off, but it’s clear that the other part of her wants in on that Itsuki action herself). The conversation shifts when Itsuki says that he doesn’t think of Yuzuha as his little sister. Yuzuha wonders if that means he sees her as an individual girl or just another Star Maiden, but Itsuki reassures her that he meant he sees her as her own person. Yuzuha is happy about that, but she also says that being Itsuki’s little sister just feels right for her.

Yuzuha also talks about how she’s hesitant to get too close to Itsuki even as a little sister, because she knows that he’ll leave her behind one day. Itsuki reassures her and says that for now, he’ll keep treating her as his little sister. The event sort of peters out there.


In Reone’s Classmating Event, she seems uncharacteristically down about Itsuki picking her for Classmating. She insists that she’s happy, but that she feels there’s nothing left she can teach him because Itsuki has quickly surpassed her (I want to remind everyone that Reone has no previous Classmating experience before Itsuki. She’s just as new to this as he is). Itsuki says that’s because of Reone that he’s gotten so much better and Reone responds that she feels like a teacher seeing off her student. She then corrects herself by saying that it feels more like an elder sister seeing her younger brother become an adult (Yes, we’re still doing this creepy brother thing).

But then, a miracle! Reone finally, mercifully, gets past her fucking Itsuki=brother fixation. Classmating happens and the event quickly ends after a few lines where Reone talks about her heart feeling fulfilled when she does the ritual with Itsuki.

Free from the chains of a brother complex, we move into Reone’s first Level 4 event. Itsuki finds her looking a little sleepy and asks what’s going on. Reone says that she was busy gathering funds to buy the land for the hospital. Itsuki feels a little conflicted about paying off the thugs, but Reone says that it’s only one step to rebuilding the slums and there’s no point in holding on to personal grudges. The conversation then shifts to Reone’s brother (but not in a creepy “Itsuki looks like him” way this time) and how this is Reone’s atonement for his death. Itsuki asks her what she means by that and Reone says it’s not a fun story, but Itsuki insists that he wants to know more about her. Reone initially starts to brush him off, but changes her mind when she realizes how much of a man Itsuki has grown into compared to when she met him.

Reone tells the story of how her brother always wanted to become a doctor. There were a lot of epidemics in the slums and a lot of people died every year. Reone’s brother wanted to save them and had the smarts to tackle the palace physician hiring exam. However, before the exam could take place, Reone was hit by one of the diseases in the slums when she was injured during a street fight. Reone says that it was a result of her ignoring her brother’s warnings to get check-ups. Her brother nursed her back to health when she was standing at death’s door, but in the process of doing so wound up getting infected with the disease himself and dying shortly after.

Reone blames herself for his death and wishes that she had followed his advice. This is what led to Reone becoming the palace physician instead and carrying on his will to build a hospital in the slums. Reone puts herself down a little, but Itsuki reassures her that she’s become a great doctor. Itsuki insists on going with her when she goes to meet the thugs because there’s no telling what they might try. Reone finds it a little amusing that Itsuki wants to be her bodyguard, but Itsuki rightfully points out that he’s sort of shouldering the fate of an entire world, so she shouldn’t be thinking so little of him. Reone caves and admits that she feels reassured knowing that someone will be by her side. She says that she had forgotten what it felt like to not be alone. The event wraps up there.